Guyver Fan Fiction ❯ The Meaning Of Life- The Merging Of Two Evils sequel ❯ Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

The Destruction of a Planet (Part 2)

Denonu raised his arm and struck the ground with his fist. An energy dome erupted around him, causing a gigantic explosion to rush towards Sio. He quickly backhands Ryoko to the ground and then covered his face with his arms. The explosion carried him backward into a wall. The impact was hard, blood rushed from Sio's mouth and onto the floor. Fire and smoke filled the area and there was no visibility. Inside the smoke Denonu disappeared and beside his wife he reappeared. Picking her up off of the floor, he began to fly backward out of the smoke and toward the others, who where watching on. The lab's safety procedures kicked in and tiny snowflake like particles began falling from the ceiling. The fire sizzled down to nothing as the smoke began to dissipate. Sio fell from the wall and landed on the ground. He reached in his pocket and produced a small glowing capsule. Tossing it in his mouth he swallowed and his ki rise from its previous level. Sio put forth his hands and began charging a lot of energy. The air in the lab started to move rapidly causing gusts of wind. Denonu knelt down and laid Ryoko down on the floor. He stared at her for a second before standing up. A bright light immersed and an energy powerful energy wave shot towards Denonu.

Denonu:\Shit, no time to charge my Dark Matter Cannon.\

Denonu mentally called forth his armor and he reached for his right chest plate. He pulled open the plate and a lens made of gel-like material protruded from the opening. The lens bulged outward, gathering energy.

Denonu:\This is going to drain about half my energy. But I have no choice.|

Denonu's megasmasher fired sliding him backward a couple of feet. Sio's energy collided with Denonu's, causing the ground to shake violently. The two beams began at a standstill but Denonu's beam started to wane.

Denonu:\ I don't want to do this but I can't charge my mega-smasher at will.\

Denonu reached for his other chest plate and opened it. It charged and fired like the previous one did. Denonu's energy blast became twice as powerful and Sio started to struggle with his control of his energy. His blast was being slowly overcome. He poured more energy into it but it didn't change the outcome. The beam was forced backward towards its source. The mega-smasher engulfed Sio and he too flew backward just like his beam a moment before. The energy burnt his body and tore portions of his clothes. Denonu's control metal began flashing and his mega-smasher became smaller and smaller until it disappeared. Without the energy pushing him Sio fell toward the ground and landed on his back. Denonu closed both of his chest plates and his control metal began flashing more rapidly. The two air holes on his face hissed loudly as oxygen was being taken in. The noise stopped and his guyver broke apart, vanishing. He was breathing very heavily and he looked tired. His ssj3 hair was gone but it still remained gold, at least for a few more seconds. His hair turned black and dropped to its normal attire. Denonu was drained he has almost no energy. Not far away Sio was picking himself off of the ground. He managed to get to feet without any real trouble. Reaching in his pocket, he produced a small pill. He tossed it into his mouth then swallowed. His ki grew and his strength returned.

Sio: Time for round two?

Sio disappeared and reappeared in front of Denonu. He drove his fist into Denonu's gut and he fell to the ground. Sio's foot followed slamming into the back of Denonu's head. Blood gushed from Denonu's smashed face. Sio grabbed Denonu by his hair and picked him until they were face to face.

Sio: So how does it feel to be humiliated?

Denonu laughed then he used his mind to lash out as Sio's. Sio dropped Denonu and reached for his head. He screamed out in pain and fell to his knees. Denonu using the last of his ki, struck Sio with a psychic attack which sent Sio flying backward. Denonu fell to the ground, his body to weak to stand. He laughed once more as he began to speak.

Denonu: That's messed up, most of you have powers. You could help sometime. You think I enjoy getting my butt kicked.

ADRyoko flew over and helped Denonu to his feet.

ADRyoko: You ok.

Denonu: Not really I can't even move. I don't have any energy left.

ADRyoko: You want me to help out.

Denonu: No I was just playing about what I said earlier, you'd only just get in the way. Just backup a bit.

