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Silent Night

By: Robin Terrae

Chapter 1: Baby Come Back

Shindou Shuichi sighed warily as he entered the apartment. Ever since Bad Luck had announced their plans for a local tour around Japan, the group had been doing almost non-stop rehearsals. But it wasn't just that that made him tired. He hadn't been able to sleep since the last concert, and the few hours that he slept were full of images of Yuki actually using the gun that he had been holding in that run down apartment for it's intended purpose. Instead, he had stayed up all night, staring at the ceiling of the living room. He hadn't dared to touch anything of Yuki's since the blond had left for New York City. Shuichi wanted everything the same in case his lover ever decided to return home. Although he told the others that he had given up on Yuki Eiri, his heart wouldn't let him.

The young man dropped his exhausted body onto the couch, curling on his side. He was tired. Tired of lying to his friends, tired of lying to himself. He loved Yuki, he had even admitted it to the older man, but it seemed to accomplish nothing. He was still here in Tokyo, alone, and Yuki was... Yuki was somewhere in the world.

Shuichi debated on getting up and going into the bedroom to sleep in the bed, but decided against it. The room was Yuki's and he didn't dare go in there unless invited. Some part of his mind whispered that this was pathetic, that Yuki wasn't around anymore, and he could do what he wished. But Shuichi squashed that thought. Yuki had to come back.

He *had* too.


Yuki Eiri paused outside the apartment building. Part of him wondered if this was wise, coming back to the pink-haired young man that had caused him so much pain... and so much joy, even if he didn't want to admit it. His fist closed around the key in his hand. Although Shuichi wasn't the most eloquent speakers that Yuki had come across, the little vocalist knew how to get his point across when he wanted to.

A few minutes later, Yuki stood outside the door. Stealing his resolve, he pushed to door open, entering into the dark apartment. Removing his shoes, he entered into the living room, stopping short when he saw Shuichi sleeping on the couch, curled up in a fetal position, pillow clutched tightly in his small hands.

"Baka." Yuki whispered, tone laced slightly with affection. He padded over to his young lover, staring down at the pink head. Yuki couldn't be sure, but to him Shuichi's face looked paler than usual, and dark circles were under his eyes. Yuki grimaced, realizing that once again he had caused this beautiful young man pain. Reaching out, he ran a hand through Shuichi's hair; letting his senses reorient themselves with Shuichi.

Shuichi groaned, and Yuki sat back abruptly, watching his lover. For a moment, he thought that Shuichi was about to wake up, but he remained asleep, his head turning sideways, his brow furrowing. Yuki could pick up mumblings under his breath, and leaned down to hear the words.

"no... don't.. please, Yuki..." the words became more jumbled as he listened. For a moment, the blond was tempted to once again reach out to lay a hand on Shuichi's head and run it through the pink curls, but he stopped a centimeter away from S huichi's head, staring down at his hand in disbelief. What the hell was he doing? He never would've done that before.

"You're going back to him, aren't you?"

"Jealously doesn't suit you, Tohma."


Yuki sat back on his heels, staring down at the sleeping Shuichi in silent contemplation. What right did he have to come back here? He had left Shuichi alone, had fled the light in order to return to the darkness.

Of course, he should've realized that a light like his doesn't let go to easily.

"... but why? You'll only end up getting hurt again."

"Do you really think so little of Shuichi, Tohma? Go home."


"Go home to Mika."

Shuichi mumbled in his sleep again, and Yuki noticed that the mumblings had started again, and were beginning to increase in volume. Shuichi began to move, tossing his head back and forth, as if caught in some nightmare. Yuki stared; the last time he ever remembered Shuichi having nightmares was after the incident with the lead singer of ASK, and those had ended not long before he had disappeared.

"Yuki.. please.... YUKI!!!!!!"

Yuki fell back onto his butt as Shuichi sat straight up, clutching his chest as it heaved. Tears ran unchecked down his face, and he brought up one head to belatedly wipe then away. He hunched over, burying his face in his hands. "Damnit..." he hoarsely whispered. "Yuki.. where are you...?"

Yuki was shocked to hear the tried, exhausted tone that laced his lover's voice. He had never heard Shuichi sound so defeated before.

"If he was here, he would've called me.."


"Yeah, called me Baka, and then tell me to go back to sle..." Shuichi's voice trailed off, his head snapping up, violet eyes wide, pink hair damp with sweat. "Yuki?" he breathed.

"Over here, Baka." Yuki watched mildly amused as Shuichi turned to look at him. "And you're right, I would tell you to go back to sleep."

Shuichi just stared at the blond before him, his mind unable to process what was going on. "Yuki...?" he asked softly, his hand reaching out towards Yuki. "You came back..." Suddenly, Shuichi's voice trailed off, and he felt his eyes closing, his balance no longer there as he began to fall forward.

Yuki looked alarmed, and reached out, catching Shuichi's falling form in his arms. The younger man glanced up at him, reaching out with one shaking hand, tracing Yuki's smooth cheek before it fell limply to his side. "You came back..." he whispered, before the darkness took him whole, the last thing filling his vision was of Yuki's alarmed face, and the last thing he heard was Yuki's voice shouting his name.

Then the world was black.


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