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Title: Gundam Diaries 2 ~ Zechs 4/??
Author: Makoto Sagara
Series: Gundam Wing
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Pairings: 2x5, 3x4, 1x? D+?
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Warnings: Shonen ai, language, angst, sap, slightly AU
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Author's Notes: Yes, that's right. You're reading correctly. I said this chapter is Sexy Zechsy! (Love the Death and Dragon Arc by Mel & Christy, btw.) So, enjoy a trip into the mind of the Lightning Count. (Btw, Zechs' chapters are hacked! I had to promise Duo a yummy lemon to get him to agree. Rawr!)
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So, I've been posted to the position of Vice-Foreign Minister since the suicide of my younger sister. I still can't believe the little girl who followed me everywhere at our home in Sanc, and the young woman who screamed over the harsh Antarctic winds for Heero Yuy to kill me is dead. My last tie to the kingdom of Sanc, the last of the Peacecraft line, is gone. And by her own hand. It seems such a waste.
Lucrezia tells me that she had changed when she was ruler of Sanc and, later, Queen of the World. I remember seeing her speech when she was given that title. I remember the feeling of pride as she basically told all the old fogies in Romefeller and the Alliance to take their grand gesture and shove it.
What could have caused her to do something so pointless, so wasteful, and so selfish? What had she experienced that was so unbearable that she had to take her own life? The answer, I fear, lies at the feet of Heero Yuy, but I don't have the heart to ask where he is to question him myself. Besides, part of me feels as if I don't deserve the right, sister or not, to that answer.
Shortly after my appointment, I was greeted by Dorothy Catalonia. The girl who stood by my sister's side, for whatever reason, was a changed person. Gone was the smug and self-confident girl. When she was shown into my office - the room that was my sister's office, in what was my sister's home with all of my sister's things - she stood there, meek as a newborn lamb. This girl, the granddaughter of Duke Dermail, spoke in quiet tones as she offered her assistance in anything that I might need in my new position.
So, right now, I have the support of one of my oldest friends and a girl who I cannot trust, but must have at my side to get my bearings.
Luckily, Lu's contacts seem to be more than willing to stand behind me, as they would have doubtless stood behind Relena…
God, just writing her name is painful. Not only is my little sister, my hope for a better world, gone, but so is Treize, my oldest and best friend. I feel hollow and broken right now. Even when I was working with Quinze for White Fang, I knew that Treize and Relena were alive and fighting in their own ways. Looking back now, I would have spent more time and made more of an effort to actually be in her life. However, hindsight is always perfect, yes?
Another thing that surprised me was a call from Lady Une after my appointment was announced. I hadn't spoken to her in months, and then, all of a sudden, she called to let me know that she would support me as much as she could. To be honest, while we were both working for Treize, for the same goal, I think our motivations were different. However, I know that she was not a bad woman, and a capable leader, even if some of our troops seemed determined for OZ to lose the war. I can't blame her for that. Treize certainly didn't.
“Count Marquise,” she said calmly, firmly in her role of `Lady Une', instead of the off-kilter Colonel that everyone feared. “How are you now?”
“Lady,” I said, trying to form the words, “I've been better.”
“Ah, yes, as have we all.” She cleared her throat and made a move to adjust her glasses, which she wasn't wearing. “I'm sorry to hear about your sister. It's a pity.”
“Yes.” Lucrezia came in and sat beside me, making her hellos to Une at the same time. I squeezed her hand under the desk in thanks. “How may I help you, Lady? I'm sure your time is very sparing lately.”
“That it is,” she replied, switching into only what I could assume was her business mode. “I would like to offer you my support, both publicly and privately, of course. Not only were we colleagues, but sometimes we were friends.”
“True, but I can only assume that since you are offering to assist me, you'd like for me to assist you?”
“Call it mutual back-scratching, Zechs.” She smiled warmly, and I couldn't help but smile back.
“Lady, what is it that you want for us to do?” Noin asked.
“Zechs will, of course, be part of a committee that will go over things like the budget for the Preventers, and you can only guess how the politicians will love to cough up their hard earned tax dollars for a paramilitary organization.”
“So, you're asking him to help you with the political backbiters?”
“That would help, and I would be more than willing to lend any assistance he would need, should he choose to continue on in the political world.”
I held up my hand, letting what she said sink in. “Lady… I appreciate the offer and I will accept it, but conditionally.”
“And what is that condition, so that I may know how better to serve better our aims?”
“Tell me where you had the memorial of Treize erected!”
“You didn't tell him, Noin?”
“You didn't tell—Oh, Zechs, I know where it is. I'm so sorry.” Noin's pretty face flushed a very unattractive shade of red.
“It's near the remains of his family's estates in Switzerland, Zechs.” Une cleared her throat, avoiding mentioning anything going on in my office at that moment. I was pretty sure that I was staring daggers into Lu's head at that point. “Please, feel free to call me if you need my assistance. I'd give you my personal com code, but I'm at the office for about fourteen hours a day, so this is the best place to reach me.”
“Thank you, Lady,” I answered calmly. “It was nice speaking to you again.”
“I could say the same. Good bye, Zechs, Noin.” Lucrezia and I made our goodbyes and then the screen went black.
“When did she tell you?”
“Right after Yuy defeated you aboard the Libra,” she answered reluctantly. “I forgot due to the fact that you were so severely injured!” I nodded wordlessly, and the subject hasn't come up between us since then. However, I need to make a trip to say goodbye really and truly to my friend, and maybe that will help me move on. I leave in the morning with Noin for a short trip and to see some associates in the region before we return to New York for the upcoming trouble with the politicians who set me up for this.
Good evening,
~ Milliardo (ZM) Peacecraft