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Chapter 4: Totally Embarrassing (Part 2)

_______________________________________ _


Little by little…

I moved inside, making myself at ease…

Or at least look at ease.

Careful with the pace I take...

Letting out a long breath before resuming my initial position…

My watchful eye, following my prey's every movement…

Five more steps...

Be patient, girl! With a snap of a finger you'll be there.

But wait!

Edgy. A word registering itself in my mind…

Why is he acting that way? Did he felt my presence?

I don't get it.

But one thing's for sure.

He'll be dead soon…

I'll make sure that he faces my wrath first.


Why you so obsessed with me (Boy I wanna know)

Lying that you're sexing me (when everybody knows)

It's clear that you're upset with me

Finally found a girl that you couldn't impress

Last man on the earth still couldn't hit this

You're delusional, you're delusional

Boy you're losing your mind

It's confusing yo, you're confused you know

Why you wasting your time

Got you all fired up with your Napoleon complex

Seeing right through you like you're bathing in Windex

Boy why you so obsessed with me?


A phone rung out of nowhere, the guy I've been eyeing for awhile now, shifted from his seat, checking imperturbably at his own phone. With just one look, you won't notice his troubled demeanor under that cool behavior he's showing because he's handling it very well.

But my razor-sharp eyes caught his fidgety movements effortlessly.

Wondering how I did that?

I've been trained in reading and interpreting human gestures, actions and body language to guess what their next move would be. Born as the only heiress to the Athha Corporation, my parents equipped me with knowledge on how to protect myself in times of need since I'm not fond of the 'bodyguard' idea.

*TskTsk* Poor 'Keito', though I pity him I just can't let him get away without having a piece of my mind…


* Phew* False alarm. I nearly had a heart attack…

I'm relieved that it's not my phone ringing.

Stupid! That song is not even my ringtone in the first place!

Being preoccupied is not doing any good to me… I need to stay alert.


On a second thought, a little relaxation wouldn't hurt…

I ordered an Iced Green Tea Latte and a Tuna Melt Panini.

Worrying too much sure makes me hungry…

It's good to have some alone time once in awhile, away from crazy fans and medias. Just sitting here, drinking my favorite beverage while listening to mellow music to relax my nerves. This feels good! I realized I haven't done this in years, now I feel like I've been wasting my life.

For crying out loud! Remind me why I chose to swap my once peaceful life in exchange for this crazy one!

It's no use crying over spilled milk…

I'm glad that with this cover up I can walk the streets as a normal lad. If only this moment could last. But it seems that Lady Luck is not on my side…

Sensing someone's presence advancing towards my back, I keep my cool, and act indifferently.

Who could that be? Did anyone recognize me with this look?

Or is he one of the accomplices who are tasked to capture me?

I hope not.


With the element of surprise, I'm hoping to catch a comical reaction from him.

Ok. Here goes nothing…

1… 2… 3…

I slap him on the back then whispered seductively, "I missed you…" Then I blew air gently into his ears.

What happened next surely threw me into feats of laughter…


He fell on his seat, coughing non-stop, his drink spilled all over his pants which looks like he peed, and gave me an incredulous and homicidal look.

Oops, my bad! It seems like I've gone too far....

I helped him up, sporting a sheepish grin all along…

"I'm so sorry, please forgive me. I didn't mean this to happen, I only wanted to play a prank on you since you let us wait-" he cut me off.

"It is ok, Miss. No harm done. Don't worry. I have extra jeans in my convertible. So excuse me for a sec., I'll go change," smiling gently at me.

That's odd! Where did that homicidal look go?


After a few minutes, he's back smirking at me...

What's wrong with him?

"I'm really sorry," I paused and gazed at him straight in the eye, that's when I notice his eyes… But then I drop the idea about it, probably he's using contact lens.

And then I notice his voice…

"Woaahhh! Nice, Keito." I clapped him on the shoulder, "You manage to change your voice as well? You're a genius!"

"That's not a bad idea! But sorry to blow your bubble, I think you have mistaken me for someone else... I'm not 'Keito'," he paused. "But I don't mind having you as my companion," smirking at me.

I missed his last statement because something along his previous one caught my attention.

The fact that he's denying his identity as 'Keito Yamamoto' is absurd! Who the heck suggested that screen name in the first place?

No one else but him.

Just then an idea popped into my mind…

Probably this is a part of a prank that once I admit defeat he'll be shouting, "You fell for it! You fell for it!" while jumping around like a crazy monkey.

I won't let that happen so I followed his lead…

"Yeah, I totally believe in you. With those emerald eyes, and that long black hair (wig) that makes you look like a girl, you're definitely not 'Keito'…" I laughed until I realized I shouldn't have said that.

But then I heard the guy beside me laughing his head off…

I knew it! He's nuts…

Soon enough, both of us are laughing like idiots.

