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September 11th 2004

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Afterthoughts of Discourse
Chapter 7
By Vel


Evening, Tuesday November 22nd

“Shit, shit, shit” Duo chanted as he hurried the drop the soggy diaper in the pail and clamp the lid on. Quatre laughed softly and Duo growled “Find something funny Quat?”

“Oh yes, very amusing.” The blonde replied with a bright smile and lowered his eyes to Duo legs; Duo glanced down at his lap noticing the smell before he saw the dark, cooling stain on his jeans.


“Yes, I believe it is” Quatre laughed and Duo growled again, yanking the lid off the tub of baby wipes and scrubbing the spot furiously with a handful of the lightly scented cloths.

“Be careful not to waste those” Quatre scolded “unless you want to use a washcloth.” Duo made a face. “Well, you can’t leave Xiiro wet or dirty while you run to the store to buy more.” With a sigh, the new father tossed the wipes in the pail and turned back to his daughter who was now dressed and dozing in her mother’s arms.

Hilde’s smile was sympathetic as she nodded towards the bathroom “better hurry, Trowa will be here with dinner in about twenty minutes.” Snagging his duffle from the sofa, where he had been sleeping since Hilde and Xiiro came home yesterday Duo went to the bathroom to change his jeans.

“How are you feeling?” Quatre asked as Hilde moved to sit in the armchair near the sofa.

“Tired, achy, overwhelmed” she sighed

“It will get better, you’ll see” Quatre replied and rose to gently knead the woman’s shoulders; she tipped her head back to smile up at the blonde.

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us these past few days, I don’t know what we’re going to do without you.”

Though Quatre and Trowa had been staying at a hotel at night they had been by each day to help with the final preparations so everything went as smoothly as possible when Xiiro came home. They were leaving tonight after supper, already checked out they would be going right to the airport from Hilde’s apartment.

“The first night is always rough, no matter how many kids you have. Just ask my sisters” he laughed lightly “Don’t worry, in a few days you won’t even miss us.”

“I won’t miss the teasing.” Duo said, now wearing pajama bottoms and smelling fresh. He walked through the kitchen and popped his jeans into the small washer in the laundry room then went back to the lounge to sit with his family.

“Aww, you know I love you.” Quatre smiled

“Yeah,” Duo replied “and if I didn’t love you back I would have decked you ages ago.”

“And I would have kicked your ass” Trowa countered closing the front door behind him and setting the food bags on the bar.

“No fair,” Duo whined “I get him back for teasing me and you beat me up, who do I have to beat you up.” Trowa’s laugh was deep and warm as he passed Duo a bottle of soda.

As Duo popped the top and took a swallow Hilde replied “I’m sure Miss Relena would defend your honor.” Soda sprayed from Duo’s nose and Trowa thumped his back while Quatre tried to stifle his laughter so not to wake the baby.

“Not funny” he wheezed, the fizz in his sinuses making his eyes water. Relena was currently not Duo Maxwell’s biggest fan having heard the story by now and knowing why Heero was nowhere to be found. Though she was now well past her crush on him, she and Heero had stayed good friends and missed him just as deeply as everyone else. Duo was fairly certain that if he and Relena happened to cross paths before Heero turned up she would claw his eyes out.

Hilde chuckled and rose to put Xiiro in her bassinet so they could have supper, Quatre and Trowa had to leave in less than an hour and she wanted to make sure they were fed before they left.

Despite the laughter the meal ended quietly as the two men gathered their things and donned their coats. Quatre kissed Xiiro’s little forehead then gave Hilde a hug “I’ll call when we get home.”

“You better,” Hilde replied and kissed his cheek.

“Take care of each other and be safe.” Duo said as he hugged them and saw them to the door. He hadn’t realized how much he missed them until this moment as the car pulled away taking the pair to the space port then on to L4.


Early Afternoon, Sunday November 20th

Scott pulled his car in into the driveway of his home, turning it off, he took a deep breath. He had stopped at a supercenter to pick up a few supplies for Heero and Mary, they needed some things but if he were to be honest with himself he was really just delaying his return home.

