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Three Dollars and Fifty Cents
Chapter Two 

"Noin, I need three dollars and fifty cents"

"For what?"

"Just give me three dollars and fifty cents"

"Say please"

"Give me the three dollars and fifty cents please" Duo groaned and he rolled his eyes.

Noin started to rummage through her purse then paused and looked up with a smirk.

"I'm not going to give it to you until you tell me what it's for" she sang.

"For the taxi, okay"

Noin opened her hand to give it to him, but the moment he reached for it, she quickly pulled her hand away.

"Noin!" Duo slightly yelled in irritation.

"Do you want it or not?" Noin batted her eyes in amusement.

"Fine, my car got impounded okay" Duo grumbled, "Can you give me the change now"?

"Oh really, why?"

"Just give it to me", Duo said as he snatched the change from her hand.

Noin giggled childishly and swirled around in her chair.

"Oh Duo, did you hear?" She called out as he was about to walk out the door.

"Hear about what Noin?" He said with slight annoyance, everyone knew that Noin was the Queen of gossip in the office, nothing ever happened without her knowing it, and she always felt free to fill in anyone and everyone who crossed her path.
As for Duo, gossip wasn't something he took part in or cared for, which made him not a big fan of Noin.

"Wufei's major case study."

"Oh, Heero's and Wufei's?" Duo said with interest.

She paused and put a pencil in her mouth for dramatic effect and swirled around the chair once more.

"Well", she rolled her eyes with a grin.

"Just tell me" Duo sighed.

"Word has it that Wufei, Heero, Jackson and just cracked the serial killers hide out".

"That's old news, I got a text message this morning from Heero telling me the whole story" Duo turned to leave, he didn't have time to hear a story he already knew.

"Why didn't Jackson text you?" Noin mumbled under her breath.


"I mean really?" Noin continued, pretending she never said her previous comment; "he texted you this morning, because what happened, happened this afternoon."

"So that's why Heero never responded to my text. What did they find out?"

"They say that the serial killer had pictures of this guy all over the ceiling and all over the walls, like you could barely see the ground. You couldn't even see through the windows, actually it didn't even matter if they had windows, because the pictures were everywhere, and I mean everywhere." She said the last statement with her arms dramatically spread out around, like she was trying to extend her arms as far as possible.

"Really" Duo said interested "Who were the pictures of?"

"I don't know, just some guy, Une was there this afternoon, you have to find out more...and tell me later of course."

Fat chance.
"I have a meeting with Une anyways, she said that I have to meet her as soon as possible...right now actually."
Duo then raised his voice "and that's why I need three dollars and fifty cents."

"Didn't I give-?"

"This" Duo held out his hand "Is two dollars and forty-nine cents".

"Oh right" Noin handed over the rest of the change. "Make sure you tell me the news" Noin called out after him.

"Whatever" Duo responded, "I'm sure you'll find out anyways" he mumbled.
She always did.


"Did you know, if you're a penny short the taxi driver won't leave?" Duo flopped down on the chair across Une's desk and stretched obnoxiously.

"Like, it's only a penny, I'm not trying to be cheap or anything, but common, I'm really having a bad day and the-"

The look on Une's face stopped Duo mid sentence. Duo reached to rub the back of his head nervously. He recognized that look...from the war, Une pretty much only had two facial expressions, the scary Une look, and the kind of scary Une look, and this was definitely a scary Une look. Which meant something was up.

"So what am I in for?" Duo said uneasily

"I was going to let Agent Yuy or Agent Wufei discuss this with you, but I thought it would be more appropriate if I discussed this matter privately with you first". Une walked from behind the desk and lead on it in front of Duo.

