Gundam Wing Fan Fiction ❯ Afterthoughts of Discourse ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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September 11th 2004

Title: Afterthoughts of Discourse

Author: Vega-Lume

Disclaimer: nope not mine and never will be.

Warnings: Angst, MPREG, Yaoi, Het, limey? Lemony? Mountain Dew?(Lets just say there are some citrusy parts, k?)

Beta: Hymie *wink*

Pairings: 2x1, 2xH, OMCx1

Afterthoughts of Discourse

Chapter 2

By Vel

Duo stared at his computer, he had been sitting in his office at the yard for the past two hours under the pretence of working but in all actuality, he had not gotten a single thing done in days.

Rubbing his tired eye’s he shifted his gaze to look out the window, but even looking at the piles of scrap was painful. The two people he cared the most for were gone and he still did not know if either of them even intended to return.

The compunction that he felt was wearing on him, his mind was confused he loved both Heero and Hilde, but was he in love with either of them. Sure, they had had sex on occasion and it was great but to tie him self to one or the other to choose which one of the two he wanted to spend his life with that was another matter entirely.

Heero knew more about him then any other living being, even more then Howard and that was saying something, but he was so quite and reserved. He never truly laughed he hardly smiled and in the time that he had known the man Heero had never said ‘I love you’.

Hilde on the other hand was soft and sweet, she laughed freely and smiled often, she loved going out to do that same things that he himself liked to do, and she had told him that she loved him on many occasions.

Nevertheless, the situation was hard to deal with, both Heero and Hilde were angry with him. He simply did not know what to do.

It had been nearly a month and he had yet to hear from either of them. The woman had gone to L3 in the pretence of looking into purchasing a second scrap yard and expanding their business, but Duo knew the truth. She was avoiding him.

Heero on the other hand had completely vanished. There had been no trace of him since the night he left. No car rentals, flight records or bank activity in Heero’s name or any of the aliases that he had used in the past. Duo knew that the other man was hiding and that if he did not want to be found it would be even harder for the persistent American to find him.

Duo was pleased to think of himself as a tenacious bastard; it would only be a matter of time before he found the other boy. When he did, he vowed to grovel and beg until Heero finally forgave him, or killed him. Duo sincerely hoped that it would not be the later.

His musings were brought to an abrupt halt when his office door opened without so much as a knock. His surprise at the intrusion turned to shock when he saw who was now standing in his open doorway.

“Hilde!” He called, surging to his feet.

“Hello Duo,” She replied cordially, closing the door behind her and taking a seat without an invitation.

“Hilde I’m sor…” she held up a hand stopping his flow of words.

“I have something I need to tell you.” She said finally looking up and meeting his eyes. He nodded.

“I’m pregnant.”


She sighed and repeated her statement.

“But I…”

“I know, you always wear a condom. It happened at that party in March, you remember, the one we threw when we finally got the yard to show a profit.”

Duo nodded and sat back down slowly, the memories were garbled from a bit too much alcohol. Heero had only been with them for about a month; they had yet to rekindle the intimacy that they had shared during the war. The party had been thrown for all the employees but the Japanese youth had declined to attend.

Duo and Hilde had partied for several hours imbibing intoxicating drinks and dancing to the loud erotic music. The next thing he remembered was waking up in his office on the small leather couch where the young woman was now seated with Hilde sprawled across him.

“A…are you sure?” the woman gave him and exasperated sigh and stood removing her jacket. She grabbed a handful of the back of her shirt, pulling it taught against her abdomen. Her normally flat and trim belly now sported a small telltale bump.

“Duo, I want our child to know you. I think that both of us should have a hand in raising it but I won’t marry you.” She said as she released her shirt.

“I don’t blame you. After what I did, I wouldn’t marry me either.”

“So, you’ll be here for us?” Duo felt his hope for finding Heero crumble. He couldn’t take of to search the Earth and colonies and leave Hilde behind.

“Yes, Hilde I’ll be here in any way that you need me.”

“Thank you Duo.” She replied sincerely, stepping across the room to hug her braided friend. Then she stepped back and slapped him will all her might. “If you ever hurt me or anyone else like that again, I swear to god you will father no more children. Do I make myself clear?”

Duo simply nodded his head bowed and eyes downcast.

