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Disclaimer: I own nothing, just the plot of the story. I have quotes, again, forepisodes 11 and 13. But, here's the thing: most of the quotes from episode 11 are from that one site, and the ones from episode 13 are from the actual English dub. The last paragraph that I have Yuki saying at the end of the “Someone else's” first P.O.V. thing was also from the English. Yeah, I had written those down before they were off on-demand. I never thought I'd actually use them for a fic. Anyway, I promise this is the last disclaimer (at least, for this fic) because I own nothing from the anime.
Chapter 7
Someone else's P.O.V.
I can feel my heart fluttering! The warmth came back, not as warm as earlier, but I can sense it and it's… Oh, wow. It's lonely! And sad! Since when does heat have feelings? That's so weird. But I want to comfort it. If only I could!
Damn, I just triggered another episode of the soap opera between the pink and blond guys! This time we're at a hospital. The blond is on the bed, probably sleeping, while the pink is next to him. The pink bends over the blond—is he kissing him?
“I hate the fact that you will be leaving,” the pink says, “but I hate it even more that you are suffering because of me. That's why…”
I hear a very small gasp as he tries to hide his upcoming sobs. I wonder what happened.
“That's why?” the blond urges.
“What? You were awake? You should have said something, then!”[1]
“Even now, you're too sympathetic with this harsh, pompous jerk.”
Huh? What the hell is he talking about? Harsh, pompous jerk? Sure, that is what he is, but still! Damnit, I hate coming into something after something really big happened!
“I'm sorry,” the pink one whispers.
“How boring. Maybe going to New York isn't such a bad idea.”
I'm totally confused…
“If you want me to go,” the pink starts, “I can't stop you. But… but I… I'll die if you leave me behind, here! No matter how much stress I cause you, that won't make you die, right? But I seriously will die! Even if you throw up blood or have an ulcer.” [2]
Throwing up blood? Ulcers? I almost wonder if the pink guy's feelings border on obsession. If anything else, the pink guy sure is dramatic.
There's a bit of crying coming from him, but the blond pats his head.
“Don't be so serious. When you're not simple and honest, it's rather boring. Anyway, if that was so, I wouldn't have you near me for so long.”
“To tell you the truth, I feel like my brain's being constantly ransacked when I'm with you.” Oh, how sad! “I feel like something I've forgotten is stuck somewhere inside my head. So yeah, sometimes it is rough being with you. But I don't think it's all that bad, either.”
Wow… I guess the blond kind of has it rough.
Yuki's P.O.V.
We're in my house, again. Shuichi and me. We're cuddling, but he looks hurt. I tighten my hold on him.
“The feelings I have for you are even stronger than love, Shuichi.”
His eyes become full with that joy I know all too well. Then he laughs and kisses my nose.
“Good, `cause you know what day it is?” I stare at him blankly. “It's our two-year anniversary!”
I smile. “And which anniversary would that be? We seem to have so many.”
He reflects my smile and bounces to the center of the room.
“It's the anniversary of the day we first-ever met! You make it sound like we have thousands of anniversaries, Yuki! We don't, really!” He turns around and begins to use his fingers to count. “Let's see… There's the anniversary of our first time (which is coming up real soon), then there's the one where I finally claimed you as mine in front of all those people at the concert …” I take the opportunity to slide off the couch and cautiously creep up behind him. “And then there's—”
“Shut up,” I growl, predatorily before spinning him around and claiming his sweet, full lips.
He welcomes the kiss all too willingly as he pulls himself closer, one hand tangled in my locks, the other drawing circles and hearts and other patterns on my back. That very hand suddenly stops and moves elsewhere. I crack open one eye to see that his hand now has a remote. Music plays, but it seems fuzzy to me. Not that I would care.
Damnit, he's breaking the kiss! Those amethyst orbs twinkle at me, capturing mine. He pants, softly, before grinning and burying his face in my chest.
“Let's dance, Yuki!” he squeals, happily.
I gawk at him as if he was crazy. Then I start to feel my own face burning. I turn around to hide it. I've never told him I can't dance.
“How about not?”
