Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 68

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Eiri walked up and stood and stared at the house his vision going blank then he walked up and threw the door open and walked straight to his father and punched his nose and then in the stomach before Tohma and Mika pulled him off. His father looked up at him and Eiri frowned when the voice was that of Shuichi’s not his father.   “Eiri, Eiri are you okay?”   Eiri shook his head and looked around before cursing under his breath. It was all a daydream. He thought it was a little strange that he’d do that. Not that he didn’t want to at the moment but still. “I’m fine, let’s go.” He grabbed the boy’s hand to keep him from running.   Shu was thrilled, ‘He’s holding my hand!’   Eiri slapped the door to the temple open and everyone looked even more disapproving as Eiri was still holding Shu’s hand. Shu sensed this but as he tried to pull his hand away Eiri tightened his grip.   “So, Eiri have you come to apologize to father?” Mika demanded to know not liking the fact that Eiri was still holding hands with Shu.   Eiri raised an eyebrow, “Excuse me? What do I need to apologize for?”   “You claimed father didn’t love you and disrespected him and his authority!”   “I have nothing to apologize for however if you insist on an apology then I will be happy to give it, just as soon as he apologizes to Shuichi for striking him.”   “That kid deserves everything he got! He disrespected me and yelled at me claiming that I don’t know my own son.”   “Ah, I’m s-” Shu started when Eiri put a hand over his mouth.   “Do not apologize for stating the truth. Well Mika I believe father just answered your question. When father’s ready to apologize to Shu I shall apologize to him until then…” Eiri turned Shu around and gave him a mind blowing kiss. You could hear their shocked gasps echo throughout the temple. “We shall take our leave.” Eiri said after breaking the kiss and having to keep Shu held up. He glided the boy over and grabbed Shuichi’s bag and handed it to him and then grabbed his own.   “Eiri it’s awful late where are you going to go?” Tohma asked.   Eiri knew that even if he didn’t tell them that Tohma would find out one way or the other. “We are going to a hotel.” He pushed Shu out the door and then slammed the door shut behind them.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Due to the late hour they were lucky to find a hotel with vacancies. At Shuichi’s request Eiri showed the boy around the temple while his father was covered up with temple visitors and couldn’t interfere. He was surprised not to find Tohma and Mika there. But a look at all the rooms confirmed that they were still there just out for the day, for which Eiri was thankful. After spending almost all of golden week in Kyoto Eiri decided that they should spend the final few days back in Tokyo.   “Eiri can we stop by the beach first?”   Eiri thought it an odd request but didn’t argue and parked in a fairly secluded part of the beach. Once out there Eiri lit up and watch Shu go playing in the water before returning to him.   “Eiri?”   “Mmm?”   “I&# 8230;I love you but I don’t want to be the reason that you and your family are at odds.”   “Don’t fret it kid. If not you they’d find another excuse. And to head off anything else you may have gotten into that empty head of yours I was planning my divorce from Ayaka before we were even married and got the paper work ready a week after we were. But till I could prevent my father from shoving the temple at me I had no choice but to stay married to her. I happened to get that solution shortly before we met. They will never be happy till I am either back together with Ayaka or in another miserable marriage.”   Then he turned away and asked, “So did you finish your book?”   Eiri thought it strange that the kid cared but said, “It was a mini-book I wanted to do. And I was able to finish it and turn it in before we came here.” Eiri had been right about the fact that Mizuki went ape over it and couldn’t believe the difference in writing. Well considering this worlds version was too good to write the stories himself it wasn’t that big of a shock.   “Good, so um…how much longer are you going to stay?”   Eiri frowned, “What are talking about? I have no plans to go anywhere.”   At that Shu turned around and Eiri was surprised to see tears in his eyes. “I talked to a few people on line and pretended that our life was really just a story and asked them about a few things that I found odd.”   “Odd?”   “Yeah, first the picture on your lighter.” Shu took it out of his pocket and took his own print club pictures out of his pocket and put their picture on the opposite side of the one there. “Then my mom and sister showed me a picture of you on the back of one of your books and well it did and didn’t look like you. It’s hard to explain really, Hiro said that you looked like you were a lot older and well yeah there was that but there was something more. With the computer you gave me for my birthday I went online while you were working and I made some friends. I couldn’t tell them it was my real life they’d have laughed and never believed me, so I pretended this was just one big story and asked how could I explain these odd things. They agreed that it would be more believable if this was all one big alternate world. I thought it funny at first but the more I talked with them the more I realized that what they were saying made perfect sense. I tried to continue to deny it but…” Shu looked at the picture on Eiri’s lighter, “I know its true. So when are you going back?”   “Shu…”   “When?” &nb sp; “I don’t know.” Eiri finally confessed. “I didn’t exactly ask to come here, so I have no way of knowing when or how to return.”   “I see. Do you regret coming here?” Shu asked putting Eiri’s lighter back into his pocket.   “No.” Eiri said without hesitation. “I corrected as many things that were wrong here as possible.”   “Do…do you think that this worlds you will like me?”   Eiri put his cigarette out and cupped Shu’s face, “No matter what he or anyone tries to tell you we belong together. If he doesn’t remember or says he doesn’t want to be with you then you fight back! You make him change his mind. Remember I’m stubborn, so it may take a bit of convincing.”   At that Shu smiled brightly, “Right! I promise I’ll fight hard I won’t let you get away!”   “Good. One more thing, never trust anyone you don’t know well. I mean like a rival band tries to make friends you go with them when you’re with Hiro. Before you get it into your head that I mean everyone I don’t mean Nittle Grasper, though you already know to be weary of Tohma.”   At that Shu nodded. “Did…did something happen to me with a rival band in your world?”   Eiri wasn’t about to answer that instead he said, “Remember how well you trusted Kyo and how he turned on you?” That knocked Shu’s question right out of his head. “You end up trusting another band like you did with Kyo and the results may turn out differently. They’re your rivals for a reason. Some will do any kind of backstabbing they can to make it to the top and keep you down. You can’t let them! Even if they try to be your friends or we get into a fight or whatever and your depressed go to Hiro or your parents or Caliban anyone but new people trying to be your friends.”   That shocked Shu enough that he knew he’d have to be careful. The last thing he wanted was for another incident like Kyo or worse to happen. “I promise Eiri. I’ll be very careful. I’ll make it to the top and make you proud of me!”   “Good, don’t make me come back here and beat you senseless.”   At that Shu laughed, “Okay I won’t! I promise!” He then grabbed Eiri’s arm and started to drag his towards the car.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   As they hit the highway it was bumper to bumper traffic.   “Wow! It looks like everyone’s decided to head home early. How long do you think this will last Eiri?”   “In this traffic most likely midnight or later before we even make it out of the city.”   “That long! Isn’t there any other way?”   “There is another way besides the highway but most people tend to avoid Mt. Shigenoi as it has such a long winding road. But I guess between wasting gas and listening to people behind us bitch about the slow movement it might be better to take it.” The real reason people avoid the road in the mountain was that it was a little bit wider than two roads but not by much. He was one of those people that avoided going up or down the mountain as it was a bit dangerous with blind curves and all but most people were smart enough to not drive too fast.   “Oh I’ve heard of that. I’ve also heard its dangerous. Are you sure we should do it? How long will it take to get there?”   “With this traffic, by the time we find the exit and get there it will be close to dark. It’ll take a little longer to get back to Tokyo using that route. It’s only dangerous when idiots think it’s cool to try to drag race on it and get hurt or killed. If your smart and don’t just drive like a speed demon then your fine. Considering this traffic we’ll probably make it back to Tokyo before half the people who are behind us will.”   At that Shu giggled, “They’d all be jealous if they knew.”   “Hmn.” Was all Eiri said as Shu started up his music on the CD player and started singing. Eiri allowed it for now.   After about two hours of listening to Shu’s music Eiri put on his classical music and by the time Mt. Shigenoi came into view Shu was asleep and there was almost no traffic as few people want to travel this road.   Eiri was enjoying this peace and after seeing the heartbreak in Shu’s eyes learning the truth he almost backed down and said he’d stay here with him. He was confused should he stay or should he return. In one aspect it’d be nice to try to start again, in another he didn’t like being compared to the lazy ass that lived in this world. He was still mulling over the details when he took a glance over at Shu who looked so sweet and innocent like a child sleeping there when he suddenly heard the sound of a truck horn and turned in time to see the blinding headlights of the truck right in front of him with no time or room to swerve out of the way!   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-zz-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z- z-z-z-zz-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   A/N: Reminder: Golden Week is a national holiday in Japan. From the end of April till around May 5th. Since there are a lot of holidays during this time. Many places close for the duration.   Aren’t you lucky! I had so much I wanted for this chapter as I thought I’d get some of it in last chapter that I went ahead and made this longer to get my ending! I’m so happy my ending turned out like I wanted it! The scene with Eiri’s father turned out different from what I thought but that’s what came out when I wrote it and I think it turned out okay.   Note I don’t really know any real or non real routes within Japan or otherwise really. So My mountain alternate route is totally my own! I think there was one like this when I went through Arkansas (I live in Texas) years ago to get to a grave site (long story I won’t bother you with) but that was over 10 years ago so it’s more like a blur than a real memory.   Thank you very much to Hikage101 for helping me with my word. I just could not seem to get the correct word and as you know or should know I don’t have an editor. Any one willing to volunteer is welcome to! (‘a long windy road’ I want the word to be like ‘I like to wind the top. But it still looks like ‘The wind blows’)   I wanted the mountain to have a name but felt wrong about finding a real mountain not knowing anything about it so again I went to the name generator and after looking up a few names for mountain finally got one that was weird but okay. blogthingsDOTcom/japanesenamegenerator/