Guyver Fan Fiction ❯ The Meaning Of Life- The Merging Of Two Evils sequel ❯ Chapter 2

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 2

The Plan

Just as he finished a hole opened in the floor beneath Denonu and he fell into the dark pit. On the land of the living, inside Ryo-ohki the members of the Masaki household are in mourning over Denonu's death.

Ryoko: Ok let me get this straight. You said Denonu killed himself and Antwan in a powerful explosion that wiped out the town of Oakayama.

ADRyoko: Yeah that's about it.

Ayeka: So what are we going to do now? It's not as if we can go back home.

Ryoko: I'll tell you what where going to do. Where going to bring him back.

Washu: Look I know your love him and all but he's gone. Theirs no way we can bring him back.

Ryoko: Yes there is?

Ryoko then turned facing ADRyoko.

Ryoko: Can Ryo-ohki play videocassettes?

ADRyoko: Sure, but how will that help.

Ryoko: I'm going to show you how he can be brought back. Washu can you get me to the house?

Washu: Sure. We enlarged the house to tell Lord Katsuhito and Nobuyuki about what happened.

Washu began to type on that familiar laptop of hers. As she typed a hole in the air opened into her lab. Ryoko entered the hole and seen that the house was back to it's original size. She ran toward the house and entered through the front door. Ryoko then headed up the stairs to her guest room. She opened the door and began to look around for the cassette tapes. She found the tapes. Picking them up she headed outside back to Ryo-ohki.

Coming out of the hole she handed one of the tapes to ADRyoko.

Ryoko: Here play this.

ADRyoko took the tape and walked over to one of the many crystals floating inside the massive ship. While looking at the tape she pushed it into the crystal. The view screen of Ryo-ohki flickered as the words "processing" were shown on it.

Ayeka: How is that going to help?

Ryoko: You'll see.

The view screen stopped and the intro to Dragonball Z began to play on it.

ADRyoko: What's this?

Ryoko: It's a cartoon that Denonu used to watch years ago.

After the intro finished Ryoko began to tell them how they could wish Denonu back using the dragonballs.

Ryoko: Washu do you still have that machine that zapped Denonu when it went berserk.

Washu: Yeah I still got it but why would you want that?

Ryoko: Because that machine transported Denonu and me to that cartoon world.

ADRyoko: You said that we would have to find these dragonball things so how are we going to do that?

Ryoko: Just leave that to me.

Meanwhile in limbo, still falling the endless fall. Denonu looks around but finds absolutely nothing. Then just as he realizes that the fall would probably last forever it stop and Denonu slams into the ground. Afterward Denonu stood up and brushed the dust off of him.

Denonu: He's not going to get rid of me that easy.

Denonu raised his ki a bit as the blast field appeared around him, then he was gone. Inside of the judgment house Denonu reappeared in his previous spot before he fell. The Red man and his assistant were shocked seeing that the man they had just judged appeared from out of thin air.

Red man: What's happening. How'd you do that?

Denonu: Never mind that? I'm only here to tell you that I'm not going to hell for something I believe is right. I'm going to walk out that door and anyone who tries to stop me is going to seriously regret making that choice. (He said pointing to the door behind him.)

After finishing Denonu turned around and started for the door. As he was walking out the door a hand touched his shoulder.

Unknown Voice: Hold on for a minute.

"And who might you be?" Denonu said turning around facing a dark blue haired woman wearing a full-body red cloak with a gold brace that connected it at her neck.

Unknown Woman: The name's Kailia. Look don't get angry at them. They're just doing their job. I was listening to your predicament outside. They say you have a hundred years till the tournament right. So just make the best of it. And if you want I could teach you some things. I'm going to need something to do here to.

Listening to her proposal Denonu began to think of his options.

Denonu: /Who is this woman and why does she care about my situation. Whoever she is she seems sincere./ So what could you possibly teach me?

"I'm sure I'll think of something" she said with a smile on her face.

Inside of Washu 's lab Ryoko and the others are waiting for Washu to construct a device that would transport them to the alien dimension.

Ryoko: Are you finished yet Washu.

Washu: Not yet, it does take time to decipher one dimension from millions you know.

Hours pass and Washu has finally finished the device.

Washu: They're its finally complete.

Washu looked about her array of machines and pressed a button on the one to her right. The machine hummed and a small pad protruded from it carrying ten wristwatch like machines. She gathered the little machines and headed toward the Masaki home. Inside the home everyone watching television while they waited for Washu to finish. The front door opened and Washu came into the living room.