He hadn’t had the chance to speak with Heero before he left and was worried that he may have damaged the tentative trust he was trying to build with the Japanese youth and his sister by sharing his secret with another person.

He hoped that Heero understood that as a doctor, Scott wasn’t experienced enough to fully care for him alone and that Joe was a friend and very experienced with high risk pregnancies, especially the implant and a risks and care involved with an M-Utatek pregnancy.

The movement of the kitchen curtain drew his eyes to the house where he spotted his wife and the look of curiosity on her face. With another sigh he collected his coat and the shopping bags and climbed from the car.

“Why were you sitting out there so long?” Rachel asked as she met him at the door.

“I went to Starsdale to talk to Joe.”

“Oh” Rachel replied in a tiny voice, her eyes darting towards the hallway and the closed bathroom door she knew to be there “is he willing to help?”

“Yes, he and his wife will be here for supper, so I have about…” he paused to glance at his watch “five hours to try and figure out how to explain to them why I broke my promise less than twenty-four hours after I made it.”

“Heero seems sensible enough to understand the ‘why’” Rachel said with a smile “as long as you explain it to him, I’m sure everything will be fine.”

Scott smiled back at his wife and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before heading to the lounge to wait for Heero to finish in the bathroom. He didn’t have to wait long and soon the door opened and Heero was calling for Rachel to help him back to the lounge.

It didn’t take long and soon the pair we’re shuffling out of the hall and up to the comfy lay-z boy.

“Hello Doctor Bennett” Heero said sounding a bit surprised; he had assumed that Scott was at work and wouldn’t be back for several hours yet.

“Call me Scott please” the doctor said as the boy settled back into the chair and Rachel put up the foot rest. Heero nodded in reply and turned his attention to the doctor who obviously wanted to speak with him as Rachel had disappeared leaving them alone.

Taking a deep breath Scott turned his full attention to the youth in the chair and began “Heero, I’m not sure if you noticed yesterday but my clinic is very small” Heero nodded so Scott continued “I have the necessary training to treat pretty much anything that comes my way as long as it isn’t a serious emergency, when that happens I will stabilize the patient and send them by ambulance or Medi-copter to a hospital in Starsdale.”

Heero frowned deeply and Scott continued on “I’m telling you this because I was up most of last night looking up information about the implant, things to expect, so on and I’ve come to realize that even with Rachel’s help there is no way I will be able to help you deliver on my own.” Heero paled and Scott called Rachel to bring a glass of water.

“So what’s going to happen?” Heero asked after taking a few swallows of the cool water.

“I hope you forgive me for doing this without speaking with you first but I have a friend who works at University Hospital in Starsdale, he volunteers his time at the clinic and few times a month. He is a specialist in high risk pregnancies and took a specialized course on the M-Utatek during his studies; I went to Starsdale today and spoke with him about you.” Heero opened his mouth to speak but Scott pressed on “I stressed the need for secrecy and I never would have spoken with him if I didn’t trust him.” Heero opened his mouth again but the doctor cut him off again “he’s promised to keep this secret and will arrange everything at the hospital so you’ll be taken care of…” before he could finish he was hit in the face with a throw pillow and Heero face held a funny mix of amusement and exasperation.

“It’s okay” the teen said when the doctor finally shut up.


“I said it’s okay, I understand why you needed to speak with the other doctor about me and I’m not angry with you.”

The sudden look of relief on the doctor’s face made Heero laugh out right, the sound drawing Rachel out of the kitchen.

“Everything alright then?” she asked perching on the armrest of the chair her husband was seated in.

“Yes, everything is fine.” Scott said giving Rachel’s hand a gentle squeeze and she gazed at him affectionately.

“So when are Joe and his new wife coming for dinner?” She asked sliding away and walking back towards the kitchen.

“Seven-ish” Scott replied rising from his seat and moving to collect the bags he left near the door “He has to finish his shift at the hospital then pick up Alice before he can get here.”

“Okay,” Rachel said with a nod, I just need to see what we have then, make a quick trip to the store.”

“What me to go instead?” Scott asked as he sat down in his chair again bags in his lap.

“No, thank you if I can’t find what I need I can look around and decide on something else by what the store has. Also I’d like to take Mary with me, have a little girl bonding time.”

