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Chapter 5: Bizarre Experience


Gloom y…


Destitute of light…

Everywhere I look, all I can see is black.

Darkness that makes my skin crawl...

Silence that is too much for my ear to bear…

“Where am I? I don’t remember being here,” scratching my head in sheer annoyance while looking around despite the fact that there is nothing to see at all.

I’m totally clueless on how I ended up being stranded in this kind of place, void of sound…

Void of light…

Void of life…

The last thing that I can remember doing is chatting with Lacus inside our hotel room. Aside from that, everything is a blur.

Could it be possible that I’m still in our room? Awake?


Nah, I don’t think so. ‘Cause even though the lights are off, it would not be this dark since we always leave the curtains tied at the sides to let the moonlight in. Besides, if I were still there, I should have bumped into things considering that I have been roaming around for awhile now.

Wandering in this endless sea of darkness with no idea where I’m going or whether I’m actually moving forward or just going around in circles, sure consumes my patience. Lost in the middle of nowhere is inevitable since I can’t see my path or even my own body.

How can I get out of here if that’s the case?

The darkness seems to stretch forever. No beginning… No end. There is nothing else but black.

I miss the sun… the warmth it gives whenever I feel lost… the way it illuminates the splendid beauty of our surroundings… the light that signals the born of a new day, a new beginning… Without it, my hope is slowly slipping away from my reach, leaving me helplessly paranoid amidst this sea of darkness…

Now, I know how a blind feels.

Which situation do you prefer: be a blind person since birth or be a person who from illness turned blind?

Whether you chose the former or the later, one thing is for sure, you’ll be missing a part of your life. But don’t let this drag you down, instead use it as a motivation for you to strive harder and reach for your goals.

I should be thankful that my eyes are still intact. So there’s no need for me to lose hope. Just like them, I’ll strive to find the light.

I’m not afraid of the dark…

But the eerie silence sure drives me crazy.

The longer I stay here, the greater the possibility that I lose my mind. With this crazy feeling tugging at my heart, I can’t help but doubt whether I actually exist or not… whether my whole life is true or just a story written to entertain people… whether everything that has happened really took place or just part of a plot carefully prepared by the writer himself… or whether this feelings I have are for real or just what the writer wants me to feel…

ARGH! I need to get out of here now...”

How I wish the saying, “There is a light at the end of every tunnel,” is true…

Let’s just pray it’s not a train!

Until out of the blue, I saw a string of light. Desperate enough to get out of here, I ran towards the light without even caring whether I stumble along the way. I don’t even know how I tripped running on a flat surface…

Once the light is within reach, I stopped, “Hey! This scene is familiar. Am I dead? Is this the way to heaven?” I said with a bewildered look on my face.

“I never thought I’ll end up in heaven this early… heck I didn’t even know how I died. I can’t also imagine that the way to heaven is actually through a big bright hole in the middle of nowhere…” I muttered under my breath while slipping through the passage.

When I finally come out…

Woah! Is this how paradise looks like?” I paused looking at my surroundings.

I can’t believe what I’m seeing!

When I was a child, I often see heaven portrayed as a place up above the clouds or in paradise with extravagant vegetation. Where angels floats everywhere, playing music, making garlands of flowers or just running around like normal children do. As time goes by, my perception about it slightly changes but nonetheless one thing remains the same, it will always be a place where peace could finally be found.

Seeing this, I can’t help but blurt out, “It’s… It’s… It’s too old fashioned than what I expected.” I stated too loud for my liking.

I shrugged it off since I know no one heard me.

Until I heard someone snickering from behind, I froze, ‘So much for talking out loud.’

The stranger spoke, “Why… Do you expect it to be futuristic?”

‘That voice! I’ve heard that somewhere before…’ I turned abruptly and saw the same handsome stranger I’ve bumped into, standing a few meters from where I stand.

I totally forgot his last statement since I’m too bemused at seeing him here so I asked him the most stupid question I could come up with, “Are you dead?” once those words left my mouth, I blushed.

The guy stared at me for a long time before responding, “What?!?” laughing uneasily after that.

