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Title: Gundam Diaries 2 ~ Trowa 8/??
Author: Makoto Sagara
Series: Gundam Wing
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Category: Angst, Action
Pairings: 2x5, 3x4, 1x? D+9
Rating: T
Warnings: Shonen ai, language, angst, sap, and slightly AU
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Author's Notes: Yay! Finally, Trowa has decided to speak, and not just as a minor character in the other boys' chapters! Bring it on, Bang Boy! And many thanks to Jokes, who I am slowly corrupting into loving 2x5 as well. ^_^
October 3rd, AC 195 22:43:51
I've never been great at keeping this kind of thing. The last entry that I kept was nearly six months ago. How much things have changed since then cannot be expressed. The war is over. Relena Peacecraft has killed herself. Zechs Marquise has taken her place as the Vice-Foreign Minister. Heero is taking classes in New York City. Wufei and Duo are attending school in Hawaii. Quatre and I have begun cutting back on the work we're doing with WEI so that we can actually finish our own educations, which is a nice change.
Oh, and Quatre has managed to marry off FOUR of his twenty-nine sisters. And there is a fifth marriage in the wings, even though Rashid and Iria will adamantly deny it. Auda has taken over as a very efficient assistant for my lover, and has even helped him rein in his mighty temper over the marriage contracts where Rashid, Iria and I all failed. Since the future husbands' families began speaking with Auda and Rashid, instead of Quatre, they've gone much smoother.
In the last month, Quatre and I have actually been able to spend time with one another. That was something that I was beginning to think would never happen again, so all the extra measures that the Maguanacs have taken to help their “Master Quatre” has been greatly appreciated. Maybe I should buy them a few goats and throw a huge party at the house to thank them. The idea has merits. I'll talk to Quatre about it.
Things haven't been completely perfect, however. I've been contacted by a few of my former associates on L3. Rumors have been circulating about one of the smaller parts of it of a group of dissenters. I've emailed the information to Lady Une, doing what I can to help her fledgling paramilitary organization without actually joining, much to her annoyance. I understand that Duo and Wufei refused similar offers from her, and Heero hasn't even bothered to respond to her queries. I did try to explain that getting Heero to join was pointless. He's much too obsessed with Marquise, Catalonia and Noin in New York than he is willing to admit.
Quatre thinks that he's harboring some sort of childish crush on the former Lightning Count. It is possible. Marquise was always his main priority on a battlefield, much like Khushrenada and Wufei, but I understand his obsession was about revenge.
Oh well.
I suppose I can only sit back and watch my friend. He seems to be the most interesting out of the five of us former terrorists, that's for sure.
Ah, yes, in other news, Cathy is coming for a visit. It's been a while since I've seen her. I only hope she takes what I've said about the culture seriously. I can have one of Quatre's sisters take her by the hand to make sure she doesn't step outside and offend the natives. I'd really hate to have to bury the only person, aside from Quatre, who has been like family to me. Maybe I'm worrying for nothing. My lover had just reminded me that Cathy is a very intelligent, worldly sort of woman who knows how to get along all over the Earth Sphere, and would probably hit me for being such a worry-wart.
He's also trying to distract me from my entry by placing delicious kisses on the back of my neck. I think that I will take him up on what he's offering.
Until next time,
~ Nanashi