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GunDread SEED
Disclaimer: I hereby state that VanDread and Gundam SEED are the properties of both Gonzo and Bandai and I'm only borrowing them.
Author's notes:
This is a new version of the GunDread story, but it deals with the universe of Gundam SEED. The hero is none other than the son of Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne. And this will be a good surprise for the rest. The events of the sequel of Gundam SEED, which is Gundam SEED Destiny will NOT happen as I am using the Gundam SEED text but there will be mention of certain aspects of the Gundam SEED sequel.
Let's start…
Cosmic Era…Year 90 (2090)
It has been over eighteen years since the end of the war between the Z.A.F.T forces and the Earth Alliance. With the signing of the historic Treaty of Junis 7, both sides have officially began peace talks and ended the war between the humans on Earth and those on the PLANTS.
In the light of this event, the actions of the leader of the special forces of Z.A.F.T, Rau La Cruesent were brought to light. Both sides were appalled that this one madman had nearly brought mutual destruction and genocide on both sides. In this effect, all weapons of mass destruction were to be disassembled and decommissioned, and with that activated, both sides began searching for the path to peace for both of their sides.
That path had not been easy. Two years after the signing of the Junius 7 Treaty, the moderate elements of both Z.A.F.T and Earth knew that the radical Blue Cosmos terrorists were still active despite the death of their leader Azrael, and they were also aware that there were still radical elements of Z.A.F.T still active. To prevent the near genocide of all life on both Earth and the PLANTS from another war sparked by prejudice and bitterness, a task force of both Coordinators and Naturals were formed, and were christened, Guardians.
This task force was supplied with technology of both Z.A.F.T and the Earth Alliance. All extremist elements on both sides were to be located and brought to trial for many crimes…and if the need came…to be exterminated.
In this time, the daughter of the former Z.A.F.T chairman Siegel Clyne, Lacus, became the official spokesperson of the PLANTS and the Coordinators in the drive for peace between each side. In that time, she had married one of the young heroes of the war, the young pilot of the Gundam Freedom, Kira Yamato. Their wedding was a blessed event which was attended by many of their long time friends and family.
Their wedding was followed also by the wedding of Kira's childhood friend Athrun Zala with Kira's Natural sister, Cagalli Ulla Auththa. Their wedding was an achievement of reconciliation, and in time, this was followed by other weddings between Coordinators and Naturals.
This was looked down upon by those rogue elements both on Z.A.F.T and on Earth, they retaliated, and many who now found the meaning of peace decided to take up arms to defend that peace, one of them being Kyo Yamato, the eight year old son of Kira and Lacus who proved himself a valuable asset for the Guardians, despite his age as an analyst, and soon a field operative and soldier. It took another two years, but finally all Blue Cosmos and radical Z.A.F.T elements were weeded out and brought to trial. The leaders and members of both the extremist ZAFT forces and the Blue Cosmos were caught and placed on trial. The Atlantic Federation's leadership ladder was given a through house-cleaning, and all the influential members of Blue Cosmos were arrested. When the plans of Blue Cosmos were revealed along with the plans of the rogue ZAFT soldiers, both sides finally decided to make the Treaty to become a peace accord and with that, both governments on Earth and the PLANTS became the Cosmic Alliance. In time, both sides forged a long lasting peace.
This peace was realized and cemented as the GG unit revealed what the first Coordinator George Glenn had intended a long time ago when the technology was made. Using the teachings made by George and in time, the peace on both the PLANTS and the Earth grew. This allowed the scientists at Z.A.F.T to finally remove the danger of sterility in the people on the PLANTS, and with the marriages with both Coordinator and Natural, the old anger finally began to fade.
In time, the distinction between Coordinators and Naturals faded…and now only the term…humans was given.
Eight years later…
In the Yamato residence… On Earth, in the United Emirates of Orb Union…
Kira and Lacus smiled as they looked at their eldest son, who was busy working on his project for school.
Kira had grown taller after the War and now was 6'2 in height and was a lot stronger since he had been part of the Guardians after his marriage with Lacus and his retirement. Lacus had also grown to the height of 6'1 and grew even more beautiful for the past few years as she continued to strive for peace between Earth and the PLANTS. Both of them were blessed with several children.
Their first born son, Kyo Yamato was a bright student, just like his dad, an expert with computers, robotics, engineering, and other academic pursuits. He was a mirror image of his father, but he had long brown hair in a ponytail, he had blue-violet eyes, and was somewhat taller at the height of 6'3. He had a love for machines, and loved to tinker with anything mechanical. He had taken special self defense classes in his younger years and when he was part of the Guardians, and was an accomplished black belt at the age of 12. He loved to cook, play instruments, and sing…. no doubt a few of the traits of his mother. Their son was also quite a hit with the girls in his college, and he had a kind, shy, and brave, honest, and straight forward personality and he also had a dynamic and outgoing charm that attracted many teenage girls to their home. His body also showed both his military and athletic background very easily, and that made him quite the female magnet at the age of 19.