Did I strike a chord? What’s with that uneasy laugh?

I shrugged the thought away, “I said, ARE.YOU.DEAD?” emphasizing each word as if I’m talking to a kindergarten student.

He walked towards me, pulled my hand gently and almost succeeded on placing it over his chest if I didn’t stop him in time. I felt as if my heart has been ripped into two when I saw his face dropped a bit.

“Why don’t you check it?” he said confidently though the sadness he’s concealing is still visible in his eyes.

I look away, feeling depress on what I did, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to reject you like that… I’m just surprise, that’s all,” I said, looking back into his eyes.

“Everything’s fine. Pardon me for being too forward, milady…” he reached out for my hand and kissed it.

I blushed, my fiery side awakening, “Why’d you do that?” I calmed myself, “Oh well, what’s done is done. So back with the question, are you dead? Because as far as I know we’re in heaven…”

He laughed at loud, “Do I look like a ghost to you?” He leaned forward almost as if he’ll kiss me...

But I felt disappointed when he kept a reasonable distance. Then it sink in, he just did that to give me a good look to prove his point.

What a gentleman! He knows how to give a lady some personal space.

I look at him from head to toe. He doesn’t really look dead, “Nope… definitely not. But you’ll fit the role of a handsome prince…” I absentmindedly muttered the last statement to myself.


If only you know…’

I decided not to tease her about her last statement even though I love seeing her crimson face.

“So are you convinced that we’re not yet in paradise?” I asked waiting for her response.

“Yeah… But if we’re not there, where are we?” her face pinched in concentration.

I waited patiently for her next guess while observing her face and her movements up close.

Just by looking at her, I felt like everything is possible. The moment I saw her, I knew then that she’s no ordinary lady, her beauty is also incomparable but she’s more than that... She’s my redemption from this wretched life, the love of my life. And I’ll gladly accept if faith bestows her hand to me. I just hope that she’ll accept me for who I am. But I won’t force her to share this life I have, staying by my side is enough and I’ll forever treasure that.

I was brought back from my reverie when she spoke…

“Correct me if I’m wrong but seeing wonderful sceneries in this castle’s veranda, wearing this old-fashioned midnight blue dress and you wearing a prince attire, it reminds me of medieval times. So it’s only possible to be back at this time if I’m dreaming...” she pause and look at me for confirmation.

“You are! So what’s with that baffled look?” I smirked at her.

“Ok, but that doesn’t explain why you’re here, considering that I’m the one dreaming. It’s not like I’ve been thinking of you that often…” her voice trailed in a whisper.

I teased her, “That often, huh? I wonder how many times that is?” her mouth formed a circle and pink colored her cheeks.

Oops! Am I not supposed to hear that?

Argh! Stop teasing me!” she retorts while stomping her feet like a child having tantrums.

I really love seeing her blushing face. She looks too cute. A lot of restraint is used for me not to stroke her face with my hand.

“Sorry, milady…”

“It’s okay. But seriously, if I’m still dreaming why do you look so real?” she absent-mindedly position her face in front of mine, observing every inch of my face, her scent driving me crazy.

But I manage to answer her without falter…

“Because you make me look real… ” I said with an innocent look.

“What do you mean by that? Are you saying that I’ve been thinking of you to the extent that my subconscious made you real? Why does it appear as if I’m having a normal conversation with you even if you’re just a product of my imagination? And stop calling me ‘milady’, I have a name…” her fiery side emerging once again.

What a fiery princess! Even a fire breathing dragon would surely be terrified of her. But I love her no matter what…

“You see, milady… I mean Cagalli-” she cut me off.

“Wait, wait I’m not yet done… I’ve been talking to you for I don’t know how long, still one thing remains the same, I’m still talking with a stranger. ‘Cause I still don’t have any idea on what your name is… It’s unfair that you know my name yet, I don’t know yours…” her mouth puckered into a pout.

Her other questions were forgotten ‘cause her last statement left a mark, “You really want to know my name?” I asked.

“Yes…” she answered with a determined look on her countenance.

