Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 70

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Mika was fuming when she saw Shuichi all curled up next to Eiri. “What the hells going on here?!”   Both Shu and Eiri were startled awake. Eiri glared at her and snapped, “What the hell do you think you’re doing Mika? Do you often barge in to peoples room and scream at them?”   “I had guards posted specifically to keep that kid out of here! He’s responsible for what happened to you!”   “Really, so was he the one driving the car that hit me?”   Mika faltered a bit and said, “Um no, it turned out to be a drunk driver.”   “Did Shuichi push me in front of said vehicle?”   “Well…as far as anyone could tell you were alone. But…”   “But what? Shuichi told me that you felt it was his fault that I was out so late. I got news for you Mika. I’m a big boy, if I want to go to get a beer, cigarettes or hell even if I want to go and for a walk or walk to a local bar at midnight I shall do so! I do not need your permission to go out at any time day or night. Shuichi did offer to go to get the beer for me or go with me but I wanted the exercise and didn’t feel up to leading a parade just for beer and cigarettes, so I went by myself. Another thing Mika if I wish to go anywhere, anytime day or night with or without Shuichi I will do so!”   Shu pulled away and looked up with stars in his eyes, “Yuki.”   Eiri pulled the boy back down to keep his chest from getting cold. It felt nice to have his little lover so close.   Shu thought it strange. Eiri was being so nice and wanting to cuddle. He rarely ever wanted to just sit and cuddle. But to do it in front of someone else especially Mika never! Of course despite the confusion and the strangeness of it all he cuddled in closer and wrapped his arm back around Eiri’s waist. He wasn’t about to question it knowing it would only upset Eiri.   “Eiri I am simply doing what I feel is for the best…” Mika tried to explain.   “I appreciate the concern Mika, but I plan to leave this hospital later and Shuichi and I will be going home together. I’m not a child that needs care anymore.”   “I understand that Eiri but…”   “No, you don’t. Now make yourself useful and call Tohma and let him know that Shu will be coming into work late.”   Shuichi and Mika both looked shocked at his use of Shuichi’s nickname. So much so it shocked Mika into leaving without anymore of a fuss.   “Are you feeling alright Yuki?”   “Fine, why?”   Afraid that if he voiced the strange way Eiri was acting he’d turn cold again and throw him in the floor and make him go to work he said, “You just seem a bit grumpy.”   “Mmm, that’s what happens when my sleep get interrupted.”   “You sure it’ll be okay to leave the hospital?”   “I don’t care what these quacks have to say I’m not staying!”   “Do I have to go to work later?”   “Yes, I don’t want you up under me smothering me all day.”   After that they settled in to sleep a little longer.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   After arguing with the doctor for a half hour that he didn’t care how long he’d been in a coma or any of his nonsense about how his brain waves were funky, he was going home! He didn’t argue yesterday over staying the night because he wasn’t feeling all that hot and he knew Tohma and Mika would only protest. Well despite even Shuichi trying to convince him to stay for a bit longer and let the doctors check him out, he refused.   Once they got home Shu fused over him before Eiri swatted him away and sent the boy to work. Albeit reluctantly Shuichi finally left. Eiri tried to watch TV before getting bored and irritated that he was out of cigarettes. He decided that maybe if he could get lost in his writing he could take his mind off of being bored. He decided to write about his experience in the alternate world. After writing for a while he went to go get a beer. But as he opened the refrigerator door he cursed as he suddenly remembered that he was out of beer and that the accident happened before he got any.   He gathered up his wallet and his keys and as he started to head out he hesitated for a moment remembering what happened the last time he left the house. He shook his head he wasn’t about to let an accident and then some demented dream universe force him to be afraid to leave the house. He defiantly opened the door and walked out.   He stopped at the corner store and got his beer and cigarettes. Once he left he stopped outside the shop set his beer down and lit up. As he was standing there enjoying his smoke he unconsciously started to rub his lighter. As he did he felt something strange. Finally curiosity getting the better of him he looked at his lighter and was shocked to see not one picture on his lighter, but two! Eiri dropped his cigarette, ‘How-how  is this possible?’ Eiri wondered. ‘If that other world was just a demented dream produced by my coma then how did this get here?’ That only made his heart ache, not knowing the fate of the other Shuichi after the accident didn’t bother him so much when he believed it to all be just one big dream. But now thinking that somehow it might have been real only made him more concerned and there wasn’t anything he could do but hope and pray he was alright. Then he made up his mind he’d give it a happy ending. He grabbed his beer and headed home and got straight to work on his story. He detested happy endings and so none of his books ever had them. But since he wasn’t sure he’d ever know what happened to the other Shuichi he’d make his own ending. Considering how outrageous it sounds to go to another world and live that life even if he put his and Shuichi’s names down, which he’s not, no one would believe it true anyway.