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Title: Gundam Diaries 2 ~ Heero 9/??Author: Makoto SagaraSeries: Gundam WingArchive:,,,,; anywhere else, please ask Category: Angst, ActionPairings: 2x5, 3x4, 1x? D+9Rating:TWarnings: Shonen ai, language, angst, sap, and slightly AUDisclaimers: I make no money, so suing is pointless. If you think I own GW, then you need to see someone. I have the number to a nice doctor... Oh, SALLY!Author’s Notes: I have no idea why Trowa’s chapter took me so long to write. It’s not like it was long. Maybe because it took a minute for him to tell me what he and Quatre had been up to. Yeah, that sounds plausible. Now, it’s time for Heero’s obsessive self to show up. *dryly* Yay?
October 15th, AC 195 20:14:00
I don’t have much time. I still have to study for my economics class. But today, Milliardo Peacecraft held a press conference to open a memorial for all the dead in the war. It was oddly… peaceful, I guess, to see the effort that they are making to honour those who passed away in the last seventeen years. From the real Heero Yuy to Relena Peacecraft-Dorlian to Treize Khushrenada, all names have been included. Even the entire population of L5. I sent an email to Duo to let him know about that so that he could deal with Chang’s moodiness.
There’s one thing that I’m confused about. Confused as I was when Duo kissed me the first time. When Zechs appeared on the vidscreen, my heart started pounding. He looked good. Tired, perhaps. But good.
Maybe I should have listened to Quatre and Trowa when they mentioned that I might possibly be obsessed with the tall, stately blond…
No, I won’t think about that.
School is going well. The classes, even at a college level, are relatively easy. I should have attempted to test out of them. However, they serve as a nice distraction from my otherwise quiet life.
I did hear about the disturbance on that colony right outside L3. I’m watching all the communications going in and out, but there’s nothing that I can put my finger on that confirms my suspicions. I did see the name Barton, but it didn’t make much sense to me. Trowa’s still in Egypt with Quatre, so maybe it’s someone from the real Barton’s family?
I’ll have to look into it over the weekend. After my economics test that’s over half of this quarter’s grade. Did I mention that I dislike my professor? He’s a self-important, pompous jerk. Reminds me a bit of Dermail, actually.
Speaking of that fat waste of space, his trial is next week. I plan on going for every minute of it. I wonder if Catalonia is going to show up to see her grandfather pay for his part in exacerbating the peace treaties and causing Diplomat Noventa’s untimely demise?
Why did that come to mind? I haven’t had a nightmare in two months, since I started classes, actually, and that’s almost guaranteed to give me one. At least my apartment is soundproofed and I won’t be bothering my neighbors.
Enough. I will write again if I have more information.
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