Duo sat a little straighter, this can't be good, he thought. There was no way she knew about the new company car being impounded...after he crashed it...into a street light...then left it there...because he was twenty minutes...because he got pulled over for speeding...and now the dented car was impounded...because he parked it a school was really a fucking bad day.
But he was distracted; Jackson had sent him a message about a picture from the Christmas party, the one Duo had remembered telling Jackson he wasn't going to.
It wasn't a lie, honest! He just simply changed his mind on impulse…and then just didn't do an update.
At this point Duo didn't want to deal with Jackson's insecurities, and it was especially hard when Jackson was texting him all day. That meant that his night was going to be worse off than his day, which at this moment didn't seem possible.

Duo clasped his hands in front of him straightening his posture, "Come on Une, it's just a car, firing me because of a stupid car is just pathetic, I'm worth more to the company-".

"Agent Maxwell-" Une interjected.

"You should have seen the car when I got it, it probably looks better now-".

"Maxwell", Une said more sternly. "Your here because of the recent findings in the serial killer case."

"Uh huh, I thought you didn't need me", Duo said sarcastically.

"Do you have anywhere else to stay besides your apartment?"

"…Not really… why?" Suddenly this conversation seemed not to be about an impounded car.

"Because you can no longer stay there anymore," Une stated plainly.

"Une?" Duo said restlessly, he did not like the way this conversation was going, "would you just tell me what's going on."

Une explained the details of the case and as Duo processed the information, his face turned into a bastard mixture of shock, disgust and horror.

“Wow….” Was all that came to mind, considering the information that was just provided.
"Do you have any enemies?" Une asked.

"Naw just a lot of good friends." He answered sarcastically, he regarded Une's un-amused expression and quickly sobered up.
Just trying to light the mood.
“As much as any Gundam Pilot” He mumbled afterwards.

Une resisted the urge to roll her eyes "Any recent enemies?"
She stressed on recent as if she was dealing a retarded child and Duo resisted the urge to stick his tongue out at her.
If she wanted recent she should have just said so.

Duo tightly folded his arms slouching in his chair again "I don't know, the taxi driver, I think he's going to be pretty mad when he realises that he's never going to get his penny, if you ask me, probably could make anyone into a fucked up serial-."

"Seriously, Maxwell."

"I am being serious, there's some psycho going around, taking naked pictures of me and posting them in his master bed room like a mural, like some fucked up, twisted imitation of De Vinci. Oh, I promise you, I'm a little more than freaked out.…Oh and serious, if that's the emotion you were looking for.”

"Well then this information is not going to help you calm down.” Une said almost like she was tired of talking.
We've been after this guy for over six months, unfortunately, since you are a high profile agent, we are going use this opportunity to draw the serial killer out".

Duo threw his hands up in the air, "Great, you've got to be fucking kidding me, when I said `Oh now you need me' I didn't think it would be for bait.”

"Well not necessarily, you get to work with Agent Yuy again, since he also is a target. But only for this case".

"Yay," Duo exclaimed dryly, "you give me my old partner back, so we can be stalked by a serial killer... and all this time I thought the preventers would come to their senses and let us be partners again because we were the best team you've ever had", Duo dramatically paused tossing his hands in the air, "but nope, it's only when you want to kill us do you feel the need-".

"Agent Maxwell, your tone. And although that may be true, we both know what happened on that case breached protocol, you'll never be partners again. You can enjoy these moments if you choose".
“Do I get to say no…?” Duo asked, he already knew the answer, but get for a glimmer of Jesus Ass did he hope he didn't have to do this assignment.
"I'll see what I can do". Duo rolled his eyes sighing heavily.
Which is try not to die…or go to anymore photo shoots.

"In that case you're now officially on desk duty, the preventers building is safe zone, therefore we can monitor you there in the day, and you and Agent Yuy will monitor each other after hours, hopefully we find this killer".

