Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Yuki & Shuichi ❯ Scene 8 ( Chapter 8 )

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Yuki & Shuichi
Summary: A story of two star-crossed lovers. The love of two enemies.
Scene 8
That afternoon he left the house to go see Friar Winchester where Yuki waited impatiently for him. When the priest saw how happy the two were, his last doubts disappeared and he married them without hesitation. Still, he warned, “These violent delights have violent ends, Therefore love moderately; long love doth so.”
The Friar took the two by their hands. “Come, come with me, and we will make short work; for, by your leaves, you shall not stay alone till holy church incorporate two in one.”
Besides the priest and the nurse, nobody knew that a Uesagi and a Shindou had married. Never was there such joy.
Their joy was short-lived, however, for on that day a tragedy occurred. Ryuichi scoured Tokyo's streets, seeking Yuki. He wanted to punish him for coming to the party.
Yuki was crossing the square with his friends, Tatsuha and Hiro, when they ran into Ryuichi. Yuki tried to calm Ryuichi. He had no desire to fight against his husband's cousin. But Ryuichi was thirsty for blood and drew his sword. He stood there, throwing insults, until Yuki's friend Tatsuha could stand it no longer. He cried, “Fight with me, if my friend won't defend his own honor.”
Yuki begged them, “Gentlemen, for shame, forbear this outrage!” He stepped between them. But it was too late. Ryuichi's sword had met its mark in Tatsuha's breast.
Tatsuha cried out, “I am hurt. A plague o'both you houses. Ask for me to-morrow, and you will find me a grave man.”
Yuki forgot all his good resolutions and fell full with fury upon Ryuichi. “Alive! In triumph! And Mercutio slain! Either thou, or I, or both, must go with him.” They had a bitter fight, until Ryuichi fell to the ground, dead.
Frightened, Hiro cried, “Yuki, you must flee! Fast! If you are caught, you'll be punished by death!”
Yuki had just disappeared around the corner when the Prince of Tokyo arrived with his followers. Hiro explained what had happened. He expressed Yuki's innocence; told how he had not wanted to fight. The Prince, who was a fair man, thought for a long time. On both sides blood had flown. Yuki had not begun the fight, but Ryuichi was dead, and the punishment for that was death.