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September 11th 2004

Title: Afterthoughts of Discourse

Author: Vega-Lume

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine, but the situations, original characters, the

M-Utatek (no matter how improbable it may be) and anything else NOT original to the GW Universe is mine *grrrr* any flames for any reason like pointing out that improbability will be laughed at and fed to my Plot Bunny Mkha, who will eat it and leave plenty bunny raisons for you :D

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Pairings: 2x1, 2xH, OMCx1

Afterthoughts of Discourse

Chapter 3

By Vel

July AC. 197

Another month had passed and Duo was settling into his new role of expectant father. Hilde was now in her fifth month and much to Duo’s annoyance she continued to work just as hard as if she were not expecting.

“Dammit Duo! I’m pregnant not dieing!”

“Sorry Hil, its just that the doctor said for you to take it easier, and I don’t think that lifting fifty pound crates of scrap iron is taking it easier.” He said gently, not wanting to rile her up.

“Well I do, I usually haul twenty, seventy pound crates a day, and I cut it down to ten, fifty pounders.” She snapped, crossing her arms over her chest.

Duo sighed rubbing his temples to ward off the headache that was creeping behind his eyes. “Alright, alright I give. But don’t come crying to me if something happens because you don’t want to listen to me or the doctor that I paying to take care of you and the baby.” He snapped back, then turned away stalking back to his office.

Hilde watched his retreating back and sighed deeply, her animosity towards Duo was slowly fading but she knew deep down that she would never completely forgive him until she knew for sure if Heero was all right.

It had been nine weeks and no one, not even Relena or the other pilots had heard from him. The more time that passed the more worried they all became. Wufei had even gotten the Preventers involved but so far, they had not turned up a single clue. He had vanished.

Wiping away a tear, Hilde followed Duo back into the office building. She would listen to what Duo and the doctor said, she could not bear to loose someone else.

* * *

Mary stood at the mouth of the ally and waited patiently as Heero emptied the contents of his stomach behind a large dumpster.

Heero had thrown up at least once a day the entire time that she had known him. At first, she thought that maybe he had bulimia but after a few days, she realized that he could not help it. Just the smell of something would trigger an attack, like the one he was having now.

It worried her; she had begun to fear that he had stomach cancer or something of the like, especially after what she had noticed a while ago. They had just gotten up and were planning on heading to the Greek Orthodox Church for breakfast when she saw Heero’s bare stomach.

Now, she had seen him shirtless on several occasions already, but that day she had seen something that worried her. His lower abdomen looked swollen, just a slight bulge that wasn’t even noticeable when his shirt was on, but just the sight of that abnormality to his normally too thin figure had suddenly brought to mind cancer and tumors

She had questioned him about it and he had told her not to worry about it. Then finished getting dressed without another word.

That was a couple of weeks ago and now she could easily see the lump through his shirt. As the lump grew the less he ate but the vomiting continued.

Now, listening to him retch, she was convinced that the bump and the vomiting were connected. But knowing didn’t help her, she had already tried to get him to see a doctor at the free clinic but he had adamantly refused, saying that the doctor would have to know who he was and any record would be seen causing his former friends to come for him.

He never wanted to see them again.

Mary understood his fear but she was bound and determined to find help for him somehow. Reaching into her bag she pulled out a small bottle of water then walked back to where Heero was leaning against the dumpster looking pale.

“Thank you, Mary.” He said softly after accepting the offered water.

“Niisan,[1] please. Just give the guy at the clinic a fake name or something. I’m really worried.”

“I’m fine Mary, really. Let’s just get home before it gets dark.” Heero replied firmly. He straightened his clothing a bit and handed back her water before turned to leave the alley.

“Stubborn bastard,” she grumbled under her breath before jogging after her brother.

The pair arrived back at their squat just at sun down. It was safer to stay inside after dark, not only for their well being but also their squat could be snatched up if they stayed away too long.

As they settled in for the night, Mary let Pookie loose for some exercise while Heero checked their stash of supplies for any signs that the other squatters pinched off of them.

Tossing Pookie’s dinner, a package of crunchy breadsticks from a fast food salad bar, to Mary, Heero then settled down on his pallet for the night with a book.

Mary tore open the breadsticks and ran the tip of one back and forth across the floor in front of her pallet. Pookie’s head popped out of a rubbish pile, his whiskers twitching as he caught the scent of the treat.