“Good idea.” Scott said looking down at his bags, he had had a hell of a time figuring out what to buy for Mary as the only clothing he had ever purchased for his wife were items she had chosen and asked for.

He hadn’t the faintest idea about women’s clothing sizes, measurements and such. He had asked an assistant in the ladies department for help explaining that he needed a few things for foster child that had arrived with nothing. He gave the poor woman Mary’s age and a few vague measurements by holding his hands apart.

After what seemed like an unbearably long time he had a small armful of shirts, two skirts and two pairs of leggings with drawstring waists, a baggie of socks and a purple hoodie that would probably be too big on the petit girl but that was okay.

The associate had assured him that everything was ‘in style’ but reminded him of the stores return policy. She had also suggested that it could be a good bonding experience to bring the girl next time and let her pick out a few things.

“Where is she anyway?” Scott asked when he realized he hadn’t seen her at all today.

“She’s in the garage sorting through some of my old things in the Goodwill box, trying to find something that fits her.” Rachel replied “She’s having a bit of a hard time as everything is too large for her. I am, after all fully grown and a good foot taller than she is.”

“Here” he said holding out one of the bags “I picked these up for her while I was in Starsdale, I don’t know anything about her sizes but they should do until you take her to buy more.”

“You big softie” Rachel accused warmly as she traded the bag for a kiss.

“Guilty” Scott replied, kissing her again then let her go. He watched her disappear into the garage before giving Heero the other shopping bag. “These are for you.” He stated, setting the bag in Heero’s lap “Just some new socks and some sweats, I thought you might feel better if you didn’t have to wear pajamas all day.

“Thank you,” Heero replied sincerely as he pulled the bag open to look inside. There were more than sweats and socks; there was a grooming kit, tooth brush and a comb as well.

Before anymore could be said the garage door flew open and Mary came rushing in, she threw herself at the doctor and gave him a bone crushing hug before vanishing down the hall to try on the first new, never before worn clothing she could ever remember owning.

There was a small fashion show as Mary modeled her pretty new clothes, sashaying and twirling in her stocking feet while Rachel made lunch. Then after the light meal was eaten the girls went shopping and Heero went to his room and took a nap.

While Heero napped Scott drove over to the Palomar Family Health Clinic, did some paper work, made some orders, updated Heero’s medical record and picked up enough I.V. fluids and medication to last Heero several days. He arrived home just moments before Paul did.

“Joel screwed up my laptop again.” Paul complained, flopping into the sofa with a scowl on his face.

“I thought you weren’t going to let him use it anymore.” Scott replied in a slightly scolding tone as he double checked to carton of medications to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything that Heero might need.

“I wasn’t, I left it in Miya’s living room when we went to the basement to play games. When it was time to leave I noticed my bag was empty and Joel was at the kitchen using the computer.

“He took it without asking?”

“Yeah, he said he was only on for a few minutes to check his e-mail but when I checked he had been on for hours and he downloaded some junk for his iPod and I think he saved some stuff to his flash drive too, now it’s all screwed up again.”

“I’ll call his parents to pay for the repairs this time. They know he wasn’t allowed to use it and he took it without asking this time and was caught.” Scott said angrily. It had cost a fortune to clean it up last time; the idiot had purposely turned off all the internet protection and the computer was infected with a pretty nasty virus while he downloaded who knows what.

“I have a report to finish for school tomorrow.” Paul sulked

“Well, I hate to say it son but it looks like you’re going to have to start over on my computer.” Scott said and Paul groaned pulling himself from the soft sofa and shuffling off to his father’s office to re-write his report.

Scott shook his head at his son’s sulking back then pulled out his phone to call Joel’s parents. When he hung up the phone several minutes later he wore a scowl that matched his son’s when Joel’s mother refused to pay and blamed Paul for leaving his computer out where anyone could use it. She said another one of the other kids at Miya’s house caused the damage and they were trying it pin it on Joel because he made a mistake before.

“We’re home” Rachel called out from the open door “Hun, can you help us with the bags? I splurged a little and bought some things to fix up the nursery.”