Kira and Lacus were also blessed with several other children. Mira Yamato was Kyo's middle sister and was quite the eye catcher with the boys in their school. She resembled their mother, but had her hair in a braid. She was intelligent and she too was an expert singer, and would on occasion, sing alongside her mother in concerts. She loved teasing her oldest brother about his heartthrob status at school, as much as he did the same with her status as the most desirable girl in school at the age of 16.
Aki was the youngest brother, and was the baby of the siblings, he loved to play and have fun with his older siblings, the brown haired tot was only 13 years old.
Kira's sister Cagalli and Athrun were blessed with a child. Their daughter Kyra became the youngest Prime Minister of Orb at the age of 15, and helped shape several ground breaking policies that aided with ongoing peace process in the PLANTS and Earth, and spent another two years as Prime Minister. While Cagalli took the Presidency and helped the development of the Orb Union into a nation which showcased the belief of George Glen, and the unity of both Coordinator and Natural.
Kira sighed a bit as he realized that his oldest son was now a man, he along with several other students were about to graduate from college.
“I'm really proud of you, so, you plan on taking a job when you graduate?”
Kyo turned to face his dad. “I'm not all that sure. Maybe I'll be a designer of Mobile Suits for both the military and the civilian sector.”
Elsewhere… several light years away from the Earth's solar system.
In the vast realm of space, a massive crystal was floating in space, flying a straight path through the void of stars. It radiated immense power and glowed with a deep emerald light. As it continued it's journey through space, a large fragment was broken by another piece of debris, but the debris was loaded with massive traces of rare, radioactive metals and crystals. The crystal fragment's energies reacted violently with the energies of the other debris. And an event of cosmic proportions sent the object beyond the speed of light, sending it towards a certain solar system.
As it passed the planets, it streaked even faster…until it came into contact with a massive debris belt, all of the belt was made out of massive machines that were now nothing but rubble. It then came streaking to a nearby defense station under the command of the Orb Union. It broke through the walls and came into contact with a special Mobile Suit.
The Freedom…
The former Z.A.F.T Gundam was so badly damaged and was abandoned by Kira, as the father of Kyo no longer needed to pilot a Gundam. Kyo resurrected the Gundam to fight alongside those of the Guardians, namely his best friend Shin Asuka who was now married to Stellar Loussier a member of the Guardians from the former Earth Alliance, after the subduing of both Blue Cosmos and Z.A.F.T extremists, Kyo decided to have the Gundam shipped back to Orb to finally be decommissioned. But it seemed that cosmic fate and destiny had other ideas for the powerful Mobile Suit. Once the powered fragment expended a large amount of it's energy, it tore into the cockpit of the Mobile Suit and buried itself deep into the core of the Gundam, the nuclear core.
Normally, that would have triggered an automatic detonation of the nuclear reactor, but instead, the leftover nuclear energy reactivated the crystal, and normally it too would have broken down and detonated, considering it's journey through space, but instead it turned into a gel like liquid, and began to flood itself all over the reactor…and every other part of the Gundam. The gel unleashed tendrils of light that turned into an enormous cocoon of pure crystal that absorbed the Gundam. Inside it, a feat of unfathomable proportions was underway.
The Gundam…in essence was being reborn! The head unit was being rebuilt, with even greater durability, and power. The arms were suddenly added with what appeared to be retracting shields. The wing thruster units that were part of the Gundam's design were reformatted and two more were added. It's weapons were being rebuilt, and upgraded. Everything of the Gundam that was destroyed in the war with both Z.A.F.T and Earth, along with the battles with the extremists was being rebuilt, and the systems that remained intact…were being boosted to even greater levels of power and function. The process lasted for over three hours, and in that time, the Gundam was remodeled into the ultimate Mobile suit. As the process ended, the cocoon broke into massive fragments and evaporated into excess energy…which was detected by the personnel of the station.
The station's crew were shocked to detect a massive amount of unknown energy spikes and when they got into the storage facility that stored the Gundam, they were amazed to see the Gundam totally remodeled.
They immediately made contact with Earth, namely to the Orb Union.
Eight months later…
Kyo sighed as he sat on his chair while reading the latest engineering reports on the Freedom. The Gundam had been housed in a high security complex when they had landed and tests on the Mobile Suit began, he was surprised when he got the call that the Freedom was being shipped back to Earth, after the crew of the space station had removed all the crystals that entombed it.
Kyo and his family made it clear that under no circumstance was the newly rebuilt Freedom to be used in any army, either on Earth or at the PLANTS. In that effect, many engineers from both the PLANTS and Earth began studying the apparently remodeled Gundam, but they all were under the watchful eye of both Kira, Athrun, Lacus, Cagalli, and most of all, Kyo, who took it upon himself to test all the abilities of the Gundam.
