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Title: Gundam Diaries 2 ~ Zechs 7/??
Author: Makoto Sagara
Series: Gundam Wing
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Category: Angst, Action
Pairings: 2x5, 3x4, 1x? D+9
Rating: T
Warnings: Shonen ai, language, angst, sap, and slightly AU
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Author's Notes: Still no Trowa. Sorry guys. He's being oddly reticent. : | I'll work on him, but right now, Zechs has some other things to say now. Everyone thank Duo for stealing his entry again.
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It has been nearly six weeks since I took this position. I absolutely hate it. I wasn't really meant to deal with the stupidity of politicians. It was definitely something that either Treize or Relena would handle with aplomb. Me, I'm going to shoot the next woman who decides to put her hand in my hair at a party or a man who stares at me too long while in my formal wear. My life has become one long parade of parasitic deviants that Lu reminds me constantly that I cannot kill.
As if I need to be reminded...
Perhaps I do.
However, the never-ending meetings, sniping, back-biting, and outright yelling have driven me to the limit of my sanity. Thankfully, Dorothy has managed to find me very specific supporters in the government - the most reasonable senators and governors, she assures me - that are willing to sit down with the opposition beside me and allow me to take in what's actually being said without worrying about defending my past actions.
And that's the rub, to quote the Bard. They are more worried about what I've done than what we can do together to ensure that something like that will not happen again. I've decided that I'm surrounded by short-sighted imbeciles.
Lu tells me that I'm being too hard on the older men and women that I must deal with. I do believe that it is the stress of everything that is making things so difficult. I never really appreciated the situation that Treize was in before now, and I sincerely wish my friend was still alive so that I could let him know that I understand why he did what he did.
Not that my newfound understanding has kept me from missing him. I don't think anything could. However, I resent the fact that both he and Relena took the easy way out and I am forced to pick up the pieces of the UESN. Thanks, dear friend and darling sister.
Oh, bitter, bitter, bitter. I realize that I seem very unhappy, and I am. I also received a strange message from Heero Yuy last week, letting me know that he was in the area of New York City, going to school. It was so bizarre. I can only assume that my one-time enemy is warning me that he is watching me very closely.
I haven't decided if that's comforting or creepy. The jury is still out, as they say.
Tomorrow, I have to go to a banquet for some senator's reelection. Dorothy tells me that my presence will boost this senator's popularity with his constituents. The sad part is that I haven't a clue where the hell his constituents reside. Perhaps I should ask one of my assistants, if I could find them.
Dorothy and Lu have been spending an odd amount of time together, alone, since my appointment. They always show up when I need them, and I'm sure that if I called one of their cellphones, I'd reach them both.
I suppose it is just odd to think that my longtime friend, the one Treize used to tease me about being in love with me, might be interested in a younger woman. However, I remember hearing that they spent a lot of time together when they were in Sanq with Relena. Perhaps that's when they realized their mutual attraction? It's as likely an answer as I'd get without asking them, something that I would never do.
The time reminds me that I have a conference call with the senators of Japan and China in an hour. Wonderful. I will likely be firing whatever genius decided that a 1AM conference call was a great plan when I have a full day scheduled for the next day. Thank God for coffee and the fact that Lucrezia and Dorothy are coming in right now.
Note to self - Find out who scheduled this and flay them within an inch of their life. Oh, and get better coffee in the office. Whatever it is that Lucrezia just gave me is utter sludge.
~ Milliardo (ZM) Peacecraft