“Of course,” he replied and followed her out to the drive. He dreaded what he might find knowing what his wife was capable of when she splurged but there really wasn’t as much as he feared. There were several bags from Super Center and just four average size bags from Babies-R-Us.

“What did you buy?” He asked hefting several heavy bags of groceries and carrying them into the house as Mary trailed in behind him carrying a few bags into the room she shared with Heero.

“The store was having a case lot sale so I bought a few cases of things we’re running low on and some things I’ll need for Thanksgiving and Christmas.” Rachel replied and Scott nodded in understanding as he set the bags on the kitchen counter.

“What’s this?”

Rachel tuned to look at the package in question and smiled “I bought Mary her own bedding, something feminine. All the sheets that fit her bed are old sheets from the boys or those ‘guest’ sheets we bought when Paul was a baby.”

Scott chuckled, he had always thought the guest sheets were hideous, Rachel’s sister, Susan
was the only person who ever stayed over and she loved them so they always went on the bed when she visited, she was also the only reason the guest room was yellow, no one else seemed to like the color very much.

“Is Paul home? I bought him a few things too.” Rachel asked as she unpacked one of the bags. Scott scowled again and quickly explained what happed with the computer and what Joel’s mother said when he called.

“I don’t believe it” Rachel exclaimed in shock “she called Paul a liar and believed that juvenile delinquent of hers when she knows he’s done it before?”

“Pretty much” Scott replied as he placed a few cans of vegetables in a cupboard “she claims we’re using her son as a scapegoat because he has a past history and completely disregarded the fact that Paul caught him on the computer without permission and the only way Joel could have gotten to it is if he had taken it out of Paul’s backpack.”

Rachel shook her head in disgust “Some people” she sighed “how much do you think it will cost to fix it this time?”

“Who knows, it may just be cheaper to buy a new one.”

“May I look at it? I learned about computers during the war.” a new voice asked from the doorway and the pair turned to see Heero fresh from his nap standing just outside the door, Mary steadying him with a hand on his arm.

“Sure, if you want too” Scott replied as he moved to help Heero back towards the lay-z boy, leaving Mary in the kitchen. Once Heero was seated Scott grabbed the computer which had been sitting on an end table near the sofa. “Do you need anything?”

“Plug it in please and something cold to drink would be nice.” He replied settling himself more comfortably.

The doctor dragged one of the tall reading lamps closer so Heero would have better light then plugged the computer in before fetching him a glass of iced tea. “Have fun” he said with a chuckle after leaving the tea within the youth’s reach, he then left to join the girls who were still in the kitchen putting away all the canned goods.

“What is he doing with it?” Rachel asked stuffing an empty canvas shopping bag into another that was already half full.

Scott shrugged “Feeling useful? I don’t think he’s going to hurt it any more than the Jent kid did.” Scott replied as he watched his wife check the chicken and pie she had popped in the oven to keep warm when she first got home. They were both already cooked, purchased from Super Center’s deli along with some prepared sides.

“Where do these go?” Mary asked pointing to the baby store bags.

“Just pop them on the couch for now, dear. We’ll deal with them after everything else is sorted away.” Rachel replied and Mary smiled taking them through to the other room nearly bumping into Paul who was standing just out of view of the kitchen door watching Heero type away on the computer.

“Stop staring at him, it’s creepy” Mary said with a grin “he won’t bite you, not unless you want him too any way.” Paul blushed to the roots of his hair and Mary laughed, tossing the bags on the sofa. “Seriously, just go over there and talk to him.” She nudged him in the arm and went back into the kitchen.

Heero, not oblivious to the conversation tried to become one with the chair as he sank down hiding his red face behind the screen as he continued to try and figure out what was wrong with the device.

Taking a few steps closer the blonde youth opened his mouth, squeaked, cleared his throat and tried again “Umm any luck?”

Sparing a quick look through his bangs, Heero nodded and replied “I’ve almost fixed it, I should be done soon.”

Excited Paul asked “We’re you able to save anything?”

Heero nodded again, typed for a few moments more then turned the computer around so Paul could see the screen. “I managed to restore to an earlier point sometime yesterday, you probably lost anything you added today but everything else should be there. I removed all the bugs and cleaned up a few things so it should run faster and more efficiently. I also managed to salvage activity logs and can prove where whoever kit was that used your computer today and that they went to several risky sites, downloaded restricted material and was online for almost three hours.”

