Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 19

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Shuichi didn't realize that by running off impulsively with Eiri would get him into so much trouble at work. He walked into work the day after he and Eiri arrived back in town and found his boss sitting behind the counter. “Mr. Sharpe what are doing here?”
“So, Shindo you've finally returned.”
“Huh? Oh.” Shuichi said waving off his confusion quickly. He finally realized that by running off with Eiri he failed to call into work to let them know he wasn't coming in for a few days.
“So, what happen? You run off and get married to some girl you just met?” Mr. Sharpe asked.
“Nah, knowing Shindo here, he probably ran off with that man that came looking for him.” Tri one of Shu's co-workers said.
Shuichi looked wide-eyed at Tri, “Tall, Blonde, golden eyes?”
“Well I didn't see his eyes, but yeah sounds right.”
No one else he could think of would come looking for him. “Why was Eiri here?”
“He asked if you worked here and when I told him yes, but you weren't here you'd left for the day he seemed upset.”
Shuichi was shocked; Eiri even knew where he worked! But then he shook his head. Of course he did. Hiro had stated the Eiri had showed up at the Seguchi's and questioned where he was. So of course he'd come here. But how did he find him at the bar? He realized soon after they met that he'd seen Eiri in the bar. That was why he'd assumed when Eiri knew so much about him, that he was a stalker at first.
“So, did you run off to marry this man?” Mr. Sharpe asked.
Shuichi glared at him! “No, I've barley known him two weeks!”
“So, you disappear for over a week and now you're back as if nothing happened.” Mr. Sharpe said.
Shuichi bowed, “I'm sorry sir. I wasn't thinking. Eiri well he asked me to go with him to New York and I wanted to be with him. I felt he needed me. I…I should have called but I forgot.”
Mr. Sharpe rose from his seat and looked at the bowed Shuichi. “Don't let it happen again or next time I might not be so forgiving.”
“It won't sir, I promise!”
“You got so lucky, he was understanding! So tell me more!”
Shuichi sighed and told very little about who Eiri was and what they did in New York and refused to answer any personal questions relating to their relationship.
Later that day he walked into band practice and after listening to Hiro yell at him most of the night, then the constant questions of his co-workers at CD World, he so wasn't looking forward to facing Kyo and Akira.
“And just where have you been all week mister?” Kyo asked.
“Yeah you're lucky we were able to get some time off! How could you just disappear to that?!”
“Yeah I tried calling several times and it always said you were out of range or something. I also went by your place too and never saw any signs of you.”
“Uh, yeah well I met someone and well he invited me to New York with him.”
“Excuse me?” Kyo asked. “Did you just say that you only just met this person and you ran off with him?”
“Um…yeah.” Shuichi said.
“How could you be so reckless Shindo! What did you know about this man before you ran off with him?” Akira asked.
“Well…not a lot. I…I didn't even learn his name till after he invited me to New York with him.”
Needless to say the next half hour was Akira and Kyo yelling at him and basically telling him the same things Hiro did about being reckless, foolish and stupid for going off with someone whom he'd only just met.
After the band had finished their final set Shuichi looked around the room and smiled brightly seeing Eiri there at the bar and before anyone knew what was happening Shuichi jumped off the stage and ran over to where Eiri was calmly drinking his beer.
Eiri looked up and being used to Shuichi's bubbly personality was able to catch the boy.
“I missed you!” Shuichi practically screamed at the top of his lungs.
“Not so loud, brat! It's only been one day!”
Shuichi pulled back a bright smile on his face. “I know, but it just seems like an eternity! So, why are you here?”
Before Eiri could answer Shuichi was pulled away from him.
“What do you think you're doing Shuichi? You know it's dangerous to leave the stage like that.” Kyo said.
“Sorry, I was just so excited to see Eiri.”
Kyo glared at Eiri. “So you're the one corrupting our little Shu here.”
“Corrupting?” Eiri mused. “Is it that or are just jealous that he prefers me over you?”
“What?” Kyo asked surprised. No one else had ever mentioned noticing his attraction towards Shuichi.
“Little Shu here may be blind to you, but I'm not. I can see it in the way you look at him and touch him.” Eiri sneered then said, “From now on paws off. He's mine!” Then without breaking eye contact with Kyo he said, “Let's go brat. I found a loft not far from here I think will be perfect for us.”
That snapped Kyo out of his haze or spell or whatever it was that Eiri did to him and looked at Shuichi. “Wait, Shuichi you're not seriously considering moving in with this guy are you?”
“Uh, actually yeah. I want to be with him.”
“You barely know him!”
“I know that. But it's what I want to do. I trust him.”
Kyo on the other hand didn't trust Eiri as far as he could throw him. But it also seemed like there'd be no convincing Shuichi otherwise. Seeing Shuichi starting to drag Eiri backstage he blocked their path. “Where are you going?”
“Kyo, that's rude! I forgot my backpack backstage and I didn't see a reason why Eiri and I couldn't just slip out the backdoor after I got it.”
“You go get your bag, kid. I'll be there in a moment.” Eiri told him.
Shuichi looked warily between Eiri and Kyo.
“I won't hurt your precious boyfriend.” Kyo said.
Shuichi looked up at Eiri, “Eiri.”

Eiri smirked, “I won't start anything unless he does.”
Shuichi didn't like it but it seemed that that was the best reassurance he was going to get on them not killing each other and left to get his backpack and Akira to help keep Eiri and Kyo from killing each other.