“Oh, come on, Yuki,” he urges, turning me around to face his cherubic face. “In the two years we've been together, we've never, ever danced!”
“What a shame,” I retort, sarcastically.
“Oh…” he begins to pout. Then he looks up, determined. Crap. “Fine, then, we won't dance. You know why? Because unknown to Hiro and Ayaka, their wedding is on the anniversary of when I chased after you in New York, got you back, and kept you! We'll dance, then, in front of everyone!”
“Tha—That's such a childish request,” I stutter.
“I don't care! We're going to dance, and you're going to enjoy it!” I grin at him and his childish features. How can I refuse him? Slyly, he wraps his arms around my neck and whispers, seductively, “Besides, I thought it was my childishness that you loved most about me…”
I grin, even wider, and carry him, bridal-style to our room. I nuzzle at his neck.
“You're very wrong, Shuichi; the thing I love most about you is the fact that you are you.”
His eyes water with tears of joy.
I feel like someone is watching me, again. It causes me to wake up with a start. No one is around.
Damn. And it was getting to the good part.
Rubbing at my eyes, I get out of the bathroom to wash my face. I put my hand on the knob.
“Wrong door, Eiri,” Seguchi grumbles from his couch.
I turn and go the right way.
Someone else's P.O.V.
I felt it! The warmth! And it got really warm, this time! Hee hee!
Yuki's P.O.V.
The car ride was silent between Seguchi and me. It was almost uncomfortable, but I dismissed it, thinking he was worried about Mika and the baby. Anyway, he left me with Bad Luck, and once again, I paid little to no attention to their work. I mostly thought about this morning's dream.
But now, they're all done. Time to go home. Hiro is wishing us farewell with, as Sakuma would say, a lovey-dovey sparkly in his eyes. Fujisaki, seeming as bored and exasperated as ever, waves at us before going. K and Sakano leave at the same time for some drinks. Ryuichi flashes his grin at me before turning.
“Wait!” I call. He looks back at me and I blush with embarrassment. “Teach me.” His face becomes completely blank. I close my eyes and finish, “Teach me how to dance…”
His face lights up with joy and with… mischief? Somehow, I think I'm going to regret ever asking him...
Someone else's P.O.V.
Wah! I want that warmth back! It makes me feel all giddy inside when it's around. It's not something I can search for in this darkness I'm almost constantly in. When the visions are gone, this is where I go…
Actually, thinking about the pink head and the blond triggers the visions after a while, now, and thankfully, I've been bombarded with a lot of them. Though it's annoying to see all the private moments between the same two blurry-faced people, it's always comforting to be away from the dark. And somehow, everything seems to be from the pink guy's point of view. I don't know how to explain how I know it, though.
Ha! Speak of the devil! I can feel another vision coming! And there's… someone howling?
The scene opens in some strange, old-looking room with graffiti and stuff everywhere. And there is a large hole in the ground. The blond is sitting against a wall, beneath a window, eyes wide with shock, as a large ball of something tan with brown spots spinning in the air. The ball opens itself to reveal… a blur-faced puppy with tufts of pink hair! Just looking at the thing causes both the blond and me to gasp.
The puppy pants, “I finally found you… …”
“How, how did… how did you find me?” the blonde asks, still shocked.
“Shut up! That doesn't matter one bit, now! You disappeared without letting me know!” He shoves a paper in front of the blonde's face. “See this? That time? My lyrics that got blown by the wind that time? I finally finished writing the song. Look at it.”
Ooh! I want to see! I wonder what's so important about this one song.
The blond takes it, and after a quick second, he chuckles and replies, “You are always like this. You… never think about the other person, do you? I used to be like that, too. That's how I pushed Kitazawa into a corner… and how I killed him.”
“Don't be ridiculous…” the pink guy whispers. “Don't be ridiculous!” He latches himself onto the blond. “So what if I pressured you into a corner? Don't you think you're gonna get away from me! You can run or you can die, but I'll search for you and I'll find you. I'm never letting you get away from me.” A second to let this sink in… “Why? Because I love you!”
That was an awesome confession. I hope to see that everything is going to work out for them.
