Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 14

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Yeah, poor kid. First his father abandons him then his mother's killed.” Yoshiki said. “He's in school now and then my parents will pick him up. His grandmother on his mother's side shares custody with my parents and I baby-sit often.”
“How can you be so calm and normal knowing Eiri shot your brother?!” Shuichi asked.
Yoshiki looked at Eiri, “You didn't tell him what happened?”
“It never came up.”
“Why? What happened?”
“Uh, he should know, being as he's here helping you and all.”
Eiri sighed; he hadn't wanted to tell the boy, as he didn't want the boy to feel sorry for him or be afraid of him. “Look kid, truth is I was in love with my tutor. One night he was drunk and sold me to some creep. Then when he was done Yuki took his turn. The goon had brought a gun and I shot them both.” He didn't tell that in his world both the thug and Yuki were killed.
Shuichi was shocked. He didn't know what to say or do. Now he understood why Eiri shot his tutor and truthfully he didn't blame him, but how was it that Eiri didn't mention what kind of trouble he got into for it.
“Yuki told me all of this. I begged him to apologize to you. But he said that no apology could ever replace what was he did to you, but still I tried to get him to reconsider but he wouldn't. He said he'd done enough.”
“Where is he now?”
“I came here to find Yuki!”
“Then you came for nothing.”
“What's that suppose to mean?! I came here on a mission to find Yuki and I want to complete it! Now do you know where Yuki is or not!”
Yoshiki sighed, “I'll take you to him.”
Eiri followed without a word. Shuichi not wanting to be left behind also quickly followed.
The closer they got to their destination the worse Eiri felt. He knew this way, he knew this path, they were both burned into his brain. It was a path he'd walked many a time after shooting Yuki.
Shuichi found it strange that they were walking in a graveyard and even more strange when Yoshiki seemed to stop but Eiri kept going as if he knew right where he was going!
Eiri stopped in front of a grave he hoped he wouldn't find. He never bothered to look here first because he didn't kill him; he'd hoped that his life would have turned out better than it had after he'd been shot; but apparently not. He swallowed trying to keep his voice from shaking. “How?” was all he could manage.
“Drug overdose.”
Shuichi though not the brightest around realized that Eiri needed privacy so he pulled Yoshiki away to give Eiri the privacy he deserved.
After they were out of sight Eiri collapsed to the ground and started crying over Yuki's grave. “I prevent your death. I even felt guilty when I learned that you had a son and how do you repay me you bastard? You go and throw it away! You stupid bastard! I gave you a second chance to make up for what you did to me! I tried to give him back the gift of life I took from you and you throw it in my face by killing yourself!”
Shuichi looked Yoshiki. “I'm sorry.”
“Don't be. You know this thug that Yuki used to hang out with claimed that it wasn't an accidental overdose.”
“Really do they know who might have done it?”
“It's strange but the gang member who was killed, his name was TC, the police told me. His brother claims it was a guy Yuki's wife and mother hired to kill them. Of course there was no proof of any one being hired or anyone matching the guys description found. Though a hotel employee acknowledged that such a guy did check into the hotel he never had any visitors or phone calls. It's strange, the description actually matches Eiri there. But we both know that's impossible.