Gundam Wing Fan Fiction ❯ As I Lay Thee Down ❯ Plans Revieled ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

"…It is done." Meiying said to herself, as she stood atop the highest point of the highest building, in the center of Ryuuku. She looked down at all below her, her eyes were almost glowing, a rageful passion within them. 'I've done what I set out to do…' She thought, as she perfectly balanced her weight on one foot, atop the thin statue with was the highest point of building and town altogether. It was a statue of a serpent, it held in its' mouth it's Chinese zodiac sign: year of the snake. 'But why do I feel a sense of longing to this place?' She soundlessly stepped to the tip of the serpent's forked snout, '…Is this regret that I feel?' She pondered, '…But…regret for what? For this doomed village…" She thought, as she jumped from the serpent to a smaller statue below it. The building had a statue for each symbol of the zodiac, but the serpent has on top. Why this village was named Ryuuku was odd though, for 'Ryuuku' meant 'Year of the Dragon,' not serpent. She looked down at the horse, then her eyes smiled, but not her lips. She had always liked the zodiac, it seemed…in some strange way, to make sense in her mind. She jumped from the horse, to the boar, then to the dragon, stopping on it momentarily. 'That boy…why do I feel I should care about his life?!' She glared into the night sky, 'Is he no ordinary lad…but still, why should I regret his life lost?' She shook it off, rather violently, then jumped to the neighboring statue; her own symbol, the tiger. Slid to the tiger's neck and sat on it, placing her hand upon it's front leg. "Hmn…Toradoshi." She thought aloud. "Year of the Tiger…it is my year this moon." She glared down at the world below her, "The tigress shall show the serpent who is the superior…"

Wufei was heading away from Ryuuku, to the docks that ran along a river. He walked along, pretty much oblivious to the townsfolk around him. He draped his coat over his shoulder, and rang the tip of the blade of his sword in the water as he walked down the small pier. Despite the few late night workers, the waters were unusually still, still enough so Wufei could easily look down and see his reflection. He stopped walking, and turned to look back at Ryuuku…for one last time.

Meiying took from her robes a small remote. She then looked up at the moon once again, and was able to judge the time, just by looking into the moon. "A few more moments…" she determined, then closed her eyes and stood to her full height. From the ground, she would look to be part of the fierce tiger statue that she stood upon, if it weren't for her clothing. Her robe levitated and ripped through the wind like a cape, revolving around her. She held up the remote, and stared at it. She wanted so badly to press that little black button as hard as she could, to watch the flames that she could already see become a reality. 'It's happening again…' She thought smugishly, and let of a light, quiet cackle. Meiying closed her eyes, as she felt every muscle in her body twitch and cringe in impatience and her adrenaline surge. From deep within Meiying, an animal-like instinct awakened and searched, hunting for blood. She opened her eyes again, and held her head high, a mysterious aura almost seemed to surround her. It seemed that the demonic quality would have taken over her while being…if it weren't for the quick thought that stung her mind. "…? That boy…" She shook it off, and dug her sharp fingernail into the remote in her hand, then bowed her head and let the wind blow the remote from her hand and slowly sail towards the ground…

Wufei was continuing on his way to the village's dock when his ears picked up a small clink-clanking noise behind him. He turned in half step to see a small, broken remote inches away from his feet, shattered from the fall. He studied it for a second, then looked up into the full moon. There, in the distance, was Meiying, her 'glowing' eyes almost instantly penetrating his very soul. But she didn't even see him, due to the height of the building she stood upon. Wufei took a step back in surprise, yet again that women's icy glare was looming over him. A thought suddenly struck him, and he looked down at the remote. "An explosive…" Indeed he was correct, as soon as the words left his lips, a building in the distance suddenly erupted into flames! Smoke filled the air, and an air raid siren started to blare through Ryuuku. Surprisingly though, not many locals were fleeing, or even present for that matter. He glared; only now did it make sense. 'She told trusted locals to flee ahead of time, while she secretly planned…this.' He made a fist, "Damn! Outsmarted by a woman…" He looked back towards the flames, the fire reflecting itself in his eyes. Though I didn't seem nearly as long, exactly two minutes after the first explosion, another area in the distance burst into flames. He counted, and after another pair of minutes the next area gave way. 'Timed land mines…' He determined, then drew his sword from behind him and brought it to his right hand. He narrowed his eyes, and started walking opposite the direction of the dock, back into the burning Ryuuku. "Perhaps this was the place I was looking for…"

"Lieutenant! I think we found what's been causing those explosions!" An officer, uniformed in a bloody red, shouted as he and his partner searched through an abandoned building. Their commanding officer entered through a 'garage door' and looked down at the two searching around the blackness with their flashlights. The one who had called the lieutenant stood and saluted to his superior. "Sir! We've found what we believe to be a land mine planted in this building, timed to go off."

The Lieutenant nodded slowly, "And what is your friend there doing?" He asked, looking over the young man's shoulder to his friend, who was very carefully fingering with an electronic device on the floor.

"He's rewiring the bomb, sir." The soldier replied.

"Don't worry, I'm a professional…" His friend called from behind him, "It's just I've never really handled an explosive quite like this one…?!"

"What is it?!" The lieutenant demanded.

The man on the ground jumped up in shock, "Oh no…Holy--"

Meiying's eyes suddenly snapped open. 'That last explosion wasn't supposed to happen yet…!' She thought panicked, and spun around to look behind herself. Indeed, the buildings in the town were now giving way at random times…but not in random places. Meiying's eye twitched. 'I have to get out of here now…' She thought, then looked down towards the ground. It was a long drop, but she'd have to risk it. Meiying stepped to the edge of the building, as another area erupted into flames behind her. She narrowed her eyes, till they were not much more than slits…then jumped from the building! Part of her loved it, the air pressing against her face and wiping her hair behind her, the sensation of falling and falling and never having to worry about hitting the earth. The feeling that she was endlessly diving into sheer blackness, not having to ever stop, but the more moral side of her knew better, and prepared for a hard landing. She reopened her eyes and looked downwards as the ground crept closer and closer to her, then mumbled quietly, "…If only life itself…could be this easy."

'Is she crazy?!' Wufei thought as he watched the strange woman fall closer and closer to the ground, 'No one in the right mind except for Heero Yuy would jump off a building like that!' he watched, while avoiding the gun shots now being fired. Soldiers bearing machine guns and blood red uniforms were shooting madly, apparently a last ditch effort to find who planted the bombs. Wufei thought about taking out his own gun and firing back…but it would do him no good. All that would do is direct there attention towards him instead of the crazed girl…

Meiying snapped out of her zoned out world, and suddenly drew both of her blades. Wufei looked at them oddly from the ground, in all his days, even when he was still young and training at a kendo school, he'd never seen a weapon quite like those. It looked as if Meiying had taken a double bladed spear, made the blades almost twice as large, then cut the spear in half evenly, and now used each half for a weapon. She slammed one blade into the side of the building, then another. It hurt her wrists like no tomorrow, but it was better than suffering completely from the fall. The blades slowed her fall, and when she hit the ground she landed on her knees with a thud, and cringed at the impact. She made a small noise of pain, but thought, '…Well…I've had worse.' Meiying got back to her feet, and yanked her blades from the building. She turned her head to look back at the soldiers who were coming towards her, loaded with plenty of artillery. She smirked, they wouldn't be able to outrun the explosion with all of that junk. 'They're no problem…but…' Meiying slowly turned back around…faced Wufei…and pointed one of her blades at him. "You again? …Don't encourage me to kill you…because I'd quite enjoy it."