Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Searching for Shuichi ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A/N: Ohayo! I'm True Light. This is a fic that I put up on two and a half years ago, and I've decided to put it up here! That's pretty much all I have to say about this. I hope you enjoy it!
Disclaimer: I own nothing! Gravitation belongs to the wonderful Maki Murakami!
Chapter 1
Uhh… my head… It hurts. What happened? All I remember is chasing Shuichi… Why did I do that?
I open my eyes to see that I'm in a hospital bed. Seguchi is by me, face in one hand and a tear is sliding down his face. I sit up and moan at the light throbbing at my head.
“What the hell happened?” I groan.
Seguchi looks up then wraps his arms around my neck very uncomfortably.
“Oh, god, Eiri!” he exclaims with relief. I grunt my disapproval. He finally lets me go, wiping away some tears. “I'm sorry for that, Eiri. I'm just so happy. You fell in a lake and caught hypothermia… We all thought we would lose you. Mika is downstairs getting coffee.”
“And where's the brat?”
“Tatsuha? He's with Mika.”
“Not him—Shuichi. Where is he? I bet he's having a heart attack from all the stress he must have over me.”
Seguchi gives me a confused look and a second later, flashes a sympathetic smile.
“You need to rest more, Eiri,” he says.
“Not until I see the brat.”
“There is no brat. There is no Shuichi.”
“Stop playing around, Seguchi. I want Shuichi in here, now.”
“Who is this Shuichi?”
It's taking every once of energy I have not to attack him. He's getting on my very nerves. Using my hands to gesture, I answer, “Pink haired kid with amethyst eyes. About ye tall? He works for you and is the lead singer of Bad Luck! He's my lover!”
“Eiri, please, just go to sleep.”
I reach over and grab the collar of his shirt. I can see a shade of fear in his eyes.
“Where is Shuichi Shindou?” I bark.
“I'm sorry, Eiri, but there is no such person.”
Mika comes into the room with Tatsuha. They're looking at us, strangely. I let go of Seguchi, get off the bed, and stumble toward them.
“Tell me you know who Shuichi is!” I beg, the panic rising in me. Their faces are now blank. “Mika, he's the annoying brat who's always around me! Tatsuha, you practically tried to rape him when you first met!”
Both Mika and Seguchi stare at him, shocked. He backs against the wall, saying, “I never did anything like that! My heart belongs to my Ryu!”
Mika turns her attention back to me.
“We don't know any `Shuichi',” she states.
“Stop jerking me around!” I roar.
“Calm down, bro, don't strain yourself,” Tatsuha warns.
“I will calm down when I see Shuichi!”
That's when everything begins to spin and then slowly turn to darkness.