“I’m sorry but you have to wait…”


… ;

He left me staring into space. I raised my hand only to let it fall away at my side, my mouth hanging open, my mind floating into space, clueless on how he did that.

‘I’m sorry but you have to wait…’

That’s the last thing he said before disappearing into thin air…

“I have to wait? Who the hell does he think he is?” I pause and look around, then my eyes bulge, “And where am I? How did I get in here? Awhile ago I’m in the veranda of a medieval castle, now I’m in the garden of a modern manor? This dream is getting weirder by the second.” I sighed.

When will I finally woke up from this bizarre situation…

I walk towards the fountain not just because it is beautiful but also it’s the only place I can safely stay since I don’t want to risk going into the maze and be lost. I settled myself at one side and stared at my reflection curious as to what I’m currently wearing since I felt it lighter compared to that old-fashioned dress awhile ago. Now, I’m wearing a white laced dress with small flower details all over it and a bow on the left side down the chest part with matching pearl necklace and earrings. White doll shoes complete the look.

Thinking about a certain sapphire-eyed prince while twirling the ends of my golden tresses, I let my mind wander aimlessly…

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” a guy’s voice startled me that led me to lose my balance from my sitting and fell right into the fountain.

I never expected that this fountain would be so deep. Luckily, I know how to swim. (If you’re wondering why it’s so big and deep, it’s because it is a customized and personalized fountain especially made as a wedding anniversary gift.) When I emerged, I was soaking wet from head to toe, so much for my lovely attire… The culprit who brought this misery to me just stared and laughed at my current situation.

Speaking of some rich jerks, he’s surely one of them!

I faced the rude guy and yelled at him, “Hey, jerk! Could you please act like a noble lad and help me in here…” I stated mockingly, my eyebrow went up.

He looks around then looks back at me and asked, “Are you pertaining to me?” pointing at himself as if it’s not the most obvious thing.

“Of course you idiot! Isn’t that obvious? You’re the only person here aside from me,” I retort, obviously pissed.

“Watch your mouth my dear, because that doesn’t fit your beautiful countenance…” my eyes twitch, a compliment coming from a rude guy? No thanks…

In an instant, he’s already standing near the fountain offering his hand to me.

That was unbelievably fast!

“I haven’t seen you around? Are you new around here? Sorry for the way I acted, I’m just fooling around…” he sheepishly grinned while helping me get out of the water.

I blush and look away, he looks too adorable when he grin like that, my annoyance thrown out of the window, “Thanks and sorry for yelling at you…”

And then I looked at him, “YOU?!?

Great! Why do I always end up dreaming about this guys I just met?

“Huh… Me?”

“Yes... Hey what’s happening?” I shriek my face panic stricken.

The manor, the garden, the fountain and the young lad disappeared. I was left out of breath in my own room back in Orb. With my eyes closed I gulp a mouthful of air.

It’s good to be back…

Wait! That doesn’t sound right?

And when I opened my eyes, I came face to face with…




“Hey Cagalli! Cagalli! Wake up! Cagalli!”

I have no other choice…

A loud slapping sound rung in the room, her eyes abruptly open, she stared at me with those emotionless eyes and I stared back at her…

“Ouch! Why’d you do that?” touching her hurt cheek.

Late reaction?

I hugged her, “You scared me back there, don’t do that again,” I cried onto her chest.

“Lacus, please stop crying. I’m alright, see? I won’t scare you like that again, I promise,” stroking my back for comfort.

I look straight in her eyes and said, “Promise?” looking like a child who lost her doll.

“Yes, I promise...”

I hugged her again, “Thanks Cags! The sun is up we have lot of things to do, right? So I’ll leave you here to fix yourself. If you need me I’ll be at the other room,” I stated before going out of the room.

Our room is divided into three: the lounge area, the bedroom area and the shower room. It is indeed a luxury room.

It’s good that I woke up early, if not, no one would wake her up and I’m sure I’ll be deaf because of her unfaltering scream. I didn’t question her about what happened because I know she’s still terrified, so I’ll just ask her some other time.

I ordered breakfast for the two of us…

As soon as Lacus closed the door, I stand up and go straight to the shower room. She’s right! We have lots of plans for today so there’s no time for fooling around. I striped off my night gown and get in the bathtub.

