Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 33

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Ayaka pounded on Eiri’s door and was surprised when he came up behind her.   “What the hell are you doing here?”   “Eiri, I didn’t expect…I mean I thought…”   “I ask again, what are you doing here? Anything you have to say you can say to my lawyer, I’m sure you know her number. “   “I just got back from finishing the paperwork. It’s done, the divorce is finalized.”   “You came all the way here just to tell me that?”   “No I…I wanted to talk to you about Hiro.”   Eiri raised and eyebrow, “So you two not getting along or something?”   “What? Oh no we’re getting along wonderfully.”   “So what, you come to gloat or something?”   “I wanted to discuss Bad Luck with you.”   That got Eiri’s attention. He moved to unlock the door and left it open giving her the impression that it was as close to an invite as she was going to get.   She came in and shut the door and Eiri stretched out on the couch popping his feet on the table and lighting a cigarette. “What did you want to discuss?”   “I want us to go to Tohma together and convince him to give Bad Luck a chance!”   “I thought Hiro was happy being a doctor.”   “I always tried to read your emotions but I never could. But I can with Hiro. He likes being a doctor but he loved being in the band. I believe he still misses it and would give up his doctor career if he thought he could make it as a musician.”   “You sure this isn’t your thoughts and not his?”   “No, when I asked he said that there are times he wished he’d stayed with Shindo and tried to make it work. He said sometimes! Please Eiri help me!”   ‘Well Shu’s contract is still with my lawyer at the moment having to have it rewritten as Tohma conveniently forgot to give him the ones without the clause that Shu leave me. I suppose it wouldn’t take much to throw in Hiro has to be a part of the band too.’ “Why should I help you?” ‘Of course that doesn’t mean I have to help her.’   “What? But I’d have thought you’d want to make Shindo happy.”   Eiri glared at her, ‘Now she’s crossed the line accusing me of not having Shu best interest at heart!’ “What makes you think Shuichi would even still be interested in playing with him?” Though Eiri suspected the boy would jump at the chance there was no need to let Ayaka know that. “After all maybe Shuichi already has a band, which I’m sure Mika has already told you all about by now.” Suspecting that between her and Hiro, Ayaka probably knew a lot about Shu.   “Oh, I hadn’t even thought about that. You’re probably right.”   “Good, now you can get out!”   “No, I-I want to talk with Shindo anyway.”   “Why? I just told you…”   “I know but I’m sure once I talk with him he’ll help me convince Hiro and then we can all make a stand together and with a little help from Mika we’ll go to Tohma’s office and demand them give them a shot.”   “Why not run along and discuss this with Mika first. Besides Tohma would never accept them after that.”   “I’m sure he’d understand, but you’re right I should discuss this with Mika as well.”   “You go do that.” Eiri said pushing her towards the door.   “But, Shindo…”   “Won’t be returning here and if he does it won’t be till way late.”   “Oh.” Ayaka said and left to talk to Mika.   Eiri sighed happy she was gone. He knew he’d probably catch hell from her later after Mika tells her that Tohma already gave Shu his recording contract. But he’d worry about that later. For now he’d enjoy the peace and quite and try to get some work done.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Hiro decided to just skip classes today. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately. His professors and parents keep harping on him over it. But he couldn’t help it. He likes Doctor Solomon a lot and doesn’t care that he’s only had one year give or take of medical school. Though his parents led the doctor on to believe it’s more like two years. But the doctor didn’t seem to care. So Hiro had stopped trying to find ways to tell him. He knew if he continued to skip the next thing that will happen is he’ll find himself in the deans office along with his parents listening to them all give him a lecture about responsibility and how he’ll never make a great doctor if he doesn’t study. He never did this in high school and often scolded Shu when he did it. Maybe, maybe Ayaka was right. Could that be why he seems to have lost interest lately. He never really thought about what to be when he grew up as his parents would tell him time and time again that he was going to be a doctor. But that did change after he met Shu. Perhaps that’s the real reason his parents seemed to hate Shu so much. He decided to just head over to CD World. Maybe it’ll be a slow day and Shu can talk for a while.   He walked in and just as he hoped the place was dead. He walked over to the guy at the register who looked bored stiff.   “Um excuse me.”   “Welcome to CD World, How can I help you?” The boy stated in a dull rehearsed voice.   “I’m looking for someone.”   “Someone or something?”   “Someone he has pink hair and his name…”   Before Hiro could finish them guy sat up a little and yelled, “Hey Mike, I’m sending someone back there. Let him in will ya.”   “Why?”   “He’s here to see Shindo.”   “Fine send him back.”   Hiro found this odd but went where indicated. When he got to the break room he found Shu sleeping and was debating with himself on whether or not to wake him.