Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Give in To Me ❯ two ( Chapter 2 )

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Give In To Me Sequel to:  “Parental Revenge” Written by:Chocho Disclaimer:I do not own Gravitationor the characters from it.  I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Summary:   Bad Luck is heading back into the studio after their six-month world tour, but Shuichi is not so sure he has it in him anymore.  Add to that a new enemy and sudden bouts of nausea and Shuichi is heading for a mental breakdown. Chapter Summary:They have been together for ten years and in all that time, Eiri believes he knows everything about his little lover, but what if he was wrong? Warning:M/M, sexual situation, romance, OOC-ness, language, mpreg, Shuichi/Eiri Inserts:-- A/N:The title of this story was taken from a Michael Jackson song off his Dangerous album.  Thank you to angee, catti, Sammy, Havokgrl for your reviews.  This one is for you!   +---+---+---+   (Last Time)   “H-hey,” the girl stuttered around her chattering teeth.  What little of her face could be seen underneath the fur-trimmed hood and bright red scarf was as red as Rudolph’s nose.   “Where you headed?”   “Sa-ppo-ro,” she managed to say.   “Sapporo?  That’s where I’m going.  Get in.  I’ll give you a ride.”   “Really?”   “Sure.  You shouldn’t be out in this weather.”   She quickly scrambled into the car before he could change his mind.  Slipping off her gloves, she held out her hand as the car slowly pulled back onto the road.  “I’m Karin.  Rinjin Karin.”   They shook hands.   “Karin?  It’s nice to meet you.”   “Nice to meet you, too.”   “So, Karin, tell me.  What brings you out in this beautiful weather?”   Karin giggled.   ---   Chapter 2   (A Week Later - Tokyo, Japan)   He watched them from the internet café across the street.    In his mind, he imagined swinging an axe at that blond whore’s head.  His grip tightened around the black mouse.  How dare he?  Who did that monster think he was?  Holding his Shu-han’s hand like that?  Bastard!   Have fun playing house while you can, he sneered in his mind.  Because soon, Shu-han will be mine!   +---+---+   Shattering the silent hush that had fallen upon the condominium, the elevator arrived at the top floor with a ping.  The door slid open and out stepped a blond haired, blond eyed man standing an inch over six feet tall whose long, shapely fingers were holding his partner’s hand, a man with a shock of white dyed hair who stood nearly a foot shorter.  Both wheeled suitcases behind them as they strolled down the hallway to their apartment.   There was a clatter of wheels behind them followed by a grumbling voice.   “Ugh!  Why do I have to be the porter?”   “Because I said so,” Eiri answered over his shoulder.   As he lugged behind his parents with their luggage, Riku stuck out his tongue at his father’s back.   “I saw that.”   Shuichi giggled.   “Saw what?” Riku asked innocently.   Stopping before their apartment, Eiri dropped Shuichi’s hand to dig out his keys and turned to glare at his son.   Riku looked innocently back.   Shuichi giggled again.  “Eiri,” he scolded as he playfully slapped the man.  “Be nice.”   After unlocking the door, Eiri flung it open.  Stepping aside, he waved his family inside.    Shuichi entered first.  Rising up on his tiptoes, he pressed his lips against his lovers in a brief, chaste kiss that held the promise of what tonight would bring.  Eiri’s eyes flashed dangerously.   When Riku passed him, Eiri gave him a swift smack upside the head.   “Ow!” Riku cried as his head snapped forward.  “Mama!  Daddy just hit me,” he whined as he vanished within the apartment with the trolley that held six months of luggage from the three of them.   “He what?!  Uesugi Yuki Eiri,” Shuichi shouted from deeper within the apartment.   “I did no such thing,” Eiri replied as he stepped inside and shut the door behind him.  “The kid’s delusional.”   “I am not!”   +---+---+   (April – A Month Later)   “She’s what?!” came the enraged bellow.  “You bastard!  Cheater!  Pervert!  Liar!”   “Suguru.”   “No!  I don’t want to hear it!”  With tears prickling his eyes, Suguru reached behind him for the sleek blue vase and aimed it at his lover’s head.   With a yelp, Hiro ducked.  The antique ceramic vase they bought while in Germany several months back missed him by centimeters.  It sailed passed Hiro’s flaming red hair and exploded against the wall behind him.  The jagged pieces sailed back at him as if the wall held some elasticity.  “Suguru!  Please,” Hiro pleaded.   “Drop dead asshole!”   He should have known.  What a fool he had been!  Of course, Hiro would go back to her.  He should have known that he was nothing more than a fling.  Just a warm body with a hole to fuck when Hiro was horny.  He could not believe that he had allowed himself to fall in love with him.  Idiot!  Naturally, all those “sweet nothings” Hiro had whispered in his ear as they made love night after night had always been intended for her and not him.  He had known, but had allowed himself to be swayed anyway.  Dammit!   “You said…”  Suguru’s voice cracked.  “You said you weren’t in love with her anymore,” he spit angrily, his voice stronger.   “I’m not!”   “Liar,” Suguru hissed.   “No!  Sug-”   “You said you were going to leave her!  And then you go and get her pregnant!”   “Suguru, please-!”   “Fuck off!”   “No!”  Hiro swallowed the space that separated them with quick determined strides.  He grabbed his forbidden lover and pulled him none too gently to him.   Suguru struggled against the vise-like grip.   Hiro tightened his hold in reaction.  “No,” he repeated in a softer, calmer voice.  “Please, just listen, okay?”   “Why the hell should I?” Suguru snapped.   “Because I love you, Fujisaki Suguru.  And you love me.”   Despite the betrayal and humiliation he felt, the fight within Suguru dwindled and died.  How had he ever become so weak?  Damn this man.  Sighing, he wrapped his arms around Hiro’s waist and snuggled against his broad chest.  “Alright,” he whispered.  “Alright!”   “Thank you,” Hiro whispered back.   +---+---+   (A Week Later)   How do you know when it is time to get a new job?  When you dread waking up in the morning.  And that was exactly how Shuichi was feeling a month after returning home from Bad Luck’s six-month world tour in support of their last album, Loveless.  He had gotten up to see Riku off to school, but as soon as his son left with Koji who would be acting as his bodyguard until he returned to New York for the summer, Shuichi made a beeline back to bed.   “Baka.”   Shuichi groaned from the safety of the dark cave underneath the covers.   “C’mon!  Let’s go!  Don’t you have a band meeting?”   Shuichi moaned.   He did actually.  Suguru had phoned him last night.  Apparently, it was time once again to gather the troops and discuss their next CD.  He frankly would rather spend the rest of the day in bed.  The thought of getting up, getting dressed and marching his sorry, lazy ass into the studio made him sick to his stomach.  It was like the first day of school only ten times worse.   Eiri sighed.  Striding across the bedroom, he grabbed the blanket and pulled.  The blankets dropped away to reveal his baka curled up in a fetal position in the middle of the bed.  There were dried tears on his face.  Eiri was taken back.  He had never seen Shuichi like this before.  “Shu?”   Scrunching into a tight ball, Shuichi buried his face in Eiri’s pillow that he was hugging to his chest.   Letting the blankets drop to the floor, Eiri rounded the bed and curled himself around his depressed lover.  “Baby,” he whispered as he ran his fingers through Shuichi’s sweat drenched hair.  “What’s wrong?”   Shuichi shook his head.  For the life of him, he had no idea.  He just knew that he did not want to get up.   “Did you have a bad dream, or something?”   Again, Shuichi shook his head.  Actually, he not had any nightmares since they returned home last month.   “Then what is it?  What’s going on in that empty little head of yours, huh?”   Something inside Shuichi snapped.  Pushing Eiri away from him, he jumped up out of bed as if he had been shot and glared angrily down at a startled Eiri and sobbed, “I don’t know!  I don’t know, okay?”   Knowing it must be something serious if Shuichi did not scold him, belatedly of course, about calling him an idiot, Eiri crawled off the bed and enfolded his lithe angel in his arms.   Shuichi wrapped his arms around Eiri’s waist and burying his face in Eiri’s shirt, starting crying.  His tiny frame shook as he sobbed.  “I don’t know,” he repeated around his tears.   He had been fine.  Then he received a phone call the other night from Hiro.  Apparently, Ayaka was pregnant.  It was not that he was not happy for his best friend because he was!  He wished Hiro all the best.  He knew that Ayaka and Hiro have been having some troubles lately.  So, it was good to see that they were working things out.  But for some reason, while he was ecstatic that his friend was going to be a daddy, it also made him feel like a miserable mess and also, strangely, a little angry and he did not know why.  Was he jealous?  He knew he has been having this longing for some time now to have his own baby.  Everyone else around him was settling down and having a family of their own and it made him depressed to think that he was the only one stuck in neutral.  But that was not why he felt this searing dread about going to NG to discuss Bad Luck’s new CD.   “I don’t know,” he continued to cry.   And that made it so much worse.   Frowning, Eiri hugged Shuichi close.  He felt so helpless.  What was he supposed to do?   +---+---+   Somehow, Shuichi had managed to drag himself out of bed this morning and make it into the studio, but all he wanted to do was crawl back into bed with Eiri and have himself a good cry.   The tight black T-shirt that had some obscure decal across the front stretched tautly as Shuichi crossed his arms over his chest.  He had one high-heeled booted foot planted against the wall behind him.  Leaning against the wall, Shuichi’s puffy, red-rimmed violet tinted jet eyes that were hidden behind a pair of dark, wraparound shades stared out over the conference room.  