Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 49

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Kyo groaned but then he smiled when he heard Shuichi say, “I’m so happy you came!”   Kyo smiled and thought, ‘Yeah so am I that was wonderful.’ Then he frowned when he heard another unexpected voice.   “It’s not a problem Shindo. I’m glad you called. I can’t believe this happened.”   Kyo opened his eyes, ‘I was right. It was Akira I heard. So Shu called and told him about our wild time.” Kyo smiled brightly. ‘I’m so happy he doesn’t regret it.’ Though it did seem strange to him that Akira could get there so fast and that Shu didn’t appear to be any different than before he took him.   “I was really starting to worry there for a while he suddenly started moaning and groaning. I put a washrag that I wet from the water hose over there and wiped his face with it when he started to try to kiss me.”   Kyo frowned, ‘What? No that’s not the way it happened!’   “What did you do let him?” Akira asked.   “NO!” Shu started matter of factly. “Never! He did that once but it’s not like I wanted it even then. No I pushed the rag in his face and he collapsed with it.”   Before Akira could ask anymore questions he heard Eiri yell, “What the hells taking you so long brat?”   “Yeah, we thought you got lost at first but then you were gone for so long we were starting to get worried.” Hiro said.   Just then Kyo said, “Shut up, you can’t talk to MY boyfriend like that!”   Everyone stared at Kyo like he’d grown a second head. Eiri and Hiro moved closer to Shu. When Eiri asked, “What the hell is he talking about?”   “I-I don’t know, I swear!”   “Don’t lie to him Shuichi.” Kyo held out his hands begging Shu to take them. Thinking he wanted to stand up Shu walked over to him.   “You really shouldn’t try to get up Kyo. You’re hurt pretty badly.”   Kyo ignored him and yanked him down and said, “Tell him. Tell him what you said to me!”   “You mean when I saw you and you begged me not to leave you and I promised I wouldn’t. I didn’t lie to you Kyo. I stayed, I even called Caliban to come help.”   “No, I mean about the part where you held me in your arms and we kissed. Then you said you loved me!”   “EEEP!” Shu squeaked at that and fell backwards on his butt.   Kyo tried to reach out but Shu scrambled away and latched on to Eiri’s leg.   “Shuichi, what are doing? Don’t you remember? You said he was cruel and violet person because he did this to me! You told me I was the only one for you now and forever! Don’t you remember? You said you were wrong in not seeing how I felt for you!”   Shuichi trembled and buried his nose into Eiri’s pants before looking up crying and said, “It’s not true Eiri! None of it! I’d never betray you, honest!” Then he went back to burring his head and clutching to Eiri’s leg.   Eiri just sighed and ran his hand through the boy’s hair. “It’s all brat I believe you.”   Kyo groaned but did his best to sit up and said, “Shuichi, how could you throw away what we just had? Don’t you remember asking me to make love to you right here on the street? Don’t you remember you wanted me to have your virginity so that we would be forever linked? Don’t you remember what it felt like when I was thrusting into you?”   Shuichi violently shook his head clutching to Eiri’s leg even tighter. “You’re lying! I’d never say that.” Then still clutching Eiri’s leg he gave a defiant stare at Kyo and said, “When you tried to rape me in that apartment above the bar I told you then you were my friend nothing more, nothing less! I never wanted anything sexual, romantic or otherwise with you. I told you that I had Eiri now and that he was what I wanted. You asked me then if we’d had sex, no but we when I’m ready to be intimate with someone it will be Eiri and it will be in our new apartment! I don’t understand you Kyo. Why did you do this?”   “No I came inside you, that is something you can not deny!” Kyo said.   “Looks to me more like you came in your pants more than anything else.” Hiro said.   Kyo growled and tried to start to crawl to Shu but Hiro put his foot down hard on Kyo’s back making him lay flat.   At that Eiri picked Shu up and the boy clung to his waist about the time a car pulled up.   After the woman got out of the car Hiro moved to let Kyo up.   Kyo looked up shocked, “Mom, what are you doing here?”   “Akira called and told us that you were in trouble. Oh Kyo what did you do this time?”   “I only made love to Shuichi and for some reason he’s now denying it happened!”   “I hated to call you but he’s clearly lost it. I think he’s losing his mind.”   Taking a look around she realized the same thing everyone else did. Had he really made love to Shuichi as he claimed then why was there clear evidence that he’d come in his pants?   “I am sorry this happened to you. Had his father and I not believed Alva was a one time thing…” Mrs. Tsuki said.   Eiri frowned, “Alva?”   “Mmm? Oh I’m sorry I just assumed Kyo or Akira would have mentioned it.”   “Mentioned what?” Hiro asked as suspicious as Eiri at this point.   Akira took a deep breath and said, “About 2 years before we met Shindo there was a lead singer for the band his name was Travis. He and Kyo were friends, but it soon escalated into more. They dated and even lived together for a little over a year. Then one day Travis told me that they were breaking up. He never told me why though.”   “The dirty rotten bastard had started seeing someone at his day time job behind my back is why!” Kyo yelled out.   “Oh I knew that Alva had started coming into the bar and they did seem close but it wasn’t till about two weeks or so later that Travis had even told me that Alva was his new boyfriend.”   “That bastard didn’t deserve or ever really care anything about Travis other than his money!” Kyo said.   “Well I can’t say about that.” Akira said, “All I know is that about six weeks give or take after the break up Kyo went into a rage when Travis announced that Alva had been transferred to Aomori and that he planned to go with him. The next day Travis comes in and he and Kyo had a knock down drag out in the back room because someone beat the hell out of Alva and he ended up in the hospital in critical condition.”   Mrs. Tsuki then piped in with, “Yes, Kyo was arrested for it, but since Travis was the only one to have allegedly seen Kyo do it and he disappeared soon afterwards well all charges were dropped as they had no way to prove he did it.”   “Yeah, I was suspected of doing something to Travis but since his body’s never been found it’s not likely I’ll ever be charged.” Kyo said.   This caused horrified looks to appear on everyone but Kyo’s mother’s face.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   A/N: Aomori, is near the north coast of Japan.