Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Yuki & Shuichi ❯ Scene 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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Yuki & Shuichi
Summary: A story of two star-crossed lovers. The love of two enemies.
Scene 1
Long ago in Japan, in the city of Tokyo, there lived two noble families who had an age-old quarrel.
One family, the Uesagi's, had a handsome, and cold son named Yuki. The other family, the Shindou's, had one beloved son who was as lovely as the dawn.
He was named Shuichi. The feud between the two houses went so far that even the servants and friends of the families would fight when they met each other.
The Prince of Tokyo, Tohma Seguchi, was fed up with this pointless feud.
One day, when he came across servants from the two houses fighting, he pulled the men apart and cried, “Rebellious subjects, enemies to peace. Stop this senseless hatred. Three civil brawls have thrice disturbed the quiet of our streets. If you ever disturb our streets again, you will pay for it with your lives! Once more, on pain, of death, all men depart.”