"Desk duty?!" Duo exclaimed "And I'm being monitored like a computer by my best friend? I didn't think you'd figure out a way to top off my bad day, but congratulations, you did."
“Why can't I just stay with Jackson,” Duo argued, “He an agent, and we live together.”
Not that he was complaining about being watch be Heero.
“Because I consider Jackson is unqualified.” Une drowned like it was common knowledge.
And currently a Dick.
“But I donno wanna” Duo whined, he didn't know why he acted like this when serious moments arised, especially when he was in the presence of Une.
It just kept thing interesting, and was a great distraction technique.

"Agent Maxwell, this is a serious case, this is a serious organization and this is a serious meeting", Une spoke firmly clenching her jaw. "Your snarky comments, as previously discussed are not welcome in these doors."

Duo pursed his lips, and tried his hardest not to mimic her. He knew when he gone too far with disrespecting Une, and he reached his limit.
Probably as soon as he walked in.

Une pushed herself off from where she was leaning and went around her large desk and started shuffling papers around. "Maxwell, you're dismissed; I'm sure you're aware of where Agent Yuy's condominium is located. I expect you to report there within several hours….and by several hours I mean five.
“And use this desk duty to prove your attendance record could use improvement, you're always late". She said looking up from behind her glasses.

"Yes Ma'am", Duo got up, saluted, he turned to leave feeling a little jaded.

"Yeah yeah," he mumbled bitterly "your name is on the door, you run the organisation. I'm just some guy who fought in both wars...oh, and won."

"And Maxwell", Une said as Duo reached for the door handle.

"Yes Ma'am?" he responded.

"I know all about the car."


Duo took his hands off of the steering wheel and adjusted his ear piece, letting it flash on as he accepted the call.

"He's waiting for you".

Quatre always knew how to start a phone conversation between friends.

"No, he's not", Duo responded while rolling his eyes. He was more than annoyed after his meeting with Une.

"Yes he is", Quatre insisted. "You know I can sense really strong emotions and", Quatre paused, "you were being sarcastic weren't you", Quatre amended.

"Glad you could pick that up", Duo continued sarcastically. "And Jackson is always waiting for me".

He made a sharp left turn and cut someone off, he gave them the finger just as they started to honk, there was no need to drive that slowly.

"Well-" Quatre began only to be cut off by Duo again.

"I know you want to ask me why I'm still with him", Duo stated. "I can practically hear you shoving it back in your mouth".

"That's not it Duo", Quatre scolded in denial, "it's just that, Trowa told me you were in love with someone else".

Typical Trowa, Duo thought, he could never resist Quatre's charm. Not that very many people could, but it was almost like Trowa put no effort too.

"Jackson", Duo stated firmly, completely ignoring Quatre's statement, "makes me feel wanted, makes me feel needed".

"But-" Quatre attempted to interject.

"No", Duo continued, "Jackson is always there".
So was Heero.
Duo thought in the back of his head, but then again, Heero was always there for Relana too, so he guessed that's the type of person Heero was.

"We are always here for you too", Quatre said quietly. "Duo, I'm getting bad vibes from him, he's a bad guy. I know I've been telling you this for years but honestly Duo, he has some deep seated anger issues".
“Oh you can tell.” Duo coughed out sarcastically.

Duo took a step back in his mind. Jackson was angry and controlling. At first he found it hot, mistook it for passion. But when Jackson told him who he could and couldn't see, where he could and couldn't go and how he could and couldn't do things, it became a problem.

"You've been telling me this for a little over two years, I just, I don't know…can't", Duo sighed and stopped talking.

"Just say what you want to say", Quatre stated soothingly, his voice sounded a little higher over the phone.

"Actually, can I call you back?" Duo asked, he didn't feel like talking anymore, and he knew he would have an in depth conversation with Quatre once Quatre figured out how his day really went.

"Well, I didn't forget that you didn't answer my question regarding what Trowa said", Quatre insisted gently.

"Please?" Duo was near pleading and he knew Quatre could hear it in his voice.

"I'll be waiting for your call", Quatre conceded.

"Thank you", Duo said and ended the call. He felt although they had this conversation before it was more intense, he didn't even noticed that he managed to drive all the way to his apartment and park his black car.