She released Denonu and he stood up struggling. He began waving his arms in front of him. Denonu was concentrating diving deep within his own mind trying to find his darker self. Once he found it, he let it open up and consume him. It contained a small bit of unused power. Denonu pushed this power to the surface. It took all of his mental strength but he finally succeeded. His muscles bulged, and his eyes and ki aura both faded to black. White electric strands of energy sparkled around his body making the same noise as his ssj2 transformation. Not far away a scream was heard Sio's aura was seen coming toward Denonu. Upon reaching Denonu, Sio began punching at a speed so fast; only seasoned fighters like Goku and Vegeta could only catch glimpses of them. The image of Denonu was moving so fast it seemed as if the punches were going through him. During Sio's punching Denonu punched Sio in the gut 10 times, but to the casual observer it only appeared as one blow. Spit came forth from Sio's mouth and Denonu's foot collided with the side of his head casing the ground to shake. Sio flew toward the lab's entrance, exiting at an incredible speed. Denonu turned his head and saw Ryoko lying on the ground. He walked over to her and looked at her face. He then sensed someone else behind him and so he turned, facing Goku.

Goku: So what do you plan to do?

Denonu: I'm going to kill him and if that means people die, then so be it.

Goku: You're going to fight him out there. There are millions of people out there.

Denonu: That's not my concern.

Denonu made two steps past Goku before he grabbed his arm.

Goku: Wait a minute, there's got to be another way.

Denonu: Let go.

Goku: Listen to yourself, your willing to destroy a planet full of people just to kill one person.

Denonu's aura appeared with force and Goku was knocked back. Then Denonu disappeared, traveling through the door using super speed.

Gohan: Dad you okay.

Goku: Yeah.

Goku pulled himself off of the ground, mentally cursing himself for being careless.

Gohan: What are we going to do?

Goku: We're going to try to stop him from destroying that planet. I can't let millions of people die when I can prevent it.

Goku suddenly went super saiyan and then ssj2. Gohan followed. Goku looked at Vegeta.

Goku: You coming.

Vegeta didn't answer, he just crossed his arms. Goku slightly smirked.

Goku: You scared.

Vegeta: Yes, you are correct Kakarot. I'm scared of what I might do if a get my hands on him.

As he spoke, he turned super saiyan and uncrossed his arms.

They took to the air and flew out of the doorway.

Ayeka: I still don't believe it. I thought Denonu was powerful. And now there are more of them.

Beneath their feet Ryoko's eyes slowly opened. Her head was pounding and she used her hand to rub it. As she began to stand the others noticed her.

ADRyoko: You alright.

Ryoko: I'll live, what happened?

Washu: Denonu and that man he was fighting left and the other saiyans followed.

Ryoko: Do you know where they went?

Washu: No. You've got to stop Denonu.

Ryoko: Why?

Washu: He's changed, he doesn't care about the people that will get hurt out there.

Ryoko: That's not possible, Denonu would never do that.

ADRyoko: No she's right. He did some kind of transformation.

Ryoko: thought of what she was just told and she came to a conclusion. An energy field passed over her and her clothes were changed into a red and black battle attire.

Ryoko: I guess I got to talk some sense into him.

ADRyoko: It looks just like mine.

Ryoko: Well what do you expect? We are the same person.

ADRyoko donned her own attire and was ready to go.

ADRyoko: Let's go.

Ryoko: You coming?

ADRyoko: Yep, you're going to need all the help you can get.

Ryoko faded away as did ADRyoko and the only people left were Washu, Tenchi, Sasami, Ayeka and Lufailia.

Ayeka: You think they'll be okay.

Washu closed her eyes as she thought to herself.

Washu: I don't know. We can only hope.

Outside in the world. Goku, his son, and the prince of their race were flying, following the destruction left by Denonu. The landscape was barren as if suffered from a powerful energy blast.

Gohan: So how are we gonna handle him.

Goku: I don't know, in this new transformation he's not that powerful. Right now he's as strong as us.

Gohan: How do you know?

Goku: When he struck me I gauged his ki energy. But he's smart so it's probably not all of his energy.

They came to a city, or rather what used to be a city. People were running away from something. Next the ground shook and most of the people fell to their hands and knees. The debris and buildings began lifting from the ground. The 3 saiyans felt Sio's power level like a brick to their faces.

Gohan: Wow, you fell that.

Goku: Such force. With that much power he could easily destroy this planet.

