Guyver Fan Fiction ❯ The Meaning Of Life- The Merging Of Two Evils sequel ❯ Chapter 3

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 3

The Calling

In Other World, the place where dead souls go, or the afterlife, Denonu was meditating in one of the many open fields in hell; taking a break from Kailia's vigorous mind training of something she called soul fire when an idea struck him and he disappeared. When he reappeared he was in front of the gigantic red man sitting at his desk, which after many years found out that his name was King Yama.

Denonu: Hey, King Yama.

King Yama looked up from the pile of papers on his desk and looked at Denonu.

King Yama: Yes Entry # 402 what is it?

Denonu: Entry # 402 I hate it when he calls me that. How can I get to heaven?

King Yama: You would leave out that doorway and catch the escort plane.

As he spoke he pointed to a doorway to his left. After he finished Denonu flew to the ground and walked through the doorway. When he reached the other side Denonu saw a plane with a line of people waiting to enter it. Then he looked into the distance and seen a large planet in the distance. Denonu raised his ki a bit and his aura appeared around him. After he was satisfied he flew off toward the planet. At that exact moment in one of the darkest realms of the underworld, in a critical place that one man built his entire empire. That man at this time was sitting at his throne overlooking the dismal scenery of chaos and destruction throughout the various dimensions that was giving him his endless power.

Man of darkness: /Soon it will be complete./ Sio come!

A moment later a man wearing a body-length black cloak appeared before him and bowed slightly.

Sio: Yes my master.

Man of darkness: Go and see if he's ready.

Sio: Yes my master.

Afterward Sio faded away the man was left sitting all alone.

Man of darkness: Very soon indeed.

When Denonu reached the planet he flew down to it and landed on the ground, adjusting to the gravity. He walked around looking at the futuristic buildings. While walking he came to what appeared to be an intersection and a control panel interface. He walked up to the interface and pressed the screen. The screen displayed different options and Denonu chose his accordingly. The screen displayed his results and he pressed the name of the person he was looking for. Then the area around him blurred and when it focused Denonu found him in front of a door.

Denonu: /That's convenient. Saves me the trouble of searching for her./

Denonu knocked on the door and it opened slightly.

Denonu: Hello.

Denonu cautiously enters and looks around seeing a gigantic flower field with paths going a through them. Walking further in a fountain and a woman admiring flowers came into view. The woman had black hair and was wearing a pinkish dress. Denonu walked up to the woman.

Denonu: Excuse me.

The woman turned facing Denonu and set the flower that she held in her hands down in front of her.

Woman wearing pinkish dress: Yes.

Denonu: Are you Achika?

Achika: Yes do I know you?

Denonu: No, but I know about you.

Achika: How do you know about me?

Denonu: Well I know your son.

Achika: You know Tenchi.

Denonu: Yeah.

Achika: How he doing?

Denonu: His doing fine. He's become a ladies man so to speak.

Achika: What do you mean?

Denonu: Well he has six girls living with him.

Achika: It's probably all Nobuyuki's fault knowing him. I wish I could see what he looks like now.

Denonu: You can.

Achika: How?

Denonu: I can project my thoughts into your mind.

Achika: What do I have to do?

Denonu: Just close your eyes and clear your mind.

After Denonu finished Achika did what Denonu told her to do. A couple of seconds' later blurred images began to form in her mind. After that the images focused, Achika saw one of the many fights between Ayeka + ADRyoko over Tenchi. After the scene played out a white flash appeared and another girl appeared, then another, an another until all of the members of the masaki household were displayed. Achika opened her eyes and looked at the unknown man with black hair.

Achika: Now what about you. How do you know my son?

Denonu chuckled a bit then answered.

Denonu: Do you what me to start from the beginning?

Achika: I think that it's an appropriate place.

Denonu explained his story as the hours passed and Achika listened intently. But as he finished Denonu heard Kailia's mental voice in his head

Kailia: Denonu where are you at? You're supposed to be training.

Denonu: I'm talking to someone.

Kailia: Well come back quickly. We have work to do.

Denonu: Your pushy today aren't you, what's wrong with you?

Kailia: I've just got a bad feeling that's all.

Denonu felt her presence leave his mind and he stood up with Achika brushing the loose grass off of himself.

Denonu: Well, sorry to end this short but I've got to go.

Achika: I hope we have more chances to talk in the future.

Denonu: Me too.

Achika: Wait, what's your name.

Denonu: It's Denonu.

Denonu closed his eyes and Achika watched as he faded away. In the far reaches of space Antwan listened carefully as he stared up at the man who was speaking to him. From what he could understand this man was the leader of a dimension of pure chaos and he was looking for a successor. As he was talking the man was leading Antwan to his inner chambers. It was dark, gloomy, pungent smelling and cold, it reminded him of a dark castle. Looking forward a doorway came into view and they entered into a large field that appeared to have no ceiling. The man paused and Antwan followed suit.

The man: And now comes the hardest part of the initiation.

Antwan: What part.

The man: The test.

Then the man disappeared and moved at speeds at which Antwan couldn't register. Antwan began looking around attempting to sense the man's presence or power

level, but he felt neither of them.