Now he had to get out of his car, walk through the parking lot and then to apartment building where some phycho was watching him, to go into his apartment and meet Jackson who was crazy mad because of some picture he saw…great.

He didn't want to get out of his car, which was the bottom line. He wasn't afraid of this serial killer guy. The war brought out some pretty messed up people, and growing up on L2 showed no shortage of that.
But it wasn't time to sit there and feel sorry for himself, two famines, one plague, a mass murder attempt on his life, two wars and God knew how many high profile preventer cases later. 

Feeling some sort of resolve Duo threw open his car door.
This guy was pathetic, Duo thought bitterly, hiding behind a camera.
Just pathetic. 
…And seriously creepy like come on, pictures, hair, eyes, and blood collection. Really?!
Couldn't just rape them and kill them like everyone else. Christ!

Straightening his back, he did one scan of the area and spat "How about you take a picture of my dick…" then he turned and slammed the car door and yelled "Bitch!"
Fuck the serial killer for adding shit to his toilet of a day.


The apartment door flow open, Duo's keys still in the door.

"What took you so long", Jackson accused, dragging Duo through the door. "I know Une told you about the killer, we are leaving, NOW!"

Duo shrugged Jackson off, he was already annoyed and could feel a headache coming on. "Would you let go of me, what the hell are you talking about?"

"I have rented an apartment across the city where we will be staying, were leaving tonight, I've already packed your stuff". Jackson gestured to a duffle bag and a couple suitcases thrown in a pile by their leather couch.

"You're fucking with me? You seriously went through my shit?"

"Yeah I went through your stuff" Jackson stated, emphasizing the last word, like it was his right. "And I found this picture" Duo could hear the anger behind every word Jackson said in that sentence…great, which picture…

Jackson flung a crumpled picture on the floor.

Duo felt his heart beat in his chest, he knew it was his favourite picture; it was just one of those days. He stooped down and snatched it up; the picture from the Christmas party, Jackson had been messaging him about all day, he had lost the company car over Jackson's problem with this picture.

"I suppose you know what happened to Heero's copy", Jackson barked.

Duo opened his mouth to defend himself, how was he suppose to know that the serial killer would steal Heero's picture. Jackson beat him too it.

"Well I've taken the liberty of editing your copy". Jackson pasted a cold self righteous smirk on his face.

Duo narrowed his eyes and un-crumpled the picture, he felt his expression go from upset to furious.

"You put an X through Heero's face?" he took a breath, glanced at the photo then clenched his fist.
"You put" he took another breath to calm himself
"A fucking X", another breath
"Through Heero's face!"
Self control be damned, not very many things could make Duo livid, but Jackson was the Sherlock Holms of finding them.
"What the fuck is your problem!" Duo screamed.

"You lied. You told me that you weren't going to this party with him". Jackson said as a matter of fact. Duo could tell that Jackson felt he was justified and hence didn't feel the need to raise his voice.

"I told you I wasn't going to go, I changed my mind, that is not a lie, how dare you accuse me of lying, I haven't told a lie my whole life!" Duo felt himself go into a mini panic. Years of piloting a gundam, one day from hell and he panicked over this. Duo concluded that he had reached his bad event maximum for the day, he'd be calm tomorrow.

"Or so you claim", Jackson said curtly. "Why do you even have your arm around him in the picture, everyone knows he's in love with Relena... and straight". Jackson drew an imaginary straight line in the air.

"I know he's in love with Relena" Duo felt his face flare up with rage, every friggin fight they ever have always started with Heero and always ended with him loving Relena.

"That's what makes this whole arguments pointless! Why do you even bring this shit up?" Duo had enough five minutes ago, and turned to leave "I don't have to listen to your shit, I have somewhere to be".

Duo heard Jackson about to grab his arm before he felt Jacksons aggressively turning him around, the way Jacksons fingers sunk into him he knew it was going bruise.

