Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Title: Second Chances
Author: Mew Mokuba
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Warning: This story contains Yaoi (male/male) and bad language.
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Disclaimer: I do not own gravitation Personally I find disclaimers a waist of time, energy and space. If any of us owned even a little bit, we wouldn't be hanging around and posting on a fan fiction site. But Gravitation is owned by Maki Murakami and The Right Stuff International.
All original characters are fictional and do not represent anyone living or dead and any similarity to any real person is purely coincidental.
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Summery: Eiri gets the chance to stop himself from killing Yuki Kitazawa. After getting a chance to experience this new life, will he ever return to his old one?
Notes: Please bear with me. This is the first gravitation story I've ever written. I'm used to writing yugioh. I did my best to try to keep them in character, but if they fall out of character, sorry I did my best to try to keep the IC
Except where Shuichi's concerned, Eiri Yuki will be Eiri & Yuki Kitazawa will be Yuki. Also sight EX spoiler but nothing major. Some of the info in this comes straight from the manga others the anime.
Some of the chapters are short, as I'm new to writing this series and was a bit unsure. So I ended most sooner than I normally do.
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Eiri was sitting at his desk, trying desperately to type. But that was easier said than done.
The stupid phone wouldn't stop ringing! Finally he answered it.
“WHAT?” Eiri snapped into the phone.
He was not in the best of moods. He had an upcoming deadline, and all morning it seemed the phone wouldn't stop ringing. He had worked the night before till he found himself waking up and realizing he'd fallen asleep at the computer. So he'd gone to bed but was rudely woken up early by his brat noisily, trying to be quiet and getting ready for work. Then people called non-stop. First it was some scammer that asked for your checking account number claiming that they were from a bank. Then his editor called to remind him of his deadline, like he'd forgotten. Then Tatsuha called to remind him of his birthday, again like he could forget. That was all Shuichi could talk about all month. Was reminding him daily of its coming and begging him to give him some idea as to what he wanted for his birthday.
“Eiri is that anyway to answer the phone?” Mika chastised her brother.
“What do you want Mika, I'm busy?”
“Well it's your birthday today Eiri.”
“Tell me something I don't know. The brat wouldn't let me forget it this morning. Now again I ask what do you want?”
“We want to met you and celebrate.”
“I don't do parties and you know how I feel about them.” Eiri growled.
He'd had a surprise party once. But hated them then and still hates them now. Mika organized one, one year and she had Tohma drag him to the house saying that his father was in town and was at their house and he wanted to see him. Well Mika, Tohma, Misuki, Ayaka and other people that Mika knew all jumped out and yelled surprise! It scared him and frightened him a little. Though he wasn't about to give his sister, Tohma or anyone else there the satisfaction of knowing how badly this scared him as he lashed out at them in anger. He was happy to note that his father wasn't there. He hated the feeling so much that he swore on penalty of death that if they ever tried that again there'd been hell to pay. Something about his look or the way he said that must have been convincing, as they haven't done it again.
At lunch, after they'd placed their order Mika handed Eiri her present. He opened it to find a blue silk shirt.
“Thank you, Mika, impeccable taste as always.
“But of course, would you have expected anything less.”
Tohma handed Eiri an envelope.
“What's this?”
“One's a coupon to have your car get a full tune up from your top mechanic and the other is to the finest car wash in town and get it cleaned and polished.”
“Hmm…thanks Tohma.”
Tohma smiled, “My pleasure Eiri.”
“You know Eiri, father called yesterday and asked me to invite you home, for your birthday. He said he has a present he'd like to give to you.”
“Why? He never has cared before.”
“That's not true and you know it!”
“I know that because I don't look more like Tatsuha, he's never accepted me. When I called off the wedding to stay with Shuichi that only pushed his hatred and resentment towards me even more. He's never given me a present before why would he start now!”
“I'm sure your father doesn't hate you, Eiri.” Tohma said.
Ignoring Tohma's comment Eiri said, “Did he happen to mention what this `present' was?”
“No, he simply wants you to come home and get it.”
“You do know Mika, you can't lie to me.”
“What are talking about?”
“I'm surprised that he wouldn't tell you. If you want to know I can always go and ask Tatsuha. If he doesn't know he can find out. He'd do it for just a simple picture and maybe some hair from Sakuma.”
“But Eiri that would spoil the surprise.” Tohma said.
“Do I look like I really care?”
“Eiri!” Mika scolded about the time lunch arrived.
After the waitress left, Eiri said, “I guess you don't know father as well as you think you do then. It seems that Ryuichi Sakuma is going to do a duet with Shuichi and Bad Luck next month. Tatsuha agreed to tell me what father had planned for tickets to the show. Since Shu was planning to invite him anyway there wasn't really any great sacrifice required to get the information.”
“How do you know whatever Tatsuha said was the truth?” Mika asked, annoyed.
Eiri shrugged, “He knows I'll hold up my end of the bargain, so he has no reason too. He knows I can just as easily take away his prize before he gets it.”
“What is it that Tatsuha, had to say Eiri?” Tohma asked.
“Something, I'm sure Mika knows despite her plea of innocence. It seems that father has talked with some old friends and since my marriage to Ayaka is no longer possible as according to Shu, she and Nakano are planning to get married. Father's other old friend Brenham Evangeline has stuck a deal with father. All I have to do is go down there and they'll try to find a way to trap me.”
“Why would they want to trap you Eiri?” Tohma asked calmly sipping his coffee.
“According to Tatsuha they have it all set up so that all I have to do is sign this contract and I'd be married to his daughter Tamika. They'd do official ceremonies later as long as they had me on the hook with a signed contract. Keh, like I would have signed it no matter how long he locked me up.” Eiri said as took a bite of lunch.
The rest of lunch pretty much went the same. Mika trying to convince him he's wrong and that their father loves him and only wishes to see him. Of course by the time he finished, thanked them for lunch and left Mika hadn't even come close to convincing him to go.
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A/N: The checking account phone number thing is real. My sister told me that she answered the phone one morning and this woman asked for her youngest daughter by name and told her to get a pen and paper and write her checking account number down. When she told her she didn't have a checking account the woman abruptly said thank you and hung up.