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Title: Gundam Diaries 2 ~ Duo 6/??
Author: Makoto Sagara
Series: Gundam Wing
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Category: Angst, Action
Pairings: 2x5, 3x4, 1x? D+?
Rating: M
Warnings: Shonen ai, language, angst, sap, and slightly AU
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Author's Notes: Hm, once I got over the awkwardness of the lemon scene, I actually enjoyed Wufei's chapter. It just took a lot to get there again, unlike the last time I worked on GD. *sigh* I tried for a while to make this a Trowa chapter, but he really didn't have much to say. However, Duo has lots to say. So he goes now!
Symbols: *blah* emphasized thought
*~*~* Major change of scene
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August 23rd, AC195 17:52:01
Well, Howie and Wufei finally heard back from that stupid headmaster for the school they had in mind for us to attend. I wasn't consulted, or I would have told them that any school that is named St. Mark's Private Academy wasn't likely to let two teenaged boys share the same room if they were lovers. Catholics are big hold overs for that whole not sleeping with the same sex thing. I guess I should know, right?
But it's no big loss. We *are* enrolled in school, but we'll be living off-campus. I think Wufei's going to have problems with the fact that religion class is still required for us to attend, even if `Fei has no intention of ever converting to Catholicism and I'm about the world's worst Catholic. Kinda hard to follow a religion that makes it seem like you have to roll over and let someone beat the crap out of you to prove that *you* are the better person.
God, Father Maxwell would roll over in his grave if he could see this. If he had a grave, that is. Sister Helen would be kinda disappointed in me too…
Stop. I gotta stop this line of thought. It's depressing and I've lived through enough bad shit to know that I make my own life. God will either forgive me or not.
Anyway…. Back to what I was talking about. `Fei's found an apartment that's about half a kilometer from the school's campus. The building is pretty damn nice. Practically beachfront. There's also a garage where we can keep both `Fei's bike and my jeep. It's on the island of Maui, close to Howie and the rest of the Sweepers. I know that Howard was talking about moving Peacemillion out farther in the Pacific so that the fact that we're associated with the ship isn't brought up. It's all in the name of keeping our identities relatively unknown.

Who'd suspect the new kids in school were former terrorists that could kill with very little compunction? Not many do, let me tell you.
Sheep. Don't they ever look beyond the surface? I guess not; that's why they stay sheep.
Wufei just told me that that last line looked cynical, but I seriously doubt that my darling lover has any right to talk about cynicism, considering some of the emails he's sent off to Quatre and Trowa.
Which reminds me of a conversation he and I *finally* had about He-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless.
It was two days ago, actually.
“Duo?” Wufei's tentative tone had my attention immediately, taking it from where I was doing some maintenance repairs on `Scythe's ankle joints.
“Yeah, `Fei, sup?” I had to rub the grease all over my hands onto the coveralls I was wearing. And as I looked up, I noticed that my lover did *not* look happy. “What's wrong? Did you get more news about the school or apartment?”
“No, no, that situation is all taken care of,” he said indulgently, a brief smile flashing across his face before disappearing as if it never existed. “I want to talk to you about something else.”
Okay, so, if it wasn't about the recent troubles we'd had getting our schooling set up and it had put *that* look on his face, it had do with only one other thing… Heero. “Right, so, what about him?”
He sat down slowly, a pensive look on his face. “Yuy has shown that he does not find you unattractive, and I know that you harbored an infatuation for him for a long time after you met.”
“Wufei…” I started, but he cut me off.
“No, Duo, let me finish; this is difficult enough.” He swallowed and I had to restrain myself from running a hand through his loose hair. I didn't think he'd appreciate grease being wiped through it. “It was very hard for me to watch the two of you interact, especially after I came to terms with my own feelings for you.
“I know that you weren't really aware of how I felt until that incident involving Yuy. I've told you I had no real intention on telling you.” I nodded, remembering a conversation we'd had a week after he came back from Iowa. “I was a coward.
“However, know that if he *dares* to touch you again, I will break every bone in his scrawny body.”
I couldn't help it. I began laughing. “You don't trust me to defend myself?” I asked.
“That is not it. I trust you explicitly. You know that.” I leaned over and placed a brief kiss against his bronze cheek. “However, I do not trust him anymore.”
“Not even in battle?” I was surprised. Even if Heero was a horrible human, he was a great soldier. “Not that I expect a new war to pop up at a moment's notice, but there's a reason we still keep `Scythe and Altron, yeah?”
“Yes, and it is not so that we can join Une's group of world babysitters.”
“Well, we start school in about a week, yes? I don't think she can keep harassing us while we're getting our education, right?” We'd never talked about this topic, and I was curious as to what my lover thought about our former enemy's plans.
“I think she will be fine if we're not involved with any conflicts that come up. Which means, Duo, that you must leave your explosives with Howard.”
I scowled playfully. “I know that, `Fei, but it's going to be so boring!”
“I have heard back from Barton and Winner, however. They are going to hire private tutors and get their education finished in their down time. Winner has even hired an assistant, his sister Malikah - I think that is the woman's name. So, he will soon have more free time for himself.”
“That's good. Has he found a way to broach the subject of marrying Iria off to Rashid yet?”
Wufei's beautiful black eyes grew to the size of saucers. “Does he really have nothing to do than plot which of his sisters he can marry off?”
“Personally, I think it's a great idea. They are like parent figures to him, and with the way that Rashid and the rest of the Maguanacs worship Q, it's unlikely that Rashid would abuse his favorite sister.”
“You do have a point there,” he said after a few seconds of silent contemplation. “So, I suppose it would be a prudent match.”
“Prudent match,” I said with a snort. “Have I told you how much I love your large… vocabulary?”
“Oh, so that's the euphemism you're going with nowadays?”
That was the end of the seriousness for a very long time.
Since then, my lover has been much livelier and things on Peacemillion have been lighter, even with our impending departure for the school coming up. I'm pretty sure that Cookie is trying to fatten Wufei and me up because she's afraid that we'll starve without her. I don't dare to tell her that `Fei is a badass cook in his own right, mainly because she scares me. Best not to piss off a woman who spends her days with large, sharp knives. I got that advice from Trowa. Guess he'd know, yea?
I am looking forward to school. It's not like I ever really got to go as a kid, and the missions that sent me to a school were all less than a week. Not like I got much learning done. I'm just glad that Father Maxwell, Sister Helen and G all stressed that I read a lot.
Well, I think I need to wrap this up. I'm going out on my last watch on deck for Howie, and he'd be pissed if I was late.
Till next time ~
~ Duo Maxwell