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Spoilers for the TV series, specifically the later episodes, including the whole story with ASK, and Yuki's past history.

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Silent Night

By: Robin Terrae

Chapter 5: Confessions are Good for the Soul

Shuichi stared at Yuki, anything that he was about to say dying before he could even give voice to it. The only thought that crossed his mind that he was able to hold onto was the idea that his lover had lost it and had finally gone crazy.

"You deserve to know the truth, Shuichi."

Shuichi looked confused for a moment, unsure of what truth Yuki was alluding to. "The truth about what?" Shuichi asked softly, after several moments of silence.

Yuki sighed, reflexively reaching for a cigarette, but droppinghis hand instead. He was only delaying the inevitable, and he knew it, so he might as well come out and say it now. "About New York." he answered, raising his head, making sure Shuichi's violet eyes were locked with his. "About Yuki."

"No... Yuki, you don't have to..." Shuichi started, only to let his voice trail off as the golden eyes of his lover fixated on him, almost glowing in their anger.

"Yes, I do." Yuki almost yelled at the younger man, "Don't you see? If I don't, we're just going to keep repeating this stupid fucking circle until either one of us dies or you get tired of it." Yuki relaxed back against the couch cushions, trying to clam his anger.

For a moment, Shuichi sat in front of the coffee table, just staring up at his lover, before reaching a decision. He moved towards Yuki, coming around the table, so that he was sitting at the blonde's feet. Slowly, he positioned himself so that his head was resting against Yuki's knees, trying to provide comfort to his distraught lover.

After a moment, Yuki's hand began to run through the pink locks resting against his leg, taking silent comfort in Shuichi's presence. 'Even after fainting, he still gives so much to others.' Yuki thought, staring down at the younger man's hair as he played with, gathering his thoughts, trying to decide exactly how he wanted to tell the whole story to Shuichi. 'For a writer,' his subconscious told him, 'you sure as hell can't use words very well, can you?' Yuki ignored it.

"I told you what happened to Yuki." He started, still moving his fingers through Shuichi's hair, "but I never told you of the events that led to it. Tohma knows... and to a lesser extent, so does Mika." His voice faltered for a moment, and Shuichi gently increased the pressure against Yuki's leg, in a show of silent support. "Yuki was my mentor... he was the first person that I truly trusted, the one that I allowed myself to open up to, and he sold me." He let out a bitter laugh, "Sold me for a fucking ten dollar American bill."

Shuichi didn't glance up at his lover, but stared ahead, his eyes wide, and full of unshed tears, his mind processing what Yuki had to endure. His own experience at the hands of Aizawa Taki came back to the forefront of his mind. "Yuki..." he whispered, his voice soft.

"He was drunk..." Yuki continued, knowing that that he had to finish the whole story now, or Shuichi would never hear the end of it. "I don't even remember it... all I remember is flashes of pain... and I don't remember shooting him... it's like there is a blank spot in my memory where it should be. All I remember is holding the gun, staring down at his lifeless body. Tohma showed up then, and the first thing he did was bring me back to Japan."

Shuichi raised his head, staring at Yuki with wide, concerned eyes, focusing on Yuki's face. He reached out with a shaking hand, gently caressing the older man's pale cheek. He didn't say anything; he knew that now wasn't the time for babbling comments on his past. Yuki had just given him a gift, whether he knew it or not. He had just given Shuichi one of the many pieces that made him the man that he was today.

Yuki's hands came up, slowly closing around Shuichi's hand, gently encasing it in his grip. He saw no pity in Shuichi's eyes, so unlike Tohma, but instead he saw understanding, acceptance, and even empathy.

Yuki knew that Shuichi had a sense of what it felt like to be betrayed by those he trusted. Shuichi had trusted Aizawa Taki, the lead singer of ASK, and the older vocalist had taken that trust and used it to his advantage, trying to use it against both Bad Luck and Yuki Eiri. Shuichi had been violated in the most personal way, but the singer had bounced back from that, had overcome it, and Bad Luck had become bigger than ever.

Yuki gently tugged on Shuichi's hand, pulling the younger man towards him. Shuichi resisted the movement for a moment, before allowing his lover to pull him onto the blonde's lap. Shuichi pressed his face into Yuki's neck, inhaling the older man's scent. His arms twined themselves around Yuki's neck, and Yuki's arms came around Shuichi's waist, pulling the boy closer to him, gently tucking the younger man's head under his chin.

