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Chapter 3
Blood and Sand
We stormed in past the beach SS troops were evacuating. We set up camp and I got a letter from my girlfriend she had a kid and named her Haliey. I canít wait to go and see her. I then cry to myself cause I got the second one she got married. When I went on the battlefield I thought about and stood there in front of a SS soldier. He cocked the pistol and shoot I fell to the ground.
Finally at peace I didnít get up. Damn. Wow I see a light. Aghhhhhhh where am I who the hell are you? All the man said was We need you.

You better answer my damn questions first! Where is my daughter, Sally, Mom, Dad, Sarge?!?! He restrained me and two futuristic soldiers escorted me two a room. A high ranking officer looked at me and said thatís him Hell yeah tough sob.