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Stanza 2
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Yuna tensed as she heard the click of a gun, and the barrel of said gun being pressed to the back of her head.

" Don't move." said a firm, obviously male voice. Yuna complied and didn't move an inch, instead staring at the innocent form of her sister, waiting for the music to start as she stood infront of the microphone. She glanced to her right, where Mikomi,Kokoro and Sakura stood. They were turned around, their backs to Sakuna as they stared behind Yuna in slight fear. Well, Kokoro looked scared, Sakura looked vaguely annoyed and Mikomi looked downright pissed. Her eyebrow was twitching, her hands clenched into fists.

" Just who the hell do you think you are !?" she exclaimed, taking a step forward, her eyes narrowed into a glare. Yuna whirled around, coming face to face with stern blue eyes and blonde hair, the gun now pointing at her forehead. The soft sound of music starting made her turn back around, her expression serious. She turned back to the guy and the others behind him.

" Sorry, you'll have to kill us after I get done recording." she said before turning back to the control pannel. Sakura,Mikomi and Kokoro turned back around as well, turning their attention on the aquamarine haired girl who was about to start singing.

Shizukana kono yoru ni anata wo matteru no
ano toki wasureta hohoemi wo tori ni kite
are kara sukoshi dake jikan ga sugite
omoide ga yasashiku natta ne.

hoshi no furu basho de
anata ga waratte irukoto wo
itsume negatteta
ima tookutemo
mata aeru yo ne

itsuka kara hohoemi wa konna ni hakanakute
hitotsu no machigaide kowarete shimau kara
taisetsuna mono dake wo hikari ni kaete
tooi sora koete yuku tsuyosade

hoshi no furu basho e
omoi wo anata ni todoketai
itsumo soba ni iru
sono tsumetasa wo dakishimeru kara
imo toukutemo,kitto aerune

Ryuichi looked at the aquamarine haired girl who had a peaceful smile on her lips, her eyes closed and her body swayed with the beat. Her eyes opened, revealing stunning aqua colored eyes as she sang the last line.

Shizukana no yoru ni....

" Wow..." commented the pink haired boy from behind the blonde haired boy infront, who still held the gun pointing at Yuna. Said aqua eyed girl turned and smirked.

" If you think she's good now, wait until she performs this Friday." she said as she crossed her legs.

" Who are you guys, anyway ?" asked the brown haired, blue eyed boy from behind the blonde as well.

" We are...Hikari Hoshi." answered Kokoro with a happy grin and wink. Mikomi and Sakura, as well as Yuna, nodded in agreement with the blue haired, green eyed girl. The door to the recording area opened, and everyone turned to the door, where Sakuna stood.

" Ah...did you get that recorded, Nee-san ?" she asked shyly while rubbing her thin arm as she looked at her sister. Yuna nodded. Sakuna blinked as she noticed the other four in the room and she bowed.

" I'm sorry ! I didn't notice you earlier. I'm Sakuna Koyashi !" she said politely before straighting up with a cute smile on her lips. Following the young singer's example, Mikomi walked over to her and bowed as well.

" I'm Mikomi Nokoro." she straightened up, but stood protectively next to Sakuna, who blinked cutely. Kokoro bounced over, wrapping her arms around Mikomi's neck and hugging the green haired girl.

" I'm Kokoro Kobashi !" she chirped before being shoved away by Mikomi. Kokoro pouted as Mikomi ignored her.

" Ah ! I'm Sakura Madoka !" cheered Sakura, glomping Sakuna, almost making the aquamarine haired singer stumble with the extra weight. Sakuna stumbled back, falling on her back with swirlies for eyes. " @_@...." was the only thing she said while Sakura laughed sheepishly, having kept her balance and she shuddered at Yuna's glare as she helped the dizzy singer to her feet.

" I'm Yuna Koyashi." said Yuna quietly. The 5 girls stared politely ( Well, Sakuna stared politely, while the others just stared ) at the four boys.

" I'm Ryuichi Sakuma !" cheered the brown haired blue eyed boy, grinning.

" Shuichi Shindou." said the pink haired boy with a polite smile.

" Hiroshi Sakano." answered the red haired boy.

" And this is Mr.K !" said Ryuichi, glomping said blonde. He blinked and laughed nervously, backing away as a gun was pointed at him.

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Preview :

" Just watch them." said Yuna softly as she smiled at the band onstage.

Sakuna's expression was serious, as it rarely was. Her eyes were shadowed by her bangs before a small smile broke out onto her lips.

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