They sat in silence, each one taking silent comfort in the other's presence.

Neither was sure how long they sat there like that, or when they had fallen asleep, but Yuki was suddenly woken up by a noise outside. He took a moment to remember where he was, feeling a gentle weight press against his body, and he looked down, seeing the pink haired man cuddling against his chest.

"Mmmm... Yuki..." Shuichi whispered, pressing himself closer to the writer in his sleep. "... love you..." A ghost of a smile flittered across Yuki's lips, as he gently pressed a kiss to the younger man's head.

"Hn... baka." Yuki whispered affectionately, "Love you too."

And then Yuki once again joined his lover in the land of slumber.


A couple of weeks later...

Shuichi bounced as he entered N-G Studios, practically running over a few the staff in his haste to get to the practice room. He flung the door open, and grinned at his fellow band mates, Sakano, and K.

"I guess the two weeks off were good to him." Suguru whispered to Hiro, looking up from the sheets of music in front of him.

The long haired guitarist nodded, noting that the exhausted look was gone from Shuichi's eyes, the color of his skin no longer the unhealthy white that it was, and the bounciness that was back in his best friend's movements. "I guess that time with Yuki-san was all that he needed."

"I guess." Suguru responded, staring closely at Shuichi for a minute before going back to work. Hiro just grinned at the youngest member of the band as he finished tuning up his guitar.

He had a feeling that life was going to get back to normal.

Well, as normal as any day was for the members of Bad Luck and their friends.


Seguchi Tohma sat, staring down at his clasped hands that rested on the top of his desk. He knew that this day was coming; he just hadn't thought that it would be so soon. But then again, he reflected, maybe it's better that it was now, instead of later, when the damage could be irreversible.

Yuki Eiri sighed, resisting the urge to grab a cigarette and smoke. He wanted to so badly, but he knew that Tohma didn't like people smoking in his office, and he respected the older man's wishes.

"How is Shindou-san?" Tohma asked quietly, after a few tense moments of silence.

"I think that you know. You know everything that happens to your employees."

Tohma winced at that, knowing that he deserved it. "Maybe... but you know Shindou-san better than anyone, Eiri-san." He sighed softly, "And I'm not asking as his boss, I'm asking as both his friend and yours. As someone concerned for the well-being of his family."

Yuki opened his mouth to comment on that, but changed what he was going to say at the very last minute as he glanced at Tohma's eyes. His brother-in-law was trying, and the most that he could do was try and acknowledge the effort. "Shuichi is fine. We had a long talk, and everything worked out."

"A long talk?"

Yuki nodded, "I told him everything." The blonde sighed, "In the past couple of months, I've discovered that a relationship needs two people to work."

"And you think that Shindou-san is the one? You think that he is sincere?" Tohma asked, finally raising his eyes to meet Yuki's surprised at the tenderness in the golden orbs.

Yuki laughed shortly, "One doesn't put up with half the shit that he did if they aren't sincere. He's seen the devil in me, and stayed. That's more than enough reason for me to make this work." He glanced down at his watch, "Damn."


"I promised the idiot that I would take him out for lunch." Yuki made his way towards the door, twisting the handle and opening it, before glancing back at Tohma. "You and Mika should come over for dinner one night." He said, before stepping out of the office, and shutting the door.

Tohma sat at his desk, blue eyes wide as he digested what Yuki just said to him. For a moment, he did nothing, but then he smiled. Even if his brother-in-law didn't like him i n *that* way, he was still willing to reach out and try bridging that gaps that lay between him and his family.

If this was the result of one Shindou Shuichi on one Yuki Eiri, then Tomha couldn't bring himself to be against the relationship. Still smiling, he reached over and grabbed his phone, quickly dialing a number.

"Mika? Hi. I have something to tell you..."

And then Tohma realized that he had done it.

He had let go.


Shuichi stared at his hand, where it lay, entwined with Yuki's. After a moment, he glanced up at Yuki, and saw the older man was smiling down at him. He blinked, surprised, but then all thought was brushed from his mind, as Yuki gently covered his lips with his own, pushing him down onto the couch.

And Shuichi didn't have to think for the rest of the night.


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