“Good.” She stated then strode from the office, jacket in hand.

She was still angry about his deception and the way he had treated both Heero and herself. Nevertheless, he was willing to be more then a sperm donor in their child’s life.

She made her way to her own office she noticed Heero’s office in passing and sighed. She had been checking her e-mail periodically while on L3 with the hope that Heero would contact her, even if it were to tell her that he hated her.

Smiling sadly Hilde entered her office and hung up her jacket before taking a seat behind her desk and booting up her computer. Heero would never send her a mean letter he was too kind hearted and she knew deep down that no matter how angry he was or how much it was justified he simply would not do anything that could cause pain to someone he loved.

* * *

Heero had walked to the shuttle port and stowed-away in the cargo hold. Luckily, the shuttle had been carrying animals from the L2 zoo to Earth for a breeding program so the hold had been oxygenated, warm and the gravity had been in place for the entire trip. He was even able to get water to drink from the large canisters holding water for the animals.

He had very little money and not wanting to confront the two people that had once meant the world to him in order to retrieve his wallet, which he had left on the table near the front door he opted to simply make due with what he had.

It was late evening several days later when the shuttle finally docked dirt-side. He had been able to slip out of the hold undetected and made his way directly to the city.

His first night found him sleeping on a park bench. He woke to find one of his bags had been stolen. Thankfully, he had the foresight to keep his money safely on his person.

Starving after four days on the shuttle and skipping dinner his last night on L2, he had collect his remaining bag and went in search of an inexpensive place to eat.

He walked slowly his eyes downcast not really paying attention to where he was going when the inevitable happened. He bumped into some one.

“Hey man, watch where the hell yer going!” A young woman snapped causing him look up.

“Sorry…” He mumbled. As if seeing something in his face her attitude did a 360.

“No worries, hey you gotta smoke?” Heero stared at the girl as if she had grown another head. She couldn’t have been more then twelve years old. She was Japanese with a heavy Asian accent. Her long black hair was oily and pulled into a messy ponytail.

“You’re too young to smoke.” He pointed out; she laughed at him her strange gray-green eyes sparkling with mirth.

“Can’t put anything past you! Say you look a little down. New in town?”

“Yeah,” he replied

“Gotta place to stay?” she asked noticing his disheveled clothing and ripening odor. He shook his head in the negative.

“Got any money?”

“Why?” he asked

“I know this diner, foods’ cheap but its better then garbage. I sell the smokes I bum and eat there when I have enough.”

“Why don’t you just ask for money?” she laughed aloud at his question.

“Cause’ most of the idiots ‘round here would rather give a thirteen year old cigarettes then cash, that’s why!

He hummed at the revelation. “Lead the way.” He said, she beamed then linked elbows with him dragging him the three blocks to the Hummingbird Diner.

True to her word the food was very reasonable and the portions large.

Heero was a little self-conscious about his appearance and the fact that he hadn’t been able to shower or brush his teeth in several days, but the waitress didn’t seem to notice as she greeted them.

After noting the prices on the menu and calculating the amount of cash he had including the tip Heero told his young companion to order what ever she wanted, with in reason.

Her eyes widened “Honto!” Heero smiled hearing his mother tongue.



The waitress returned a moment later with two tall glasses of cold water and a notepad in her hand.

“What can I get for you?” She asked, pen poised over the lined paper.

“umm… I want the Lumberjack breakfast with orange juice.” The girl said smiling. The waitress noted the order then turned to Heero.

“I would like the fruit bowl and the silver dollar hotcakes.” The waitress scribbled down the order.

“Coffee?” she asked.

“Tea, please.” He replied

“I’ll get that out to you in just a sec.,” she chirped collecting their menus, before bustling up to the counter and docking the order.

“So,” Heero began “what is your name?”

“Dun have one.” The girl replied playing with the paper from her straw. “I suppose I had one once but I don’t remember what it was.”

“I know what you mean.”

She looked at him, startled, then asked “You a war orphan too?”

“Not really, I think I was orphaned before the war. I was a soldier for a while.”

“I heard that they gave money to kid soldiers after the war ended.”

Heero nodded. “Yes they did, but I can’t access it until I’m eighteen.”