Paul beamed “You can really prove who it was?”

“Yes, someone named Joel Jent. He logged into two social media sites; both had the same name and profile photos.” Heero replied, Paul leaned over the computer and hugged him.

“Thank you.”

“Joe and his wife should be here in the next fifteen minutes.” Scott said as he set his cellphone on the breakfast bar.

“I’ll go put this away” Paul said to Heero as he closed the lid and tucked his computer under an arm “I’ll be right back.”

Rachel grinned at the obvious attraction between the pair and nudged her husband with her elbow. He had a tiny frown on his face but it turned to a knowing smile when he saw Rachel’s smile falter a bit.

“What’s wrong?” She asked but Scott shook his head ‘no’ and turned to place the salad bowl on the bar next to his phone. She understood his ‘no’ meant later so she let it drop, for now and poured the bag of salad mix into the bowl.

“Paul, could you get the TV trays from the garage please?” Rachel said as she tossed the empty bag in the trash.

“Where would you like this?” Scott asked holding the roasting pan firmly with oven mitts.

“Oh, here” she replied quickly dropping a trivet on the tile counter for the hot pan to rest on.

“Just leave the pie in the oven, but turn the heat off please.” Doing as she asked, he shut off the heat then moved to help is son with the wooden TV trays. Just at the pair set the trays in the lounge they could hear Dr. Masahura’s car pull into the driveway.

“I’ll get the door” Paul said as he was closer and pulled the door open an instant after the bell was rung.

“Hello Paul.” Joe greeted with a smile as the youth stepped aside to let the doctor and his wife inside. “Let me introduce you to my wife” he said when Scott and Rachel moved to join their son in the foyer. “Everyone this is Alice, Alice this is Scott, Rachel and Paul Bennett.”

The woman, who looked very much like one would expect an Alice to look with pale blond hair and blue eyes, smiled at the Bennett’s nervously. “It’s a pleasure to meet you” she said sweetly “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for some time now, Joe speaks of you often.”

“Come in; let me introduce you to the others.” Rachel said after taking the other woman’s coat. Leading Alice to the lay-z boy she paused and said “Alice, this is Heero Stevenson {1} and his sister Mary. Guys, this is Doctor Masahura’s wife Alice.”

Neither Heero nor Mary said anything but they did shake the woman’s hand. A few moments later Scott and Joe appeared and introductions we’re made again.

“Joe, I’m sure you want to take a look at Heero, after all he’s the main reason for your visit but may I suggest we get supper out of the way first.” Rachel said from the breakfast bar.

“Yes, of course.” Joe agreed and he Alice sat in the love-seat where Scott had led them.

“I’m sorry, but our meals are very informal here” the doctor said as he offered them a pair of TV tables “we eat in here.”

“We have no problem with it” Joe replied, opening the table for Alice then adjusting the pillow behind the petite woman so she could sit up easier.

Once again, Mary slid into the chair with Heero while the others found seats in the long sofa and wing-back chairs, serving themselves from the dishes Rachel and Scott set out on the low coffee table.

Heero forced a few bites, not really hungry after eating and keeping down both his breakfast and lunch for the first time in several days. There were frowns from everyone but Alice but he ignored them, scooting down so he could rest his head on Mary’s shoulder. He was tired and wasn’t looking forward to being poked and prodded again.

He must have dozed because before he expected it Mary was wriggling out of the chair to put their dishes away and both doctors were at his side to help to the privacy of the bedroom.


{1} It will be explained more fully in the next chapter but Heero and Mary have the surname Stevenson because when they were recorded as orphans by the Catholic church H.O.P.E. registration, Homeless Orphan Program Egency {2} (that ensured they stayed fed and had warm clothing) they didn’t give a surname so they were given the surname of the caseworker that filed their paperwork, who happens to be Rachel’s mother Mrs. Emma Stevenson.

{2} Egency (plural egencies) 1 need; neediness; poverty –Latin egentia from egere; to need, to be in need, this word was chosen so the acronym would spell Hope.

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