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Shuichi came home later than usual as K made them stay behind and work more, since Yuki’s being in a coma put Shuichi into a slump, which in turned meant the band got little done during that time.   “Yuki, I’m home!” Then he smelled something really good and went to the kitchen to find Eiri cooking spaghetti. Which he didn’t cook often. Shu had never really had much in the way of western food till he met Eiri. But spaghetti was defiantly one of his favorites, especially the way Eiri made it. He walked over and hugged him from behind, “Mmm, that smells so good, Yuki.”   Eiri wasn’t sure which he preferred, being called Eiri or Yuki. He became so adjusted to Shu’s calls him Yuki that it took time to adjust to the other Shu calling him Eiri. Now back with his Shu again and being called Yuki again he was torn as to which he preferred. “Make yourself useful, brat. Get the plates down and set the table while I fill the plates.”   “Okay!” Shu did as he was told and they soon sat down to eat. “So Yuki, what made you decide to cook spaghetti?”   “Do I need a reason?”   Shu shrugged, “No I guess not.”   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   After dinner Shu was shocked when Eiri sat on the couch and didn’t say anything when he cuddled close. Of course he wasn’t surprised that it soon led to a made out session then sex on the couch then Eiri dragged him into the bedroom for another round.   They lay there spent before Eiri got up and Shu knew it was time to change the sheets and get cleaned up for bed. However Eiri had learned a lot from being in that other world. Before Shu could get out Eiri grabbed his arm and dragged him out of bed.   “Yuki, is something wrong? I was going to change sheets and…”   Shu was shocked when he could see the lust still shinning in Eiri’s eyes. Something he hadn’t seen in well… he wasn’t real sure how long.   “I was thinking we could shower together and maybe even have a reason or two to get cleaned up all over again.”   Shu blushed, “Yuki.”   “How about you try calling me Eiri once in a while?”   Shu looked up shocked, “Yuki? Do you mean it?”   “When do I say things like that I don’t mean?”   Shuichi was thrilled and kissed Eiri soundly. “I love you, Eiri.”   For once Eiri found he like the sound of his first name coming from the boy. He knew that the kid could never instantly go from calling him Yuki to Eiri, which was why he’d said once in a while. He knew if he insisted that the kid only call him Eiri that he’d have to listen to him constantly correcting himself. Which in turn would only drive him up the wall. Eiri then led them to the bathroom where they had even more fun. After the shower Shu started towards the closet to get his bedding.   “What are doing brat?”   “Um, just getting my bedding for the couch.”   “Just get the change of sheets for the bed.”   “Uh, but…”   Eiri walked over and tilted the kids head towards him, “Unless you don’t want to sleep with me.”   “No, no! I’m…it’s just you don’t normally…”   Eiri put his finger to the boy’s lips to silence him. “Are you going to continue to question me or come to bed?”   Shu blushed and nodded. He reached in and grabbed the sheets for the bed and after changing the sheets was surprised when Eiri told him to get in. Eiri laid down on his stomach and was soon asleep. Shu was too nervous to sleep at first as he couldn’t remember the last time Eiri had told him to stay. Soon he started to get sleepy and curled up onto Eiri’s back and was sound to sleep.   That night Eiri had a dream, “Eiri, Eiri.”   Eiri looked around for the voice, “Shuichi?”   “Yeah, I heard you calling for me.”   “Calling?”   “I wanted to tell you I’m fine. The accident wasn’t that bad.” Eiri was stunned and was shaken from it when Shuichi touched his face. “I’m going to miss you, but I know I can make my world’s version of you love me. I’m never going to give up.” At that Shuichi kissed him, “Goodbye Eiri.”   Eiri shot up and turned around looking around the room he heart racing. Shu had been asleep on Eiri’s back sat up rubbing his eyes, “Nnn, what’s wrong Yuki?”   Eiri realized that whatever that world was it was finally letting him go and letting him know this is the reality he belongs in. Eiri pulled Shuichi close. “It was nothing brat, just go back to sleep.”   Shu just nodded his head against Eiri’s chest. Eiri laid back down, he still wasn’t sure if that world was real. But he shook his head ‘No!’ He told him self firmly, ‘It was all a demented dream brought on by that coma. That damn quack of a doctor did say something about my brain waves being funky or something didn’t he? That had to be the explanation for what just happened. I was still thinking about that other Shuichi’s fate and so my mind concurred up that world and that Shuichi again to set my mind to rest. Yes, that’s go to be it!’ Of course as much as he kept telling himself this and wanting to believe it, there was still nothing he could do to explain away the picture the other Shuichi placed on his lighter. But that was a mystery that would remain unsolved.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   A/N: The End? Well kinda. It is and isn’t the end. It’s the end of this story for now. See the next chapter for a teaser.