When I finally recovered…

"Ok, that's enough, but seriously 'Keito', let's stop this nonsense. Lacus is waiting for us, you-"

"Cagalli…" a gentle voice called behind me.

"Hey Lacus! Hey Keito! Sorry for not informing you, I actually wanted to surprise you. I found…" She stopped still facing Lacus, just then something clicked inside her head, slowly turning her face to the person beside Lacus to confirm whether she's hallucinating or not.

"Kei… Keito?" she asked dumbfounded.

Kira simply nod.

'Who the heck is this guy I've been talking to if the real 'Keito' is beside Lacus?' she looked at the two black-haired guys, totally confused.

Until it dawned upon her…

'This guy is telling the truth, so that means… I'm the real idiot here?'



_________________________________ _______

"Cagalli! Cagalli! Can you hear me?" I asked, tapping her face with my hand.

It seems that Cagalli literally froze upon seeing Kira beside me. I know that it's not right to laugh but I can't help myself, seeing my best friend do some stunt like that? It's unbelievable!

To avoid further embarrassment, Kira and I apologized on Cagalli's behalf since she's not capable of doing so in the moment. We left the coffee shop in a hurry right after that, pulling the frozen Cagalli in the process.


Half of the ride to 'Sizzling Hot', the diner where they'll be having their lunch, they remained in silence, waiting for Cagalli to recover from her frozen state. (Lacus is seating in front, beside Kira while Cagalli lay motionless on the passenger seat.)



< br> "Where are we? What happened?" Cagalli asked clueless yet determined, breaking the silence completely.

"We're having lunch," Lacus answered simply not looking at her.

"And?" Cagalli waited patiently for Lacus' response to her unanswered query.

"And… where on our way to 'Sizzling Hot'?" she said hesitant whether to let her know what happened in the café or not.

"Lacus!" she whined like a child causing Lacus to feel guilty.

Kira is the one who answered, "You froze… When you saw me," he turned his head slightly from the stirring wheel to give Cagalli a sheepish smile.

"Oh….." her face crumpled into a rueful grimace.

Kira and Lacus waited for her to continue.

"I'm sorry for causing you trouble," she said looking down at her fingernails.

"It's fine, Cags!" Lacus paused, "We just don't understand why you're there because as far as I know, you are supposed to be in the restroom." Lacus said arching her eyebrow.

"Oh that? Well, you see… He caught my eye when I passed his table. So I paid him a visit, we talked… And that's it!" she said animatedly with matching hand gestures as well.

In the end, both Lacus and Kira didn't buy her story, they just stared at her.

"What! Don't look at me like that. I'm telling the truth," she said defensively.

"Stubborn as always…" Kira and Lacus said in a low tone and then chuckled.

Unfortunately, she heard it, “What did you say?"

"You're hearing things, Cags! Calm down," Lacus said.

"By the way, we didn't say that you're lying… Why'd you sounded so defensive huh?" Kira teased looking on the road ahead.

She coughed out a nervous laugh, "I'm not defensive… Just stating the fact."

Lacus and Kira laughed at her expression.

"Ok! Ok, Fine. I give up, you caught me!" Cagalli admit her defeat.

"Finally! Tell us what really happened-" Lacus was cut off.

"Yeah, tell us later. But first, let's go inside and order our food. I'm hungry!" Kira said unable to conceal his enthusiasm pulling the two ladies gently inside the diner after he parked his convertible.


Once inside the diner, Kira didn't waste time, he ordered Roast Chicken with Herb Stuffing, a slice of Chocoffee Custard Pie as desert and special red wine for his drink.

Lacus, on the other hand, ordered a light meal, Creamy Tuna & Mushroom Pasta and Iced Tea for her drink.

Cagalli is the last who ordered, Kira is really a gentleman!

She ordered a Chicken Pastel in Cream of Mushroom Sauce, a slice of Molten Chocolate Cake and plain water for her drink.

The three ate in silence for awhile because they're too busy with the food on their plates.

"So… Cagalli what's the real deal?" Kira asked casually, wiping his mouth with napkin after drinking some wine.

Cagalli woke up from her dazed state, "Oh yeah… You see, I excused myself because I want to surprise Lacus. I planned to approach black-haired guy # 2 because I thought he is 'Keito' and inform him that we've been waiting for him. And also, I actually thought of giving him a piece of my mind for letting you worry like that…" she added the last statement in a whisper.

The two chuckled, Cagalli blush deep red. Then they motioned for her to go on.

"So, I put the plan into action… I even made a scene before I finally talked to him…" she said while laughing silently with the thought of the prank incident.

"…But in the middle of our talk, I noticed that his eyes have different color but I shrugged it off since I don't exactly remember whether 'Keito' will be using contact lens or not. And then I noticed his voice, it's also different from the original one, I ignored it once again. I even praised him. When I called him 'Keito', he started denying his identity. I didn't believe him because I thought he's just playing a prank on me as revenge to what I did. And so the verbal fight started…" she picks her fork and eats her chocolate desert.

