Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ :: God Knows :: ❯ Character Info ( Chapter -1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Character info !_____________________________________________________________Name : Sakuna KoyashiAge : 26 ( Ryuichi's 31, so that's 5 years difference, the same between my parents )Hair : Silver blue, reaches her waist, she usually has a flower of somesort in it.Eyes : AquamarineSkin : pale peach color.Personality : She is very sweet to everyone around her, and she acts a bit childish at times though. She loves to sing, and she's very good at it. Her sister is the manager of their band, Hikari Hoshi ( Shining star ) Her singing ranges from cute, soft lullabys to more pop like songs.Family : Yuna Koyashi. Friends : Kokoro Kobashi,Sakura Modoka,Mikomi Nokoro._______________________________________________________________Name : Yuna KoyashiAge : 35 ( Mr.K is 36 )Hair : Silver blueEyes : aquamarineSkin : pale peach colorPersonality : she's very protective of her sister, and acts more mature, which is the reason why she's the manager of Hikari Hoshi. She can stand in for her sister when Sakuna is sick or tired, because she looks identical to Sakuna. She has a temper and is stubborn as well.Family : Sakuna KoyashiFriends : Kokoro Kobashi,Sakura Modoka,Mikomi Nokoro._______________________________________________________________Name : Sakura Modoka
Age : 17 ( Shuichi's 18 )
Hair : Black
Eyes : Green
Skin : Pale
Personality : She's best friends with Sakuna and usually drags the poor girl around, much to Yuna's dislike. She is self spoken and not afraid to do anything. She is the lead guitarist.
Family : None
Friends : Sakuna Koyashi,Yuna Koyashi, Kokoro Kobashi, Mikomi Nokoro_______________________________________________________________Name : Mikomi NokoroAge : 22Hair : GreenEyes : GoldSkin : TanPersonality : She is very quiet and tom boyish, but she's sort of protective of Sakuna, who is her best friend, despite Mikomi being younger. She has a temper and snaps at alot of people. She is the other guitarist in the band.Family : NoneFriends : Sakuna Koyashi,Yuna Koyashi,Sakura Madoka, Kokoro Kobashi._______________________________________________________________Name : Kokoro KobashiAge : 27Hair : BlueEyes : GreenSkin : PalePersonality : She's loud and happy go lucky, very hyper all the time and she loves to talk. She's the drumer in the band.Family : NoneFriends : Sakuna Koyashi,Yuna Koyashi,Sakura Modoka,Mikomi Nokoro.