Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 3

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

After dinner Shuichi took the dishes to kitchen then he returned with two pieces of Strawberry Shortcake and a candle on top of one.
“What's with the candle brat?”
“Well it's tradition! You're supposed to make a wish!”
Eiri thought a moment then got out his lighter and lit it, made his wish and blew out the candle.
“While Hiro was getting the wine for me I went to the bakery and I wanted to get a BIG cake and write on it Happy Birthday Yuki and get a bunch of candles to go on top!”
“So, why didn't you, brat?”
“Well…I started to dream of what it'd be like if I did. At first it started out great! But then it turned into more of a nightmare, you threw the cake away because of so many candles and it started a fire and then…”
“All right, all right, I get the picture. Sorry I asked.”
“Well then I saw the Strawberry Shortcake and was thrilled cause I knew it was your favorite, so I got it, just as Hiro showed up. I told him about my daydream and he suggested it'd be better to just go with one. I told him that that was so boring! But then he said you'd appreciate it more with just one than a dozen.”
“You're right brat, if you had done that many you'd be at Nakano's now.”
Shu just sighed yeah he dreamed that too! Only in his dream he'd be living at Hiro's permanently.
After the desert dishes were cleared away Shuichi gave him a present.
“Ryuichi gave me this earlier and said that Tatsuha had hoped to come to town for your birthday and give it to you then, but he'd left it with Ryuichi because he wasn't sure if he could get away this weekend. Ryuichi said that he and Tatsuha had looked at several stores and that they finally found what Tatsuha felt would be the perfect gift! He said that he was low on money and that you'd understand his present.”
Eiri feared what it was that his brother and that insane child-like singer would think that he'd like, especially if Tatsuha was low on cash. His biggest fear would be that it'd be a stuffed animal or something similar. If so first he'd probably give it to Shu and second he'd make a note to kill Tatsuha next time he saw him.
“What it is Yuki? What did he give you?” Shuichi asked after Eiri had opened it.
“Believe it or not printing paper. There's a note saying that now that I can print my stories up and he wants a mention in my next book. Hmp, like I'm going to.”
“Well it wouldn't hurt.”
Eiri didn't reply simply glared at him.
Shuichi let it slid and handed Eiri one of two gifts he had for him. Eiri opened it to find a small silver hoop earring.
“It's nice brat, you did good.”
Shu blushed, “Thanks it reminds me of our first kiss. You were wearing one when you first kissed me.”
Eiri smirked and pulled the boy down for a kiss.
Shu broke the kiss and said, “The last presents in he bedroom.”
They walked in to find dark blue silk sheets. “So you think I like silk sheets do you brat?”
Shu blushed, “Well most of your shirts are silk so I figured it'd be good. I bought several different colors.”
“Well then let's just see how they feel shall we?” Eiri asked pushing the vocalist down on the bed before closing the bedroom door.
A few rounds later Eiri walked out of the room wearing a robe and headed to the bathroom. He always felt a little weird about it and made a note that the next apartment he would make sure that there were two bathrooms in the apartment. One for Guest and one especially in the Master bedroom, it would be good on days when K, showed up and he'd let the boy stay the night with him. The boy wouldn't have to take the sheet or something through the house to change. It would also be good for days when Mika or especially Tohma barge in unannounced and uninvited into his home while he's still in sleeping. Though he doesn't sleep in the nude often, usually only after a night with Shu and he doesn't feel the need to change into anything. He seriously detests waking up nude and having Tohma or Mika staring at him and having to kick them out, grab a robe and tread down the hall to the only bathroom. It was a little embarrassing, maybe its time to find a new apartment after all. He'd been considering it since Shu moved in. If he got a slightly bigger sized place there'd be more room for the brat to spread out in and it wouldn't feel so crowded to him and he could only suspect the boy felt it too.
Shu groaned as he got out of bed. K was going to kill him! They had a concert in a few days and he was suppose to meet with the choreographer tomorrow, but now he wasn't so sure he'd be feeling up to it. Eiri REALLY liked his presents. He got up and went to the drawer that Eiri had given him for his clothes and well it was always a little embarrassing to buy baby wipes. But with only one bathroom in the house it was either that or go all the way into the kitchen to clean up. So he just chose to use the wipes. They did the job well enough until he could shower in the morning. He got ready for bed with a clean pair of boxers and a tank top. Then he proceeded to change the sheets. After changing the sheets and putting the pillows back he caressed them wishing he could dive back into them and wait for his lovers return. But in the almost year that they've been together he was rarely allowed to sleep in the bed with Eiri.
He gathered the bed sheets and put them in the clothes hamper to be washed later. Then he grabbed his blanket and pillow from the hall closet and headed for the couch. He stopped and placed his hand on the bathroom door, wishing he could go in there. He wasn't so sure if he'd be allowed or welcome. He was sure that his lover wouldn't mind, as he was in such a good mood today. His lover had changed a lot since they'd first met, but in other ways he still hadn't. Unless Eiri specifically said otherwise he always had to sleep on the couch. So he laid down and did his best to get comfortable, though after that nice soft bed and silk sheets the couch was majorly uncomfortable. Ah well that's how it was so he did his best to try to get some sleep. K would kill him and threaten Eiri if he came in tired tomorrow. It was still early but she felt like he could sleep for a week.
Eiri stepped out of the shower feeling refreshed. He dried off and wrapped the robe around himself and walked back into the bedroom to find the sheets had been changed to a real dark red, silk also he noted. But was slightly disappointed that his lover wasn't there waiting for him. But then again when he thought about it, it wasn't that much of a surprise; after all it had been a while since he'd allowed his little lover to stay in the room with him. He dressed for bed and laid down and even though the sheets were cool to him they felt cold without his little lover. He got up and walked into the living room. The boy also looked uncomfortable but his pride forbidden him from asking the boy to join him in the bedroom. So instead he went to his office for his cigarettes and cursed when he realized he was out! He couldn't understand it he was sure that he had more. But his pack was empty as was his drawer. He went back to the bedroom and was shocked to see that nightstand too was empty. He cursed and went to the kitchen for a beer and couldn't believe it. He was out of beer too! Yeah he had some wine left but he'd rather save that. He went back to bedroom and laid down and tried to sleep, but sleep seemed to be eluding him, not to mention the fact that he still had a chapter and a half to finish in just a few days. Finally he gave up on sleep. He looked at the clock and it was only 9 pm. Still early so he got dressed and decided to just go to the store and get beer and cigarettes.
As he walked towards the door to put on his shoes, Shuichi popped up.
“Where are you going, Yuki?”
“I'm out of beer and cigarettes. I have a deadline in a few days, I'm going to the store to get more.”
“No, it's okay, I'll go instead. I'm sorry I should have thought about that and got some more when I was out.”
“It's fine brat, don't worry about it. I'll go.”
“Then let me go with you!”
“No, I'm only going to the corner store. No point in your coming with me.”
“But Yuki!”
“I won't be long brat.” Yuki said and finished putting on his shoes grabbed his wallet from the table and left.
Just as he got within a ten feet of the door he heard a noise. He turned around and saw a bright light. He groaned as he sat up. He looked around but couldn't figure out what had just happened to him. He remembered seeing a bright light but that's it. He used a nearby light post for support and go to his feet. But when he looked up and around he spotted someone coming out of the liquor store and froze in place.