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Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine, the situations, original characters and anything else NOT original to the GW Universe is mine. not for profit, just for fun.

September 11th 2004

Title: Afterthoughts of Discourse

Author: Vega-Lume

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine, but the situations, original characters, the

M-Utatek (no matter how improbable it may be) and anything else NOT original to the GW Universe is mine *grrrr* any flames for any reason like pointing out that improbability will be laughed at and fed to my Plot Bunny Mkha, who will eat it and leave plenty bunny raisons for you :D

Warnings: Angst, MPREG, Yaoi, Het, limey? Lemony? Mountain Dew?(Lets just say there are some citrusy parts, k?)

Beta: Hymie *wink*

Pairings: 2x1, 2xH, OMCx1

Afterthoughts of Discourse

Chapter 4

By Vel

November 18th AC. 197

“Congratulations, Mr. Maxwell! It’s a Girl!” The doctor called as she entered the waiting room where the expectant father had been pacing. Due to the complications with her blood pressure the doctors opted to do a cesarean section and take the baby early.

The baby’s original due date had been December first, but at two weeks premature the doctors were certain that there would be no problems with delivering early.

“How is Hilde? Can I see them?” Duo asked hurriedly, twisting his braid between his hands.

“Mother and daughter are doing just fine, you can come to the nursery and see your daughter now, and you can see her mother after Hilde is moved to recovery.” The doctor replied, placing a gentle and on Duo’s shoulder guiding him towards the nursery.

Duo followed the doctor through the sterile corridors then into a room where, as a precaution he donned a sterile gown.

The lights in the nursery were dimmed as it was now late evening, as he entered the room his ears bleed at the shrieking wails emanating from one of the infants.

‘Please don’t let that be mine.’ He thought as he followed the doctor deeper in to the room.

“Don’t worry Mr. Maxwell. That crying is not coming from your daughter.” The doctor laughed, sensing what the man behind her was thinking. “His name is Mathew, he has colic.”

“Poor thing.” Duo replied then jerked to a stop before he could walk into the doctor when she stopped at a bassinet a few rows to the left of baby Mathew.

“Here she is.” The doctor said softly, her hand motioning towards the tiny girl swaddled in a soft pink blanket.

Duo gazed at his daughter in awe, his eyes filling with tears at the sight of her little face.

“My Gods, she’s beautiful.” He breathed “Can…May I hold her?”

“Of course.” The doctor replied lifting the infant and placed her in Duo’s waiting arms, making sure that her head was supported.

“Dr. Reynolds?” A nurse called quietly from the doorway.

“Yes?” the doctor replied turning away from the young father.

“Ms. Schbeiker is settled into her room now.”

“Thank you, Anna.” She replied with a smile then turned back to Duo. “Lets go see the new mama. Would you like to carry your baby?”

“Yes I would, thank you.” Duo answered, his eyes never leaving the baby’s little face.

“This way.” Dr. Reynolds said as she unlocked the wheels on the bassinet and pushed it to the door. They walked down a few hallways turning a few times before reaching Hilde’s room. Dr. Bennett turned so she could back into the room then held the door for Duo.

The moment he entered the room Hilde’s eyes brightened and she moved a bit so she was sitting up more then opened her arms to receive the child when Duo reached her bed.

“Here you go, mom.” Duo said affectionately, easing the babe into her mother’s arms.

Dr. Reynolds stood back unobtrusively, giving the new family a few moments together before collecting the baby’s chart and stepping up to the bed.

“Have you decided on a name for her yet?”

“Umm… I don’t know. I can think of a hundred names.” Hilde began softly “What do you think, Duo?”

The braided man seemed thoughtful as he eased himself into a seated position on the edge of Hilde’s bed.

“Xiiro.” He replied quietly after several long moments.

“Zero?” Hilde inquired, she could understand wanting the connection to Heero, but naming a baby girl after a Gundam?

“Zee-lo, X.I.I.R.O. Xiiro.” Duo corrected.