Over the past eight months, the Gundam underwent various tests and open field exercises, with both father and son as the test pilots. Kyo however, was allowed more time in using the Gundam, than Kira, as his dad was busy helping in the house. He had finished his schooling three months prior and graduated with top honors, alongside his classmates. Once he finished with his schooling, he took up an apprenticeship with Erika Simmons, the Orb engineer that helped create the Astray Mobile Suits that served as the swords of Orb's military. He and the engineer had began researching on what factors had led to the amazing restoration of the Freedom, and what this could signify. His adopted aunt Murrue Ramias and her only son Mwu helped out by acting as support officers with the Earth engineers and scientists. Mwu was the son of both Murrue and Mu La Fllaga, the pilot of the Gundam Strike in the final conflict. Kyo knew that Mu had died a valiant death in protecting the Archangel in the final stages of the war, and despite his aunt's sadness of her lover's death, she was happy, that she had a son born between herself and the man that won her heart. Kyo also knew that Mwu was head over heels in love with his sister Mira, and he was happy about the whole deal. Mwu was a good guy and had the same confident and kind nature of his dad, that much Kyo could see, and his sister had already admitted that she had a crush on the blonde haired and blue eyed young man. Kyo wouldn't be surprised that one day, those two would get married.
In that time, he had perfected his skills in robotics, and was more than looking forward to placing the new Freedom Gundam through the tests. The tests included the mobility, strength, defensive and offensive abilities of the Gundam. And it excelled in every field with flying colors. The Freedom was tested both on Earth, and space, where it's weapons and technology was placed through many tests, all of which Kyo was the pilot. The former Z.A.F.T Gundam could now fly all the way into space with no aid of a transport shuttle, and the sheer power output of it's plasma cannons, rail-guns, and beam sabers made it able to take out even those targets with advanced Laminated armor and even Phase Shift armor, and it's advanced counter-part, the Trans-Phase Shift armor. It's original Phase Shift armor was reformatted to allow amazing protection from both beam weapons and solid projectiles and was renamed Prominence Phase Shift Armor. The newly reconstructed reactor now ran on both nuclear power and a new power source that seemed nearly limitless.
Kyo's skills with the Gundam improved and that was a good thing, since he couldn't seem to shake the feeling that he and this Mobile Suit would accomplish great things.
He sighed as he gazed that the data reports, despite the great leaps and bounds made in science and engineering, none of the engineers and scientists could exactly pinpoint how the Gundam was rebuilt, and what was the element that led to it's revival and modification. Once he logged in all the data, he decided to get to his car and make his way to his home and meet up with his family for a quiet time with his folks. After all he had been doing, he deserved this break.
That was when an event played a deciding card.
Three weeks later, a group of scientists on a routine expedition in space discovered a massive fragment of unknown crystal that seemed to radiate immense power, and it seemed that it could be a new source of power for Earth, as they were now ready to search of cleaner energy sources. Clean Fusion energy showed great power, but new energy sources were a must in their world to continue advancing, and it seemed that it would prove helpful.
The scientists decided to use special magnetic field containers to hold the strange material as they took away a chunk of the crystal which was the size of a grapefruit. It was first tested in space in a newly established research station for safe testing.
Three more weeks later, the scientists decided to construct a new colony which will contain the fragment for a special field test. The Orb Union government decided to begin construction of a large field station between the PLANTS and Earth in the Debris Belt which was a safe distance away from many of the PLANTS and Colonies, but close to the nearest space port and supply station from either the Colonies or PLANTS and Earth. The scientists had determined that if kept in a proper containment field, the new crystal core could run a large city the size of Orb's main island for over two hundred years. However, they made it quite clear that the crystal is merely for field experiments only, if it was too dangerous, then the project would be discontinued.
On the day of the experiment…
The people in the station were busy running about as they began the testing phase. The new prototype reactor was about the size of a medium sized power reactor, just like the type used to house nuclear reactor units and their fuel rods.
“So, what's the status of the reactor's performance?”
The head scientist looked at several of his colleagues as they worked on the facility. The new reactor station was at least several hundred miles away from the main island of Orb Union.
“The crystal is still in stable condition, and it seems to be responding to the magnetic fields with no complications.” One answered as he checked the data feeds.
Another scientist looked at the test room in awe. “Hard to believe that one fragment alone has the power to rival three hundred clean fusion reactors. It's amazing to say the least.”
The head scientist nodded, though he also showed some signs of worry. “Don't get your hopes up too high. The thing's still in the test phase and besides that, it's only stable as long as it's in the containment field. The field demands even more power than three reactors that we're still using here on Earth, and that can be a big problem, if we decide to make it into a portable and smaller power source. Not only that, if the field should fail for any reason. Then we'll have a real disaster on our hands. That fragment's got enough energy to rival thirty five- thousand forty mega-ton nuclear missiles if it goes critical.”
“And to add to that sir, we've been getting some weird energy readings and pulses from it for the few hours.”
“Are they threatening?”
“That's still up for discussion, we determined that those pulses aren't emitting any life threatening energy waves…though the puzzling part is that the energy is almost…biological in nature.”
