Gundam SEED Fan Fiction ❯ Music to My Ears ❯ Bitter-Sweet Moments ( Chapter 1 )

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Summary: A story about two DIFFERENT individuals who have recently lost their love are struggling to move on. Will they be able to get over once they meet? Or would that encounter lead to a disaster? Music became the bridge for them to be friends, but would music also bind them together as ONE???

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Chapter 1: Bitter-Sweet Moments

In the City of Orb lived a very famous band known as the ‘Mystique Beauties’. They are widely known for their hit songs like: You’re Just a Friend, Faraway, I’m Crazily in Love, Totally into You, Not Enough and so many more. (These are random titles I’d made up, if there are any present songs with these titles, pardon me for the coincidence.)

The band is made up of female members. All of them have their own specialty:

Miriallia Haw plays the base guitar; Shiho Hahnenfuss plays the drums; Stellar Loussier plays the violin; Lacus Clyne is in charge with the keyboard and Cagalli Yula Athha plays the electric guitar and is the lead singer.

“Hey, Cags we’ve been wonderin’ where’d you get the idea of our band’s name?” Miriallia asked.

“Well, actually…” Cagalli didn’t continue because Lacus beat her to it.

“I’m the one who suggest that name, and it kind of fits us, don’t you think?” Lacus said.

Their name absolutely fits them because they are all stunningly gorgeous and mysterious at the same time. They’re mystique in a sense that they manage to keep their real identity no matter how difficult it is despite the continuous nagging of the paparazzi, media, and fans.

But how do they keep their identity?

Well, they always wear a mask whenever they perform so their eyes are the only visible part of their face. Despite the mask obstructing their visage, their fans believe that all of them are undeniably dazzling. How’d they come up with that idea? Who knows? Up to now, they have succeeded on keeping their real identities as a secret.

Aside from the mask, another mystery associating their band is the ambiguity on how their individual differences actually compliment each others’ skills and talent.

One of these differences is their fashion sense.

Shiho prefers the all black look, she’s usually seen in dark, goth outfits that compliment her natural beauty. In each of their performance, she always gets a fair share of attention giving her the title, the “Rockstar Supernova”.

Mir on the other hand, prefers the casual/sporty/girly look rolled into one. She’s a bit playful with her clothing and that reflects her perky personality. She’s known for the title, the “Pop Star Princess”.

Stellar prefers to wear bright and/or pastel colors earning her the title, the “Classy Cutie”, reflecting her childish antics. She possesses the innocent look that everyone adores but mind you, “Looks can be deceiving”.

Lacus on the other hand, absolutely adores pink. She’s a respected critic in the Fashion World. She is considered as the “Glamour Goddess” of the group.

And Cagalli is more on the comfy but stylish look hence she’s considered as the “Cool Chic” of the band. Just like Shiho, she prefers clothes with dark shades.

Each of them has their own signature look yet when they’re put together they manage to look stunning without overshadowing each other.

That’s why it’s not surprising that all of them are already in a relationship: Stellar with Shinn, Mir with Dearka, Shiho with Yzak and Lacus with Kira. (Kira and Cagalli aren’t twins in this fic, they just met once when Lacus invited him to their gig.) That’s right, all of them except for Cagalli. Apparently, Cagalli and her fiancé broke up before their 5th anniversary.


The night before, she received a call from her fiancé to meet up in the cafe tomorrow afternoon. During their talk, she can’t help but notice his somewhat disheartened tone.

‘Something’s wrong here, I better ask him tomorrow,’ she thought.

At the Café…

They ordered their drinks. Her fiancé started the conversation.

That’s odd! I’m the one who always started our conversation. Now, I’m sure something is definitely wrong,’ Cagalli thought.

“Cags, I’ll go straight to the point… I want to break our engagement…” he said.

Cagalli was shocked. But she recovered and asked him.

“But why Rey? Have I done something wrong? We’ve been happy together so I don’t get the point why you’re leaving me? Am I not enough?” Tears began to roll down her cheeks.

Rey didn’t want to make her cry but there’s no other way to tell her that. She’ll surely be hurt.

“Cags, don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault, it’s mine…” Rey haven’t finished because Cagalli beat him to it.

“Oh don’t use that cliché to me!!! Answer me straight Rey Za Burrel! Tell me the real reason behind all this!” She said while quivering.

“Cags, please calm down, I’m so sorry for hurting you but this is for the best. It’s just that I have an obligation now, the woman I used to love…” He paused.

“…She’s pregnant and I’m the father. I’m so sorry Cags, I love you but I realized I still love her. Please, understand… You’re a beautiful and a talented woman. I know that you’ll find someone who deserves your love. Take care and goodbye…” he stands up and walked away.

