Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 65

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
As they pull up to the temple Eiri spotted an unfamiliar car. As his father doesn’t own a car he figured it must be Tohma and Mika. If not for his promise to Shu and his determination to make certain that his father no longer holds anything that could possibly force this worlds Eiri once again into marriage he’d turn the car around and go back to Tokyo. He looked around as he parked and noted that there weren’t any other cars around. Well it was almost 7 o’clock at night so most likely there wouldn’t be any late temple visitors and hopefully his father was already in bed preparing for any early visitors to the temple. But he wasn’t holding out any hope, what with Tohma and Mika here. He was glad Tohma let the boy off work early or it’d have been closer to 9 before they got here. He shook Shu awake.   Shu sat up and yawned, “Are we here already?”   “Yes.”   Shu looked around and frowned, he was expecting them to show up at a house not a temple. “Um, why are we at a temple, Eiri? Gee I can’t even remember the last time I went to a shrine or a temple.”   “Why do you think we’re here brat?”   “So you’re father lives here? Is he a priest or something?”   “Or something.” ‘I’m guessing that Eiri doesn’t get along with his father. But if he’s not a priest why does he live at a temple?’ Shu wondered since it seemed that Eiri wasn’t going to tell him anything   Eiri so wanted to tell the boy that if asked to lie about how far their relationship had progressed as he had a feeling that that would make a difference but since he knew the boy’s ability to lie effectively wasn’t all the hot he chose to hope the subject didn’t come up. After handing Shu his bag and grabbing his own he shut the trunk and they made their way to the door where Eiri knocked.   Mika answered, a bit of a surprise. He knew she was there but didn’t think she’d be the one to answer the door. But Eiri didn’t bother to question it. Shuichi was surprised as well but much to Eiri’s relief he didn’t question it either.   “Come in Eiri we were expecting you.”   “Ch.” ‘Yeah I bet you were.’ He set his bag down by the door having a feeling this wouldn’t last long. He instructed Shu to do the same. They walked into the living room area where his father and Tohma stood.   Shu wasn’t sure why he thought Eiri’s father would like him or even accept him. But now being here face to face and seeing the angry look he knew now that acceptance wasn’t going to happen. Obviously he too feels that Eiri should have stayed married despite the fact that Eiri and Ayaka didn’t love each other. Well he knew Eiri didn’t and could only go by what Hiro told him about Ayaka as he didn’t know her well enough to judge.   “Father, seeing as how Tohma and Mika are already here I’m sure that introductions are a waste of time but I would like to formally introduce you to Shuichi Shindo, my lover.”   Shu blushed and bowed saying, “It’s nice to meet you sir. I’m happy to get this chance to meet you. Eiri never told me you were a Buddhist Monk.”   Eiri’s father simply ignored Shuichi altogether and looked at Eiri, “So Mika and Tohma were right. You threw away a perfectly good marriage that had been arranged for you from the time you were born and you go and throw it all away for a boy!”   “I never asked nor wanted to be married to Ayaka or anyone else for that matter. I agreed to go through with it because you were going to force me to take over the temple! Now I have prevented you from doing that.”   “Eiri don’t yell at father like that. You know very well that arranged marriages is the way this family has done things for generations!”   “Then maybe it’s time to change all that! Do you honestly see Tatsuha agreeing to marry some girl? He already knows that the temple will eventually go to me or him and he knows damn well it won’t be me! So there’s nothing to force him to agree to it. Tradition or not.”   “Tatsuha will do what is needed for the success of the temple.” Eiri’s father said.   Neither Mika nor Tohma spoke up as they, as much as they hated to admit it, agreed with Eiri on Tatsuha.   “Come with me, Eiri.”   Shu didn’t like the thought of being left alone with Tohma and Mika. “Eiri?”   “Stay here. If Tohma and Mika know what’s good for them they won’t hurt you.”   Shu still didn’t like it but nodded his head in agreement.   “Eiri why would we want to hurt Shindo?” Tohma asked in an oh so I’m innocent voice.   “Why don’t you tell me?” Eiri asked Tohma. Then turned to Shu and said, “Don’t worry, just stay here you’ll be fine.” With that said and one glance Mika’s way before following his father.   His father led him to the family shrine and opened it. “This is your legacy Eiri. You are dishonoring not only me but all of them as well with this behavior. You have simply strayed from your true path in life Eiri. Do not continue to dishonor us all by continuing to claim you care for this boy more than you did your wife.”   Eiri knew his father was expecting him to just bow down and say something to the affect of ‘Of yes, of course father. You are so right. Please forgive me. I’ll go running back and grovel at the feet of my now ex-wife and beg her to take me back.’ Of course what he actually said was, “Too bad. This is the way it is. I have no intention of going back to Ayaka. I have chosen my life.”   His father glared at him and said follow me, Eiri wondered what he was up to and followed him into yet another room, there Eiri saw a pretty girl.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   A/N: I don’t know if Eiri’s father drives or not. It never said one way or the other in anything I’ve read Anime or any type of manga or Fan Fictions that ever said one way or the other. So I’m just assumed he didn’t.   Eiri’s arranged marriage to Ayaka I don’t remember ever seeing anything about how long their engagement was but I’ve heard that most arranged marriages are usually either from birth or an early age. So I went with from birth. If you know for sure let me know.