Hilde thought for a moment then smiled. “It’s beautiful. I like it.” She replied then turned to the doctor. “Xiiro Lyn Schbeiker.” Both Hilde and Duo had already decided that the baby would have Hilde’s last name.

Dr. Reynolds nodded and wrote the name on the chart. “Visiting hours are over, I’ll take little Xiiro back to the nursery while you say your goodnights. Then it’s off to sleep Hilde. Trust me you’ll appreciate getting a full nights sleep.”

Hilde laughed then placed a kiss on Xiiro’s forehead before passing her to Duo so he could do the same. Dr. Reynolds took the baby then, placing her in the bassinet and wheeled her from the room.

“Night Hil, get some rest. I’ll be back in the morning.” Duo said once the doctor was gone. Leaning in close and giving the new mother a firm hug.

“Thank you Duo, for everything.” She countered, returning the hug. As the braided man pulled away she placed a kiss on his cheek, then leaned back against the pillow.

“Love you.” Duo called just before leaving the room.

“Love you too.” Said softly as she turned on her side, settling in for the last full night of sleep she may have for a long time.


Heero never noticed the car ride to the clinic or the doctor and his nurse fussing over him while they took his vitals, but the soft exclamation of “Oh my Gods!” could not be missed and he forced his crusty eyes open to focus on the shocked face of the nurse standing at his bedside.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing.” Dr. Scott Bennett stated in shock, his hand trembling as it held the ultrasound wand against the boy’s swollen stomach.

It had been easy to diagnose that Heero had a severe upper respiratory infection. Something that antibiotics, a warm bed and some good food would clear up in time, but when he examined Heero’s abdomen he could feel a large lumpy mass. Worried he immediately called for the ultrasound to get a better idea of what was going on inside the boy.

But seeing it did not mean he had to believe it. Never in his wildest imagination would he have expected to see three small fetuses snuggled together in the small teen’s belly.

“He’s a boy…” The nurse whispered her eyes darting between the ultrasound monitor and Heero’s unfocused blue eyes.

“Just let me look…” Dr, Bennett replied distractedly as he moved the wand around Heero’s belly, looking at his insides at all possible angles. “There!” he called out poking a finger at the screen “An implant.”

“What?” Heero called in alarm, causing both doctor and nurse to jump.

“Heero, we have found something very unusual. I don’t want to alarm you but I need to know some things about your past. I promise you that anything you tell me will not leave this room. Alright?”

“What do you need to know?” he asked hesitantly

“Do you ever remember having an operation, one where something may have been implanted in your body?”

“No, during the war I was in the care of a scientist, he did some things to me; I don’t recall much of it, I just remember waking up after it was over.” Heero wheezed.

“Bastard.” The nurse hissed in disgust

“What did he do to me?” Heero asked worried at the nurses’ reaction

“Have you ever heard of a device called the M-Utatek surgical implant?” Scott inquired

“No…” Heero answered hesitantly.

“It’s an organic man made uterus, it was originally designed for barren women so they could conceive and deliver children naturally. A doctor by the name of Stuart Larson created the device and his daughter Dr. Xara Larson reconfigured it so that it could be used in men who wanted to carry a child. It is not very popular in that application yet, but there have been a handful of successful male pregnancies.”

Heero’s eyes shifted to his rounded stomach and a shudder passed through his small frame. “So you’re telling me…”

“You are pregnant.”

“Oh Gods!” Heero gagged, turning sideways so his head was hanging over the exam table. The nurse was beside him in an instant, holding a kidney dish under his mouth to catch the bile.

“There’s more.” Scott began cautiously, once the youths retching had calmed a bit.

“I’m a sixteen year old pregnant boy, what more could there be!” he gasped out between wracking coughs, greenish phlegm collecting in his palm before dripping onto the white paper covering on the exam table.

The nurse grabbed several disinfecting wipes, and began cleaning up the mess while Scott took a calming breath and pulled a single photo from the ultrasounds printer.

“Triplets.” He replied, holding the photo out so Heero could see the three tiny babies snuggled inside of his body.

Heero took a few quick breaths as is eyes settled on the photo, “Those…Those are mine?” He asked in wonder. The printout was so clear that there was no denying what he saw.