He had put on a little makeup this morning to hide the fact that he was whiter than the bed sheets   Across the room in the far corner, Hiro and Suguru were conversing adamantly in low tones.  He was beginning to wonder about those two.    Michael, grinning like a mad man, was lounging at the long conference table and speaking rapidly in English over his cellphone.  He was most likely speaking with his wife Anzu.  Apparently, they were trying to have another baby.   He could see Jacob as he stood out in the hall.   No surprise.  Kei and Kai were late.   Sighing, he dropped his leg to the floor and ran his fingers through his snow-white hair.  He laced his fingers behind his head.  The gold hoops in his ears glistened as he turned his head to stare blankly out the window.   “Are you okay?” asked a sudden voice in his ear.   Shuichi jumped away from the wall with a startled yelp.  He threw his bassist a nasty look as he placed a hand over his rapidly beating heart and tried to relearn how to breathe.  “Dammit, Michael,” he breathed.   “Sorry,” Michael chuckled.   Shuichi heaved a sigh.  Giving him one last look, Shuichi pulled out one of the chairs at the table and plopped himself down onto it.  It gave him time to process Michael’s question.  Was he okay?  He shrugged.  Not really.  “Just tired,” he said aloud.   Tired.  Could it really be as simple as that?  It made sense though.  Bad Luck has been a staple in the music industry for the past ten years.  They had what?  Seven albums?  Eight?  Close to thirty music videos.  At least thirty-five singles.  They were on the road for more than six months out of a year for one thing or another.  And not only did he write a majority of their songs, but he also composed the preliminary music for a great deal of the tracks and he has begun producing and directing some of their music videos.   But Hiro and he had been a team long before Bad Luck was ever signed to NG Productions.  They started Bad Luck back in middle school after Hiro stumbled across him in the music room during their free period where he had been practicing for the school talent show.  Hiro introduced himself and asked if he could jam with him.  And the rest was history.  So, close to fifteen years he has been doing this.   Wow, Shuichi thought, has it really been that long?  No wonder he was tired.   Maybe it was time for Bad Luck to take a well-deserved vacation.   +---+---+   They were laughing as they stepped off the elevator and strode confidently down the carpeted hallway.  They inclined their heads in greeting at an older gentleman dressed in grey overalls who was pushing a cleaning cart.  The patch over his left breast read, “Niwa”.   The sound of raised, angry voices greeted them as they rounded the corner.   Sighing, Kai ran his fingers through his shoulder length chestnut brown hair.  “They are at it again,” he said in disbelief.   A nostalgic smile crossed Kei’s face.  It was just another day in the life of Bad Luck.  He would expect nothing less from his cousin and the band’s young manager.  They have been butting heads since the day Tohma added Suguru to the group.   “I wonder what Shuichi did this time?” Kai pondered.   Kei chuckled.   They exchanged sly glances.   “Loser has to wear a dress for a week,” Kei suggested wickedly.   Kai rolled his eyes.  “Oh, please!”   “Come on, Kai.  Where’s your-?  Hey!”   “Deal,” Kai laughed maniacally over his shoulder as he tore down the hall.   “You are so dead,” Kei shouted after his older by five minutes twin.   The voices grew louder the closer the Shiro twins got to the conference room.   Arriving at Conference Room 6 first, Kai was the victor.  Grinning, he stepped over the threshold too announce their arrival, but stopped short at the scene before him.   Not having enough warning, Kei collided into him.  “Hey!”   Kai put his finger to his lips and hushed him.   Standing between him and Hiro was Shuichi’s American bodyguard, Jacob, who looked uncertain at the yelling match taking place inside the small, claustrophobic confines of the conference room.   “Fine,” a red-faced Shuichi snapped over the marble table at the green haired keyboardist turned manager.  “Do as you please!”  Pushing away from the table, Shuichi grabbed his black messenger bag that had his initials stitched in large pink dauphin font along the flap.  Strapping his bag across his chest, he stormed out of the room, pushing roughly passed Kai and Kei as if he did not see them, with Jacob not too far behind him.   Kai and Kei exchanged a worried, confused glance.  What that been about?   +---+---+   Shuichi sagged against the back wall of the elevator as it descended down to the underground parking garage.  His vision blurred behind a veil of tears.  When a sob escaped into the tight confinement of the metal box, he slapped a hand over his mouth.   Jacob, who had stationed himself before Shuichi in the front of the car by the elevator doors, pretended not to notice.   Once he was able to compose himself, he reached into his bag and pulled out his cellphone with a trembling hand.  He speed dial to call the house.  “Eiri?  Come pick me up?”   +---+---+   “Uh, what just happened?” Kai questioned as he and his brother stepped cautiously into the room.   Suguru threw the twins a nasty glare before turning away with a “humph”.   With a hand on his hip, he raked his other hand through his hair and Hiro heaved a heavy sigh.  He was getting too old to play referee.   “Oh, nothing,” Michael answered from the safety of the far side of the room, which was as far away as he could get from Suguru.  “Just the end of Bad Luck.”   “What?!”   +---+---+   “So, you quit?”   Shuichi sighed heavily.  Dropping his arms, he pulled his legs up and wrapped his arms around his knees as Eiri weaved expertly through midday traffic.  Resting his cheek on his jean clad knee, Shuichi stared blankly out the tinted Mercedes Benz window as the city whizzed by in a blur of color.   Shuichi seemed so miserable that Eiri did not have the heart to tell him to get his feet off the seat.   He grew worried when Shuichi remained silent.  Without taking his eyes off the road, he reached over and gently tucked a stray strand of Shuichi’s soft locks behind his pierced ear.  “Baby?”   “…No…”   He had been outvoted.  Plain and simple.   “How?” Eiri asked him softly.   Shuichi had not realized that he had spoken aloud.   Basically, when Suguru opted to start the meeting without Kei and Kai, deciding to fill them in when they arrived, the proposal was submitted through Suguru from Tohma to have some sort of compilation CD.   “Like a greatest hits CD?”   “Yeah.”   “What’s wrong with that?  It’s high time you guys had one.”   Shuichi agreed.  Truthfully, he was not sure he could go through the rigorous workings of putting together another album.  He had nothing in him.  He was totally burnt out.  So the idea of putting together something like a greats hits album was a welcomes surprise.  The problem came with the second half of the suggestion.   Suguru wanted something that various artists have done in the past.  Like Mötley Crüe for example.  Where they put out a 2 CD album.  The first disk would have some of their greatest hits while the second CD would be all new stuff.  And in true Bad Luck fashion, it would have to be finished for release sometime around the New Year.   Eiri cocked an eyebrow at that.  He whistled.  Bad Luck just returned less than a month ago from a world tour and that little Tohma clone wanted them to out a 2 CD set full of both greatest hits and new material and have it all completed in less than nine months?  The kid was worse than K, if that was even possible.   A tear slid down Shuichi’s face.   He had been sent reeling by the pitch.  Both Hiro and Michael were game.  And he knew that his cousins would be all for it.  But Shuichi had nearly burst into tears.   “Oh, hell no.  No way in bloody hell,” Shuichi had exclaimed.   “Well, then.  What do you suggest?” Suguru had fired back   Shuichi knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that if he even attempted to put together this compilation CD that Suguru wanted them to do, nothing good would come from it.   He was more then game to put together a greatest hits CD.  Anything more than that and he could make no promises.   “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Suguru had snapped.   What he was saying was quite simple.  Maybe it was high time Bad Luck took some down time.  While both Hiro and Michael had been shocked at the suggestion, especially coming from him, Suguru had gone on a rampage.   Of course, it was put to a vote and as he had expected, he was outvoted.  They were going to put together the 2 CD album.  But whether Shindou Shuichi was part of that process still remained to be seen.   +---+---+   September   Spring came and went.  Followed closely by summer and now fall was knocking at their doors.   Riku had finished the first semester of his second year of middle school, it was scary how quickly he was growing up, and then flew right back to New York City to spend the summer with Yoshiki.   The apartment was quiet without the rambunctious teenager, his posse and harem of girlfriends tearing through the place, but it gave Shuichi and Eiri some time alone and they sure as hell used the solace of the apartment to their advantage.   Then as quickly as it came, summer was over and with the start of the new semester, Riku was back with a fresh new tan and another new girlfriend.  Shuichi had laughed that their son took after his father.  Eiri had remained silent, but the twitching eye gave his thoughts away.   Ayaka was now five months pregnant and as big as a house, though to mention it in front of her was nothing short of suicide.    She had been a little disappointed when she learned the sex of the baby.  Apparently, she was having a boy, but had been hoping for a girl.  She quickly got over that little set back, though.   Shuichi was glad that Hiro and Ayaka seemed to have been able to patch things up.  The two of them were married five years ago, against the wishes of Ayaka’s parents’.  It had been a small affair, which Tatsuha had overseen.  Not long after, they started having problems.  Ironically, around that same time, it was leaked to the press about their relationship.  