"The only place you have to be is with me!" Jackson yelled. "How do you not know that!"

"Do not fucking tell me what to do!" Duo wrenched his hand out of Jacksons grasp; he masked his wince for a dramatic turn "Just fuck off!"

Duo grabbed the nearest duffle bag, took his keys from the door and stormed out, Jackson was in toe, Duo could hear him stomping behind him.

Duo didn't even make it to the stairwell, when Jackson screamed "Where are you going, where the fuck do you think you're going?!"

Ignoring him Duo walked faster, he was going to take the stairs, getting trapped in the elevator by Jackson was stupid.

"I know you're going to Heero's place, you think I'm an idiot don't you?" Jacksons voice preceded him. "Huh..HUH!"
Duo knew Jackson would continue yelling whether he answered or not, so he chose not to.
"Fine", Jackson screamed. "Go to Heero's place, you see this, this fight is…is.. All. Your. Fault!" Jackson enunciated every word like he was making some sort of grand point.

Duo finally made it far away enough from Jackson so he couldn't hear his yelling in the stairwell.
At this rate of a bad day, by midnight, an asteroid was going to hit earth and conveniently land on his car, Duo thought bitterly.

Jackson turned around about to storm to his apartment. The little girl from an apartment down the hall, one of Duo's favourite little kids, popped her head out timidly.

"Is everything okay mist-".

"Fuck off!" Jackson spat, "you nosy bitch!" He marched to his apartment, and slammed the door.


When Duo stormed into Heero's apartment, Heero was surprised, although he knew he shouldn't be. There was a serial killer after him, that wasn't really something Heero could see someone being in a good mood for.

"Duo I-" Heero was searching for something to say, cheering people up wasn't his forte.

"Just hug me!" Duo exclaimed, he turned around and flung his arms around Heero.

Startled at first, Heero settled into the embrace, it felt good. Duo always felt good, regardless if it was because he was angry. He looked at his best friend in his arms, his hair was coming out of his braid, when Duo first came in his eyes where burning violet, he was beautiful, Heero couldn't help thinking.

But Heero also knew that this anger was caused by Jackson, which was illogical. Why would Jackson risk Duo's life like this, there was a serial killer after Duo, Duo should be protected, whether he could protect himself or not.

"I'm here for you", Heero said quietly but reassuringly.

Duo tensed, Heero wasn't that confused, Duo was with Jackson, he had no idea why, but that's who Duo was with.

Duo came out of the embrace. "I'm sorry about that Heero", Duo said in an attempt Heero thought was to explain the hug.

"I'm just really pissed off".

He paused for a moment gathering himself, then brightened, with a strange look on his face he asked "How's Relena?"

"Fine", Heero responded slowly. It was true that Relena was one of Heero's closest friends, but she was nothing in comparison to Duo, why would he even ask about her…

"Do you want me to call her for you", Heero asked, he was ridiculously confused.

Duo walked through Heero's kitchen and threw himself on the couch with a big sigh, completely ignoring the question. "So what do you wanna to do?" Duo asked chirpily. 
"We could play games, we could go down to the court and play baseketball, we could prank call Wufei..."

What amazed Heero was that Duo sat there and pretended like nothing happened. But it was very like Duo. He ran from confrontations, he hid from his emotions, but he never lied.

"Duo, let's talk..."

"Talk?" Duo asked surprised. A look passed over his face, confusion, if Heero had to label it. It was obvious to Heero that a lot was bothering him; Duo usually didn't need to put so much effort in pretending that everything was fine.

"You, Heero, talking...this is absolutely unreal". Duo gasped, a grin spreading across his face; he picked up one of the gaming controllers from where Heero had carefully placed it in the bookcase and started to fiddle with it.

Heero gave Duo a blank look. "Yes Duo, we need to talk". Heero was surprised; it was almost as if Duo didn't know what happened today.