“Really?” The head scientist asked curiously. < That crystal emits bio-waves? This could be useful. >
Another man came into the facility, this one however was a military man and had the symbol of the Cosmic Alliance Council and the flag of Orb on his uniform. He looked about with a curious eye.
The head scientist faced the latest visitor. “What can I do for you sir?”
The soldier nodded. “My name's Lieutenant Felix Reno, I have to inform you that you'll be having some extra visitors to the station.”
“Really? Who?”
“President Cagalli Zala, Prime Minister and Gen. Athrun Zala, along with Ms. Lacus Yamato, Kira Yamato, and Guardian Maj. Kyo Yamato.”
“The President, the Prime Minister and the General of Orb? What are they going to do here?”
“The Maj. Kyo Yamato has need for some data concerning that fragment that you all are using for testing.”
“What for? Begging pardon, but I can't exactly hand the crystal to the Major without a clear and plausible explanation.”
Felix nodded; he was a tall young soldier and had short cropped hair, and a chiseled face. “I understand, but you'll need to ask him about why he needs that data, I'm just here to tell you that he and his family are heading in this direction.”
On the route to the facility…
Inside a special personnel carrier, Kyo along with his parents and his aunt and uncle and cousin headed for the new space station. He had received reports concerning the newly shipped crystal fragment, and was surprised to discover that the energy patterns was exactly the same as the ones emitted by Freedom whenever it was activated.
He then asked his aunt Cagalli and cousin Kyra permission to allow him to visit the test space station and do some data comparisons on the Freedom and the new crystal.
He however, didn't expect his family to tag along. He looked at his mom, who was sleeping on his dad's shoulder, along with his sister. He hoped that things wouldn't become dangerous, as for some reason, there seemed to be a feeling of dread in his spine.
Inside the facility… after the families landed…
“Mr. and Mrs. Yamato, Mr. and Mrs. Zala. I'm honored to meet you, though I'm rather confused as to why you all would come here.”
The head scientist asked as he greeted the Yamato family and the Auttha family, along with Kyo as they all crowded into the nearby lobby. They had already toured the main testing facility where the crystal and the new prototype reactor were being tested. The facility was large enough to house at the least forty Mobile Suits, this was done in order to rely on the Mobile Suits such as the Astray Model and the Strike Dagger to act as laborer units, along with other Z.A.F.T models.
Kira spoke first. “It's due to the fact concerning the crystal fragment you all have recovered. We all have seen the reports, and it's those reports that have my son curious.”
“How so?”
Kyo took over. “Sir, the crystal fragment's energy patterns all match those being emitted by my Gundam, prior to every field test during the previous months. I along with the rest of the techs back at the mainland on Earth were totally baffled as to what these energies were. But it was even more intriguing when the reports of the crystal you recovered emitted the same energies which remodeled my Gundam. We had done some close inspections and found circuits totally fused with fragments of the crystals previously, and they emitted the energies that you described in your reports.”
“Can I take a look?”
Kyo handed the disk to the head scientist and waited as the man scanned all the data, and began comparing the data that they had gathered previously and currently.
“Incredible! There's totally no discrepancies whatsoever, all the energy waves match each other.”
“What do you think?” Cagalli asked.
“I theorize, Madam Prime Minister, that the Freedom must have come in contact with a fragment of the same crystal we were researching. Though how that came to be we all here aren't certain. But there have been some strange energy emissions that we've recorded from the crystal fragment we test run here now and then. We've encountered bio-waves as part of the crystal's own energy spectrum.”
“A crystal that emits bio-energy waves? When did you find this out?” Athrun asked.
“Two hours prior to your arrival here, General Zala. We're surprised about this development to say the least.”
Suddenly, a technician ran into the meeting room. “Sir! We've got a major problem!!”
Everyone got up and faced the young scientist, as the head researcher spoke to his aide.
“What's going on?”
“The crystal's starting to react violently! We're getting massive pulse-waves and the energy's going to reach critical levels in twenty minutes!”
Everyone ran to the main control center as many of the techs and personnel rushed to try and get the crystal back into a stable condition.
“What's the situation?”
“We detected a minor energy spike from the crystal ten minutes ago, and before we knew it, the whole crystal began to release totally unstable energy waves! We've tried many ways to reconfigure the magnetic pulse-waves to hold it…but the power-output is overloading the reactor units!”
Athrun looked about and came up with a solution. “Is there any way to bypass the magnetic field and introduce the same energy pulses of the crystal to try and deactivate the imbalance?”
“No, doing that will just make the crystal speed up it's de-crystallization process! The danger is if we try that, and it does de-crystallize, then the detonation will rival ten hundred nuclear reactors going critical!”
“WHAT?!” Kira and the others gasped.
“It gets worse…the massive energy backlash from the explosion will cause severe ecological damage to Earth, and a massive number of people will be killed, and the severe radiation will cause massive destruction to the environment. The PLANTS and the Colonies aren't safe either! The blast will cause severe disruptions to all the systems in the PLANTS and Colonies, resulting in massive power outages and failures in all life support systems and environmental control networks.”
