Gundam SEED Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Strikeback ❯ Desperate Measures - Part 1 ( Chapter 11 )

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Chapter 11- Desperate Measures( Part 1)
Footnote: I must apologize for the very long delay of publishing chapter 11-14 (it's not the end yet though). Due to a spoiled laptop, my story was lost, and I had to recall and rewrite from scratch. School commitments delayed this too. I really am sorry but I thank the people who even attempted to read my fanfic, whether was it a mere visit or interest. And I hope you drop some reviews be it positive or negative remarks. I need to improve on my next upcoming fanfic (Macross VF-X2) so it'll really help. Thanks to all! (Btw… anyone has any idea what happened to my first chapter?) XD… I swear I did not delete it… -_-…)
“Hey Kira, you ready?” Cagalli asked.
“Err… ya… just a sec.”
Kira wore his boots and adjusted his pilot uniform, while Cagalli was still trying to get used to the new suit she was issued with. Athrun was passing by and noticed the duo preparing themselves.
“I guess this is going to be one of our most dangerous battles ever.” Said Athrun, “So far we've been lucky, but who knows what might happen this time.”
“Oh, you and your nonsense… don't you trust your own abilities?” asked Cagalli.
Athrun merely shrugged his shoulders in response as Kira finally zipped-up his boots.
“Let's go…” said Kira.
As the silent passageways of the Archangel echoed with the footsteps of the trio's, Miriallia and the gang appeared from the next corner.
“Hey guys, good luck to you all. We'll be giving you our full support” Sai told them.
“Of course, it'll be necessary” Athrun said with a gentle smile.
The gang ran off to the cockpit area, while the trio headed for the hangar, meeting Commander Ramius and Badgirruel there talking to Mr Murdoch the Chief Engineer.
“Wow you guys are sure early today.” remarked Mr Murdoch with his usual laugh.
“Are you three ready? I know this will be hard on you all but… give it your best.” Said Ramius.
A conversation went on for a while between them before the alarm sounded.
“Ok! Get into your Mobile Suits on the double!” said Murdoch hastily.
The trio clambered on board their designated Mobile Suits, namely the Freedom, Justice and a modified M-1 Astray Red Frame.
“Don't look down on this baby, I got the boys to soup up this M-1 with better armor and weapons.” laughed Murdoch.
As the M-1 was loaded onto the catapult launch mechanism, the Freedom and Justice were standing by for direct launching. The M-1 went first and followed by the two.
“Wow… this M-1 is equipped with Phase-Shift. Mr Murdoch sure did a good job.” said Cagalli.
“It's top of the line! Haha! And the first ever too.” replied Murdoch.
Getting into formation, they flew for seconds through empty space, when suddenly, a purple beam wave streamed past them fast.
“Wha?... What was that!” asked a shocked Cagalli.
“Surprise attack! Watch out!” Kira went to Cagalli's defense.
Kira saw two wide bursts of laser and deflected the beams with the shield. The beams seemed so powerful that the impact almost threw him off balance. He saw a silhouette of what seemed to be Raiden's body frame. Athrun whom was distracted noticed a glimpse of a shadow beside him. Instinctively raising the shield first, he managed to block a deadly blow that aimed for his neck. He recognized that blue blade anywhere… Temjin. Cagalli was also ambushed from her rear and jump-jet her M-1 Astray to avoid a slash from Cypher. The heat is on. Lasers and swords were firing up in the blackness of space.
Battle 1: ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam .VS. HBV-05-E/k2 Dash Pronger Raiden
Raiden deliberately kept his distance to avoid trouble while firing his Ion-plasma cannons to keep his enemies moving. Kira jet-stormed towards Raiden and noticed a change in Raiden's body frame. He seemed bulkier but was full black. Definitely a problem when using naked eyes to spot him. Regardless, Raiden continued his onslaught of lasers and missiles. Kira easily dodged the missiles occasionally deflecting a few laser bolts. However much to Kira's surprise, he didn't see this coming.
Raiden lowered his Bazooka and hid his left hand behind him. Having no idea what was going on, Kira fired his rifle at the still Raiden. Dodging to his side with a dash, he suddenly lobbed a blue spark towards the Freedom and Kira tried to use his shield again. To his surprise the Freedom could not move a limb.
“What's happening!?” Kira became frantic.
Blue sparks of electricity bolted around the Freedom's frame and it was completely immobile. Raiden went for a critical blow and at range, blasted the Freedom with missiles and lasers.
“Gahhh!!!!” Kira yelled in agony.
“Oh no… Kira!” Cagalli yelled into her comm link.
She had her hands full dealing with Cypher. But in that one moment she became distracted… Cypher slashed the waist of the M-1 Astray…