Groove Adventure Rave Fan Fiction / Rave Fan Fiction ❯ A Thief's Love ❯ Just Like Old Days ( Chapter 6 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
~*~Punk Street~*~

Katana had just entered the city. She had been flying for 4 hours, and she was exhausted. She stood at the gate of the city when she heard her name being called out by Haru's voice. She turned around and saw Haru, Plue, and a girl in a carriage led by... dogs? She looked closer and she confirmed that they were dogs. When Haru appraoched, Katana shook his hand and said "<My, don't our paths keep on crossing?>"

Haru laughed and nodded. He turned to the girl, who now had Plue in her arms, and said "<This is Elie. We're travelling together now.>"

"<Nice to meet you.>" Katana said.

Elie agreed and greeted her the same way as she pet Kish. Haru turned to Elie and said "<Elie, I'm going to go find something to eat, you go look for Muchica, okay?>"

"<Right, captain!>" she exclaimed.


"<But first, I'm going to the casino to play a few games, okay!>" Katana told Kish to fly to the outskirts of the city and hunt for her food.

She ran off. "<I suppose I'll stay with her...>" Katana said, "<I have nothing else to do, plus, I need the money.>"

Katana turned and ran after the excited girl. "<ELIE! WAIT UP!>" she yelled.

Once they were out of sight, Haru picked up Plue and walked into the nearest restaurant, ready to eat his fill.

~*~With the girls~*~

Elie was at the poker table, winning every game as if she were the luckiest girl on Earth. Katana... she wasn't doing to well with the slot machines. She got so mad that she drowned herself in sake at the bar. Once Elie was done with her fun, she went to look for Katana. She found her, drinking glass from glass to glass of sake, and she wasn't even swaying yet. "<Too much drinking is bad, you know.>" Elie told her.

Katana laughed and said "<I'm used to it.>"

"<Well, I'm done, let's ditch this joint... Katana was it?>"

"<Just call me Kata-chan. Let's go.>"

They both walked out and started laughing when Elie said something silly about Haru. Suddenly, Elie heard someone call someone else Muchica. She turned around and looked at a gang if guys. Katana was busy tying her boot laces. When she was done, Katana noticed that Elie was talking to these guys, asking if one of them was Muchica. The one she was talking to looked very familiar to Katana. He had long brown hair and black eyes. He had a skull beaded necklace and three piercings above the brow. Then she saw Elie turn away slightly, Katana walked over and said "<Is something wrong, Elie?>"

"<That voice is very familiar...>" the man thought.

Elie looked at Katana and said "<No, nothings wrong, Kata-chan.>"

"KATANA!" the man yelled out.

Katana looked at him oddly and said slowly "<Do I... know you?>"

"<Katana! Katana, it's me!>" He grabbed her shoulders and shook her gently.

Elie looked at them as if they were crazy but watched. They stared into each other's eyes for a few moments. Suddenly, Katana's eyes widened and she yelled "MUCHICA! MUCHICA! <It's you! I've finally found you!>" she yelled and threw her arms around his neck.

Muchica sqeezed her tight and said "<It's been three years, Kata! I get to see you again.>"

"Hai! Hai!" (Yes! Yes!)

"<Sorry to ruin this o-so-cute moment but... You two... know each other?>" one of the gang members ask.

Katana and Muchica seperated, wrapped their arms around each other's waists and turned to the gang and Elie, whom were staring at them in awe. "<Guys, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Katana>" Muchica said and everyone else's jaw dropped.

Katana playfully punched his arm and said "<I'm not your girlfriend you know!>"

"<That's not what you said three years ago, when I kissed you before I left.>" he said, a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

"Muchica! <That's private!>"

"<Oops... Must've slipped...>"

Katana stopped arguing with Muchica and turned to Elie. She said "<Go ahead and find Haru without me, Muchica and I have some things to catch up on.>"

"<No need to find me, I'm right here.>" Haru said as he appraoched.

When Katana turned back to Muchica, he had already sent his gang out somewhere. When their gazes met, they smiled warmly and wrapped their arms around each other's waists and walked towards Haru and Elie, who were discusing something. "<What do you mean that's not Muchica??>" Elie asked him, pointing at Muchica.

Haru just said "<I already met Muchica and there's only one so that can't be Muchica.>" pointing at the same man.

Katana walked up and said "<Haru, this is Muchica. During my travels I've heard of many things, one of which was the story of the Muchica family. Fifteen years ago, they were slaughtered by a man that had his very own sword made by that family. Some people say that only one Muchica survived, but right now, you're looking at the second, and younger, Muchica to survive the massacre...>" tilting her head towards Muchica.

"<She's right.>" Muchica said, "<Are you going to take her word or keep thinking that I'm not who I am?>"

Haru sighed and submitted. He had no choice but to believe that he was Muchica. He trusted Katana after all. She's been travelling much longer than he has. Suddenly, they noticed Plue and Elie were gone. "<Where did she go?>" Katana asked.

"<I don't know!>" the two boys replied.

"<Well, she did say that there was something wrong with her Tonfa blasters...>" Katana began, "<So she must be at some Tonfa shop.>"

"<A Tonfa shop, eh? There's only one in this town. Come on, I'll show you where it is.>" Muchica said, hooking his arm around Katana's waist again.

"<You fox!>" she said and removed his arm, replacing it around her shoulders.

"<Aw. Come on, Kata!>" he whined.

She laughed and whispered "<We'll catch up on things later, alright?>" in his ear.

He nodded and led them to the Tonfa shop. When they were about to walk into the doors, they heard a scream from inside, Elie's scream. "<Elie!>" Haru yelled and shoved the door open.

There she was, being held back by her neck by some strange man in a red fur cape. "<Ah, so the Rave Master has come to save his little girl companion, huh?>" he said.

Haru growled and said "<Let Elie go!>"

The man laughed and said "<Oh, I don't think I'll be doing that... You see, Rave Master, the Demon Card have been after you ever since you destroyed that dog race back in HipHop Town. It's my turn with you, Rave Master!>"

Haru growled and began to charge. The man just smirked and waved a sword. A dragon came out of it and collided with Haru, throwing him onto the floor. "<You have two hours to save her. If you aren't at my mansion in two hours, the girl dies!>" the man said. "<By the way, I'm Lance, The Beast Sord Man!>"

Haru stood and charged again. This time, there was an explosion, engulfing everything in smoke. When the smoke cleared, Elie and Lance were gone. There was a hole in the wall. "<Where is she?!>" Haru yelled in frustration.

Katana came to his side and put a hand on his shoulder. "<Relax, she's safe for now. Just as long as you have your Ra->" she was cut off by Haru.

"<I don't have Rave with me.>"

"<Where is it?>"

"<I left it with the old man.>"

"<Why did you leave it with someone that can't even use it?!>"

"<He said he needed it to fix the Ten Commandments...>"

"<You can't trust people in Punk Street!>"

"<Calm down, Kata...>" Muchica told her and then said to Haru "<You go get Rave, Me and Kata will go keep watch at the mansion to make sure he doesn't do anything to her.>"

Haru nodded and left the Tonfa shop. "<Guess it's just you and me, Kata,>" Muchica said, "<Just like old days.>"

Katana nodded and gave him a peck on the cheek before leaving the almost destroyed Tonfa Shop.