“The only chance we have is if we can re-route the power supply and cause the Station to move away from it's axis. For that we need to get into the main reactor and re-route the power conduits and load whatever stable energy we have to move the Station away from harming both Earth, the Colonies, and the PLANTS.” Athrun said as he checked the data systems to project the idea he had in mind.
Kira nodded as he realized that Athrun's suggestion was the best solution they had, but he also knew that they needed other things. “We'll need to get into reactor for that though. Can we use any of the Mobile Suits here to attempt to hack into the systems and re-route the power?”
“I'll check.”
It didn't take long for them to discover a new problem that was in the way.
“All the other Mobile Suits can't get into the reactor now! The power pulses are causing massive interference with their systems and it's getting even worse, none of the ECM shielding of even the Z.A.F.T Mobile Suits can withstand the immense power pulses.”
Kyo then spoke out. “Why not the Freedom then? It's armed with a Neutron Jammer Canceller, so it could get into the reactor and do that.”
The scientist nodded as he checked all the data. “It'll work, but we'll have to hurry, it'll be 45 minutes before the whole Station is destroyed.”
Everyone rushed to do what they could before a catastrophe would consume both the Earth and the PLANTS. They mechanics rushed and got the Freedom out of it's storage section and Kyo wasted no time activating his Gundam. That was when he discovered that the Gundam had been getting some hidden upgrades.
“The reactor's energy waves aren't affecting the Freedom, and it isn't because of the Neutron Jammer Canceller. The Canceller's emitting the same power wave patterns as that of the crystal, but it's in a more stable form. That's why my Gundam can still move!”
Kira checked the data from the control station and agreed. “That's a good thing, you have to hurry Kyo. The power reactor's becoming unstable, and the danger level's rising.”
It didn't take long for Kyo and the Gundam to make it into the main reactor room, as soon as he got in, Kyo began reprogramming the power conduits to begin re-routing power to the Station's maneuvering thrusters by hacking into the Station computer using Freedom. As soon as that was done, the head scientist gave some bad news.
“There's more than enough power to move the Station, but somebody has to stay here and guide the Station manually, the power emissions have completely disabled the automatic guidance computers, and the power's already affecting the environmental systems.”
Kira and the others knew that it was true, the power supply overload was slowly overriding the safety protocols in the whole Station as people began to evacuate. That was when Kyo spoke out through the communicator that was connected in the Command center.
“I'll do it. I'll guide the Station out of orbit and I'll get out once everything is clear.”
The scientist however gave a sad expression. “I'm sorry Major, but the Station will go critical in 20 minutes, there's no guarantee that you'll be able to leave the Station in time, and the blast range will be very far.”
Kira and the others knew what that meant, either way, there would be no chance for Kyo to make it out in time, even with all the special combat enhancements to Freedom. Lacus knew that her eldest son would not survive, and that made her feel very sad and was about to cry. Kyo saw that and spoke gently to his mother.
“Mom… don't worry about me. You and dad fought hard for the peace we all have now. You all gave up a lot to help end the war on Earth and the PLANTS, now it's my turn. If I don't do something, countless millions will die, both on Earth and the PLANTS.”
“I'm doing this, and there's no other way…you and dad, and everyone else, it's time to get out of here.”
Kira and the others knew that they had no other choice, as they ran to the escape shuttle. Lacus sobbed as she was escorted by her husband. Cagalli and Athrun also escorted Lacus as they made their way into the shuttle. Once the crews were in position, they immediately began evacuating the station.
*Shuttles have reached maximum distance and are now entering the atmosphere.*
Kyo nodded as he checked the computers in Freedom as he double-checked the evacuation of all the people in the station, along with his family and relatives. He then turned and began using the relay uplink system cable in Freedom to download the new coordinates to the station's thruster control banks.
Kyo checked the timer and watched as the time reached the five minute mark.
< A little bit more….Got it! >
Kyo thought as he now achieved maximum distance as the station was well away from the area where the detonation would cause severe damage to the PLANTS, Colonies and Earth. That was when the explosions occurred, all around him.
The power overload began to cause severe detonations all throughout the station, thankfully, no else besides him and Freedom were in the station. Kyo tried desperately to keep Freedom stable as he continued to make sure that the station wouldn't kill anyone else prior to detonation. He was then shaken as an explosion occurred near the Gundam and the power of it knocked the Mobile Suit away, but the Gundam remained intact thanks to the enhanced Phase Shift armor.
Kyo however wasn't as lucky, the blast made him hit his head sharply and made him lose consciousness a few seconds later, but not before he finally ensured the station's destruction wouldn't send massive debris on any major cities in the area of Earth.
The station's runaway power core suddenly exploded in a wave of pure blue-green light and consumed the Gundam, but not before the Freedom also glowed a deep blue-green and became engulfed in a crystal cocoon.
