Gokusen Fan Fiction ❯ boys girlish things ❯ 3D Warm up! ( Chapter 9 )

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Ch7 “3D Warm-up”
Since the next week will be dedicated to trainings for the competition, I decided to put my school uniform away. So under the glance of the bullheaded octopus, which was lying lazily on the sofa behind my back, nonchalantly sipping his beer, I was preparing diligently for the next week schedules.
“So you're putting this away because of next week PE training?” He asked.
“That what I've told you!”
“So, according your personality, I don't even get surprised about your skills in football…”
I rolled my eyes, at this remark.
“But, he continued, you are going to play football with them, and sweat like a hog.” I nodded.” And, then you are going to take a shower together and use same changing room.” I nodded again, not sure what he was hinting at. ”Argh, have you already transformed in a guy or you have completely forgotten that you are actually not a guy?”
I turned my head slowly toward him.
“Hey, old man, what should I do know?
“Well I don't know, the important is that I warned you and now I have to go.” He said carelessly and rose from the couch, which he was pressing so many times with his weight of an African elephant.

“Hey, old man! I shouted angrily.
He shivered and turned his head slowly.
“This is your mistake that I stuck in such situation. Be a man a take the responsibility.”
“Why won't you try to work out the situation by yourself? You did great till now.”
“You're worse that thought!”
“Oh, common you're a clever kid, you'll be able to manage the situation by yourself. As for me I have an important appointment.”
“Don't lie! You are going fishing with Nakamura and Yamamoto-san.”
“So what, it doesn't make it less important. By the way why are you always complaining to me, when you have problems? Go and tell all these to your mum.” He defended.
“Stupid old man, as if you don't know that mum went to visit some old aunt, her acquaintance.”
“Oh yes, that's why I am always feeling hungry, recently. It's so hard without you honey! He pleaded.
I rolled my eyes.
“Hey, you said that you are late, I reminded him. Hurry up and go.”
I didn't manage to make a plan, as my dad assured me. Once I didn't know how to act under such circumstances, I decided not to think about this and just let it go. I came to school in a sport uniform, which in a combination with my school bag, made me look very weird in the eyes of Japanese society. Oh Jesus, Japanese are so conservative.
“Why can't I wear a sport uniform? Do I look like an escaped `wannabe athlete from the national team?” I asked myself in a loud voice.
“From, a national team no, but you do look like someone who don't know how to use a toilet?”
“What?” I couldn't understand what's happening. Is this guy reading my thoughts?
I turned my head and saw Sawada Shin passing by. He was same as ever. So, what about everything I told him yesterday? Have he already forgotten? I thought.
“Hey Kuroda, I heard someone's loud laughing, you really have a wound in your stupid head. Didn't you parent show you how to use the toilet.”
Finally his words reached me and I looked down at my foot. Oh God, that's why people looked at me. Like in a movie, the toilet paper was entangled around my foot. It seemed that I walked like this a good chunk of time. I was trying to remove it with the help of my second foot, when Minami approached me from behind.
“Hey Yuki-chan, are you ready? I should warn you that guys are quite skilled players, apart from that they didn't practice for long time. See you on the field.” He lightly tapped my shoulder and ran forward.
Minami said, that they are skilled players with lots of potential, but they didn't practice for a long time. Well, this is ok. I am going to show what a real good game looks like. This I thought I will do. This was my intention, but who would ever know that this “sporting Pride of Japan” are just a bunch of wild animals, who lose control as soon as they step on the field. Since it was our first training, everyone were deciding, which position should each of us take. I didn't have much of choice since Uchi and company picked the position they wanted. Uchi was a striker, Kuma was a defender and Minami was a midfielder, and I was left with the position of honorary goalkeeper.
It was the most ridiculous yet dangerous game in my life. During, the whole game, instead of hitting the ball in the gate, he was trying to hit the goalkeeper in the gate. The more I tried to oppose resistance, the more his attempt grew. Kuma was more of someone who maims rather than defend. And Minami, to our surprise Minami has found some girls from cheerleading team and was flirting with them. The rest of players were running across the field doing strange movements.