Shuichi wondered if the two were connected.  Though, Ayaka should have known what she was getting herself into when she started dating Hiro.  It was not as if she had not known what Hiro did for a living.   It was not as if Hiro and Ayaka had been trying to hide their relationship, as the tabloids seemed to enjoy suggesting, for one reason or another.  The truth was, both of them had had front row seats to the hype, to say the least, surrounding Eiri and him.  And Hiro had wanted to safe Ayaka that.  Besides, Ayaka was not in the business.  She was a “commoner”, so to speak.  A timid, private girl who kept to herself.  But of course, it was impossible to keep things secret for very long when you were in the public eye.   Right before Bad Luck left on tour last fall, Shuichi would have bet anything that when they returned home, Hiro would find his belongings at the curb.  To everyone’s surprise, not only had they worked things out, but were expecting a baby come December.   But then again, looks could be deceiving.   And then there was Michael.  His half-American friend was to be a father.  Again.  His wife, Anzu, found out in June.  Come February, there would be another Montgomery-Kagawa female in the world.   Kei and Kai were both still single and spending most nights at one club or another.  They will never change.   As for Shuichi, against his better judgment, he decided to work on the 2 CD compilation set.  Mostly because he was outvoted.  Though, he made it painfully clear that he was against this project and wanted nothing to do with it, but would fulfill his contract and that after, they will see.   “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”Suguru had asked.   “You’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you?”Shuichi had snapped right back.   To say that Suguru and he were not on the best of terms right now would be an understatement.  They had never really gotten along, but in recent years, they had actually started to become something akin to friends.  But now, Shuichi knew that if they did not go into their respective corners and soon, he was not going to be responsible for what happened.   Of course, the tabloids were having a field day with the discourse among the ranks.   Bad Luck was his life.  It was his baby.  He was Bad Luck.  It may be egotistical to think such a thing, but it was true nonetheless.  So he could not very well quit.  Though as the months continue to tick on by, his stress level and anxiety grew.  His exhaustion grew.  He has always been known as something as a crybaby, but the amount of time he spent nowadays curled up in bed bawling his eyes out had increased.  Now, he could not promise anything.   Especially now.   “Mama,” called Riku through the house.   “Yeah?”   “Phone!”   Uncurl ing himself from the couch where he had been watching the morning news, Shuichi grabbed the remote off the coffee table and turned off the television.  Then crossed the living room, rounded the dining table and stepped into the kitchen.  He took the cordless extension from his son who was dressed in his black high-collared school uniform.  “Hello?  This is Shindou.”   “Hello, Shindou-san.  This is Dr. Ohtani.”   “Oh!  Hello, Doctor.”   “Bye Mama!”   Covering the phone with his hand, Shuichi watched over his shoulder as Riku grabbed his book bag off the table and swung the thirty-pound monstrosity over his shoulder.  Riku staggered under the weight.  “Be careful,” Shuichi called after Riku as the boy stumbled into the entrance hall to change into his shoes.   “I will.”   “Love you!”   “Love you, too,” Riku returned right before the door shut.   “Shindou-san,” the doctor’s voice called over the line.  “We got the results of the blood test back.”   Shuichi gulped nervously.   A week ago, Eiri had had enough and had put his foot down, demanding Shuichi go and see the doctor.   “And it seems that congratulations are in order.”   His mind blank, Shuichi blinked stupidly.  “Huh?” he questioned with a deadpanned voice.   “You’re pregnant, Shindou-san.”   The colored drained from Shuichi’s face.  Feeling dizzy and lightheaded, Shuichi collapsed into the chair behind him.  The phone slipped out of his grip and clattered to the floor.   He had never been so relieved in his entire life that Eiri was out on some book tour for the next couple of weeks because he really would not have known what to tell him.   “Oh, God,” Shuichi moaned.  This could not be happening to him.   ---OWARI---   A/N:  If you are new to this series, next is a twenty-seven chapter story called, “This I Promise You” and after that, a thirty-six chapter story called “Because of You”.    If you are a returning visitor, then know that “This I Promise You” will be getting an edit job to include Riku.  You see when I originally wrote it, it was before Gravitation EXSo I had no idea he even existed.   And also for those who have read “This I Promise You” and “Because of You”, this was it!  I hoped you enjoyed it.  This series is now officially over.  It has been a long journey.  I have no plans of writing another sequel.  Time to move on.   JA!