While scrubbing my body, I collect my thoughts particularly that of the sapphire-eyed guy.

It is undeniable that he’s a young man who has both the looks and the money to obtain what he wanted: fame, girls and such. When I first saw him, I’ll be honest, I expected him to be a flirt and handsome lad but he proved me wrong at that same moment when he helped me up and made sure that I’m unharmed. He’s the perfect image of a prince charming, so gentle, kind and romantic and has a funny bone too. Though I don’t know him that well, I can say that he’s a well brought-up guy who could make any woman fall in love with a smirk.

Hey! What are you looking at? I’m not one of those women…

But at some point, I can’t help but have uncertainty since I still don’t know a lot about him even his name. The idea that he might be acting as a refined guy but in the end he’s just like those rich jerks I know, also popped into my mind.

Of course my guy friends aren’t included since they’re not jerks. I know how to choose my friends.

However after meeting and talking to him in my dream, I can sense that he’s a nice guy despite the fact that my intuition tells me that there is something odd going on… That his aura seems to have some strange vibe in it… That he’s hiding some unfathomable secrets…

I’ll find that out someday, but for now I just have to know his name…

Wearing a flounced chiffon top with back ribbon, the upper portion is white in color and the lower portion is black; a bottle green colored short shorts and knee-length black boots together with a cream colored shoulder bag; my short brown hair reaching up to my shoulders (wig) with a black rose-designed headband, I proceeded to the lounge.

“Hey Lacus, good morning! I’m all set…” I settled myself in the sofa and looked at Lacus.

Lacus is wearing a white puffed shoulder tee and a pink tube layered dress on top of it together with a silver purse and white pumps. Her long ginger colored locks (wig) hang loosely framing her face pretty well.

“Oh, hey Cags. I ordered breakfast awhile ago but they still haven’t delivered it yet,” she informed me.

“Is that so? Well, we can’t stay here just waiting, right? I’d say we ditch it and go look for a place to eat,” I suggested.

“That’s not a bad idea, come on…” she said pulling me towards the door.

“Ok,” I laughed.

When we’re just a few feet away from opening the door, it suddenly burst open revealing guys slumped on top of each other on the floor except for one who is smiling victoriously, holding what I assumed as our breakfast. He handed it to Lacus, then bowed and left while dragging the other guys by the feet.

Ouch! That would surely hurt…

With our breakfast in Lacus’ hand, we have no other choice but to stay in and eat it…

She asked after wiping her mouth, “Mind if I ask what caused you to scream like a girl-”

“Hey, I’m a girl!” I retort.

“Sorry…” she laughed uneasily, “I didn’t mean it like that… Back with the topic, why did you scream like that?”

“Oh… that was nothing,” waving my hands to prove my point.

“Well, I’m not convinced. How can that be nothing if you’re screaming your throat out?”

“I did?”

“Yeah… You almost made me deaf, you know?”

“Sorry Lacus… I just can’t help it since I had the weirdest dream in my entire life. I saw two familiar faces I met before-” she cut me off.

“So why’d you scream, aren’t you happy to see them?”

“Nah, it’s not like that…” telling her a detailed account of my dream.

“Hmm… I still don’t get it. Where’s the frightening part in there?” she asked confused.

“None… ‘Cause it’s not the scary part but this... My bizarre dream turned into a nightmare...” my voice trailing in a whisper.

“How so?”

“I woke up and surveyed the room I’m in, still breathing raggedly and then I closed my eyes… That’s when I realized something is wrong. How’d I come up with that idea? That’s because I notice that I’m back in my own room in Orb which is impossible at the moment…”

“Oh no, that’s creepy! What happened next,” she asked eagerly, listening to every detail I say.

“And so, I opened my eyes but the first thing that came face to face with me send me screaming my head off-” she cut me off.

“What did you see? What did you see? Let me guess… Is it a zombie???” she said like an excited child waiting for her chocolates.

“A zombie? Why a zombie?” I asked confusion on my face.

