Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 24

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Ryuichi looked around, his driver had dropped him off where Tohma had instructed but now he was upset. “I can't believe Tohma didn't tell us that this was one of those fancy type restaurants Kumagoro. If I had known that I'd have had to left you at home. Even though I know that makes you really, really sad. He didn't tell me I had to dress up. I hate dressing up. I don't like these types of restaurant.”
“What type do you like?”
Ryuichi jumped and turned around, “You scared me!” Ryuichi said and started chewing on Kumagoro's ear. “Kuma doesn't like the be scared. Who are you?” Then he looked closer at the person standing there asked, “Are you Yuki? Ms. Mika's brother?”
Tatsuha laughed, “Well I'm not, Eiri. But I am Mika's brother. I'm Tatsuha. Tatsuha Uesugi.”
“I'm Ryuichi Sakuma and this is Kumagoro.”
“It's a honor to met you Sakuma and you too of course Sir Kumagoro. I've been a huge fan of yours for years! I've been dieing to meet you.”
Ryuichi frowned, “If you're Mika's brother how come we've never met?”
At that Tatsuha was almost fuming, “Tohma! He refused to allow us to meet!”
Ryuichi was confused, “But your Mika's brother, why couldn't we meet?”
“He felt that I'd go all fan crazy and beg and scream for your autograph and knowing Tohma, he probably thought I'd maul you or something!” `Or perhaps rape him. Though little does Tohma know I'd never do anything like that with Ryuichi Sakuma. Well unless it was consensual that is.' Tatsuha thought to himself. “So, you said something about you and Sir Kumagoro, not liking this place. What place do you like?”
“I like Steak Haven! They have this big old slide in the restaurant that anyone can slide down on! It's way more fun that the stuff shirts here that scold you if you're too loud!”
“Then let's go. My bike is right over there.”
Ryuichi was chewing on Kumagoro's ear, “I don't know. Tohma asked me to met him here.”
“Well did he say why?”
“He wanted me to met someone.”
“Come on Sakuma, Tohma can introduce you to this person later, somewhere less formal. It's probably a bunch of legal stuff if he wants to meet here or someone he's trying to impress.”
Ryuichi looks at Kumagoro and says “You're right Mr. Uesugi, let's go to Steak Haven!”
Tatsuha laughed, “Call me Tatsuha. Just do me one favor Sakuma…”
“Ryuichi and he's Kuma.”
“Okay, just don't call Tohma till we get there.”
Ryuichi frowned “I can't do that.”
“If you tell him where we're going he won't let us go!”
“Then I won't tell him where we're going.” Ryuichi said pulling out his cell phone to call Tohma.
At the same time inside.
“Eiri are you saying you really don't want to get back together?”
“If there had been any doubts in my decision would I have insisted you sign the divorce papers, rather than just going with a legal separation?”
“I, I don't know. But I do love you Eiri.”
This angered Hiro. “How can you say that, when he obviously doesn't give a damn about you?! You're way too pretty to stay with someone who doesn't care about you.”
Ayaka blushed. “No ones ever told me that. Not even my parents.”
“Well they were fools.”
Ayaka blushed more.
Shuichi was still stunned at the conditions of the deal. “W…what did you say?” Shuichi asked unsure he had heard right.
“I said, I'd give you a recording contract if you broke up with Eiri.” Tohma said it as one would offer a glass of water.
Shuichi slumped back holding his arms. “I should have known, it was too good to be true that you'd actually want me for my talent.” Shuichi muttered. “Have you ever even really heard me or seen me perform!” Shuichi said a little louder than he intended.
“Keep your voice down Shindo. I'd have thought you'd love to get a recording contract.”
Still depressed and now sulking close to crying he said, “I would but…”
“It's true, you're very pretty.” Hiro said.
“So why did you agree to marry this guy?”
Before she could answer they heard Shuichi's loud voice. They didn't hear what was said but it was enough to draw Eiri's attention.
“I see you have it covered here, I'll be going.”
“Eiri wait…” Ayaka said and tried to grab his jacket but Hiro held her back and Eiri didn't even look her way.
“Hey, he's not worth it. Why did you agree to marry him?”
“I didn't want to at first. I hated the idea of an arranged marriage. But my parents always made it sound like this was the only way I'd ever be married. Soon after meeting Eiri I fell in love with him.”
“Are you sure it wasn't just his looks and the idea of a perfect marriage that you fell in love with? Surely you can't tell me you've been happy?”
“My parents told me that all husbands hate it at first but eventually come around, but…”
“But you still hope he will.”
Ayaka nodded.
“Well since he's moving in with Shuichi and divorcing you I don't think he'll ever come around as you said. Why don't we get a drink and talk some more?”
Ayaka smiled, “I'd like that.”
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A/N: I still not telling Shu's final decision till next chapter. What do you think he'll say or do? Though Steak Haven is made up there is a steak house near Six Flags that does have a big slide for everyone to play on, kids and adults. I've only been there once cause its so expensive.
What do you think Tohma's going to do when he learns of Tatsuha and Ryuichi?
Under normal circumstances I'd only use the English version names and things, but I'm sorry Kumagoro being changed to Mr. Bear is the stupidest thing I've ever heard! It sounds like someone was watching one too many Full House repeats. At least they had a bear to call Mr. Bear! If it were me I'd have changed Kumagoro to like Mr. Bunny or Kangaroo or Mr. Rabbit (though that one might be confused with Trix cereal) or even Mr. Hoppity or just Hoppity or just about anything relating to a rabbit would have been better than Mr. Bear!