On the other side of the city, the fighting was severe. Sio was getting stronger with every punch he threw. Denonu was taking a couple of blows but they didn't slow him down. They both became blurs as they were fighting fast. The sound of their fists colliding with their bodies was a steady hum. Their bodies became immersed with energy and they both separated. When they were apart, they both disappeared. Suddenly the ground erupted where they once stood. Two powerful blows made their mark. Sio had punched Denonu in the face and Denonu had punched Sio in the gut. After the blows they separated and just stood their staring at each other.

Denonu: You're as strong as I am.

Sio: No. stronger.

Sio reached into his pocket and produced more pills.

Denonu: E-caps huh. You know they'll kill you.

Sio: It doesn't matter anymore.

He took the handful of capsules and swallowed them. His eyes widened, his muscles bulged, and his ki grew exponentially. An aura appeared around him and he began screaming. The ground shook fiercely and a bright light appeared where Sio stood. An energy shockwave came from Sio. Denonu disappeared as the wave reached him. He reappeared high in the air and for the first time Denonu actually looked at where they were fighting. They were in the middle of what used to be a metropolis. From high up it look as if a meteor crashed in the city, the center was a gigantic hole, which he and Sio made earlier. Behind him he felt three ki signatures. He didn't have to turn around to know whose they where.

Denonu: Don't try to stop me.

Goku: I'm sorry, I can't do th--.

Before Goku could finish his statement he was struck as Denonu hit him with a series of blows. The last, sent him hurling toward the ground. Gohan came at Denonu and swung at him, but his punch was too slow and sloppy. Even before his punch was finished, Denonu struck him in the chest at least eight times. On the last punch, Gohan's rib cage cracked. Gohan clutched his chest and coughed up blood before falling toward the ground like his father. Denonu turned slowly facing Vegeta.

Vegeta: Oh I've been waiting for this.

Vegeta smiled as he felt the power of super saiyan 2 course through him. His hair turned golden and his body began sparking with energy. The ground far beneath them stopped shaking and Denonu felt Sio's ki stop rising. He glanced down toward Sio and looked at him. Sio's hands were moving in weird movements. In the middle of where his hands were, there was a giant energy sphere. The sphere grew larger and larger until Denonu could no longer see Sio, but only his energy.

Denonu: \He's going all out. I got to do something fast.\

Denonu faced Vegeta and smiled.

Denonu: I'll deal with you later.

After he spoke, he disappeared. Vegeta became enraged at the fact that his opponent wasn't taking him seriously.

Vegeta: How dare him.

Far below Vegeta, Denonu reappeared and he braced himself. Rising his right arm in the air he began charging his energy. A black energy sphere appeared in his palm and a black aura appeared, surrounding him. Not far away Ryoko and her dimensional counterpart were watching the fight.

ADRyoko: Wow, that's a lot of energy there, throwing around out there.

Ryoko: Yeah I know. Look you get him and I'll get the other one.

She nodded before flying over to where Gohan was. He was lying on the ground breathing sporadically. She reached down and picked him up by his arm.

ADRyoko: Come on, I got you.

She then proceeded to flew over to the other fallen saiyan. Ryoko was clearing away some debris when she heard a muffled scream. She quickly backed away as the ground where she once stood was vaporized into dust. Goku stood there watching Denonu and his opponent.

Goku: With energy levels like that only one of them is going to be standing when this is over.

They watched on as Vegeta appeared behind Denonu.

Goku: What's Vegeta doing?

Vegeta turned sideways and raised his right arm. As he tilted his hand upward, Goku knew what he was doing.

Goku: Vegeta no!

Vegeta: Big Bang Attack!

An energy blast shot form Vegeta's palm and struck Denonu. On the moment of impact Denonu's energy sphere shot from his hand in the form of a large ki wave. The energy wave struck the earth and burrowed straight through the entire planet coming out the other side. Vegeta's attack carried Denonu off his feet and directly towards Sio, who was still charging his own attack. Sio screamed and his sphere grew twenty times its previous size. Then the sphere fired at Denonu. He collided with Sio's energy and screamed out in pain. The tremendous energy engulfed him and sent him flying through the air. The sphere went passed the Earth's atmosphere, heading off world.

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