"But when we saw you earlier, the two of you are laughing which is odd if you connect that idea with what you said. Are we missing something?" Kira pointed out.

"Oh that… When I thought of the prank-revenge part, I decided to play along with him. But suddenly a crazy opinion slipped my mouth. I thought he'll be mad at me, but what caught me off guard is that he laughed at what I said. Then that's when we started laughing like idiots." She rummaged her bag for a napkin since she already used the ones given along with their order.

"Here…" Lacus offered her a napkin.


"I don't mean to be nosy… But what's that crazy opinion?" Lacus asked.

"I told him that he looks like a girl?" she blushed.

Kira and Lacus stared at her…

Then they look at each other…

And then back to Cagalli before laughing out loud.

"Nice one!" Kira gave her two thumbs up while laughing.

"You make my day, Cags!" Lacus said, wiping her tears of joy.

"You really are a joker!" they said in unison.

"I am?"


"Yeah… ; I know I'm in big trouble right?"

"Nah… I think you deserve some rest. But you should have told me before pulling some exploit like that. Did you know that the agency kept on calling me to make sure you're alright? They probably thought you're with me. I don't want to make a big fuss out of it 'cause I know you're alright, so I lied to them saying you're here to relax."

"I realize that just now. Don't worry. Next time I will."

"Good. I have to go now, see you tomorrow, Athrun or should I say 'Alex'!"

"Athrun's fine… See yah, Miguel…" I laugh before shutting the phone.


I started the engine…

I'm currently driving along a quiet road to the beach, I'm glad Miguel let me have this whole day for resting. Now I don't have to worry about being discovered by the agency.

Miguel Aiman is really a good friend. You can count on him whenever you're in times of need. He's a certified talent scout. I'm glad I chose him to be my manager in my modeling career. Without his continued coaxing, I probably have left my career a long time ago.


What an odd day!

But an interesting one that is…


After the commotion brought about by my rendezvous with an odd beautiful lady, I stayed for awhile and ordered another drink.

I realized, with her help I forgot the whole be-worried-sick-accomplices-on-their-way thingy. I should have thanked her but then she left without a trace…

Nah… She actually left without even uttering a simple goodbye.

Well that's impossible seeing that she's frozen like a statue upon seeing her friends.


Every time I turn around

Something don't feel right

Just might be paranoid

I'm avoiding the lines because they just might split

Can someone stop the noise?

I don't know what it is but I just don't fit

Consider me destroyed

I don't how to act 'cause I lost my head

I must be paranoid

I never thought it would come to this

I'm paranoid, yeah


Jus t then I was pulled out of my trance when I realize my phone is ringing…


I pushed the answer button and waited for a demanding tone at the other end of the line.

But what caught me off guard is that a gentle familiar voice spoke instead…

"Hello, son! Are you there?"

"Mother?" I asked disbelievingly.

"Yes, that's right. Why'd your voice sound so strain? Don't tell me you pulled that same stunt again?" Mother asked with a sweet voice full of authority.

"I'm glad it's you, Mom. I miss you and Dad so much…" I said trying to change the subject.

"We miss you too. You haven't visited us since you get that job of yours… You see, I'm right! You should have just stayed with us and manage our company."

I sighed in defeat, "Sorry, Mom..."

"We understand, you wanted to be productive and have a name for yourself rather than just grab the fame associating the surname, Zala, right? We're proud of you." I heard her sniffing.

"Thanks, Mom. I promise I'll visit you some other time. I love you. I have to go now..."

"See you, Athrun! We love you too…"

* End of Flashback *


A fter their date, 'Keito' drive them back to the hotel, Lacus kissed his cheek, Cagalli gave him a friendly hug, they thanked him and bid goodbye.

"I had fun, how about you?" Cagalli asked Lacus.

"Of course, me too…" Cagalli didn't miss her somewhat gloomy tone.

"You're sad…" she simply stated causing Lacus to look at her totally lost.


"I said… You're sad. You won't see him tomorrow because he has a hectic schedule, right?"

"I… I… I'm sorry." Now it's Cagalli's turn to be confused.

"Huh? Sorry for what?" she said dumbfounded.

"For worrying you…" a sheepish smile appeared on her visage.

"It's ok. Tomorrow, let's roam around Plants until our feet hurts."

"Thanks, Cags. But don't forget to remind me about informing Golden Records' management…"

"Sure…" an evil glint can be seen in her eyes…


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Obsessed by Mariah Carey is used as the phone's ringtone (Lacus) while Paranoid by Jonas Brothers is used for Athrun's. Sorry for the late updates, I'm still trying to come up with the scenes that'll fit each chapters and I'm currently working on a oneshot. *PHEW* I never knew that writing could be this hard yet enjoyable. Thank you guys and more power ^^