Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 61

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Shuichi bounded into his first day of work totally excited and full of energy despite running all the way there to keep from being late, even then had to stop at the front desk for directions on where to go. He was so happy Hiro was there. He’d been dieing to tell him about his date but hadn’t had the chance to.   Hiro was finishing tuning his guitar when Shu suddenly hugged him from behind. He was startled but when he saw Shu he patted him on the head, “Morning Shu, how was your weekend? I called to wish you a happy birthday but I couldn’t get a hold of you.”   “Oh, sorry Hiro I would have called you back but I’ve been to tired by the time we get home.”   “We?”   At that Shu grinned so wide Hiro felt his face would crack. “Uh huh, Eiri took me to Disneyland for my birthday. Look I even got a print club picture!”   Hiro looked at it, “That’s great Shu. Did you guys spend all weekend there?”   “No, Sunday we went to go see that new movie Raider of the Dell. It was so totally cool! Then he took me to the mall for some shopping and to a fancy restaurant then we went for a walk in the park and then we went home and watched a movie on TV and cuddled and then when it was time for bed…”   “I think I get the picture you don’t to tell me what you guys did in the bedroom.”   “No, you don’t understand Hiro. Eiri hasn’t done anything to me!”   Hiro blinked, “Nothing as in nothing at all?”   Shu nodded smiling, “Uh huh, he said he wants to wait till I’m totally ready to go all the way! It’s so romantic I think he really loves me!”   Okay that didn’t exactly sound right to Hiro. He’d heard a lot of stories about Eiri Yuki and all of them said he had a healthy appetite for sex. Was he cheating on Shu? There was that strong possibility. However he couldn’t tell Shu that. After the hell he went through with Kyo and his being absent during that time and not able to prevent Shu from getting hurt still gnawed at him. But what is it that Yuki wants out of Shu kept racing through his mind. If he wasn’t cheating on Shu, then what was his angle? Shu didn’t have two pennies to rub together, so it wasn’t money and he said they hadn’t done anything so it wasn’t sex. Hiro found it really hard to believe it could be love as they hadn’t known each other long. It was possible at least as far as Shu was concerned but something still didn’t set right with Hiro. He was determined to find out and not allow Shu to be hurt anymore.   “Why don’t you come by my place after work and I’ll give you you’re birthday present.”   Shu smiled at him, “Okay great!”   Hiro was about to question Shu more on Yuki when the door to their studio opened and Seguchi walked in with two other people.   “I’m glad to see everyone’s here and on time.”   Shu bowed, “Good Morning Seguchi, sir.”   Tohma smiled, “Good Morning to you too Shindo, Nakano.”   “Good Morning.” Hiro said back.   “Now down to business, I’d like you all to meet SanjoSakano, he will be your producer.”   The timid man stepped forward and bowed a little saying, “It’s nice to me you all.”   Shu and Hiro nodded back.   Tohma then turned to his left and said, “This is Suguru Fujisaki he will be your keyboardist.”   “What? No way! We don’t need a new member! I’m perfectly capable of playing the keyboards for Bad Luck!”   “Shindo, I think…” Tohma started when Hiro held up his hand to stall his objection.   Hiro took off his guitar and walked over to Shu and put his arm around his neck, “Shu, you have always said you want to be just like Nittle Grasper, right?”   “Yea, but…”   “But what? Do you really think that after playing in that other band and not having to play keyboard you can really just go back to playing them and not being able to move about?”   “I can do it!”   “But you don’t have to. Come on Shu that band didn’t have to take you on at least give him a chance.”   “They wanted a singer and couldn’t find anyone else so they didn’t have a choice.”   Hiro shook his head, “Come on Shu, it will get us one step closer to our goal.”   “Well yeah…”   Hiro then whispered, “Look Shu, if all else fails and he doesn’t work out will go to Seguchi and complain. Just give it a chance.”   “But Hiro! He looks like he’s a lot younger than us!” Shu said a little louder.   Fujisaki stepped forward and said, “I am only 16 but I am also a considered a musical genius.”   “Humble much?” Shu muttered.   “Wait if you’re only 16 then what about school?” Hiro asked.   “I have tutors and cram school, I can do it by computer as well as in person. But it won’t affect my ability to perform.”   Shu and Hiro were both impressed.   “Well now that that’s settled, I shall leave you all to get acquainted and begin for the day.” Tohma said leaving.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   A/N: I personally think print club is an odd name for a picture but I went back to vol. 7 and looked it up and that's what it says. And yes Raider of the Dell first is fictional and second was because of the new Indiana Jones movie coming out! I hope its good and I get to go see it!   -v-v-v-   It's always seemed strange that Sakano doesn't have a first name. So I gave him one as it seems weird to do an introduction and not give a first name. When I looked up a first name for him I got Shouta Sanjo. Again I went to / japanesenamegenerator But this time instead of random names to find the answer this time I simply typed in Sakano and that was the first answer so I went with it. It's a quick way to get a name when you need one.   -v-v-v-   In the manga Noriko was their keyboardist before Nittle Grasper reformed, but I'm going for the anime a little on this and not have her involved at all.   -v-v-v-   Um, anyone have a clue as to what Hiro would get Shuichi for his birthday? Ideas Please?!!