As the vision begins to fade, I hear the slight shift from the paper and the blond saying, “It's a zero. You've still got zero talent...”
Somehow, that comment seems... sweet...
Yuki's P.O.V.
Dancing with Sakuma started out very awkward with all the giggling on his part. He taught me many steps while using many of Nittle Grasper's and Bad Luck's hits for music on his radio. But he also did a lot of swinging around and being a damned idiotic bastard. It's left me nearly breathless.
Now, it's really late. A slow dance song had just started when Sakuma suddenly jumped and began to shiver.
“What's wrong?” I ask, concerned.
He raises his head, beaming.
“My Double S senses are telling me he's okay!” he exclaims.
“`Double S senses'?”
His eyes narrow, a bit. “The pink one's initials,” he answers, matter-of-factly. Then he becomes cheerful, again. “I can feel it; something's making him feel happy! He's okay!”
I sigh with relief. “Then let's go get him!”
Sakuma pokes my chest, pushing me back, a bit. There is a bit of a frown on his face.
“Hold your horses, Yu-Yu. I don't know where he is. I only said that he's happy and that he's okay. It means that he can stay in this world just a little longer before it's too late. But his will is like yours; it can be easily shaken, so I don't know how long his happiness will last. But at least it's a start.”
“Damnit!” I growl, slamming my fist down on the little radio. I look down to see I had hit the replay button. The song starts, again. Sakuma stretches himself and yawns.
“It's time to go, now, Yu-Yu; Kumagoro and I are sleepy-sleepy.”
My nose wrinkles at his term.
“I don't want to stop, yet,” I whisper. “Show me how to slow dance. I'm sure my brat would love it if I knew that; I used to always hear him talking about it.”
He raises his eyebrows, astounded.
“I thought everyone knew how to do that! Don't you watch people in movies?”
“I don't watch many,” I admit, almost embarrassed.
The singer shakes his head, “You really are a sad person… Okay, but one dance and then we go for sleepy-sleepy time.” He walks to the radio and plays the song, again. Then he walks toward me, gracefully, and sets his hands on my shoulders. “Now, put your hands on my waist… good, now, just follow my movements.” He yawns a bit and mumbles, “Sleepy-sleepy…” He finally rests his head against my chest.
As we move to the music, I let my mind wander. I think I'm starting to get used to all the mystery that's been surrounding me. I want to go back to my world, though. I miss Shuichi more than I thought I ever would. If only I knew what the hell is going on.
I'm grateful Sakuma's been around. He's been a nice substitute for the constant drama and comic relief in my life and has been a great guide around here, but this version of him isn't real. Is he? I wonder how he'd be if it were Shuichi in my shoes.
Damnit all, that baka's the only thing I can think of! That almost pisses me off.
I mean, depression! His friends always help him with that! He bounces back from it, every time! What the hell did I do to get him that way? It's my fault we're here. He only wants me. So why did Shuichi have to get into this mess?
“Ryuichi?” I call.
“How do I go about this world?” I breathe in deeply, feeling nervous. “What do I do if… if something happens to my baka?”
“I' on' know,” he slurs. “I guess' you' be un'er his control—completely—cause you' be really, really sad. You' lose your light and become—” he yawns, “—cast into darkness. No worries; we won't let it happen. Shuichi will be safe an' so will you…”
I freeze. I thought it was taboo to say the brat's name!
“Ryuichi!” I gasp.
I stare at him, still shocked by what he just did. He is wearing a wide, sleepy grin, and his eyes can only be seen through his long lashes. Damn, I should have let him go when he said he was tired. I'm just glad we're not at the zoo like last time this happened.
The door opens just as Ryuichi's lips meet mine. A gasp comes from both me and the person at the door.
“Ryuichi?” that person whispers.
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1: Okay, I could have sworn that in the English dub, Shuichi was dancing and saying, “Yuki's feeling better…” I don't know, I find that sentence really weird. That is, if I'm right about what happened, there.
2: The actual words for “have an ulcer” were “have a hole eaten through your stomach”, but… yeah… I needed to change that.
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