Antwan: /Damn I can't sense him./

Then Antwan sensed a small glimpse of his power level and turned to face it, attempting to shoot a ki blast at it. But when Antwan turned around all he saw was the man's palm. In the next moment all Antwan felt was pain as the man shot a powerful energy blast at his face. Back on Earth Ryoko was flying over a large rocky landscape searching for the dragonballs. She raised the dragonball radar to her face and clicked the button on the top. The radar screen flickered as it zoomed in a little bit and displayed a small triangle close to a glowing circle with the number seven above it.

Ryoko: Good I'm getting closer to it. It should be down there.

She flew down to the ground as she surveyed the landscape. She looked for anything out of the ordinary but all she saw was rocky terrain. She began to walk around as she checked the radar again, but it displayed the same results as it did before.

Ryoko: Damn I know it's around here somewhere.

As she spoke another voice echoed around her and she turned to face it. When she turned she saw a figure clad in red armor with a green visor on its helmet.

Ryoko: Well well if it isn't Samus Aran, the bounty hunter.

Samus: I don't know what your looking for but I know what I'm looking for, and it just so happens to be you.

Ryoko: Samus, spare me the melodramatics.

Samus: Fine. I'm arresting you for the numerous crimes of theft and burglary that you and your partner have committed.

Ryoko: I'm sorry but I can't allow you to catch me yet.

Samus: And how do you plan to stop me?

Ryoko: Like I always do, you've never been a match for me.

Samus: It's been years since we've fought and I've had time to improve.

Ryoko: We'll see.

Ryoko then put the dragon radar in a brown bag she had around her neck and dropped the bag to the ground. She focused and began to gather energy in each hand. As the energy began to crackle and pop she flung the energy spheres in Samus' direction. Ryoko watched the spheres explode as they collided with the ground where Samus stood. Dust and smoke began to fill the air as Ryoko began looking around for Samus. Then a small ball rolled out of the smoke and transfigured Samus back to her regular humanoid shape. Skidding to a stop Samus readied her arm barrel and fired a rapid stream of small plasma charges. Ryoko flew forward forming her beam saber as the plasma charges headed her way. She began to deflect the plasma charges with beam saber as she flew faster toward Samus. Ryoko readied for an overhead slice and swung her beam saber at Samus' helmet. But Samus anticipating the attack raised her arm barrel and a blue beam of energy extended from it and wrapped around Ryoko 's waist. Samus then leaped into the air dragging Ryoko behind her using her grapple beam and then she flung Ryoko down toward ground releasing her beam. Ryoko plummeted downward slamming into the ground, making blood spew from her mouth as Samus landed near by.

Samus: Do you give up yet?

Ryoko planted her right hand on the ground and forced herself to get up, while wiping the blood running down chin with her other hand.

Ryoko: Not a chance.

The Other World begins to open as all of the contestants gather in front of the Grand Kai's palace. As the contestants get restless a purple man wearing a black suit came out of Grand Kai's palace.

Purple man in suit: All contestants form two lines, newcomers and in the other one returning participants.

The audience did as they were told and formed two lines and Denonu was second in line with Kailia.

Kailia: Well the time has come. How do you feel?

Denonu: I feel anxious and jittery, like a kid in a toy store.

Kailia: That's normal. Oh yeah I almost forgot.

Denonu: Forgot what?

Kailia: I want to give you something.

Denonu: Give me what?

Kailia: This.

Kailia raised her left hand and a flash of light appeared in front of her. The light then formed into a sword with two blades; one blade was where it should be on a sword. But the other extended from the bottom of the sword hilt and curved upward around where the holder's hand would be as it came to a point near the top of the hilt, almost touching the other blade.

Kailia: The person who taught me soul fire, gave me this sword and told me to hand it down to the person I taught it to. When you take this sword you have to promise that you will pass on the same technique and pass down this sword once again to that person.

Denonu: I promise.

Kailia then nodded and Denonu reached out and grabbed the sword's handle as he felt an electric charge pass through his hand. Denonu raised the sword, admiring the blade.

Denonu: It has great craftsmanship. The edge is flawless, but how where do I put it when I'm not using it, it doesn't have a sheath.

Kailia: Let me see the sword.

Denonu handed the sword to Kailia.

Kailia: Hold up your right hand.

Denonu did what he was told and held up his hand. Kailia took a few steps back and put the sword's point to his palm and stabbed it. Denonu winced in pain but he forced it back. Kailia continued to push the sword but it didn't come out the other side of his hand, as a normal blade would've. Instead it disappeared into his hand until the whole sword entered. After Kailia stopped pushing Denonu looked at his palm.

Denonu: What did you do?

Kailia: I merged the sword with your being. Now you can bring it out like I did, and when you don't need it you can send it away just as easily. Now hurry up your next.

Denonu and Kailia walked up to one of the arrangers who were registering the fighters. The arranger looked Denonu over and began to speak.

The arranger: I'm sorry sir but you can't enter the tournament.

Denonu: Why not?

The arranger: Because you aren't dead yet.

Kailia: What do you mean he isn't dead his here isn't he?

The arranger: I'm sorry but some how he came without dying.

Denonu: Well I'm not going to argue.

Kailia: But don't you want to participate.

Denonu: I do, but I made a promise to someone and I have to keep it. Thanks for all your help Kailia. I improved a lot because of you.

Denonu held out his hand and Kailia put her hand in his as they shook hands.

Kailia: For me it was a challenge training you. But when you do die look me up.

Denonu looked into Kailia's eyes.

Denonu: See you around.

Kailia watched Denonu as he faded away until he was no longer there. Then she thought for a moment the disappeared herself.