"About what?" Duo asked, turning on the T.V. Duo began flipping through channels.

"The serial killer Duo", Heero stated questioningly, he looked over at Duo whose arm suddenly became rigged "or we can start with those bruises on your arm, it's up to you."

Duo cast his eyes at the floor, and then at the T.V. screen. Heero didn't understand why Duo didn't think he'd notice the bruises, he didn't understand a lot of things today, and it was wearing on his patience.

"How much do you know about the serial psycho anyway"? Duo completely avoided Heero's previous question.

Heero had expected Duo to completely deflect his question. He never answered about the bruises he had every now and then, and Heero didn't want to pry.
They didn't talk about Jackson, they never talked about Jackson. Plus, Heero rationalized, Duo only saw him as a best friend, and nothing more, he had to keep telling himself that. Prying would only push Duo away, and Heero couldn't have that.
Wufei always joked about killing Jackson with Heero, he had the idea that by now, Wufei knew he was far from joking.

Heero shuttered at the thought of how intense Jacksons and Duos fights had to be, Duo was an amazing street fighter, for him to get hurt... One day he was going to kill Jackson, the thought bitterly came to Heero mind, like it did when he first met Jackson.

Heero ran his fingers through his shaggy brown hair, caught Duo looking at him, but dismissed it. "From what I analyzed from the pictures the serial killer has been trailing you for six weeks."
He lied, telling Duo that the serial killer been watching him even since during the war would…escalate things.

"So a month and a half", Duo sighed, then turned on the couch so he could see Heero standing by the kitchen entrance. "Whatever", Duo sighed, his eyes connected directly to Heero's. Heero found himself getting lost in that gaze, even though he was practically across the room.
This wasn't good, Heero thought better of prolonging the gaze, he looked away.

There was silence between them for a moment, Heero felt a little awkward and frantically searched for something.

"Are you gonna play, or are you just gonna kind of stand there" Duo beat him to it, breaking the intense silence. "Because i'll leave if this gets boring" he finished.

Heero chucked softly and made his way over to the couch and sat next to Duo, they both knew that Duo would never leave, there were times where Duo had sat in a room with Heero typing on his laptop for hours, but that wasn't the point.

Heero settled in his seat and picked up one of the gaming controllers, contemplating how he bought the game system specifically because he noticed Duo liked it. Plus, it was a pretty good compromise, games usually did get them talking.

Duo flipped his body around so his head was on Heero's lap, Heero now knew he definitely had to focus on the game.
Duo was distracting.

"You're going down", Duo declared darkly, like every other time they played, Duo always thought he could win.

At least this was something to get Duo's mind off things. Heero had received a couple messages throughout the day from Duo, and it would seem like he had a day akin to a visit to hell. Well at least Duo didn't have to spend a day working with Jackson, Heero thought to himself, but he knew Duo lived with Jackson, so that point was out of the window.

The Game was intense; Heero was on the verge of finally beating Duo, winning the game by one point, a rarity. Duo was amazing at games, and was an amazing hacker.

"Duo!" Heero stated simply "You've lost". There was no way Duo could win now, Heero frowned, he reflected that Duo could be distracted because of his day.

"Over someones dead body!"Duo countered, interrupting Heero's train of thought. Duo flipped up off Heero's lap and tackled him off the couch onto the ground. Heero began to wrestle, feeling Duo's body struggle against him. They both began to laugh, Heero found he couldn't seem to stop himself.

"You think you're better than me?" Heero grunted, he flipped Duo on his back and playfully attempted to pin him.

Duo grinned, " I don't think I'm better" he grumbled "I know-" Heero felt Duo's legs wrap around his waist. He felt himself being flipped over to his side. Duo struggled with him until his legs were around his waist, he continued until Heero was completely on his back, Duo straddling his hips. "I'm way better"
Duo exclaimed with a smug across his face.
It was cute.

