Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Les Mizerable ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A/N: I don't own Gravitation.
MATA!!!:Set in book 10 where right after Yoshiki dresses up like Yuki (her/his brother).
"I....I'm sorry..." Shuichi mumbled.
"Oh..!" Yuki turned around to face Shuichi before continuing, "Now all of a sudden you're showing remorse? What's the matter? I thought you were going to get me to forget about Yuki?"
Shuichi looked away,"Well that was.."
"Don't blow your big opportunity." Yuki cut him off, "Girls who have been dumped are especially vulnerable. If you're even remotely nice to her, she'll let you between her legs without a second thought." Yuki started to walk away but Shuichi grabbed his hand.
"Yuki-" Shuichi began to think of all the things Yuki had said to him since he came back from New York,
'I wasn't sure if you wanted to see me, but then I realized I did so I should...'
'It's inconvenient not to have a hole to fuck when I get in the mood.'
'Yep. You'remyhole.'
'If you want me to I'll say it all you want...I love you, I love you, I love you.'
'The only one I love is Kitazawa Yuki...a dead man.'
'Give It Up.'
"Yuki...I'm giving it up." Shuichi told him. Yuki turned around to look at the pink haired man.
"What did you just say?" He asked not sure he heard right.
"I'm giving it up, just like you told me. I know this is a shitty time to say such a thing after what I just put you through; but I can't ignore it anymore." Shuichi looked away.
"Ignore what?" Yuki asked.
"I'm not stupid, I've know ever since the day I met you that you loved someone, I just didn't know who till you gave me that picture of Kitazawa. I thought for the longest time 'If I can show him how much I love him maybe he'll forget about Kitazawa and love me too.' It was a fruitless idea though, and I knew it."
"Why do you say it was fruitless, Shuichi?"
Shuichi looked up at him and smiled, "Because you don't want to forget him, just like I don't want to forget you. Because you love him more than anything and nothing's going to change that, even after what he did to you. I can't continue to be the cause of your pain, I know you'll never be happy and so do you, but I also know that you'd be a lot happier without me around and I want to make you as happy as possible."
"Shuichi," Yuki whispered, " really do understand me...." Shuichi nodded still smiling but now crying.
"So I'm giving it up, I'm going to find someone I can love and can love me too. But I'll never stop loving you Yuki." Shuichi told him as he let go of his hand. Shuichi started to walk away when Yuki called to him.
"Shuichi! Thank you!" Shuichi just waved behind him without stopping and soon Yuki couldn't see him anymore. Once gone Yuki remembered a song he had once heard,
'mawaru, mawaru... okizari ni sareta jikan no naka de watashi wa ima les mizerables' It was Yuki's voice'aishisugita anata ga kabekiwa no mukou de sotto waratteru' Shuichi's finished.
Yuki walked home softly smiling.
A/N: That song is Mizerable by Gackt(which I don't own.) so lyrics are as follows
'mawaru, mawaru... okizari ni sareta jikan no naka de watashi wa ima les mizerables'-Turn turn..Inside of the time that's left me behind I am, now, les mizerable
'aishisugita anata ga kabekiwa no mukou de'-You who I loved to much are on the other side of the wall
'sotto waratteru'-Softly smiling