Gunslinger Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Scars & Bullets ❯ Dimostrazione ( Chapter 3 )

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Rico, Triela, Hillshire and I were in the target range to practice our shooting when we heard the news about the commotion that happened in the clinic. It seemed that the boy lashed out and attacked Jean and Joze; it filled me with rage. Personally I won't mind Jean getting what eventually was coming to him for being a bad handler but why Joze? I'd bet my life that Joze did not do anything to him but then he still chose to knock him out anyway. I believe that my dear Joze must have even tried to help him before he was beaten since Joze is a very Very good person. Triela could not believe what happened but this boy just filled me with so much anger that I can't even shoot strait. Eventually, I would meet with him again since shortly after missing my 56th shot I saw Joze and Jean in a distance and with them was… the boy!
Chapter 3 Dimostrazione
I ran to Joze as soon as I saw him, but as soon as I embraced him he complained about his back. Grrr it's the boy's fault isn't it! I gave him a mean look but he just gave me a face that was probably translatable to, what? Jean proceeded to the entrance of one of the combat simulation rooms and got a box of bullets. He gave it to the boy and ordered him to load his gun, the gun was Jean's USP .45 ACP Tactical and for a while I really had no clue on what they want him to do with it. It was then that the boy gave a good long look at the inside of the range and stared at the gun in his hand and then he proceeded to ask for another gun. No, he did not want a new one he wanted to carry 2 pistols into the simulation. I laughed silently since I have never really heard of someone who would want to carry 2 pistols in a fight because we have always been taught that such action is reckless. However Joze came forward and gave him his SIG P228. I was shocked by such actions from the handlers but eventually the shock was turned into anticipation since now the boy started too load both magazines and then the guns in the fashion of putting both guns in one hand and cramming both magazines in the same time and prepared to enter the simulation zone. We all went into the monitor room and were prepared to watch him from there, no one was left in the building grounds in fear that he might screw up and fire a stray bullet I guess.
We did not expect much from him at first and I guess that was why we were blown off our seats when we saw him in action. His performance got all of us staring into the monitors. He was just so quick! Most of the action in the target range was composed of him bursting into a room and in that second Bang! Bang! It would be either, 1 shot to the head of the target, 2 shots to the neck or 3 to the chest mostly to the heart region. The fact that he carried 2 pistols with him made him even deadlier, he was able to shoot from one hand and since both pistols were being utilized he could fire in 2 directions simultaneously. His reaction time was astounding, he needed only glances and he'd fire as if he has eyes on the back of his head. Hostage dummies did not need to fear him since he was aware enough not to shoot them. When the shots were finally silenced the monitoring room was silent as well. The first person to speak was Hillshire:
“I swear he must have popped some stitches after a stunt like that.” he was followed by Joze
“Well he's very… promising.” Joze was then `corrected' by Jean
“Joze, promising is an understatement, calling him talented is an insult to him too, I can't think of a word to describe him without making it synonymous to `Untouchable' or `Unstoppable' but I guess that's how to describe him.”
Finally Hillshire would conclude, “let's just say that he was scary.”
With that everyone agreed and proceeded out through the exit. Triela stayed behind to look at the replays and I heard her say to her self:
“That's him alright he's the guy I owe my life too!”
After giving them my performance they had me whisked of to one of those large meeting rooms. There they just left me alone. It was there that I started thinking to my self `Well? Did I screw up? Maybe I needed to put 100% in my performance. I mean those girls were pretty good them selves, they still out do me I guess. Well here is what I will do, if they get back here with negative feed back I will tell them that awhile ago was not my full potential and I could put more effort next time.' Eventually the door opened and in came the 2 guys I attacked earlier and some old man who I would later learn is named Lorenzo.
Looks like my fears were far from the truth since as soon as the 3 sat down they buried me in compliments and promises. It took me awhile to realize that the blond who was yelling at me earlier at my bed and the guy that keeps following him are actually asking me to join the agency. Well I said yes. They just got up and shook my hands vigorously. At that moment the door opened again and several girls and a large number of adults entered the room.