“Rey!” Rey stopped in his tracks. “I understand… I’ll let you go. Be happy Rey and I’ll be happy as well! Best wishes to you and your family!” Rey came back and hugged the tear-eyed Cagalli.

“Thank you Cags!!!”

And then he left...

***End of Flashback***

Our dear heroine is so devastated for the past months that she began to write heartbreaking songs. But this only led them to a higher status in the music industry. Who would have known that many would patronize such songs?

The news about her being single again didn’t escape her suitors’ knowledge. They wouldn’t let this chance be put to waste. Of course, who wouldn’t? With the beauty, prestige, money, and fame she got, it’s definitely the reasons why her admirers, suitors, and fans are continuously growing each day.

Cagalli began to receive love letters, gifts of all sorts, bouquets of flowers and chocolates once again.

1 year later…

Our heroine remained to be single despite the continued increase in the number of her suitors, fans and admirers. She became the “Most Wanted Bachelorette in Orb”. The Celeb Magazine interviewed her not only because of her current status in the fame-o-meter but also because her fans are fervently requesting for it.

On the other hand, their band and their music remained on the top charts. Apparently, the band’s career is a great success that they’ll be having their first ever concert in Plants. In accordance with this, they’ll also be launching their first album entitled as “Breathe Again” carrying their hit single, “Love Comparison”. (This is an original song made by the author together with her bestfriend. The title’s resemblance to a present song is not intended. The lyrics would probably be posted in the concert part.)

“Yeah! We did it! We’re on the hit charts!” Shiho and Stellar jumped in joy.

“To top it all up, we’ll be having a concert!! How cool is that?” Mir rejoiced.

“I can’t believe all these are happening!” Lacus said as tears of joy rolled down her cheeks.

“Oh, you better believe it!” Cagalli said happily.

But before that, they need to arrange some matters with the concert organizers. The ‘Golden Records’ is the best and wealthiest recording company in Plants and so they’ll be the best choice for organizing the said event.

In Plants…

“Good news, Chairman. The ‘Mystique Beauties’ chose our company to handle their concert,” the secretary reported.

“That’s good! Miss Hawke, please arrange a meeting between me and their manager,” the chairman commanded.

“But Chairman Zala, this band is known to be a freelancer, they don’t have a manager.” She paused for awhile. “But the lead singer would be willing to come over to talk about matters concerning the event.” The secretary continued.

“Oh… Well then just arrange the meeting with her, second week from now. You’re dismissed!”The Chairman said.

The secretary bowed her head and left the room quickly. She did what the Chairman said, afraid that if she fails, she’ll be fired.

In Orb…

(Telephone ringing…)

“Hello, good morning! This is Lacus Clyne who am I speaking with?” Lacus said fiddling with the telephone cord. “Oh, you’re looking for Ms. Athha? Just give me a second, I’ll call her…”

Lacus go upstairs and knock on Cagalli’s door.


“Hey Cags, someone’s on the phone looking for you,” Lacus said.

“I’m still sleepy, tell him/her that!” Cagalli said covering her ears to muffle the noise.

“But Cags, I think it’s important… As far as I know it has something to do with our concert.” Lacus said shocking Cagalli.

“What!!! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Oh well, I don’t have any time for these,” Cagalli said getting up quickly and going downstairs with a robe.

Before she finally gone out of Lacus’ sight, she turn around and say, “By the way, thanks Lacus!” and left with a smile.


Cagalli talked on the phone; apparently she’s talking with the Golden Record’s secretary. They seemed to have agreed about a certain thing that lasted for about half an hour. By the time they finished, her bandmates are already there waiting for her to spill the beans. It seems that Lacus had awakened them after Cagalli had gone downstairs.

“Good news everyone!” Cagalli squealed.

'Golden Records' had responded to our request, and they’ll be organizing a meeting with us…” Cagalli paused.

“…But unfortunately, only two are required to attend the said meeting.” She said with a sigh. “…so I’m actually having a difficult time deciding who to send,” Cagalli finally admitted.

“You should go Cags!” Miriallia and Shiho said.

“She’s right and besides you’re the leader of this band,” Stellar added with a smile.

“And don’t worry about us; we’ll definitely go after you once the concert plan is approved,” Lacus soothingly said.

“Oh no, you don’t! Lacus, you need to go with her too.” Shiho interrupted.

“You think so? Well, I won’t mind, I’d actually love to see Plants,” Lacus exclaimed.

“So that’s final? Any objection or suggestions?” Her bandmates are smiling, giving her an assuring look.

“Ok, if that’s your decision…” Cagalli paused, “Plants here we come!!!” saying this with utter determination.