The obviously spoilt fat rat waddled over to his mistress and happily accepted the breadstick, holding it between his hands whilst nibbling it daintily.

“Spoiled rotten to the core.” Heero commented over his book. “Look at how fat he’s gotten.”

“Don’t look at me. You spoil him too.” Mary replied, arching an eyebrow while she glared at her older brother.

“I’m not denying it, I’m simply stating a fact.” Heero smiled then turned back to his book

Sighing in exasperation, Mary toed off her sneakers, pulled out her own book and snuggled into her pallet, absent mindedly stroking Pookie’s coarse gray hair.

They were quiet after that, each caught up in the far away worlds their books provided, the soft sounds of the traffic above them and the other squatters around them seemed to vanish for a while and nothing mattered until morning when the once again had to rely on the kindness of strangers to survive another day.

+ ++

The first of November marked the beginning of Heero’s fifth month missing and Duo hardly noticed. Not because he cared any less for the missing boy, just he never seemed to have the time or the energy to spare.

All of his time was now spent keeping Hilde’s mind from atrophying due to sheer boredom. The woman was practically bipolar when she got bored. She either drooled in a mindless heap or went completely psycho and left weaker folks running for their lives rather then play what ever game she had in mind.

Due to some problems with her blood pressure the doctor was fearful that she may suffer

Preeclampsia, but with her stubbornness there was no way anyone could make her stay on bed rest. So with Hilde now in he eighth month of pregnancy the doctor all but demanded that she do nothing more then mind her desk for the next month.

That lasted all of three hours after her appointment. By lunch she was ordering workers and sorting scrap, by closing she found herself admitted to the hospital with a very angry Duo and an equally annoyed Doctor glaring at her.

“Not one fucking word, Duo Maxwell.” Hilde growled at the smirking American sitting on the window seat of her hospital room.

“What?” Duo inquired, adopting an innocent expression. “I wasn’t going to say anything.”

“Don’t try that shit with me Duo, I can practically hear what you’re thinking.” She snapped, folding her hands on her gown covered belly.

“Hey don’t bite my head off, I’m the innocent party here.” Duo countered

“Innocent my ass, more like ain’t-no-saint. You and that doctor have been trying make me stay in the hospital for weeks now.”

Duo sighed, and stood up. “Listen Hil, if I thought for one moment that you staying here wasn’t for the best then I would take you home right now. But if the doctor can’t get your blood pressure under control both you and the baby could die. I really think that you should stay here until they either find a way to stabilize you or the baby is born. If that means you stay put for the next four weeks, then so be it, but please stop being so difficult.”

Hilde was quite while she thought hard on what Duo had said, she knew she was being too hard on him, almost as if she was trying to punish him. She knew she wasn’t being fair to him, he was trying so hard to be patient and sensitive to her moods.

“Alright.” She began softly, “I promise to behave myself, and Duo…”

“Yes?” The braided man inquired gently, closing the distance between them.

“I’m sorry for being such a bitch.”

“Oh Hil…” He breathed, leaning down so he could wrap his arms around her. His eyes slid closed as he absorbed the warmth of Hilde’s body. Duo had missed the feeling of human contact. The hugs and snuggling, he had been celibate since that night, first because he loved Heero and Hilde so much and second because he truly didn’t think that he could get that close to a complete stranger.


Blinking his eyes open, he pulled back to look into her face. “Yeah?”

“I really am sorry, what you did to Heero and I, it just hurt so much. I wanted to hurt you back, but now I know that you really do care for me. I also wanted to thank you, for being here and doing all you have for the baby and I.”

“I do love you, Hilde. You are my best friend and I promise to be here for as long as you need me.”

“Marry me?” she asked tentatively

“No, Hil. I’m sorry but I know now that no matter how much I love you and the baby, it would never work out.” He replied softly, his face turned away from her.

“You love Heero, don’t you.” I wasn’t a question

“Yeah I do, more then I ever imagined could be possible.”

“Then why haven’t you gone to look for him?”

“Because you asked me to stay and help, I couldn’t just take off for some unknown amount of time. I’ll find him someday but for now I’ll stay here with you.”

“Oh, Duo.” A tear escaped one of her blue eyes and trailed down her pale cheek. “Promise me, please that when the baby and I settle into a routine or something where I can cope on my own for a while that you will go and look for him.”

“I do, I promise to look for him when you say you are ready to be on your own.” He turned then to look into her eyes. “But I want you to promise me in return that you will not send me away until you are really ready.”