“Because zombies are scary and horrible, they eat human flesh... ”

“Ewww! That’s gross… But Lacus-”

“Ohhh! If not a zombie could it be a one-eyed ogre?” she suggested, her eyes twinkling.

I giggled at her expression, it’s too cute… *Awwww*

“Lacus, that’s a good guess but I assure you, what I saw is more horrifying than that…”

I whispered in her ears, “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” I clamped her mouth with my hands.

“Shhhhhh! See? I told you, it’s scary!” I smirked.

*Phew* “That’s not just scary, it’s horrible you know!”

I sweat dropped.

And then we both laugh...

“Poor Cags, you must have been so traumatized huh? Why don’t you lie down and rest…”

“Not a chance Lacus! I don’t want to feel that torture all over again, it almost cost me my sanity. Wait here, okay? I’ll just get my phone in our room.



While she’s gone, I cleaned up the dishes.

“Hmm… Let’s make this work a little upbeat ‘cause life would be boring without music!”

Sparks fly

It’s like electricity

I might die

When I forget how to breath

You get closer and there’s

Nowhere in this world I’d rather be

Time stops

Like everything around me

Its frozen

And nothing matters but these

Few moments when you open my mind to things

I’ve never seen

Cause when I’m kissing you

My senses come alive

Almost like the puzzle piece

I’ve been trying to find

Falls right into place

You’re all that it takes

My doubts fade away

When I’m kissing you

When I’m kissing you

It all starts making sense

And all the questions

I’ve been asking in my head

Like are you the one should I really trust

Crystal clear it becomes

When I’m kissing you

Nice, I’m all done! Since I have cleaned everything up, I still have time to do something…

I looked around and see to it that Cagalli is not anywhere within a hearing distance. After checking that up, I phoned the Golden Records’ management…

“Good morning! You are currently linked to the Golden Records’ office, please state your query and wait for further instruction.”

“Hello, good morning! May I request a line with Miss Hawke? This is ‘Lara Clyde’ speaking.”

“Request granted! Please wait for awhile…”

Lacus waited while keeping an eye onto the door…

“Good morning Miss 'Clyde'! What can I do for you?”

“Oh, I just want to inform you that Chisato and I are already here in Plants. Sorry for not informing you earlier.”

“When did you arrive? Where are you staying at? Oh no! If our chairman learns about this, I’m dead…”

“Don’t worry, it will be our little secret. We arrive here 2 days earlier and as for our lodge, we settled in Red Velvet Hotel.”

“That’s a perfect choice! I’m glad I don’t have to send you to another hotel. Let me just remind you Miss Clyde that the meeting tomorrow is scheduled at 12 in the afternoon in ‘Ryusei no Kizuna’. Don’t worry, I’ll send a ride to bring you there. Just fax the other details we need such as your room number. Any questions?”

“Is there a need to wear something fancy?”

“You can wear anything you like, as long as you’re comfortable. Anymore question?”

“None for now, thank you so much Miss Hawke.”

“You’re welcome. See you tomorrow Miss Clyde!”

“So… who are you talking to, ‘Lara’?” A voice spoke behind my back.

‘Oh no, I’m dead…’

“Hey Cags, didn’t see you there! I was just talking with Kira…” I laughed uneasily.

“Kira, you say?” she looked at me with those piercing golden orbs.

“Ok you got me! I’m sorry Cags, I called the Golden Records…” I sighed.

I thought she’ll be mad at me, but what I didn’t expect is when she burst laughing, rolling onto the floor.

“What’s so funny? I don’t get it? One minute you look deadly, and then all of a sudden you’ll be laughing non-stop. Tell me Cags, are you really ok?”

“Sure. Sure. I’m fine it’s just that your scared stiff face looks too hilarious. But why did you called them? I thought you need me to remind you about it?” she said trying to stop herself from laughing some more.

“I know I asked you that, but I’m also aware that you aren’t planning to actually remind me. You didn’t know that I saw those evil glints in your eyes huh?”

“Argh! I’m trapped! Come on, let’s just skip the food trip plan, I have a better idea that’ll surely make you forget of what happened in here…” she said dragging me out of our room.


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