Gravitation Fan Fiction / Fake Fan Fiction ❯ Little Moments ❯ And to All a Good Morning ( Chapter 1 )

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This one and the one immediately after it can be found as part of my story Moments Like This, but I decided they also worked as stand-alone vignettes, so here ya go!
This takes place after the end of the third volume, just so y'all know.
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And to All a Good Morning
Dee stirred reluctantly, his eyes protesting their return to use as he forced them open on the morning sunlight that was filtering through Ryo's window. He blinked, confused, at his surroundings.
Where the hell…?
Then his mind registered the weight that was resting on his arm, and he slowly turned his head to look down, almost afraid of what he might find.
…Merry Christmas to me…
The night before came back to him in a rush. They hadn't done anything more than exchange a few kisses and some good conversation, but it had been more than Dee had ever expected to have with Ryo in the beginning.
Sighing contentedly, Dee dropped his head back onto the pillow and squeezed Ryo lightly. The blond man was sleeping deeply, his breath puffing lightly across Dee's neck, completely at peace in ways that he never was when he was awake. Hours of tender kisses and heart-healing talk, followed by several more hours of deep, peaceful sleep, had temporarily repaired the damage that life had done to Ryo's world weary face.
Of course, the moment Ryo awoke, the small worry lines would return to his forehead and he wouldn't be able to relax again until whatever case they were currently working on was solved. Sometimes, Dee wish he could just take the man in his arms and kiss those lines away, but Ryo never seemed to want that…
Then Ryo was stirring lightly against him, and all thoughts were driven out of Dee's head as the black-haired man froze. After a moment, Ryo relaxed again and slipped deeper into dreams, his body pressed warmly against Dee's, and Dee smiled and pressed a light kiss to his forehead, wishing he could wake up like this every morning.
It was moments like this when Dee saw the entire world with sudden and amazing clarity. He knew he wanted Ryo—lusted after him, even. He knew that Ryo was a good man—he had always known that. But beyond lust…what was happening here?
There were times when Dee had no idea what was going on in his own head, let alone Ryo's. And then there were times like this…times like last night…times when Ryo was free and open and happy…and at those times, Dee was absolutely certain that he knew what he wanted.
He wanted Ryo.
But more than that, he wanted Ryo to want him.
There had been many times in Dee's life when he honestly didn't care if his “lovers” actually loved him. He only wanted the temporary relief of tension that a night in bed with someone else could give him.
But now…now he wanted Ryo. Wanted him for himself, for who he was, for who they became when they were together. And he wanted sex, sure—he was a man, and men want sex. But it was more than that.
This was something else entirely.
Dee knew what went through Ryo's head whenever Dee jumped him and tried to kiss him. The blond man was convinced that Dee was driven by hormones and nothing else, and nothing Dee did could seem to convince him otherwise. But the fact was, there were times when Dee saw the object of his affections (or obsessions, if that's what they could be called) looking stressed and preoccupied, and could only think of one thing that might, just might bring a smile to Ryo's face.
And on the rare occasion when it actually worked…
At times like that, Dee felt like he'd just discovered proof that God really did exist and Heaven really was waiting for him…or had already found him.
What does it mean when you spend half your life waiting for a person to smile?