Lacus and the others watched as the station was consumed by massive explosions and fires. The station broke apart and the shockwaves were sent far and wide. The pilots had informed them, that they had lost all track of Kyo's vital signs.
Lacus and Kira held each other in grief, along with Cagalli and Athrun as the fragments fell towards Earth, but they took heart in the fact that Kyo had made sure that the energy waves were not affecting the PLANTS and Earth, and the station debris wouldn't strike the cities on Earth. They watched as a large fragment, where the reactor was headed for Earth right towards a small chain of islands. The fragment was already breaking down, and wouldn't destroy the islands.
What they didn't know that inside was Freedom in a crystal cocoon, as if to protect itself and it's pilot. Inside, Kyo was unconscious and in a cocoon himself, as the crystal in his Gundam and that around him began to feed energy throughout the Mobile Suit…and in himself.
Ten days later…
“This place is now a monument for those who gave up their lives to ensure that future generations will grow up to see the beauty of our world, and the infinite possibilities that await us as we strive to find our place in the Cosmos. Our deepest sympathies go to Mr. and Mrs. Yamato for the loss of their eldest son, Kyo Yamato, who as he grew up in this era, aided in making both the Earth and the PLANTS safe from those who sought to bring death and sorrow to the human race. We shall never forget this man's sacrifice for as long as this monument stands.”
The announcer said with conviction as a large party of people stood near a large crater on the islands a full twelve hundred miles in the Pacific Ocean. There were dignitaries from every nation on Earth and the PLANTS, along with all of the Yamato's friends and family.
Dearka and his wife Milly were there along with their own children. Murrue Ramias and her son Mwu were also present to offer their condolences, along with the original crew of the Archangel. Cagalli and Athrun along with their children were there as well. Sai was also there as well as friends of Kyo who were sad to hear of his death, and there was also Shin Asuka and his wife Stellar, and their children, Alex and Claire Asuka, the two had taken a deep liking to their `big brother' Kyo when they were born ten years ago after Kyo left the Guardians to continue his education, along with Shin, after marrying Stellar. Shin and Kira had become family friends after Kira had prevented the destruction of a nearby civilian convoy from being blasted to bits, a an Alliance combat unit. Shin then joined the Guardians several years later. That was where he met Kyo and Kira, and the three worked side by side in many operations, along with Athrun. And when Shin and Stellar met, Kyo was more than ready to tease his older friend about his crush on the former Extended pilot. Kyo was also there as the best man when the two got married years later.
Kira and Lacus came forward and were the ones who lead the prayers and the ones who tossed the garlands into the crater, along with a special capsule filled with video records and old things of their eldest son Kyo.
Kira said solemnly. “I'll keep this world alive.”
Lacus also spoke. “No matter what, peace will be here on Earth and beyond.”
Kyo's siblings were also crying as they too said their good-byes to their big brother.
All of this went unanswered to Kyo as he remained in the Gundam, right in the crater. The crystal that encased him had sent him into a state of suspended animation. Apparently the crystal reactor's defensive response was to create a flux in time and slow down anything in it's area of influence from flowing in time.
Kyo remained asleep as time passed him by.
As the years rolled by and turned into decades, and then even further, mankind continued to prosper and grow. New Colonies were established, technology advancements and trade relations between the PLANTS and Earth grew. Humanity continued to grow and expand. In time the top leaders belonged to the Yamato family and Zala family. Both families helped in ushering a new era for man. The Yamato family grew and had members of it's family in science, industry, economics, and government offices. The Zala family continued to lead in government and colonization. Man grew and advanced over the centuries
But like anything else, there were horizons to explore and people were more than ready to go beyond the reaches of their solar system. To expand and see the full reach of the world beyond their own drove many people to push forward the plan to colonize the stars.
There were also other reasons, Earth had reached a point where food, space and resources were slowly reaching low levels. And there wasn't enough resources to make new Colonies. The same was with the PLANTS, as the populations expanded, there were not enough resources to expand further.
That was enough incentive for man to research in creating massive ships to take their people beyond the stars and to Colonize that outer systems. But there were those who raised serious questions, such as where would they gain the power supply for those ships.
That was answered by scientists on both the PLANTS and Earth. They intended to make new engines and were to be powered by advanced thermo-electric power charges. Another batch of those said scientists requested using the crystal that was used two hundred years prior. Many argued against the idea as they recalled what had nearly transpired two hundred years ago. The scientists explained that they were now better equipped to deal with that particular problem. Though there was some dissent, they got approval to begin building the engine and the power source, which they named the Paeksis Plhagma.
It took another fifty years to build the fleet of colony ships, and they were finally launched to seek out new worlds for man to inhabit. And in time all the ships soon landed and founded new worlds for habitation.
An accident on Earth however occurred. It was the same disaster Kyo had prevented two hundred fifty years ago, and it had occurred when a group of renegade soldiers attempted to use the second Paeksis reactor for their own ends. Countless people on the surface were killed and the world was completely changed forever. The survivors banded together and formed the Earth Council and attempted to reformat the Earth… they failed miserably, and the Earth was now rendered inhospitable. The survivors then built a massive network of cities orbiting the now decimated Earth, and tried to rebuild the Earth once more with the aid of those who stayed in the PLANTS.
