Gokusen Fan Fiction ❯ boys girlish things ❯ Boy in girl or my dad is an idiot! ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

So there it is!”
I stopped in front of the gates. It's just an ordinary school. Just an ordinary Japanese school. It was early October, when I was supposed to go to this new school “Shirokin Gakuin”, for the first time. It is a school for boys. I wander if it applies to the teachers too. My name is Yuki Kuroda, age 17, height 162 cm, gender…female. You're asked what the hell I am doing here? In reality, I don't know my self. If you think that I'm some kind of crazy Aisha's Mizuki followers, searching for some Sano Izumi than you're wrong. I don't have any lover or friend here, I don't owe anyone anything and I don't have any reasons to be here, but I do have a stupid Oji-san!
What? All male school! I shouted.”
Sorry, sorry papa is really bad at reading kanji.”Rather, say he can't read them at all.
Up to present we used to live in America. My dad moved there with his family when he was 8 years old. He started to attend school in U.S. and didn't learn kanji, thinking that he wouldn't return in Japan, if just in visit. So just speaking fluently would be enough. But as you see fate is unpredictable…
“How could you give your only, beloved ( I doubt this, though) daughter in all male school? I asked.”
“Oh this is just a misunderstanding… he started to explain.”
“What the hell!” I cut angrily.
Well, I saw girls returning from the stadium…and
“And, that made you think that this is a normal school. I completed his sentences.”
Well, yes…he murmured with an idiotic smile on his face, which rapidly disappeared as I gave him a frozen glance.”
Was it so difficult to ask some one from administration, since you can't read kanji?”
He raised his eyes slowly while trying to invent some excuses.
Just because you saw the girls stepping out the stadium, it is not enough reason to make such conclusion. Maybe they share the same stadium or something like this.
Dad gave me a “what are we going to do” kind of look.
O this is pointless! I sighed.”
The keys in the door lock turned and someone stepped in. It was mom. Seems she has just retuned from the market, judging on the bags she hold in her hands.
Oh Japan has really changed…she exclaimed nostalgic.”
Mum…I complained Dad is a brainless why among all the men you have chosen him to be my father?
Hey you stupid kid, dad yelled from other room, show at least some respect for your “creator”.”
Creator?…I hissed. Just because you have inseminated my mother's ovum, don't call yourself a creator! Anyway it is all about sperm.
You hentai daughter stop saying such nonsense ! He shouted.”
Why? Sperm, sperm, sperm!
You both ! Mum ordered. Shut up, please.
But she's saying such…”
It is just a biological term.
So what? Mother replied. She is 18 soon. What else should she think about?”
At her age…dad started to explain.”
At her age, mom interrupted we weren't just thinking about it, but…
Dear, dad concluded solemnly, let's close the topic.
Mom! She turned to me. Dad enrolled me in a school of boys
That's great you will finally get a boyfriend.”
Mum! I shouted I think you don't get the importance of this situation. It is an all male school, for boys only.NO GIRLS allowed. No female representatives of flora or fauna…
Mum opened her mouth to say something, but was abruptly interrupted by dad.
Argh you are really a bothersome daughter!”
What? How am I going to attend this school, old man! Your stupidity has no limits! Mom, say that this is not my real father I pointed to the man who was almost 18 years my father.”
Dear, she finally turned to him, how could this happen? How could you send her to boys' school?
And…I thought to myself, is this all? Is she going to wail like this without doing anything reasonable? My parents really don't care for me.”
Argh, why making so big deal of it? She is going to wear an uniform anyway. She doesn't have big breasts or too eye-catching roundness. As about her hair, boys wear long and messy hair nowadays. Why make so much noise?
But, I wanted to protest.”
Her appearance is for an amateur. Unfortunately she took after her father. Yes, Yuki you have more masculinity in you. You are more yang*, if we can call it like this. He concluded philosophically.”
What if I get discovered? I was curious to find out.”
Huh? Who do you think you are? Maria Ozawa*? What do you think, that they will have ejaculation as soon as they see you?
Ouch that's gross. I looked around. Father retired in anger and mum. She always disappears when it is the most pressure.
As always…I whispered.”
*Aisha Mizuki, Sano Izumi-characters from Hana Kimi manga
*yang-refers to the symbol ying yang
*Maria Ozawa- a popular Japanese porn star