Heero chucked still struggling half heartedly, "You know I always let you win, right?" Heero sighed, completely giving up.

"Yeah, Yeah" Duo with triumph, "You know you always say that right?"

Heero noticed Duo's lips were a puffy pink, and shifted his eyes away from Duo's face. He tried everything not to let his eyes fall into hypnotizing violet, Duo's eyes were Heero greatest weakness, well, maybe not just the eyes. Now his thoughts were completely stuck on the boy straddling his hips. His expressive glossy eyes, his slender heart shaped face, that matched his slender body, his gorgeous long that hung just above his -

"Heero?" Duo chucked. He grabbed Heero jaw jerking it upwards. "Why won't you look me in the eyes huh?"

Heero slapped Duo's hand away playfully, Duo used that instant to pin Heero's arms back down, and managed to hold both Heero's wrist in one hand.

They both knew that if Heero wanted to get out of Duo's grasp he could.

Duo grabbed Heero's jaw again, trying to stop Heero from averting his gaze by slightly moving his head.

"Heero?" Duo said more calmly with a jesters smile "Why won't you look at me?"

Heero knew what would happen if he let his eyes meet Duo, he would be lost in them. But he decided to give up, Duo would find out sooner or later. He looked into Duo's eyes, at his nose, his lips…
"Maybe it's because your eyes are so God damn big"

There was a long pause; Then Heero heard Duo laugh, it was different from his usual laughs, Heero reflected that he hadn't heard this laugh often. It seemed completely genuine. Heero could live with that laugher in his condo every day.

Duo's head slowly fell just above Heero shoulder, his laughter soft, Heero felt Duo's cheek brush against his ear. Heero stiffened, he felt his face turning red, he had difficulty breathing, he felt his heart rate increase.

"What?" Heero probed "What do you find so funny?"

Duo finally looked up, their faces inches apart. He smiled.

"You know you are an idiot right, even if you only slip and let me see it", Duo chucked softly, his hold on Heero's wrist loosening slightly.

"I would never hide myself from you" Heero heard himself say, he let his eyes fall on Duo's eyelashes, pretty eye lashes, pretty eyes.

"Yeah" Duo face fell closer, like they were exchanging a secret. "And why is that?"

"Because" Heero said, feeling his heart pound on his chest faster... He could feel Duo's heart too, their eyes locked "you... are important to me".

"Why", Duo whispered. Their breath mingling, coming out in soft gasps. Thier lips hovered.

"It's" Heero stuttered, "I- "

"Open the fucking door", they heard an angry voice yell.

"Jackson", Duo whispered, the moment was instantly ruined. Duo jumped to his feet. He could have sworn the last look he saw on Heero's face was disappointment.

"You damn well know why I don't want you to hang around him" Jackson screamed through the door. Duo felt embarrassment seeping into him. He didn't want Heero to see him like this, pathetic, fighting with his boyfriend.

"Jackson calm the fuck down, God!" Duo yelled, trying to keep his voice down, trying to gain control.

Heero quietly excused himself to his balcony. Duo was glad for the little bit of privacy. It hurt that Heero heard this, he worked so hard for Heero to think he was strong, he felt this brought him down a notch, if ever he made it up there.

"He's my best friend" Duo said as he opened the door, he blocked the entrance so Jackson couldn't really see past him. It was futile though, Jackson was taller than him.
"How many times do I have to tell you that?" he asked quietly. Jackson was standing directly in front of him, trying to intimidate him to back up and let him into the condo.

"He's your Ex partner", Jackson replied. "Even Une thinks it's a bad idea for you two to hang out".

“Une's the one to who assigned me over her by the way.”
A little FYI for ya jerk.
"And that's your reason too? You object to a guy panicking and saving his best friend, due to logic". Duo felt himself slowly elevating on the anger scale.

This was nothing compared to Jackson though. Jackson was pissed.