There was a saying that the world is vast, but the desire for combat in man is endless. That is true, as a colony ship named the Ikazuchi was on it's own voyage. An argument occurred in the ship between the women and men of the ship, and it led to a point that both genders wanted nothing to do with the other. The women took one section of the ship and the men took another section, each landing on a different planet. The men landed on a barren, hostile desert planet, while the women landed on a fertile, and resource rich planet.
The sheer will to create a new world existed in both genders, and the passing years, both had built their own civilizations in a span of a century.
The men created from their harsh home-world the desert nation of Talark, while the women created the resource rich nation of Megele. Both cultures grew and their populations grew as well. They however, due to isolationism had lost all memory of their mutual ties as humans, and as the same species. Both grew to fear, hate, and consider each other as mortal enemies. And as such were now in a state of war.
In Earth, the humans that survived the disaster had also changed. Having lost all contact with the colonial fleets, all the people on Earth suffered a state of loss. This loss came with the fact that due to the damages done to the climate and the people…they now could no longer have children. This loss, turned to despair, and this turned into madness. The people changed…
They were no longer human anymore… And what they planned for those who left Earth a century ago…would become a great nightmare.
The crater where Kyo's monument was forgotten with the passage of time. But it seemed that life was about to awaken, deep inside it.
Inside the Gundam, the crystal prison that held Kyo in suspended animation had began to turn into liquid and fall away from the young man. The crystal cocoon had transferred amounts of it's energy into the young Coordinator and into his very being, improving all aspects of his body. He was now stronger, faster, had better senses, reaction time, enhanced intellect, and an increase in normal human regeneration.
Kyo had been physically changed while he had been in suspended animation. He still was in his normal height, but his build had been improved to deal with the enhancements done to his body, it had gained extra muscle mass and extra muscle tone while retaining it's sleek and athletic appearance. He however had undergone literally two hundred fifty life-times of physical and mental enhancements when the crystal energies had fused with his cellular structure, and this improved every aspect of his being, including his training as a soldier and Mobile Suit pilot. In essence, he was the perfect soldier. An expert in hand to hand combat, an expert marksman, survival expert, and Mobile Suit pilot. He was also upgraded in is Coordinator abilities, namely his use of the SEED mode he had earned from his father Kira, making even more formidable than ever. As his father was the ultimate Coordinator, he was now the ultimate human warrior.
He shook his head and removed his combat helmet and began looking around. Kyo had suffered amnesia from the explosion and sharp impact three-hundred and fifty years ago, and his memories had to placed in a mental barrier by the Paeksis to ensure that his mental condition was stable. Though the danger was gone, the barrier was still there.
<Who am I? I'd better get out of here first.>
He looked about and began activating the systems in his dormant Gundam, while outside the crystal cocoon that engulfed the Freedom also disappeared and the Gundam began tearing it's way through the rubble that covered it. The Mobile Suit had no problem tearing it's way to the surface. Once the Freedom was loose, the young Coordinator got out of the cockpit and rode down to the floor of the crater that was his supposed grave.
He found the capsule and opened it with a password that he didn't remember, but could use without a flaw, he looked inside and found a large number of disks, several other items and a small cross and in it was a name.
The young man looked at the name and felt something stir in his mind, as if this name seemed very familiar.
<Kyo…is that my name?>
He didn't feel anything tell him that there was something wrong with the name and decided that he should take it.
<My name…my name is Kyo.>
He took the rest of the items and decided to hold onto them for as long as he could. He then got back into Freedom and took off from the crater and looked about.
The young man, if he had his memories wouldn't have ever recognized the location he was in. There were very few islands and the place was bathed in perpetual storms, which according to his machine's sensors were also laced with electromagnetic energy pulses and unstable energy spikes. He was thankful that his machine had the special shielding for such a situation as this.
Kyo then looked about and used his scanners to locate life-forms. The sensors detected nothing at first, and with a few calibrations, Kyo discovered that there were large abandoned cities in the area, but as far as he could see, the habitats were too small to support a large population.
He shrugged his shoulders and directed his machine to fly away, and once he cleared the `atmosphere' he, to his surprise spotted massive gear-like structures all around. He quickly evaded a few of the structures and made his way out into the vast void of space.
Kyo relaxed a bit as he was greeted by the massive and vast reaches of the cosmos. He turned his Gundam and looked at the gear-like world and decided that there was nothing for him there, and with that, he jetted off to the unknown, ready to carve his own place in the galaxy.
Five months later…
Kyo sighed as he ate his meal, if what he was eating was even considered food. He was chomping down on nutrient pills, the standard and only food eaten on this planet, known as Talark. He didn't understand how the men on this planet could even tolerate this kind of food.