Washu: It's done. I finished the machines.

Ryoko: It's about time Washu.

Washu then gave everyone a machine and they all snapped them on their wrists.

Washu: Tenchi where is your grandfather and father.

Tenchi: They said that they would stay here and hope for the best.

Washu: I guess it's their choice.

ADRyoko: Hey Washu, I do we use these things.

Washu: You press the red button on the side to go back and forth from dimension to dimension.

After everyone fumbled with their machines all of them activated their machines and disappeared. Meanwhile in the altered dimension at the place that used to be Oakayama, Japan a large yellow spacecraft lands on the ground and opens a gray transport tube at the top. A moment later a female figure clad in a red and yellow battle suit comes out the tube and jumps down to the ground. The figure bends her left arm up and a neon holograph screen forms near her wrist. As the screen displayed dimensional information she looked around at her surroundings.

Female Figure: /Damn what the hell happened here? I'm not detecting his energy pattern anymore./

As she spoke the screen began to emit a low pitch him. She looked down at the screen and read the information as a smile creped across her face.

Female Figure: /Now I see what happed. He must've traveled to another dimension./

She put her arm down and jumped back to the transport tube. She landed on it and placed her feet on the pad. The pad then lowered into the ship with her on top of it. Once inside the tube closed and the pad brought her to an airlock door. The door opened with a small hiss and she stepped in. Inside the room were what appeared to be a locker and a device with a glass tube with a control panel. She walked up to the panel and keyed in a sequence. The tube opened and she stepped in. She removed her suit's helmet letting the cool air of the ship wash over her face. As if in a balance the scent of her own musk emanated out of her armor.

Female Figure: /Damn this damp suit./ Deactivate.

In response to her voice her suit sectioned off into whole parts and dropped to the floor of the tube. The woman stepped out of the tube and pressed a button on the side console. The glass tube closed and the suit parts returned to their previous positions against themselves. The woman went to the locker and opened it. Reaching in she grabbed a towel and an alternate pair of clothes. Closing the locker door she stood up and walked toward another door that was opposite of the airlock door. The door opened as it reacted to her presence and the woman exited the room entering a hallway that ran parallel to the ship. She walked down the hallway until she came to a large doorway. Entering the doorway she removed her clothes and stepped into a shower room on her left side. She took the towel and extra clothes and placed them on a small pedestal. After that she stood under one of the many showerheads.

Female Figure: Shower on.

The shower activated and the woman washed herself. After she was finished she deactivated the shower, dried off, and put on her extra clothes, which were a light blue top with small skintight shorts. Soon she left the room, heading for the ship's bridge. Upon entering the bridge she sat down at one of the many computer consoles.

Female Figure: Patch my suits download data into the ships main databanks.

After she spoke the ship responded to her command by relaying the information. Just as it finished the patch a feminine voice echoed through out the bridge.

Ship's computer voice: Patch complete.

Female Figure: Locate point of last known dimensional disturbance.

Ship's computer voice: Locating.....Point located.

Female Figure: Go to the point previously indicated.

Soon the whole ship began to activate as the power generators, and engine core roared to life. The ship then took off in a trail of light heading for geo-synchronies orbit. Dende watched the Earth carefully looking for signs of dismay. Behind Dende, Mr. Popo was standing patiently just as he always done. A moment later each one of them heard a banged sound.

Dende: What was that?

Mr. Popo: It sounded like a door closing. I'll go look.

Dende watched Mr. Popo leave to go and check around the lookout. Soon he came back displaying a worried look on his face.

Dende: What was it Popo?

Mr. Popo it seems that someone is in the hyperbolic time chamber.

Dende: I wonder who it is? But I guess we can see when the person comes out in a couple of days.

Not far away at capsule corp. Bulma was reading one of her many science magazines when she heard a knock at her door. After she put the magazine down on the table in front of her she walked over and answered the door. When the door opened she saw Ryoko, a person who accidentally traveled here over 8 years ago with a man who she claimed was her husband. About a couple of hours later Ryoko finished telling Bulma all she knew about what happened to Denonu.

Bulma: So you plan to resurrect Denonu using the DragonBalls with the help of your friends.

Ryoko: Yeah but we can't find the dragonballs without your radar.

Bulma: You know I had a feeling I might be needing it someday.

Bulma then handed the radar to Ryoko.

Bulma: When you wish Denonu back you can tell him that there's going to be a tournament here in a couple of months.

Ryoko: Yeah knowing him the way I do, I know he'll enter.