Guyver Fan Fiction ❯ The Meaning Of Life- The Merging Of Two Evils sequel ❯ Chapter 8

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 8

The Destruction Of A Planet (Part 1)

Sio was floating high above the Masaki shrine.

Sio: So he's not here. I bet this will get his attention.

Sio raised his arm and fired an energy sphere at the shrine. The shrine exploded and Sio just laughed. Denonu and Antwan were about halfway there when they began to see land.

Denonu waved at Antwan and then pointed toward the ground. Antwan flew closer to the ground knowing what Denonu meant. Denonu followed him shortly after. Soon a city graced the horizon and they were soon flying over it. People on the ground began pointing fingers at two streaks of light. Flying faster they exited the city and came to more ocean. Again the water shot up into the air as the wind sheer parted it. They sped up even more. The water moved swiftly beneath them as they came closer to their destination. More land crossed their path and Denonu saw a light up ahead.

Denonu: / An explosion. /

Antwan glanced at Denonu noticing his concern.

Antwan: / I'm not going to be that helpful in this fight. I'm going to have to rely on Denonu. /

Denonu and Antwan reached their destination, but instead of seeing trees, a lake, and a house, all they saw was debris from the house and trees. They stopped flying and saw Sio waiting for them.

Sio: So you finally made it. A little late aren't you. You missed the party.

Denonu: What the hell are you talking about?

Sio: Never mind that. Let's not waste time shall we.

Sio's body began to blur and Denonu felt himself get struck in the chest. The force of the blow knocked him to the ground below. Antwan flew toward Sio and attempted a kick of his own, but Sio intercepted it. With his other arm he punched Antwan in the face and many other areas. The last one was in the gut and the air rushed from his lungs. While he was distracted Sio spun and raised his foot above his opponent. He then dropped his heel upon Antwan's head, dropping him from the sky and crashing him into the ground.

Sio: Come on, this is too easy. I may not even break a sweat in this fight.

Not far away. Denonu found himself embedded in the ground. Using his ki, he destroyed the surrounding rocks and debris. He then looked up at Sio floating high above him. Almost a second later, Denonu heard a loud crash to his left and turned to face it. It was Antwan crashing into the ground. Antwan did the same as Denonu, but more forcefully, letting his anger get the best of him. The ground then erupted and Antwan came forth from the ground and charged toward Sio. Denonu just stood there for a couple of seconds, thinking to himself.

Denonu: / If I fight him a lot of people will die in the process. But what the hell it will make the fight interesting. /

Denonu then shot into the air with his ki aura surrounding him. He was following directly behind Antwan, when a bright light covered the sky. Antwan suddenly flew back into Denonu, knocking the wind out of him. A large energy beam followed which guided its receiver's into the wreckage of the Masaki house. The beam pushed them toward a wooden door, which happened to be the door to Washu's lab. The door shattered on impact and the two fighters were plunged into a different setting. Screaming they flew through the lab, above people's heads and impact a large computer. The computer and the energy beam exploded on impact and Antwan was blown from the wreckage out onto the cold floor. Blood also spewed from his mouth onto the floor. Just then Sio came floating through the dimensional doorway and landed before the fallen Zoa-creature. Bending down he picked Antwan up off the ground by his neck and began to speak.

Sio: So, do you regret challenging me?

Antwan dangling by his neck stared into the eyes of the person he knew years before and only utter two words.

Antwan: Fuck you.

This made Sio angry and he raised his other hand to Antwan's chest. Antwan looked down and his eyes grew wider as a large hole was blasted through his chest. Antwan screamed in pain and Sio flung him toward the small group of people, which occupied the lab before he did. Antwan hit the ground with a crunching thud, his body bleeding profusely. Sio then looked at the people near Antwan. There were several women and men, but he recognized one of the women. He disappeared and beside her he reappeared. He quickly grasped her in they same way he did Antwan.

Sio: You're the person who almost killed me.

Ryoko raised her arms and punched Sio twice in the head. The punches had no effect.

Sio: It's going to be fun killing you.

He raised his hand about to punch her face in when everyone heard a loud scream come from the wreckage of the large computer. Second the wreckage rose up and the ground began quaking. Denonu stood at the center of the debris and with a bright yellow aura surrounding him. While he was screaming his hair grew long as he once again ascended to super saiyan 3.