“Deal.” She beamed pulling him into another hug. The nurse came in then to check he vitals. So far they seemed to be fairly stable, but as the doctor had told her when she had been admitted, she would be spending the weekend there at the very least.


Mary gazed at Heero worriedly, the cough that he had developed a few days ago had gotten so much worse. He could barely get out of bed long enough to use the make shift toilet that had been set up in the curtained off corner of their squat.

The thick green/brown mucus he had been coughing up meant an infection, and the over the counter cough syrup Mary had managed to buy wasn’t doing anything.

“Heero, would you like some water?” She asked, whilst rooting through her bag for some tissues.

“Please.” He rasped and the young girl hurried to grab a bottle and help him drink. The skin on the back of his neck was so hot under her palm as she cradled his head, his hair damp with sweat. The bulge in his belly was so large now that even with his heavy coat it could be seen easily. With his now shoulder length hair and pretty face, strangers had begun to think that he was a pregnant teenage girl.

Once he had swallowed all the water he could manage, Mary eased him back down and pulled the ratty blanket up to his chin.

“I’m going to go get us some lunch, okay. I’ll be back in a little while.” She said softly while donning her outer ware.

“Be safe.” He replied softly, his eyes drifting shut in exhaustion.

“I will,” She countered then knelt, scratching between Pookie’s ears affectionately before slipping out of their humble home and into the chilly winter air.

Wrapping her muffler tightly around her face, she made her way to the local Catholic Church to grab a cold bagged lunch. It was the only place where she could get food that did not have to be eaten on sight. She didn’t want to take the time right now to spange for cash to buy Heero something better. Though a peanut butter or bologna sandwich and a granola bar were far from ideal, it was far better then going hungry. Maybe she would get lucky and they would have fruit today.

After trudging up the icy concrete steps she went around to the back of the church were the homeless services office was and went inside.

“Hello, Mary dear.” Missus Stevenson, the kindly elderly secretary called as the snow powdered girl entered the office.

“Hello Mrs. Stevenson. How are you today?” Mary asked as she briskly rubbed her chilled hands together.

“I am very well, child” Mrs. Stevenson’s weathered eyes darted to the door then back to the girl. “Where is Heero?”

“He’s sick today. His cough got worse. I was wondering if I could get two lunches so I could take one to him.” Mrs. Stevenson’s brow furrowed in worry

“If you can’t, that’s okay. I’ll just get one for Heero and I’ll eat at the soup kitchen.”

“Posh, I can give you two, I was just worried about Heero. It’s far to cold for the two of you to be out on the street, and with his cough… I just…”

“I know,” Mary replied softly “Its bad, Mrs. Stevenson. Its turned into an infection, even if I could talk him into going to the clinic, he’s too weak to walk it now.”

“Oh dear. Mary, he has to see a doctor.” When the girl opened her mouth the old woman cut her off. “I’m going to call my son-in-law, he’s a doctor and will make sure Heero gets well again.”

“But he won’t go, he’s afraid.” Mary hurried to explain.

“If he’s sick and knows that the doctor can help, why would he be afraid?”

“Its not the doctor he’s afraid of.” Mary sighed and looked away before continuing “Heero’s friends hurt him a lot. He ran away from them and came here. If he went to the doctor his friends would find out and come here looking for him.”

Mrs. Stevenson chewed her lip as she absorbed the information. “I don’t understand, hospital information is confidential. Heero’s old friends can’t see his records.”

“Some of them work for Preventers.” Mary confided quietly.

“Just let me call Scott, if he says that he can help Heero, without his Preventer friends finding out, do you think Heero would see him?”

“I… I think Heero is really sick. I think he knows he’s sick too but is trying to hide it.”

“What do you mean?” Mrs. Stevenson asked gently.

“He throws up a lot, and his belly is all swollen. I’m afraid its cancer or something.”

“My Gods.” The old woman breathed, slumping back in her chair. When she noticed the tears in the young girls’ eyes she opened her arms, offering the child a comforting hug.

“I’m scared for him.” Mary whimpered gratefully accepting the warm embrace.

“Hush child, we’ll call Scott and he’ll help Heero get well again. I promise that your secret will be safe with us.”

Pulling out of the hug Mary sniffled, wiping her nose on the sleeve of her coat then moved to the bench to sit down. After offering the girl a box of Kleenex, Mrs. Stevenson pressed the button to the intercom.