“Yes, I can even tell you what they are if you want.”

“My babies.” Heero whispered his fingers tracing each tiny head. He had been terrified to learn what Dr. J had done to him but that fear was now completely gone, replaced by shock and awe.

“At least we now know the perfect way to hide your medical records.” Scott laughed “I doubt that your friends would look for a pregnant girl.”

After he had been cleaned up and given medication that was safe to be taken during pregnancy, Scott and the nurse who turned out to be his wife Rachel helped him out to the waiting area where Mary and Paul were seated.

As the office was officially closed today, there was no worry about anyone learning of Heero’s true identity. His records had been filed under the name Rie Amuro (1), and if he ever had to visit the clinic during regular hours, he agreed to at least wear his hair in a feminine fashion.

As they piled into the Bennett family car, Scott explained that their eldest son Michael was way at college, so Heero was welcome to that room, while Mary could use the guest room. For now they simply wanted to get Heero in from the cold before is infection turned to pneumonia.

Their next course of action would be to get the pair of them bathed and fed. Heero was severely under weight from all the vomiting he had endured because of the pregnancy. Plus with three babies draining him of any nutrients he had it was a wonder that he hadn’t collapsed from exhaustion or anemia.

Scott had determined that Heero was roughly six months along, setting the babies due date at around St. Valentine’s Day. With the unusual nature of the pregnancy, coupled with Heero’s age, small stature and the severe malnutrition, Scott wanted him to have as much bed rest as possible.

One of the prescriptions was for the nausea, they hoped it would help enough that Heero would be able to gain back some of the weight he had lost. If not, then the doctor would be forced to keep the youth on an I.V. for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Heero didn’t seem too pleased to learn that he may have to spend the next three months hooked up to an I.V. He hadn’t said anything to Mary, but he was just as worried as she was, thinking it could have been cancer or something of the like. But the relief of knowing what was truly wrong with him was so strong that he felt as though he could sleep for a week.

“Heero, dear?” Rachel inquired from the front seat. “I know that you have a lot to think about right know, but have you thought about whether you are going to keep the babies or not?”

“I… I’d like to keep them but…”

Rachel cut him off before he could continue “Then tomorrow morning, I will start to teach you the basics in baby care. No one could teach you everything, but I’ll make sure you get a good start.”

“Thank you.” Heero replied sincerely

“My pleasure dear, in fact I’m quite looking forward to the idea of having babies in the house again, I’m fairly sure we still have some of Paul’s baby furniture in the attic and…

Ahh, a rat!” she finished with a shriek, pulling her feet up and pressing her back into the seat.

Scott pulled the car to the curb and leaned over to peer into the dim floor space where his wife’s feet had just been. To his surprise, a rather large, fat gray rat sat under the warmth of the floorboard heater washing his long whiskers with his tiny hands.

“Gods, I’m so sorry.” Mary called from the back seat as she struggled to undo her seatbelt. Once she was loose, she squeezed between the front seats and held her hand out to Pookie, who readily climbed into his mistress’ hand. “His name is Pookie.” She explained whilst tucking the rat into a fold in her coat.

“That’s all right, dear.” Rachel replied, lowering her feet back to the floor “I’m not afraid of rats, he just startled me.”

Both Mary and Heero let out their held breaths while Paul snickered beside them.

Scott pulled back onto the street as Mary buckled up again. They rode in silence for several long moments before Scott asked “Should we stop at the store now, or drop the kids off at home first?”

“Let’s get them home first, that way Heero and Mary can start settling in. One of us can run back out and pick up some things.”

“Please don’t go out of your way for us,” Heero began before breaking into a fit of coughing. “We don’t want to be a bother.”

“It’s nothing, really. I started a pot roast in the slow cooker this morning; I always make enough for sandwiches the next day, so dinner should already be done. I had planned to stop at the store today anyway.” Rachel explained but Heero still felt a bit guilty that this kind family was going out of their way to help them and he had nothing to offer in return.


(1) Rie Fu and Namie Amuro :D