"Heero Yuy does not fucking panic!" Jackson yelled, he wanted in now. What was Duo hiding, he knew it was something. "He was in a building with seventeen terrorist, by himself, with a stab wound and a sprained wrist-"

"Ankle" Duo muttered, not that it would support his case; it would just show that the perfect Heero Yuy really didn't panic in everyone else's eyes.

"Whatever, a burning building, much more severe than the situation you two were in later, and he managed to kill twelve of them, and arrest the other five, and march them out of the building that was burning down..." Jackson paused and glared at Duo 
"According to height!"

"But that's just one example", Duo argued back. "I've seen him panic several times during the war".

"That's because you were involved!" Jackson shot back. "Heero's in love with you!"

And how Duo wished that was true, him and not Relena.
He would sell…Jacksons soul, all his furniture, the rights to his name, and his future as, well whatever his future held, for that to be true. Fucking Relena. Heero forever his best friend.
He wondered icily if Jackson was just a physical replacement for Heero, then he reflected that he didn't have time to be reflecting at the moment.

Jackson always flip flopped like that with Duo, Duo knew it was a psychological game. One minute he'd tell Duo that Heero was in love with Relena and was straight, the next minute he'd tell Duo that Heero was in love with him and it was sick.

"He's not in love with me", Duo grounded out, "he's my best friend, has been my best friend through not one war, but two, he's been my friend through multiple gun shots, nightmares, sleepless nights and fucking embarrassing and traumatic situations". Like this one, Duo thought to himself.
"We have a ridiculously strong bond. And if Heero used discretion and took me out of the building first because I was the one that needed medical attention first, I don't see what the issue is, everyone else made it out alive".

Jackson rolled his eyes, he would punch Duo if he could, but not only would Duo fight back, and he had to grudgingly admit, although he knew several forms of martial arts, Duo could hold his own. Plus, if he left a bruise he was certain that Wufei would kill him.
Trowa would just poison him, and leave him to die at his own discretion, Trowa looked like that kind of person, it was in the silent treatment Trowa gave him.
And Heero, Heero was unpredictable.

He opted to continue yelling. "He didn't follow fucking protocol. Yes, you were wounded the worse out of everyone there, however, you save the hostages first, the agents last, it doesn't matter who's the most injured!"

"I was going to bleed to death, I was almost unconscious!" Duo spat venomously.

"There was a hostage there that was unconscious!" Jackson screeched.

"From a concussion, not from bleeding!" Duo screamed he through his hands in the air in frustration and disbelief, did Jackson care about him at all.

"I don't care", Jackson yelled.


They had this argument over and over again; it was getting far beyond over played. "Heero broke protocol, not the first time it's happened when it's came to you. It's not the first time he's saved you first, leaving the hostages in a building that was about to explode". Jackson said like he was repeating on old rule.

Duo hoped to whatever deity was the closest to earth that Heero heard none of this argument.

"And like I said, he got the hostages out, saved the day, and my life. Doesn't anyone remember the paramedic saying if he brought me out last they would of put me in a body bag? Nobody? Nobody ever remembers that fucking fact! Plus, I break protocol all the mother fucking time".

"Everyone expects you to", Jackson retorted. "You don't listen, your impulsive, and take stupid risk; I don't even know why I date you".

"What the fuck is that suppose to mean!" Duo screamed.

Jackson was just about to grab Duo when they both heard Heero's voice.

"It means" Heero said stepping in between Jackson and Duo, moving Duo further into the condo apartment and Jackson further into the hallway.
"Jackson's leaving" his voice sounded cold and dangerous.

"I'm not going anywhere!" Jackson screamed. "My boyfriend and I will finish this conversation in our new apartment".

The sound of Heero's gun cocking back made the room fall silent, tension filled the air.
"I said" He looked directly at Jackson.
"Jackson," Heero glare was so cold that he didn't even need his gun at that point
“You're leaving".

And Jackson was leaving, one way or another.



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