“Can’t find a job?” she asked knowing that it could be considered rude to pry, but he seemed like he wanted to talk.

“I had one, I left it about a week ago.”


“My friends betrayed me.” He turned away and she frowned. Betrayal is painful, shaking her head she changed the subject.

“What name you go by?”

“Heero.” He answered turning back to the girl. “You?”

She shrugged, “I get called kid most of the time. I don’t really like it, but that’s all I know.”

“It doesn’t suit you.” He stated

She smiled again she liked him. A lot. No one ever really talked to her; it felt nice to have a real conversation for a change.

“Pick a name for me?” she asked, looking hopeful.

Heero blinked but before he could reply, the waitress returned with the breakfast.

They ate in silence for several long moments while Heero thought about his new friends’ request. He had never named anything before much less a fellow human.

He thought about the few females he knew but none of their names seemed suitable for the girl seated across from him. Then he remembered one little girl he had met once the memory was painful but a name came to him.

“Mary.” He said finally, gazing at the pretty Japanese girl.

She looked thoughtful for a moment or two, her large meal momentarily forgotten.

“I like it,” she whispered “Thank you Heero.” He offered her a small smile and she returned it full force before tucking back into her meal.

“You know,” she added around a mouthful of homefries “You seem down on your luck. You wanna stay with me?”

“I don’t want to be a bother...”

“Don’t worry ‘bout that. I know all the good squats. Where to go to eat when your broke, where to shower. Just stick with me, Heero-kun you’ll be alright.”


From that moment on the pair were inseparable, Mary had taken Heero to the abandoned shopping center that she and about fifty other homeless people called home, showed him the best places to spange and where the soup kitchens and community centers with the showers were.

With a friend for company, living on the streets wasn’t as difficult as it could have been and Heero settled into his new life with surprising ease.

* * *

Heero trudged through the busy streets of the large metropolitan Earth city that he had ended up in. He had no real plan or direction when he fled his apartment a month ago, but now he had a new friend and an anonymous life that couldn’t be tracked.

He hadn’t touched a computer since he left, nor had he tried to obtain money from his account. So long as he kept with the status quo no one from his past would find him unless he was spotted. However, he had already started altering his appearance. He dressed in baggy donated clothing and allowed his hair to grow out; it was now long enough to hang in his face, obscuring his features.

He didn’t know how long he would keep up this way of life; the only thing he did know for certain was that when he decided to return to a more stable way of life, his new sister Mary would be joining him.

He smiled slightly at the thought of the girl. She reminded him of an odd combination of both Hilde and Duo, and surprisingly that revelation had not hurt. Mary’s personality may be reminiscent of his former friends but she was not Hilde or Duo.

Heero could also see a bit of himself in her too, more then their physical resemblance but pieces of her personality. She liked to read and spent the majority of each morning at the public library, the books she chose for the most part had been books the he himself had read at one point or another and had enjoyed.

When they could spare the change, they went to the arcade and challenged each other to various games. But for the most part, they talked.

He learned about her past or at least what she could remember of it. She had been orphaned at a young age and still had vivid memories of her parents’ death. They had owned a store and it had been robbed. A masked man had shot them.

She remembered being in a group home but could not recall how she came to be on the streets just that one day she was being looked after by an old homeless lady who had been placed in a state funded home a few months after the first war ended.

Heero had told her about being a Gundam pilot glossing over the unsavory bits. For the most part she it found exciting, he told her about the scrap yard and his relationship with Duo and Hilde. Then he told her about the night he had left home, secretly smiling at the colorful names she had called Duo and Hilde.

Turning a corner he spotted her perched on a bus bench, fixated on the contents of the small picnic hamper style purse on her lap.

“Mary. It’s been a week; I think you should name him.” Heero said taking a seat beside her, peering into the basket as well.

“I did, his names’ Pookie.”

“Pookie!” Heero laughed, eyeing the young gray rat nestled amongst horded toilet tissue and stale bread crusts.

“Yes, Pookie.” She humphed latching the clasp on the basket.

“You ready to go?” He asked gently, apologetic for picking on her pet. “It’s six thirty already.”

“Yup, let’s go.” She called looping the shoulder strap of her duffle over her shoulder before collecting Heero’s hand in hers.

Together the pair walked hand in hand to the soup kitchen.