Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 66

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Eiri glared at the girl oh he gets it now. Since his father heard that he dropped Ayaka he, Tohma and Mika are all now under the strange impression that well perhaps if we throw another pretty girl at Eiri he’ll come to his senses. Eiri could sense his father’s wanting to hear him say ‘Oh how beautiful you are! Let’s get married!’ Ch, like that’s going to happen.   “Eiri meet Mikuru Usami.”   Eiri raised an eyebrow, Did this dimension go to the trouble of adding a new person to the mix? “I wasn’t aware Ayaka had any siblings?” Yes, that question could get him into trouble since he was supposedly married to her for years.   Mikuru blushed, “Um no, I’m her cousin. It’s an honor to meet you Mr. Yuki. When your father invited me here to met his son Eiri, well me and my family were shocked especially so soon after his divorce from Ayaka. But I never expected or knew that you were the Eiri Yuki. I’m a big fan of yours! I’ve read all your books and seen every interview and read every article no matter how small on you. I must admit you seem a lot different from the way you’re father talks about you.”   ‘I’ll bet. Well two can play at this game, father. You invited her and now I shall get rid of her. If she’s that big a fan then it shouldn’t take much.’ Eiri thought as he started towards a desk in the room. Eiri smirked to himself thinking ‘She’s probably not much different from some of those empty headed girls that come to my book signings. I sometimes wish they were all empty-headed. The ones I hate most are the ones that show up and want to sit and talk and analyze my writing.’   As Eiri hadn’t said much she feared she’d upset him, “Uh, I’m sorry Mr. Yuki. I tend to babble when I’m nervous! I didn’t mean to offend you or imply anything about your marriage to her. We we’re all shocked by the news and I was sorry to hear about your breakup.”   ‘Ch, but not guilty enough that you’re not willing to jump to take her place though, right?’ Eiri thought as he found a piece of paper and a pen and wrote in big lettering, ‘To Mikuru, Eiri Yuki.’ He then took the paper and handed it to her. Seeing the paper her eyes got big and if Eiri hadn’t reached out to hold her up she’d have probably collapsed. “It’s still fairly early, I bet if you leave right now you can get a hold of some of your friends and show them your new autograph.”   She snapped back and faltered a bit, “But I…”   “I’m not interested in jumping into another marriage at this time. I don’t care what my father may have told you.” Eiri wanted to say he wouldn’t get married again period but then not knowing what lies his father may have told the poor girl he didn’t want to risk saying something that might make her think he was rejecting her personally. He had nothing against the girl it was simply Shuichi was the only one for him and he didn’t feel that was going to change anytime soon.   “I-I guess, I should have known that. I’ve never known anyone to break up after an arranged marriage only to jump immediately into another. I hope someday you find the one for you.” She said bowing turning to leave.   ‘I already have.’ Eiri thought, but allowed he only said. “Thank you.”   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Mika other than glare at Shu didn’t say or do anything. Tohma on the other hand made occasional small talk mostly about music. Then Eiri’s father walks out looking smug.   Mika glanced at him, “How did it go?”   “It went fine. Just as I suspected. He was like a moth to a flame and took to her right away. He asked that I leave them alone for some privacy.”   “What did you do?” Shu demanded.   Finally acknowledging Shu’s existence he said, “It’s quite simple really. I introduced him to a very beautiful woman and he took to her just like I thought he would.”   “Which confirms my belief that you were nothing more than a boy toy. You never meant anything to Eiri.” Mika said.   Her father nodded, “Yes, I believe you manipulated my boy. You knew he had money and you were willing to play him for a fool to get it.”   Shu was shocked, “I manipulated him! I was minding my own business when the wind blew away my lyrics and Eiri found them and before I could stop him he let the wind take off with them! We talked a bit but soon he kissed me! I’d never even had a girlfriend and here he was kissing me! He loves me I know he does! I’ll prove it!”   Tohma stepped in front to prevent him from leaving, “Now Shindo are you wanting us to believe that you didn’t know who Eiri was when you met?”   Shu rolled his eyes, “I haven’t read any of his books before. My mother and sister were always majorly obsessed with him. But I never bothered to take a good look at his picture.” Shu so wanted to tell about the strange difference between the picture and the real thing but caught his tongue before he said anything.   “Tell me Shindo, I’ve heard rumors that you and Eiri haven’t slept together yet. Is that true?”   “What? So I was right you are just using my brother for his money!”   “I am not! I love Eiri! And whether we have or have not done anything is none of your business!”   “Face it boy, you only wanted Eiri for his money and now he’s wised up and is talking with his future wife now.”   “You know nothing about Eiri! You want to continue to force him into loveless marriages for your sake not his! You’re probably even jealous that he has someone to love and you don’t!”   With that Eiri’s father slapped him across the face. “I am doing what I need to do to ensure my son’s happiness and secure a future for him and my future grandchildren. Once he’s remarried I will find a way to make him see the errors of his way and they will settle down here in this temple raise their children and Eiri will fulfill his obligation to his family.”   “Never!” Shuichi hissed, “You’ll never again force Eiri to do something against his will!”   “I assure you I will and I won’t let you interfere with my plans! You truly think you mean something to Eiri? You’re wrong. Why did he agree to my request to come down here and visit? Why did he follow me knowing I had someone he wanted him to meet?”   Shu was so stunned that he ran out crying. He had to think!