Gundam SEED Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Strikeback ❯ In Deep Waters ( Chapter 10 )

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Chapter 10- In Deep Waters
"Uhhh... where... am I?" said La'Fllaga as he opened his eyes.
"Relax... You're alright. You were unconscious and had a concussion after your battle. This is the nearest medical facility." Said Cagalli who was beside him.
La'Fllaga looked around and saw Yzak lying in the bed next to him.
"Small world isn't it?" said La'Fllaga to him.
"Heh... didn't expect you too..." Yzak smirked with a slight grin.
"I'll take my leave. You guys go ahead and rest." said Cagalli.
After leaving the room, Yzak and La'Fllaga had discussed about the events that happened at their own battles. To his disbelief and anguish, La'Fllaga learnt about Nicol's and Dearka's untimely demise.
Meanwhile... a plan was being discussed somewhere...
Kira, Athrun and Cagalli had gathered themselves near a small park outside the medical facility and were discussing some follow-up plans.
Kira: So far, two out of five VR's have been eliminated. That leaves Temjin, Cypher and Raiden still active. And operationally ready, there are only the three of us left fit for battle.
Athrun: Judging from the odds, I'd say this is quite an even match-up now.
Cagalli: However, three on three doesn't mean it'll get easier. Also, who knows when they'll strike again? Our Mobile Suits will take days before they get full repairs...And during this period if they strike...
Kira: Yeah... It'll be bad.... Considering the options we have. The only operationally ready Mobile Suits are the Justice, Aegis, Duel, Strike and the Freedom...
Cagalli held up a sheet of paper...
Cagalli: According to the repair mechanics, the Justice lost its jetpack module and shield arm. Aegis is slightly scratched. The Duel lost its shoulder cannon and the armor cladding is badly singed too. Strike will not have Sword Strike mode for a while and the Freedom needs a new shoulder. Well... the situation isn't that bad for now.
Kira: I recently did a full profile research on the other three VRs. I think it might prove useful.
Kira hands out some research papers to both of them...
Kira: MBV-707-G Temjin. MBV stands for “Main Battle Virtuaroid” This VR is a highly skilled and capable sword fighter. Its armaments are basically the sword and some impact triggered bombs. The sword seems to be a rifle attached and has a railgun transformation. La'Fllaga personally told me about the railgun info. The sword can only serve as a beam blade or rifle at one time, so we can be assured what mode it is in. The bomb is different from normal bombs we use. It explodes and creates a high barrier of energy that can eliminate any projectiles and phase out lasers. Armor layer is comprised of chromium and titanium combined. Overall... Temjin is a second level threat.
Kira switches papers...
Kira: RVR-42 Cypher. It's a TRV type meaning “Tactical Reconnaissance Virtuaroid”. Jetfighter, close-combatant, mid and long range assailant. This VR excels in speed and possesses amazing agility. The gun on its right wrist known as the Revenant II, launches vulcan rounds and also serves as a makeshift beam saber. It has daggers that seem to drain energy from their targets and pierces through armor too... Finally the projection from its torso is a beam launcher. Although we have yet to see the capable firepower from it, we can conclude that it is quite a lethal weapon too... The shoulder seems to harbor four beam launchers of smaller proportions, but equally deadly compared with the beam launcher. Although it has the lowest armor levels and bearing chromium plating, Cypher IS a level one threat but is an extreme-level threat in air-combat.
Athrun: Hmm... The perfect soldier, I suppose... Perhaps not...
Kira briefly looked up and then continued on to the final profile...
Kira: RVR-75 Raiden. This one's a HBV standing for “Heavy Battle Virturoid”. This VR boasts two high energy cannons lodged on its shoulders, and a high impact bazooka including a ground bomb.
Cagalli: Ground bomb? What's with the name?
Kira: Unlike other bombs, this thing levitates some height above ground and explodes using proximity sensors. There is some other kind of bomb but I'm unable to figure out what it is... The bazooka launches H.E(high explosive) rockets as well as "Grappler" missiles as they're called... They explode not upon impact but by timer after catching its target. The laser pods are its most deadly arsenal available. The lasers generate enough power to match two high-energy cannons, and enough to tear armor apart. Speaking of armor... Raiden might be slow, but yields a thick layer of strontium-armor, enough to withstand the heaviest of weapon thrashings. Raiden can be considered a level 1 or 2 threat.
Kira ended the explanations...
Athrun: Our future battles will be much tougher. The odds are basically against us, and we need strategies fast.
Cagalli: Yeah... that's what we're here for.
The trio spent some hours discussing until Cagalli voiced out.
Cagalli: Oh man... I'm dead beat now... And we've only got this strategy figured?...
Kira: I guess that's one why of saving us some trouble...
The trio went into the medical facility to check on La'Fllaga and Yzak and both were recovering fine. However they were still not fit for combat.
"Ugh... man... I can't stand the idea of lying here while you guys fight for your lives." complained Yzak.
"Take it easy now. You're badly hurt and need rest alright... leave the fighting to us." replied Athrun.
As they left the facility, Yzak told La'Fllaga...
"It sickens me when I can't help to avenge my friends..."
"Hey... I'm no different myself." said La'Fllaga, showing the huge bandage across his head and the multiple plaster casts on his limbs.
For once, Yzak seemed to laugh heartily as he saw La'Fllaga in that condition and felt a whole lot better.