“Joe, please bring two bagged lunches to the office.”

“Sure thing ma’am.” Came the quick reply, a few moments later the volunteer appeared and handed two paper bags to Mary, before disappearing back to were he had come from.

After sending a calming smile to the girl, Mrs. Stevenson picked up the phone, dialing a number from memory.

She spoke quietly enough that Mary couldn’t follow, then after several long minutes, the old woman hung up and beamed at her.

“Scott and my grandson Paul will be here in about five minutes, they will pick you up and drive you to where ever Heero is, then they will take you two to the clinic that Scott and my daughter run. Scott assures me that they will not use Heero’s name on any of the paper work.”

Mary’s eye grew very large as the woman spoke, tears threatening to fall again.

“He has also offered his home to both of you until Heero is well again, he said that they have plenty of space and would be happy to have you stay with them.”

“I don’t know what to say…” Mary whispered

“Then just eat your sandwich, dear. Scott will be here soon.”

Mary smiled opening one of the paper bags. There was what looked to be a bologna sandwich, an apple and a chocolate chip granola bar. Pocketing the granola bar as chocolate chip was Heero’s favorite, she peeled the plastic away from the sandwich and took a bite, then was pleased to note that it was ham and not bologna.

She had finished the sandwich and had just started on the apple when an attractive older man with short black hair that was graying at the temples walked in, followed by a sinfully gorgeous teen with golden brown hair and the most amazing green eyes she had even seen outside of a magazine.

“Mom,” The older man greeted with a kiss to Mrs. Stevenson’s right cheek.

“Scott, Paul. This is Mary.”

“It is a pleasure,” Scott replied with a kind smile.

Mary made to reply then remembered that her mouth was full of apple. With a blush and a sheepish smile , she hurried to finish chewing then swallowed before saying “Thank you.”

“Come, dear. Lets get your brother to the clinic.”

“See you later, Grammy.” Paul called over his shoulder as he followed his dad and the young girl to the waiting car.

The trio drove through the icy streets, heading towards the part of the city that had yet to be rebuilt after the war. A walk that would have taken a half an hour only took a few minutes by car.

Parking the small four door in the red ‘No Parking’ zone in front of the damaged mall, Scott and Mary got out, leaving Paul in the car should an officer stop to leave a ticket.

Carefully picking their way into the mall Mary guided the doctor to the old shoe store where she and Heero lived.

“Wait here, I’ll go get him.” Mary said stopping before a small gap in the plywood that had been nailed over the storefront.

“Alright.” Scott replied and watched as the girl squeezed through the gap.

Heero’s raspy snores greeted her as she entered their squat. He was lying on his back, breathing shallow gasps through his mouth. Pookie was curled on the boy’s chest his beady black eyes glinting in the dim light filtering through the dirty windows.

“Heero, wake up. We gotta go” Mary called softly, shaking the sleeping youths shoulder.

“Wa?” he mumbled, his eyes fluttering a bit.

“Come on, we gotta go.” She called again, shaking him hard enough to dislodge Pookie, sending the fat rat skittering off of Heero’s chest. Mary snagged his tail, preventing him from going too far.

“What’s wrong?” Heero asked hearing the urgency in her voice as Mary slipped the squirming rat into her pocket.

“You are going to the doctor.” She answered firmly.

“No, I already…”

“I know what you said, and I don’t care. Mrs. Stevenson’s son-in-law is a doctor, he wont put your name on anything so your friends wont know. He’s waiting out side.” Mary stated as she packed some of their things into bags.

“Why are you packing?” Heero managed to ask before doubling over in a fit of wracking coughs .

“The doctor said that we can stay at his house while you get better.” She answered, pausing in her packing long enough to pat his back and help break up the mucus so he could cough it out.

“Mary?” A male’s voice called from out side of their squat. “Do you need help?”

“No!” She called back. “We’ll be out in a minute.” Slipping the straps of her various bags over her shoulders. “Come on.” She said to Heero again, grabbing his arm and forcing him to his feet.

She placed his coat over his shoulders and snagged his shoes before pushing him towards the exit. The moment he was out the door, Scott grasped the boy’s elbow holding him steady whilst Mary knelt at his feet helping him into his shoes.

Heero blinked blearily, barely conscious while the pair guided him out to the car.


[1] according to English to Japanese translation, this is the correct word for ‘older brother’