Lorenzo introduced me as Raphael and told them I was a new recruit. He would then introduce me to the different people working in each department in the SWA and finally started introducing me to the girls and their what I like to call `fratello mates'. The ten year old girl was Henrietta, she was pretty cute but then I did see her hug her handler Joze and she seems to have quite a grip on his hand right now so I could conclude that she liked him more than anything else in the world. The one that looked like a boy was Rico her partner was the blond guy who turned out to be named Jean, they looked pretty distant so I guess that's what they are compared to Henrietta and Joze relationship, distant. The girl with glasses was named Claes she looked bookish but I could say she's rather pretty as well, according to Lorenzo she lost her handler so I guess I got nothing to say about her relationships, aside from concluding that she's bookish. The last one is the girl that got me here in the first place according to Joze, her name was Triela, aside from the fact that she could not stop smiling at me I can't take my eyes of her because… its just that I find her… attractive. She had a fratello mate named Hillshire and they look pretty close, not as close as Henrietta and Joze but close like a student and her favorite teacher, I hope.
I still could not take my eyes of Triela thou even when Lorenzo started talking about policies and stuff, thank god she did not see me. If she did she'd probably see me staring at her longingly that would be pretty embarrassing. <Sigh> if only I could... but I can't.
I was instructed to guide Raphael to his room, if you ask me I don't understand why it has always been my job to do this but Jean's orders is Jean's orders. When we got to his room he got in and took a look around, he did not bring any stuff so I guess this room is going to stay empty for a while, actually for a long while since according to Lorenzo he'll be treated as a regular field agent and he won't have a handler, that means no one is going to give him gifts. After looking through his room he looked at me and asked:
“Where do you girls stay?” that was the first time he said a word the whole time and hearing him actually talk to me made me blush. But I straightened out and answered him:
“Henrietta and I stay 5 rooms away from here. Triela and Claes are 2 doors away.” He then smiled at me and thanked me. Then he asked to be alone and so I left the room.
It was nighttime and I was in my room with Henrietta. We were talking about all the things that happened today from finding Raphael half-dead after a bloody gunfight, seeing him in action, and being introduced to him. Then I swapped comments with Henrietta:
“Personally I thing that he could be very helpful. Just hope that he didn't have to hurt Joze like he did earlier. Well he was disoriented I guess, I mean when I first woke up and saw Joze put a gun on my bed I was scared too.” Henrietta said in her cheerful voice. I then gave my own opinion:
“The handlers are impressed by him so I think I should be impressed too. I can't really blame him for hitting Jean I guess, Jean is rather scary until now.”
At that moment we heard some knocking on the door so Henrietta and I simultaneously said, “Come in!”
The door opened but for a while nothing came out of it. Eventually Raphael's head popped out and asked:
“Its rather lonely in my room, do you think I can stay here for a while?” Henrietta looked rather speechless but I told him its ok so he came in.
He sat himself down on the floor and was about to say something but then I offered him my chair. He refused it saying that it would mean I would need to stand up; he's really nice. He joined in on the conversation about today's events and eventually apologized to both of us for his actions to our handlers. Henrietta blushed while I thanked him for the apology. Shortly after a brief silence someone started rapping on the door again but this time it was only I that said, “Come in.” with that Triela burst into the room:
“Have you seen Raphael? He's either not in his room or he's not answering it. I knocked on it for a while but then—“she was cut short when she saw that Raphael was in fact in the room and all she could muster up was to say “Hi!” we invited her to sit with us so she walked to the bed and sat with Henrietta. Later on Claes joined us, and so everyone was in the room. The first one to react on this was Henrietta:
“<Sigh> if only Angelica was still here.” Raphael looked alarmed and asked “Who is Angelica?” with that Claes proceeded to narrate how our old friend Angelica was also a girl like us but due to the conditioning process passed away. Raphael looked scandalized:
“So all of you are being conditioned?” with that Triela replied:
“Yup, but the quantities vary it depends on the handler you see.” With that Raphael laughed to him self and said:
“Oh, you mean your Fratello mates.” We had a good laugh from his comment but eventually it was time to go to bed and our little share circle dispersed. The last to leave was Raphael; he thanked us for the company and left as well. It was then in the silence of the surroundings did we here someone calling to Raphael from out side. From the sound of it Henrietta and I realized it was Triela.
Triela: um, hi again!
Raphael: ow hi, is something wrong?
Triela: um, I just wanted to tell you that…
Raphael: tell me what?
Triela: I just wanted to say that…
Raphael: …
Triela: <sigh> I just wanted to say thank you for saving my life.
Raphael: aw its ok, I got to hand it to you, if it weren't for you I won't be here to meet nice girls such as your self
Triela: I am? I mean thanks for not being mad at me for… you know getting you shot.
Raphael: Its ok, like what I said, I am actually thanking you for your carelessness.
Triela: Hey!
Henrietta and I were left giggling at the awkwardness of their conversation. But when those 2 went their separate ways we climbed into our beds and went to sleep. <Sigh> what a day.