Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Yuki & Shuichi ❯ Scene 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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Yuki & Shuichi
Summary: A story of two star-crossed lovers. The love of two enemies.
Scene 2
Now it happened one day that a young nobleman named Taki Aizawa went to speak with Lord Shindou and ask about his beautiful son, Shuichi. Lord Shindou regarded him thoughtfully and spoke, “My child is yet a stranger in the world, he is not yet fourteen. But he himself should decide if he would like you for a husband. I will gladly consent to the marriage. Tonight we are having a celebration. Come, and l will introduce you to my Shuichi.”
That evening in the house of Shindou, the servants and cooks were rushing to prepare for the celebration. In the midst of the bustle, Shuichi sat up in his room with his mother and her nursemaid. Lady Shindou took her son by the hand and said, “Shuichi, you will soon be fourteen years old. What are you thoughts of marriage?”
Shuichi was shocked. “It is an honor that l dream not of.”
“Then consider it now,” said his mother. “The valiant Taki Aizawa seeks you for his love. He is handsome, virtuous, and relative of the prince. You could not find a better man. He will come tonight to our celebration. Look at him, he should please you.”
Before Shuichi could respond, a servant called, “The guests have arrived!”