“Everybody knows that we are having a game with Kurokin Gakuin next week. I need you to give it all. I didn't pick your class randomly.” The coach was walking with his hands behind his back, while we were doing the ups and downs, brainwashing about how important the victory is.
“By the way, he stopped, where is Sawada?”
I shivered for a moment when his name was pronounced.
“We're having a competition with his ex-school. Doesn't he want to take the revenge?” He laughed at his own joke.
I looked at the faces of Uchi, Minami and Kuma. It seemed that they didn't like his remark.
“Noda, also won't come!” Minami interfered.
“Pshhh, who need Noda, send him to play chess.” The coach laughed.” Anyway bring Sawada next time.” With this words he walked away.
“Hey, I asked silently, is there a reason why Sawada doesn't want to join?”
Looking at their faces I noticed that Uchi wanted to say something like “That's not you're business” buty was interrupted by Minami.
“I think Shin doesn't want to be a part of this game.”
“He doesn't want to be used. That's what he said.” Kuma added.
“Used?” I repeated.
“Yes, Kuma said, I think he feels like he is being put as a dog against Kurokin Gakuin, because of the rivalry of the coaches. Our coach want to win over Kurokin Gakuin no matter what.”
“Argh, why is he always so principled. Who cares about coach intentions, we are having such a great opportunity to skip classes, why just don't use it?” Uchi said, rousing up from the ground.
We've trained for about 2 hours and though I like sport, I felt like I was squeezed like a lemon. Thanks to my strong body, nobody noticed anything unusual. I don't know why, but I was thankful to Sawada for his absence today. I bet, that under his glances I wouldn't be able to do well, and eventually would get discovered. Seems like his presence binds me and it really scares me. I even have goose bumps.
“Hey Yuki!” It was Minami. He put his arm around my shoulder. ”Let's go showering!” He giggled.
LET'S GO SHOWERING! Why, even from a guy it sounds so perverted.
“Hey, Minami, Minami… out of pure interest.” Don't you have a shower for females?”
“Females! He screamed. Oh why would you need a shower for females? Argh, little hentai, you wanted to peep? Let's do it someday together. I'm really excited. I will be showering with Yuki. What a pity, Noda can't join us.”
“Oh yes?”
“Yes, he is being discharged the next week, so he won't join trainings. So, let's go!” He didn't release me out of his friendly hugs.
Now, I urgently needed a plan, to avoid showering with him. What should I do. I tried to talk him.
“Minami, are you sure that the training is over, the coach didn't tell anything. We left by ourselves.”
“Of course it's over, else I am not going to train anymore. I sweated like a pig and I stink. So if Yuki-kun doesn't want to stink too, let's go showering.” He headed to the shower with me under his armpit.
“No, no!” I made an attempt to release out of his arm.” You now actually I can't shower in a public places. I've once had an unpleasant experience.”
“What are you talking about, man? The showers are disinfected. Let's go.” He grabbed my shoulder again and dragged me in the direction of the shower.
“Wait, wait….” I tried to stop.
Next moment I heard a sharp whistle. I even closed my eyes because of the irritating sound.
“What the heck!” The couch asked.” Why did you leave? Have I allowed you to leave?”
“Sensei, I've been sweating like a running horse.” Minami protested.
“And, we are only one week left. Have you forgotten about the agreement?” “Kuroda, hurry up on the stadium.”
“Yes sir!” I was so happy of this lucky encounter, that I was ready to train and sweat twice as much.
I was crossing over the field, when I noticed that my shoelaces are untied. I leaned over to tie it, when I felt a ball kick on my back.
“Hey! I screamed. “Come here and I will shove it in your ass, cross-eyed moron!”
“Really, will you?”
Hearing the familiar voice, I turned my head. I saw Sawada in a sport uniform, in front of me. He was looking at me with a usual mockery.