He had arrived on Talark at least ten days after he checked out the system that this world was in. He had to forge some false citizen ID data in the planet's central data core computers. It had been easy to forge also a false ID tag, to make him look like an ordinary factory worker. He knew a good deal about this planet's history when he hacked into the central computer, and bypassed several encryption systems.
As far as he could piece together, the ship had been part of a colony fleet sent from a planet, and had separated due to `unknown circumstances' and the men who were eight at the time were stuck on this desert world. They however survived and rebuilt their society. Though how these men reproduced was a question that baffled him at first, until he discovered that the men used advanced cloning facilities to populate their desert world, and they trained hard to survive in this barren world.
And at present, he had to admit they did an excellent job. They had the best chances in survival in a desert world and they had the sheer will and knowledge to live in it. Though he had a good number of disagreements with this world.
One of which was the fact that the men were too arrogant and prideful, those of the higher class treated the lower classes like they were mere dirt, and the men in the lower classes were too pitiful and wouldn't fight back. They just accept their lot and don't want to reach beyond what was there in the universe.
Another was their portrayal of women as blood-thirsty tyrannical monsters that feasted on the innards of their male captives. When he heard that particular rumor he was completely confused, he knew that women never looked like those innard-sucking and blood thirsty monsters those propaganda films showed practically every day. Of course he knew a great deal about women, having met a good deal of them he was traveling in the cosmos, and knew quite a lot about the `facts of life', and the social and physical aspects of a relationship between men and women…and the fact that men and women could have children together, plus the things he had done in his past life, though those were vague shadows in is mind. He knew however that if he DID mention any of this to the men in this planet he could be branded as a charlatan and a weirdo by the men, and he KNEW for a fact that if he DID tell them on how a man AND a woman could have children together and how it would be done, they would freak out…so naturally he kept his peace.
Another was this war with women, the men had no idea that they and the women of Megele were part of the same human race. The men just despised women and want to fight them, despite the fact that none of them have even SEEN a woman before in their whole lives. This war was a complete waste of time and precious resources, to Kyo. He knew that those resources should have gone instead into improving society. Even worse was the technology, whenever the scientists would discover new technology and principles, it didn't take long for those to be checked for possible military applications. Chief of which was the Vanguard. This machine was over fifty five feet high and humanoid in appearance, and was an all purpose combat unit, it was considered the pinnacle of Talark technology and design, following blue-prints from the colony's old home-world. Compared his Freedom, with all it's abilities, systems and built-in weapons however, Kyo knew that the Vanguards were like toys compared to his Gundam unit. He had built them himself when he worked in a factory producing the machines, and he was sorely disappointed when the people said that Vanguard so many fantastic weapons, the names of those he barely wanted to repeat. The Vanguards were good, but lacked the technological edge of the Megele military. He wanted to point that out, but he didn't want to explain the details and besides, this wasn't his war.
He had made plans to leave this planet, he only came on Talark to get fresh supplies for his voyages into space. Now that he had done it, all he needed was an avenue of escape. He found in when the Talark high command planned to send out a task force fleet to deal with the female pirates that have been plaguing the Talark supply shuttles for the past few months. And he knew that the Talark military had every intention of using the old colony ship known as the Ikazuchi, and that was being outfitted into a command battleship. He had snuck in Freedom in a nearby hanger and an abandoned launch bay was nearby. All he had to do now was sneak in.
Kyo then got his supplies together and made his way out of the hut he had stayed in outside of the city limits. It didn't take long for his evasion and stealth training to get past the security surrounding the ship. He then snuck in and began hacking past all the security systems and them made his way to where the hangers were and where his Gundam was. He arrived in a hanger where a number of Vanguards were stationed, he decided to take a last scan of the machines for a while and wait until the ship was in orbit over the planet, then when the distance was good, he would leave and make his way to the vast universe.
Outside of space…
A sleek crimson ship stood in orbit over the far side of the asteroid swarm the was outside of Talark and Megele. It was a custom Megele combat cruiser, and in it were a large group of females. But they were not ordinary women crew, nor were they of the military, they were the pirates that the Talark battle group were to engage when they would take off into space. They were led by their senior officers and were ready for the greatest haul of their careers.
End of Prologue….
This will be the end of the Prologue and we'll step into the first chapter of GunDread SEED. As you can see, in place of Hibiki Tokai we have the son of Kira Yamato and Lacus Yamato. And as we get this underway, things will get very interesting as we progress through the story. The Freedom has some new changes as it now sports more powerful systems, dual pairs of plasma and rail-gun cannons, more powerful beam sabers, and many other weapon systems, an upgraded OS, and many more, and as far as this story goes, it's now the only Gundam with the Neutron Jammer Canceller in it's system, which is now upgraded by the Paeksis. In this story, the signing of the Junius 7 Treaty and the later to come peace accord included the removal of ALL Neutron Jammers on Earth, and the removal of all nuclear ordinance on both the PLANTS, and Earth. As for Shin and Kira's friendship, unlike what happened in Gundam SEED Destiny? That will be revealed soon, as this is still a work in progress.